1920s Costumes-Flapper Dresses and Gangster Suits

Get all dolled up and ready for Halloween with costumes of the Roaring Twenties. I’ve found the best 1920s flapper and gangster costumes for men, women, girls, and boys. They make great costumes for couples, or for a group of friends who want to dress up together.Best 1920s Costumes

1920s Gangster Halloween Costumes

1920s costumes are among the best selling Halloween outfits each year.

Once you see them, it is really not difficult to understand! These roaring twenties look a throwback to the days when men dressed in sharp-looking pin-striped suits and women wore scandalously short dresses.

This amazing decade marked the beginning of a new chapter of American’s brief, yet amazing, history.

Roaring 20s Costumes For Halloween And Anytime

Dress your entire family in 1920s fashion for Halloween, or host a Roaring 20s dinner party — these costumes are the bee’s knees!

Flapper Dress Costume

Flapper Dresses Costumes In the 1920s; people began to break away from formality in favor of more practical and comfortable clothing. Women’s dresses, which had been long and narrow, maintained the straight lines and dropped waistline while adopting shorter skirts with pleats or slits for ease of movement. These fuller skirts made it much easier for women to dance the famous Charleston and Lindy Hop.

Flappers thumbed their noses at the Convention by engaging in the shocking behavior, such as smoking, drinking, and dancing. This Halloween, let your free spirit run wild in a flapper dress costume.

Flapper Costume For Girls

Flapper Costumes For Girls Any costume is so much cuter when it’s worn by a child, especially if it’s a grown-up costume. So many little girls dress up as a princess or a cheerleader or a witch for Halloween. But there comes a time when a girl wants to be something a little more sophisticated. A flapper costume for girls will set her apart from the crowd.

A flapper dress is a perfect costume for girls. The natural exuberance of young girls mirrors the giddiness of the Roaring 20s. From toddlers to teens, they’ll love the way the fringe and sequins shimmy and shine with every move.

The Littlest Flappers

She’s the bee’s knees!

This drop-waist dress features a v-neck with attached dickie printed with a pearl necklace, two rows of fringe on the skirt, gold cord belt with a ruffly red and gold rose, and a gold cord headband with a red rose and feathers.

Red flapper dress
Red sequin headband
Tights sold separately

This toddler Flapper costume includes a fully lined flapper dress with mini pink reflections, pink fringe, pink sequin braid details, pink lycra trunks, and sequin braided headpiece with the flower.

Dress detailed with fringe and printed jewelry and sequined flower headpiece

Great Gatsby!

Costume includes sparkly red zip-up dress trimmed with sequins and fringe at neck and 2 layers of fringe at hem, silky elbow length red gloves and sequin headband with red feather accent.


Girls Flapper Costumes


Costume includes black dress with lustrous studs throughout the body of the dress and hanging fringes on the end of the skirt.

Small (Fits 4-6), Medium (Fits 8-10), Large (Fits 12-14)
Includes dress
Does not include headband, jewelry, and shoes

Pink Flapper Girls Costume

Purple Flapper Child Costume

Best Teen Flapper Costumes

Teen Flirty Flapper Costume

Costume includes oink dress with attached black bead and fringe necklaces and the headpiece.

Retro Flapper Teen Costume

Dance, dance, dance!

This fun and flirty outfit features a turquoise, neon green, and black dress, black headpiece with a neon green flower, neon green boa and long black necklace

Flapper Jazzy Baby Teen Costume

Shake and shimmy your way back to the 1920′s in this dazzling Flapper Costume for teens. Includes stretchy red sequined pullover dress with fringed bodice and hem and attached fringed arm bands, plus a matching red sequin headband with attached decorative flower.

California Costumes Boop Boop A Doo Teen

Costume includes black dress with rhinestones along the neck line and silver fringe along the bottom, black headband, flower, and feather.

Best Misses Flapper Costumes

Silver Flapper Adult Costume

Oop oop a doop!

Full Figured Flappers

Black Flapper Adult Plus Costume

They didn’t call it “the Roaring 20s” for nothing!

Costume includes a black fringe dress and black sequined headband with feather accent.

Gatsby Girl Burgundy Adult Plus

A generation of rebels with short hair and even shorter dresses!

Costume includes a burgundy satin-feel dress with a sparkling overlay, a long pearl necklace and coordinating hat.

1920s Wigs

Women Mobster Costumes

Women Mobster Costumes Men aren’t the only ones who head organized crime gangs. There are some pretty tough women out there, too. No longer are they limited to being a mole who keeps a male gangster company. They orchestrate everything from drug smuggling to prostitution to extortion.

Of course, if you want to dress as a female gangster for Halloween, you may wonder just what would make up the costume. No iconic outfit would make people look and say, “Oh, yeah, she’s dressed as a female crime boss.” So what the heck — dress up in women mobster costumes that are modeled after men’s gangster suits. Everyone will know instantly what your Halloween costume theme is.

 Classy Gangster Costumes For Women

Who says only men can be mobsters? A gun moll is a woman who accompanies a male gangster, but women can be crime leaders themselves. Judy Moran, Rosetta Cutolo, Maria Licciardi, and Maria Leon are just a few of the present era’s powerful women of crime.* But if you want to dress up as a female mob member for Halloween, what do you wear? The thing is, there has never been a single style of dress that stands as an iconic women’s mobster costume.

Women have always adopted men’s clothing as more comfortable and practical, so if you want to portray a female crime boss for Halloween, take a look at the many costumes that are styled on 1920s men’s suits. These styles rose in popularity as status symbols of the rich and powerful, as an expensive tailored suit was perfect outward proof of success.

Sexy Women Mobster Outfit

Sexy Women Mobster Costumes If the aura of power surrounding a mobster suit doesn’t draw enough admiration, you can be sure a hot version will attract every eye. There is a huge variety of styles to choose from.

Show off all your curves with this sexy women mobster costume. It includes everything you need to strut your stuff except for the shoes. Puffy sleeves and a pleated skirt are just an innocent front for the dangerous woman in this pinstriped outfit. The attached vest and suspenders are just two of the amazing details. The look is completed with wrist cuffs, necktie, and a black hat. The costume even includes tall white spats that will turn any pair of heels into the perfect sexy mobster shoes. It’s so sexy it’s criminal!

Female Gangsters

Gangster Moll 6 Button Double Breasted (Black/Pink) Adult Costume

Daring. Dazzling. Deadly.

Costume includes black and pink pin-striped, double breasted, gangster jacket with matching zip pants and a tie with a gold dollar sign.

Sexy Gangsta Girl Costume

Have The Right Accesories To Get Their Attention

Gorgeous Gangster Plus Adult Costume

Don’t show disloyalty to this lovely mobster or else you could be sleeping with the fishes.

Become a fierce mobster with style in this black and white pinstripe outfit. Includes a hat, bow tie collar, jacket and skirt.

Plus-Size Women Mobster Suit

Yes, if you’re a larger woman, you can dress as a mob leader, too. Play the part of “Godmother” and keep the boys in line.

This stunning plus-size women mobster costume is a tailored style in a pinstripe fabric. The skirt fits close at the top and flares at the bottom to accentuate your curves. The matching vest has an attached white collar, and the jacket is detailed with a peplum in the style of the era. The costume even includes a hat to match.

Plus Size Fishnet Stockings

Sexy finishing touch in just your size


Pink Women Crime Boss Suit

Pink Women Mobster Costumes Just because you’re a gangster doesn’t mean you have to wear black. When you’re the boss, you can wear anything you want, and everyone better still respect you. As a woman, maybe you still like a touch of femininity while you’re tough.

This pink women mobster costume is a pinstriped set with flared long pants, double-breasted jacket, and a tie with dollar sign logo. Complete the look with a hat and Tommy gun accessory.

Gangster Costumes For Boys

Gangster Costumes For Boys Some of the most notorious gangsters from the 1920s started when they were young. Al Capone was expelled from school and went on to become a crime boss earning $100 million per year. Lucky Luciano started his own gang as a teenager and was grossing $12 million a year before he was 30. You may not wish for your son to be engaged in organized crime, but in a gangster costume for boys, he’ll at least look like someone who’s rolling in dough.

Boys want to be powerful and respected, but they don’t have to turn to a life of crime to gain that respect. A gangster costume confers a mysterious air and suggests a connection with the most powerful families of the 20s and beyond. Teach your son a quiet swagger, and he’ll be the focus of every eye when he walks into the room.

Gangster Violin Purse Accessory

This looks “tougher” than just a regular purse


Young Gangsters

Kids 1920′s Gangster Costume

This Kids Twenties Gangster Costume features a pin-stripe gangster suit with a long jacket, natty lapels and matching trousers.

Kids Gangsta Boy Costume

This Zoot Suit costume includes the vest with attached shirt and tie, pants and hat.

Gangster Child Costume

The law of the street is take or be taken.

Costume includes double-breasted jacket, dickey with tie, and pants.

Costume comes with shirt with attached vest and tie, and pants.

Hat and tommy gun are not included.

Gangsters Outfits

Gangsters Outfits Menswear also became less formal during the 1920s, but men of power still tended to wear suits. Some of the most powerful men were those in organized crime. Prohibition, intended to curtail production and sale of alcohol, actually propelled organized crime to new heights. Gangsters made huge profits in the illegal alcohol trade and protected their interest by cold-blooded means.

The 1920s were the heyday of organized crime. Notorious criminals became well-known figures, some of them actually admired by the public. Claim some of that admiration for yourself this Halloween by dressing in a gangsters outfit. With a costume like that, who could refuse you anything?

Mens Gangster Costumes

Mafia Gangster Costumes Show Them Who’s Boss

In America, the tradition of the gangster is most often linked to the rise of organized crime in the 1920s and 1930s. The mystique of the era can be yours when you don a gangster’s outfit for Halloween. Power and money accompanied the gangsters wherever they went; choosing a gangster Halloween costume associates you with that power and garners the respect you deserve.

Although gangsters existed before the decade, it was Prohibition, instituted in 1920 by the Eighteenth Amendment, that really kicked organized crime into gear. The amendment prohibited the production, transportation, and sale of alcohol. Organized gangs entered the illegal alcohol trade and made huge profits. To protect their trade, they paid off law enforcement and employed cold-blooded violence to protect their interests.

Red Halloween Mobster Costume

For a hard-to-miss entrance

Men’s Red and Black Gangster Suit Costume
Double-breasted jacket and matching pants in a color not to be ignored.

Mobster Costume Suspenders

“Don’t be caught with your pants down — get some suspenders.”


Godfather Gangster Outfits

A Mobster Costume You Can’t Refuse

Godfather Gangster Outfit Choose a gangster costume and dress for a part in The Godfather. This 1972 movie portrays the lives of the fictional Corleone crime family from an inside perspective rather than from an outsider’s view. The Godfather received Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Adapted Screenplay; it is also ranked second on the American Film Institute’s 100 Years…100 Movies list.

In The Godfather, the fictional Five Families (the Corleones, the Tattaglias, the Barzinis, the Cuneos, and the Straccis) represent the original Five Families of organized crime. The Five Families and the Commission were formed to divide territories and eliminate warring between families.

This striking white pinstripe gangster outfit for Halloween guarantees your spot in the family. Black tie is included, to complement your own shirt and hat.

Get Your Godfather Act Right

Study the mannerisms from the best

Create a believable monster character. Study the movies so you can complete your gangster outfit with all the right accents and mannerisms.

Mens Gangster Adult Costume

A 1920s gangster with style!

Look like you’ve stepped off the silver screen in this slick zoot suit. Includes a double-breasted jacket, dickey with tie, and pants.

Zoot Suit Riot Adult Costume

Costume includes a white button front pinstripped jacket, matching pants with gold chain, suspenders, hat, and a neck tie.

Mobster Costume Mustaches


“What, you mean you can’t grow your own mustache?”

Al Capone Gangster Outfits

A Mobster Costume To Take You Right To The Top

Just the right gangster outfit can draw the attention once directed toward Alphonse “Al” Capone. In spite of his illegal activities, Capone became quite a celebrity during his lifetime, claiming to be “just a businessman” and channeling large amounts of money into charitable undertakings.

Born in Brooklyn, Capone was expelled from school as a teenager and moved to Chicago in his early twenties. Beginning with smuggling of alcohol, he rose to lead the Chicago Outfit, which also engaged in gambling, prostitution, and bribery to the tune of $100 million per year. He was known for his indulgence in custom suits, cigars, jewelry, and women.

Indulge in your own special gangster outfit suit this Halloween. This black pinstripe Mafia gangster costume accentuates your charisma. The costume includes the jacket, pants, and a white tie. Shirt and hat not included.

Pink Gangster Outfit

Mobster Costume For The Toughest Of Them All

When you’re tough enough and have enough power, you can even wear pink. Who would ridicule you? There’s something alluring about a powerful, charismatic man in pink.

Wear this pink gangster outfit for Halloween and have all the women following you around. The double-breasted jacket and matching pants are black and hot pink pin-striped. Complete the outfit with the pink gangster costume accessories below, and you’ll turn heads the moment you walk in the room.

Funny Gangster Outfits

Mobster Costumes For A Gag

Funny Gangster Outfit Maybe tough and inscrutable isn’t your style. Maybe you just like to poke fun at those who take things so seriously. You can still wear a gangster outfit for Halloween. Play the part of the fat cat in this funny Mafia gangster costume.

Not only will you attract laughs at the party, you’ll be comfortable all night. The loose-fitting jumpsuit is designed to resemble pin-striped vest and pants, and it includes the hat and tie. A hoop on the inside creates the oversized shape of someone who doesn’t have to work too hard for a living.

Humorous Halloween Mobster Costume

Great for making a little guy look bigProductGridwithoutheader

No one’s going to mess with you in this costume! Includes tie, pants, inflatable shoulders, and mask.

Plus Size Halloween Mobster Costume

For the big boss

Mobster Costume Hats

The Rise of The Gangster

Gangster OutfitThe rise of the mafia, and organized crime, in general, is thought to have evolved as a result of the 18th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

Mobsters quickly realized that there was a tremendous amount of profit to be made if they could control the distribution of alcohol. People were just beginning to settle back into a somewhat normal life again and wanted to be able to drink alcohol whenever they wanted.

Huge mob families rose to prominence sparking a new trend in just about ever facet of life, including fashion.

Today’s 1920s costumes are designed after the gangsters of the 1920s. Sharp is looking, double breasted pin striped suits, silk ties, and trendy fedoras typically complete a man’s look while women usually opt for much more modernized, sexy gangster costumes.

Women also have the option to choose from more than one style of flapper dress costume that many young women wore. Short sequined dresses, bright, colorful boas, and long beaded necklaces are common characteristics of the perfect flapper girl costume!

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