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Top 10 Best Artificial Christmas Trees Reviews- 2021

Want to buy the best artificial Christmas tree for your home?

As we enjoy the holidays with our family, good food, and decorations, a real Christmas tree makes the festivities complete. For many of us having real Christmas trees is not practical or desired but you want something that looks good. Not to worry, artificial Christmas trees have come a long way to looking more realistic and have many advantages over real trees.Artificial Christmas Trees

They are very cost efficient and continue to have that fresh look season after season. They are convenient for you to store and place wherever you want without worrying about needles falling into the heating ducts or sap getting on your floor. For buying an artificial Christmas tree magazines or websites can be relied on to give you the best artificial Christmas trees reviews.

There are many types of artificial trees available in the market today. There are certain things you have to do before buying special festive tree. You have been sure of the size of the area you want to put your tree as well as what type; spruce, pine, fur, etc. The best artificial Christmas trees come in different heights, width, and style to accommodate any space.

Also, note the type and the number of branches available as this will determine the amount of decoration you can put on the tree. The best of the artificial Christmas tree branches are made of plastic PVC, PE or a mixture of both. Here are some tree reviews of some of the best selling artificial Christmas trees available at based on the site’s reviews.

The Christmas tree is the focal point of your Christmas décor, so it is essential that you select the perfect tree for your home or office. Whether you are in search of real Christmas trees, artificial Christmas trees, or even pre-lit Christmas trees, The Christmas Tree Company can help make your holiday decorations complete.

We specialize in offering a diverse collection of high-quality Christmas trees that are competitively priced. Our real Christmas trees come in several varieties and are all family raised here in the UK. Our artificial Christmas trees also come in different varieties, so you can choose the dimensions and even the species that the tree is crafted to evoke. Finally, pre-lit Christmas trees add convenience and a perfectly-balanced charm to your Christmas decoration, and they come in many different colour schemes and bulb styles.

Are you looking for a unique artificial Christmas tree?

Buying an artificial Christmas tree can be ideal for some. They are convenient and easier because you don’t purchase a real tree every year. An artificial Christmas tree can last up to ten years, as well as skipping the hassle of cleaning up needles after the holidays, fresh Norway spruce are the worst. There are many types, sizes, and styles to fit your holiday needs like the table top and apartment sizes and nontraditional looks like glass or fabric.

There are a few mistakes to avoid when looking for your top rated artificial Christmas tree. Really consider the size. Some make the mistake of only thinking about height and can end up with a tall skinny tree when they were looking for a full looking tree. Make sure to use a tape measure to help you visualize what the tree will look like in the space it will be displayed.[amazon_link asins=’B018FDYGVM,B003A5QPGU,B01L9X99GC,B01LYIKJ26,B013HE0P82,B000W3S0CA,B0011YW8L8,B003MANSNG’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’15cac695-44fb-11e7-bfb7-6dcd350ee69b’]

To properly care for your artificial tree, plan for after Christmas. It is important that an artificial tree is stored correctly to make it last. The tree should be in a temperature and humidity controlled place.

Top Rated Artificial Christmas Trees


9 Feet, Pre-Lighted Slim Newport Mixed Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

Buy 9 Feet, Pre-Lighted Slim Newport Mixed Pine Artificial Christmas Tree here The Newport Mixed Pine Collection is the most popular brand of artificial Christmas trees on, rated with five stars. This particular model will add to your brilliant holiday experience.

9′ Pre-Lit Slim Newport Mixed Pine Artificial Christmas Tree – Clear Lights

[amazon_link asins=’B0040UDBSE’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’0f0647c6-44f7-11e7-9162-495b5db2a694′]For all who are planning to buy a slim tree, this one is for you. The dimensions of the tree are 9 inches in height, 50 inches in width with more than 1700 leaf tips.

The Christmas tree comes with glass bulbs, PVC pipes and wires and a five-piece assembly. The lights on the tree can be used either indoors or outdoors, but it is recommended to be used indoors. It comes with some replacement bulbs, stands and packing the bag.

Nicest 9 foot Christmas Trees

[amazon_link asins=’B009GPRS8C,B00GKDEL8I,B0024FEXNO,B00O3GZNA4,B000W3S0CA,B015FY0V3G’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’2cb2de6a-44f7-11e7-8f2c-c9633bbd1d42′]

8 Feet, Lighted Artificial Christmas Tree From the Prestigious brand Vienna Collection Item

This product from the prestigious brand Vienna collection has a very natural look. This is a 2-tone dark brown with green colored node and twigs which are bendable to make it look are real as possible.

8′ Pre-Lit Slim Vienna Twig Artificial Christmas Tree – Clear Lights

It comes in a neutral dark greenish brown color for the natural look. There are 1057 tips for lots of decorations and with 400 sharp crystal lights to make your tree bright. This 4 piece set includes a 52-inch diameter base and an overall weight of 32 pounds.
Prettiest 8 ft Artificial Xmas Trees

7.5 Feet, Hunter Fir Artificial Christmas Tree By GKI/Bethlehem Lighting

This tree is one of the finest among artificial trees and hence users have given it a four-star rating. There are more than 4500 branch tips with 850 mini lights. The product is also safety certified with locked socket lamps. The base diameter is 65 inches wide.

7.5′ Balsam Hill BH Balsam Fir Premium Artificial Christmas Tree

Buy 7.5′ Balsam Fir here When looking at artificial trees everyone’s needs are a little different. However, a top favorite is the 7.5′ Balsam Fir. It is one of the most expensive trees out there, but with a high rating from Good Housekeeping and others, you can not go wrong with this artificial tree. The tree has a right beautiful green color and comes pre-lit. The branches fall so nicely anyone would have a hard time telling it was artificial.

Balsam Hill BH Balsam Fir Premium Artificial Christmas Tree Tips

This tree comes with some great features. It has an electrical connection for any topper you could want. For your convenience, there is a foot pedal to turn the lights on and off. The best part for after Christmas is the two zip-up storage bag for proper storage.

7.5′ Downswept Hunter Fir Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree – Clear Lights

Additional features include sprinkled burr cones and realistic PVC/PE molded needles to add to the realism. It comes in 3 pieces for easy assembly and light tester. The manufacturer is so confident with their tree that it comes with a 10-year warranty on the tree and 3 years on the lights.


7.5′ Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree with Pine Cones – LED Lights

This beauty from Long Green is a 7.5 foot Christmas tree which is excellent quality. The two tone color and the very long needles help create a very natural look. With about 1400 tips, 300 LED lights and decorative pine cones this tree will provide the real Christmas cheer.

The 7.5′ Pre-lit top rated artificial Christmas tree with pine cones can be seen on This tree comes with a five-star rating. It is an easy assembly with only three pieces.

It has 300 white LED lights. These lights are fantastic if one goes out the rest will stay lit. LED lights produce less heat than other lights and are an energy saver over traditional string lights.

The tree is made with good quality materials and is gorgeous with extra-long needles. It has a two-tone color to give it a natural look.

Popular 7.5 feet Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree with Pine Cones-Holiday trees


6.5 Feet, Pre-Lighted Artificial Christmas Tree – Clear Lights

The 6.5 Foot Pre Lighted Artificial Christmas Tree from Ashley Spruce Designer Collection is a great designer tree that comes with black branches. The lights come with matching black wire and bright clear bulbs. The designers have made the perfect shade with all the matching components. This is a unique custom tree for those that want something different than everyone else. Among the best artificial Christmas trees reviews, users have given it a four-star review for this product.

6.5′ Frosted Wistler Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

Who does not love a little sparkle and glitter, especially at Christmas time when everything seems to be more beautiful. If you want an artificial Christmas tree with a little something extra, the 6.5′ Frosted Wistler Fir is your tree.

This top rated tree can be found on, with an excellent five-star rating. It is a quick and easy assembly with just four pieces. It even comes with a free black metal tree stand; everyone loves something free.

The tree itself has frosted tips and a little dusting of silver glitter. It will make you feel like you have a winter wonderland in your home. To give it a natural look it has pine cones and twigs.

The tree is ready for your personal touch with lights and ornaments. Being a pleaser in any home is sure.

3′ Flocked Cupcake Pink artificial spruce Christmas tree

If you are looking for a unique artificial Christmas tree a brightly colored one could be for you. Christmas time seems to bring people together and if any of your friends or family have been affected by breast cancer and you want to pay tribute, or you may have someone who loves the color pink, either way, the 3′ Flocked Cupcake Pink artificial spruce Christmas tree would be the easy choice. It is the perfect mix of white and light pink tips.

It is lightly flocked for a winter wonderland effect. It also comes with a white plastic tree stand that just completes the tree. The best part of this tree is the quality, at a low price of forty dollars you do not tend to expect much. But this tree is different; it really is a perfect five star.

How to select Artificial Christmas Treesand buy

Selecting an artificial Christmas tree for the festive season can be a stressful experience, especially when you consider the number of trees available, the material they are manufactured from, the size of tree required and the style and shape that will suit your home. All this adds to a stressful buying experience.

There are two ways to purchase your tree; either online or at the shops, both with their advantages and disadvantages. If you choose to buy online, then you really are minimizing the stress of buying.  Modern e-commerce websites are fast becoming ‘the’ place to do all your Christmas shopping, and over recent years purchasing your Christmas tree online has become easy.

The only disadvantage is that you do no physically get to see or touch the tree until it arrives at your home, so in rare cases, you may not actually like the tree you have purchased, or it may be wider than expected for example. However, if this is the case, then you can always invoke the 7-day online buying ‘cooling off period,’ which actually allows you to send your purchase back for a full refund if you are not entirely happy.

If you buy online be sure to check that the site you are using is secure. You should also look around the website and look for any other form of security certificate which verifies the site is secure, and of course look for customer recommendations.

The site from which you purchase from should give full descriptions of the product. The site should give full Christmas tree specifications, for example, the size, the number of tips, the material the tree is made from and if it’s a pre-lit Christmas tree. The site should tell you how many lights on the tips. The site should also be open about delivery charges and show multiple images of the trees you are looking at.

However, to make the best of both worlds when purchasing your artificial Christmas tree, or even your real Christmas tree for that matter, why not visit your local shop or garden center and then go home and purchase online? By doing this, you are getting the best of both worlds. Visiting the stores, locating the tree you require and physically touching and viewing the tree is a solid way to set about the buying process. This way you get a real feel for the type and size of Christmas tree that suits your needs. You can then go home, search online for a suitable Christmas tree company/retailer and make your purchase armed with all the information you have gathered in-store.

The benefit of doing this is tremendous, you know exactly what you are buying, and the tree will be delivered direct to your door – so no lugging the tree around the shops. If you choose the Christmas tree Company carefully you purchase from will offer free delivery and the biggest bonus of all – the tree you buy online will in most cases be cheaper than the same tree you have just seen in the shops.

Black and White Christmas Trees

Black Christmas trees are becoming more popular for the holidays, as are white ones. These trees come in many styles and sizes to fit in any area that you have. Decorating a black or white Christmas tree is fun and easy to do. The Christmas lights and decorations stand out so much better hanging on a monochrome Christmas tree than on a green one that you will be amazed at the difference. So try one of these stylish Christmas trees this holiday season and you will not be disappointed with how it looks in your living room. See the selection below for some great trees.

Why Black Christmas Trees are a Great Choice

Black – wouldn’t that be a depressing color for a Christmas tree? Absolutely not, because you can do some really cool things with a black Christmas tree!
Perhaps your neighbors are going to put their glittery silver tree up again this year or maybe your parents will resurrect their green plastic tree, or maybe you have even been considering a real tree but remember all the mess from last year, and those pine needles you were still finding in in the carpet in March? This year, forget using the dusty fake tree in the basement and forget feeling like you have to buy a real tree because tradition dictates you should. Instead, choose a black Christmas tree and express yourself. It makes a wonderful backdrop for any Christmas tree decorations you wish to use

The Beauty of White Christmas Trees

So, how about a white Christmas tree this year? This will give you a blank canvas to decorate. Absolutely any color goes with white. Just imagine how bright your lights will look on a white tree, regardless of whether you opt for classy white lights or fun multicolor ones. Any gold or silver colored decorations will stand out and you can have a white tree in any color room and it will brighten it up. Do you have colored walls? White would look good with those. Is your room a mixture of colors? No problem, white Christmas trees can handle it.

The charm of a Christmas tree is not the tree itself but the ornaments and decorations on the tree, both those cute pieces you have picked up from the store and all the lovely hanging drawings or figures the kids or grandkids have made especially for the tree. Showcase your Christmas tree ornaments and decorations against the timeless elegance of a black or white Christmas tree and see how special it looks.

The Breathtaking Beauty of a White Christmas Tree

Black Christmas trees speak elegance and style, but how about a white one? Perhaps you are torn between a black and white tree, and not sure which one to choose. A lot of people opt for white because it is lighter and brighter. A black Christmas tree oozes chicness and looks cool in a large, bright room, but if your living room or wherever you are planning to have the tree is small and not so bright, a black one might not be the best choice, in which case why not consider a nice white Christmas tree? There are plenty to choose from, in various styles and sizes.

A white Christmas tree can be coordinated however you wish, if you prefer to keep your colors simply, so perhaps you would like to add blue and silver baubles and ornaments, for example, or how about going with red and green, a more traditional festive choice? Some white trees are white as the driven snow, while others are off-white or cream, so if you have cream colored walls and you think a white tree would look too, well, white, you can pick something slightly more ivory instead. Add as many decorations as you want to, or leave the tree quite plain, as a statement piece.

Some people like to use these trees to decorate the room for parties, and not necessarily Christmas parties. While a green artificial or real pine tree is only for Christmas, a white one can look beautiful during any party or event, adding a touch of glamour and elegance. If you have a very large house, you might even want to get a couple of these trees and make a real display out of them, adding other touches such as lights, hanging decorations and more. Alternatively just one is perfectly fine for a typical Christmas display, decorated however you wish, in a creative and beautiful way.

How to Decorate a Black or White Tree

Although a black or white Christmas tree is a bold step away from the traditional green tree, either of those colors would make a stylish statement, and you can decorate them beautifully. Black offers more flair and depth than any other color, and you can pair rich, metallic decorations with it, in red, coral, blue, green or purple, and you cannot go wrong with gold and silver either. Try rich jewel shades like emerald, purple or fuchsia, adding baubles, holiday cards and garlands or ribbon to add splashes of color and really liven up the tree.

If you want to limit the colors, choose either gold or silver plus one bright color. For example, bright pink with silver looks really pretty on a black or white tree, while gold and bright turquoise can look amazing on a black tree. You can also play around with different metallic shades if you prefer a cool look to a warm one. Perhaps have some bronze, some gold and some silver decorations, because you can mix and match metallic colors easily enough. If you prefer a natural look, simple cut paper decorations and dried floral sticks can look elegant and charming. Continue the theme with monochrome gift wrappings to bring out the simple chicness of the tree.

If you want your tree to look tranquil and calm, consider theming the colors around the sea or around nature, so you might like to choose green, aqua, turquoise and blue baubles and garlands for an ocean look, or wooden ornaments with tiny birds or butterflies for something more rustic. You can also add your own lights to these trees but most of them are pre-lit and have sufficient lights on already. If you are not sure about color schemes, consider the existing décor in your home and choose to either complement or contrast with it.

Your Imagination is the Only Limit

Some people like to use the same theme and decorations every year while others like to think up a whole new color scheme and buy or make new decorations for the tree. Whatever you choose is up to you. Perhaps you have kids who would like to make some little ornaments to hang on the tree, or maybe they can help you bake cookies, then you can thread a ribbon through each one and hang those on the tree. Just imagine your choice of a white or black tree standing by the fireplace, making your whole room look cozy and warm. You can pick any combination of colors for the tree and make it as subtle or as dramatic as you please.

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