Best Bakers Racks for Kitchen-Buyer Guide

Best Bakers Racks Reviews for 2017

A baker’s rack is great in a commercial kitchen or at home, and it gives you a way to effectively use space. A good one will offer a place to keep your baking implements, cookbooks, and other utensils, as well as a work surface. Some baker’s racks are mainly for decoration, to fill up space in the kitchen which would otherwise be empty, but you should look for one which will help with food preparation.

Which Baker’s Rack is Best?

First, measure the height, depth, and width of the area you want to put one of the best baker’s racks for 2012, so you will know what size is going to fit. Also, think about where the oven, stove, refrigerator, counters, and water will be about it. What are you going to keep on the baker’s rack? Consider which pans, cookbooks and utensils you want to store then and think about how they will look and where they will go.

Are you going to use the surface of the baker’s rack to prepare food or to let cooked food cool down? Maybe you want a wire mesh for cooling items or a work surface for rolling out your dough. If you are buying a baker’s rack for your home, you can choose any materials or finishes. If you are buying one for commercial use, then check with your local health department about acceptable materials.

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Do You use a Bakers Rack for Baking?

Whitmore 6054-268 Supreme Bakers Rack, Chrome, and WoodWhitmor Supreme Baker’s Rack, Wood & Chrome

If you live in a small apartment but still wish to double the storage capacity of your kitchen this is an excellent baker’s rack to consider. You can keep pots and pans on it, as well as cookbooks, plastic containers and anything else you want out of the way. Unlike kitchen drawers, you will be able to see what you have on there, so no more rifling through drawers is trying to find something. Hang your utensils on this baker’s rack for easy access and use the top shelf for candles, tea boxes, and other smaller items. You can also have another 3 feet of hardwood counter space to make food on, so this is a fantastic space saver if you are pushed for space in your kitchen. It will transform your kitchen and offer you more space than you believed possible in there. For the price, it is a great rack, and if there are 2 of you trying to work in a small area, you can each have your area of the kitchen. No more fighting over a tiny countertop!

Compare the size of the baker’s rack to the size you have available in your kitchen

Tips for Choosing a Baker’s Rack

If you plan to use your baker’s rack for making and storing baked goods, then ensure you get something commercial quality rather than a decorative item. Some people just like to have a baker’s rack in their kitchen to take up an otherwise unused space and give them somewhere to keep cookbooks and a few pots, pans and dishes, but ensure you buy the right type to suit your requirements.

Selecting the Right Size

Compare the size of the baker’s rack to the size you have available in your kitchen, to ensure it will fit nicely in the space you have available. You can get them in all different sizes so check the best baker’s racks for 2012 even if you only have a small area. You should still be able to find something that works.

Think about where you are going to put it too, because you might want to fit a small trash can next to it, to make cleanup quicker and easier, so check they would both fit in that space. If you are going to choose one with a work surface on, then think about lightly finished hardwood, bamboo or butcher-block wood.

More Helpful Advice

For a commercial kitchen then acrylic or laminate is good, and of course, wire mesh is ideal for cooling your baked foods. Utensils should not be dangling on to the work surface, else they will be in your way, so make sure there is sufficient space for the utensils, and they are not going to overhang the work surface.

More of the Best Bakers Racks for Sale on Amazon

SEI Iron/Wicker Baker’s RackIron/Wicker Bakers Rack

This baker’s rack looks classy, and it is very sturdy. It is simple to assemble too. The wicker baskets are not very strong, so you should not put anything too heavy in those, but this is a great baker’s rack to pick if you are looking for somewhere for a microwave or toaster oven because it will fit perfectly. In fact, that is one reason why this iron/wicker baker’s rack is so popular – people want somewhere to store their microwaves, so they do not occupy precious space on the countertop. This stylish-looking baker’s rack will provide plenty of space for items which do not fit elsewhere in the kitchen, and you will love how elegant this one is.

Honey-Can-Do Bakers Rack with Storage, ChromeHoney-Can-Do SHF-01608 Bakers Rack with Kitchen Storage, Steel and Wood

If durability and stability are important to you, and they should be because you do not want your baked goodies to end up on the floor for the dog to steal, then this chrome baker’s rack should fit the bill. Use the top space for small items such as measuring cups, small plastic containers, and a cheese grater, and you can fit your small appliances like the blender and toaster on the bottom. This baker’s rack is not as easy to assemble as some of the others, and you will probably need an electric drill. Also, make sure you study the assembly instructions before you begin because some parts are confusing. Once it is assembled though, it should last for many years and offer a great place to store your kitchen items, and there is also a cooling rack plus a work surface.

SEI 68-Inch-Tall Trellis Baker’s RackTrellis Bakers Rack

This is a metal baker’s rack with a wooden workspace. The rack itself is sturdy and looks attractive. There are 5 shelves so you can organize china, plates, jars, measuring cups, pots, and pans on this rack. There is not enough space between the countertop and shelf overhead for a coffee maker, but you could fit a microwave there. It only extends 16½ inches from the wall too, which is nice to know if you are looking for a baker’s rack which does not stick out too far forward. The wine rack on this baker’s rack is a bonus, since you do not get that on many racks. If you are only using it to cool your baked goods, then you will not want somewhere to put bottles, but it is handy if you are having this in your kitchen and you need somewhere to keep your bottles out of the way.

Southern Enterprises BE4650 Dome Bakers Baker’s Rack, BlackSEI Dome Bakers Rack, Black

This baker’s rack is easy to assemble and will look beautiful in any kitchen. It is a great space saver and is neither too large nor too small. If you do have a smaller apartment, then you will find a great size. Hang some of your cookware on the hooks to free up cabinet space for other things. You also get a 5-bottle wine rack, baskets, and shelves, enabling you to condense a lot of your kitchenware and make the area feel more homely. Because this rack is black rather than chrome or wooden like many of the other available models, it looks especially elegant in the kitchen. If you have dark or brightly colored walls, then it will look really stylish in there.

Home Styles 5050-615 Oak Hill Bakers Rack with Hutch, Distressed Oak FinishHome Styles 5050-615 Oak Hill Bakers Rack with Hutch, Distressed Oak Finish

After researching this item, it does not look like one of the most promising baker’s racks. Despite looking stylish and offering a sturdiness which is essential with a good baker’s rack, there are a few flaws with this one. Heating items and liquids are not to be used on this unit, according to a little note which comes with it, so that might be disappointing if you were looking for somewhere to put your coffee machine, toaster or teapot. Also, the 2 upper levels are not strong enough to hold a full shelf of books, so you cannot use it as a bookshelf either. You cannot use cleaning agents to clean the wood on this item else ‘the finish will break down’ according to the instruction booklet, so it is hard to clean off any spills or grime. Although this one looks nice, a lot of people are dissatisfied with it, so perhaps one of the other baker’s racks would be a smarter purchase.

The Appeal of a Baker’s Rack

A baker’s rack is a great item for using up any dead space in your kitchen, and you can use it in various ways, either to display ornaments and kitchen gadgets you use often, or you could use it to hold plates and dishes, cookbooks or whatever you do not have the space for in your cupboards. Dress up both your walls and corners in the kitchen with one of these, choosing something which is going to fit in with the rest of your furniture. Choose from a variety of materials, perhaps brushed steel for a modern kitchen, wrought iron if you want something sturdy, or something with plenty of wood to match the wooden cabinets in the kitchen.
Not only do you get to choose the finish but you can also choose the size. If you are shopping for a baker’s rack, consider the size of your kitchen and whereabouts you are going to put it. Even if you have a small kitchen, you can still find a small rack and find a place for it. When you consider how useful it will be, providing storage for whatever you want to keep in there, you will see what a good investment it is. If you are short on workspace, how about choosing a very sturdy rack, offering a place where you can chop vegetables, knead the dough, or perform other kitchen tasks?

Some people like to mix and match their kitchens, not sticking to one type of décor or style, but having different pieces to create a charming, homely feel. This might or might not be the way you choose to have your kitchen, but it frees up plenty more options for you, giving you the choice of pretty much any style of baker’s rack. So just pick out something you find attractive and functional, and you can be sure of making the right choice.

Traditional versus Modern Racks

A baker’s rack is traditionally used to cool baked goods, and you can find them in a bakery. These days though, they are multi-purpose and versatile. Modern ones are more ornamental because rather than simply being functional they are part of the furniture and usually chosen to complement your existing décor. Of course, it is also important to consider what you will be using it for, and a baker’s rack which is not sturdy enough for your needs is never a good idea. Very cheap ones are often flimsy and not built to last. That does not mean you have to spend a fortune on this piece of furniture, but checking out reviews is always a good idea, to find out what other users think about the piece.

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