Best Beach Towels 2020

A Beach towel used for drying off, its chief purpose is to provide a surface on which to lie. It will keep safe our head and feet form sand. A beach towel is usually a little bit larger ( around 70 inches) than a bath towel (between 52 to 58 inches). Due to its large size, these towels are worn for privacy while changing clothes in a public area.

Beach towels often have cool and colorful patterns. You can find the different type, quality, color, and size towels in the market.

Which large beach towel is best? Our readers have spoken!

These are THEIR picks for the Top 5 cool beach towels for 2018.

We have researched some of best, but we think what our readers say is MUCH more valuable to you.

Our readers picked these 5 beach towels as the best options for wiping the sand from the body or objects.

We think they made some great picks this year! For example, this beach towel is their #1 choice – and it’s a good one!

On this page, you can read THEIR reviews, compare prices AND see which of the Top 10 are on sale TODAY.

Ok, let’s jump in and review the best beach towel…

Cheap Beach Towels for Everyone

As Spring fades to summer bargains are everywhere. Deals can be found on all things beach related, and this is especially true when it comes to cheap beach towels.

Cheap beach towels, large beach towels, beach towels for kids and even luxury beach towels are just ready for the taking and for cheap!

These aren't your boring solid colored beach towels; these towels come in all kinds of colors and designs.

Did you know there are superhero beach towels? I did not realize this until a couple of weeks ago. I expected the normal types of beach towels but, had no idea that people can buy sports fan beach towels, Disney Beach Towels and even hooded beach towels. I guess I've had my head in the sand (no pun intended).

Beach Towels for the Animal Lover

Beach towels are wonderful to wrap around your shoulders after walking in from the water, especially when there is a bit of chill in the air. The size is just right; men can wrap them around their waistline whereas women can almost wear one instead of a sundress.

Of course, they are great for spreading along a sandy beach when you want to relax - to absorb the peace surrounding you, not to mention the sound of the water lapping against the shoreline. You must be careful not to fall asleep, though, especially if you are not wearing adequate sunscreen.

Beach towels serve another great purpose: they are great for placing on top of your beach chairs so they don't become too hot for you to sit in. Of course, you can use them when visiting hotel pools or carry them when visiting waterparks. In fact, they are the perfect traveling companions since you never know where you may end up spending time when you leave the house on a perfect summer day.

Follow me as I delve into the world of beach towels adorning none other than beloved animals.

Dolphins and Orca Beach Towels

Baron bay dolphins velour brazilian beach towel 30x60 inches

I love Baron bay dolphins velour brazilian beach towel! I would swim with them in a heartbeat if granted the opportunity.

  • 100% cotton
  • Velour Beach Towel
  • Measures 30"x 60"
  • Weighs 12 ounces​

These are beautiful towels. It makes me wish I had several washrooms in my home so I could have a theme for each one. Of course,

I can always sport one when visiting the beach.

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Wolves Howling Moon Cotton Beach Towel

Wolves Howling Moon Cotton Beach Towel

100% Cotton
30" x 60"
Ultra soft, warm, and cozy

Wolves are fascinating. The way they communicate to and with each other is amazing. I could listen for hours to a wolf baying or howling.

I wish that, even once, I can look at the moon and see the silhouette of a wolf because the mountain and moon seem to touch each other. I think it would be a terrific feeling.

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Horses on the Beach Cotton Beach Towel

Horses on the Beach Cotton Beach Towel by Dawhud Direct

Take a look at this magnificent Horses on the Beach Cotton Beach Towel! They conjure up memories and reach into our souls where hopes and dreams are born. Honestly, wouldn't you love to be riding horseback now?

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Dogs Selfie Cotton Beach Towel

Dog Beach Towels

Measures 30" x 60"
Printed with bright, vibrant colors
Ultra-soft, cozy and absorbent
Perfect for the beach

Multi Color
Easy care
Machine washable

Dogs are amazing members of the family. From smaller breeds to the larger ones, they fill individual spots in our families.

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Beach Towels are a "Must Have" Item for the Beach. It doesn't matter whether you are planning on jumping in the surf or laying in the sun you must have a beach towel. Beach towels are great to put on the chair before you sit or if your chair is the reclining type then before you lay in the sun. They help brush the sand off and just plain make your beach day more enjoyable!

Head to the beaches with cute and stylish beach towels that don’t cost a ton of money. Cheap beach towels are featured below that are cute, stylish, and very popular for the beaches in 2013. Enjoy fun in the sun and have a beach towel handy to dry off after exiting the water. Beach towels also make great towels to layout in the sun for a suntan. The cutest beach towels that are still cheap and affordable are on sale for you below. Check them all out!

Choose Your Favorite Style

So which beach towel suits you the best? Obviously you want something generously sized and comfortable, but how about the style or color? If you have no idea then you can browse some of the cheap beach towels on this page and perhaps take inspiration from the myriad designs we have.

Perhaps you already know what color you like. Pink is girly and cute, bright yellow is happy and fun, or what about a white beach towel to really showcase your summer tan?

Many people go for patterns rather than plain colors, and if you like those then you are in luck, because a lot of beach towels are not only cheap and fluffy, but they also have great patterns on. Choose from butterflies, dots, stripes, abstract patterns, or even pick a brand like Billabong® or Ralph Lauren.

Take Them on Vacation

One beach towel might not be enough if you want a fresh one instead of a soggy one. Take two with you to the beach or on vacation and you will always have a clean, dry one to dry yourself off after your last swim or to wipe the sand off yourself with. Beach towels weigh very little and when packing them in your luggage, fold them three or four times, then lay them flat on top of your clothes to stop everything sliding around and getting creased. Everyone needs at least one good beach towel.

Large Beach Cotton Towel 30×60 inches with Utopia Towel

Utopia Towel best cotton beach towel it’s each set includes 4 large cotton beach towels in the cabana stripe average size of each towel is 30 X 60″. Easy machine and hand washable and you can also dry it with spinning dryer, but it should be on low.For long-term and better results, you should wash 1st time separately.
It is safe for you and your family because it is made of natural materials no harmful chemicals and synthetic materials used.
It is best beach and pool towel you can use it freely on beach and pool due to its natural materials.

SportLite Beach Towel

SportLite Towel is fast drying towels due to its Microfiber material.You will feel soft on your skin while using it. It is very easy to wash and need less water as compared to the cotton towel.
Los Angeles County Lifeguard Association also use this towel, and they refer their member to use it.
It is available in 3 different sizes Hand towel 15.75 x 26, sports Towel 28 x 50 and beach towel 32 x 68. SportLite Beach Towel is best for beach, pool, and travel.

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