Top 6 Best Boxing Gloves Reviews in 2020-Buyer Guide

Boxing gloves are cushioned gloves that boxers use as they go on to boxing matches. This pair of gear allows the boxers to deliver more powerful punches forcefully. Also referred to as training gloves, the best sparring gloves are utilized during training sessions, more specifically during sparring sessions, although this equipment differs from those used in competitions.

The purpose of very good boxing gloves is basically to protect the hands as the boxer or MMA fighter throws punches at the opponent. These gloves are likewise used to protect the head and the facial area. Today, there are different gloves available on the market. Some are specialized for certain competitions, including sparring drills, and other training.

Below are the best boxing glove brands you’ll ever find on the market. Each of the gloves has specific designs and materials, as well as features that are all useful to the user, whether a boxer, Muay Thai athlete or a Mixed Martial Artist. All of the boxing glove brands can surely reduce facial and head injuries due to very powerful punches.

Best Boxing Gloves Reviews

1. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves Review

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Among the best boxing gloves is the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves, garnering an average rating of 5 Stars on Amazon. It is made of premium Skintex leather with specific mesh panel located under the fist, generating greater thermal regulation.

This boxing gloves review will reveal about the gloves’ triple density foam, including a reinforced palm that allows maximum absorption. It also boasts a 100% full-attached thumb design, resulting in better injury prevention. Unlike other gloves on the market, this pair of gloves offers better protection from possible injuries due to the special full-attached thumb design, reducing eye pokes, to say the least.

This pair of top boxing gloves is completely handmade, allowing you to enjoy the most premium quality in every fight. The triple density foam, long cuffs, and reinforced palms provide an unmatched shock absorption that can protect your wrists and hands at the same time while extending your training level by level.

The Venum Elite Boxing Gloves are perfect for fitness boxing, mitt work, bag work, and striking training. It is available in two colors to meet your styles and needs. Among the boxing gloves brands, the Venum Elite is ideal for both the beginner and the advanced users.

All in all, this pair of gloves offers premium quality and top-notch design suitable for all athletes of different skill levels. The gloves’ strengthened seams are equivalent to long-lasting quality, allowing the user to fight harder and longer. Thus, this is the best boxing gloves for training and wide ranges of sparring drills, and bag workouts.Buy From Amazon

2. Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves Review

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”368″ identifier=”B000JF6LUE” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”thewisy-20″ width=”500″]With 4-Star as an average rating is the Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves. This is among the top-rated boxing gloves today that offers full padded both in front and on the back, promoting the proper techniques. It is available in multiple colors and sizes, ranging from 12-ounce to 14-ounce, and 16-ounce.

For optimum training, these Amazon boxing gloves feature a patented Thumblock design, keeping the thumb and fist in the correct position to prevent unwanted injuries. This pair of Everlast boxing gloves also promotes proper punching techniques with its natural shape that contours with the fist.

Moreover, these cool boxing gloves are made of dense and a two-layer foam that offers better shock absorption. You can choose between the traditional lace-up and the hook-and-loop straps, depending on your taste. Nonetheless, this pair of gloves is made of synthetic and very durable leather, allowing you to fight like a professional, after training like a pro.

You rest assured of this product’s quality as Everlast is known worldwide as a top manufacturer of top-notch sports gear and equipment. Today, the company is associated with boxing, although it was initially established in the year 1910 as a maker of swimwear. In spite the long and rich history of Everlast, it is now renowned as a reliable producer of innovative products that embody authenticity, individuality, and strength, just what an athlete needs throughout his journey.

With that said, the Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves are top boxing glove brands that potential boxers and MMA fighters can rely on, as they persevere in training and workouts, and eventually become world champions.Buy From Amazon

3. Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves Review

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B0087MLCGY” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”thewisy-20″ width=”500″]Meanwhile, the Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves garners an average rating of 4-Stars. Many owners consider this as the best training boxing gloves due to its full front and back padding that also boost proper punching techniques. Similar to the Venum Elite, this pair also boasts a ThumbLok design, keeping the fist and thumb in the proper position to prevent injuries as much as possible.

This best boxing gear is also available in 12-ounce, 12-ounce, and 16-ounce sizes with multiple colors. The natural shape of this gear promotes maximum training, including its dense and two-layer foam that also provides better shock absorption. It is available in either the hook-and-loop or the lace-up design with guaranteed durable synthetic leather construction.

Furthermore, the gloves make use of EverFresh materials that are exclusively manufactured and designed for these sports gear. Next, to the best boxing gloves, the Venum Challenger is considered as an all-around sparring glove without scratching your opponent’s shoulders and neck. These products are very good for Thai boxing, and certainly a perfect pair for potential boxers.

However, owners highly recommend potential buyers getting a separate pair of 10-ounce gloves, especially used for mitt work and bag work, rather than sparring. The heavy bag tends to harden the leather gloves, making them more dangerous when used with an actual opponent. Nonetheless, the Venum Challenger is the best boxing gloves for sparring, even if you’re a beginner or a professional in the boxing sports.

Buy From Amazon4. Ringside Apex Boxing Gloves Review

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B00EZRUKK4″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”thewisy-20″ width=”500″]The Ringside Apex Boxing Gloves receives an average rating of 4.5-Stars with its ventilated thumb and palm design, keeping the gloves comfortable and dry at the same time. These nice boxing gloves feature a tapered and wrap around closure that provides and secures the wrist. The hook-and loop closure also allows the user to wear and remove the gloves in just seconds.

These synthetic gloves are very durable, helping you maximize every comprehensive workout there is. Many people consider it is as the best brand of boxing gloves due to its Injected Molded Foam (IMF) technology, which is superior to standard layered-foam gloves, thus, providing superior durability and protection.

This pair of gloves also boasts a pre-curved, molded hand compartment that is highly capable of supporting the fist and hand naturally, including the natural alignment when striking. Such brands of boxing gloves have designs that offer a no-slip fit, ensuring the proper tightness and valuable support for the wrist.

The Ringside Apex Boxing Gloves also feature a patented Stay-Dri Lining, a top-notch technology that can keep hands comfortable and dry at the same time. It also boasts a mesh palm, along with ventilation holes, which promote rapid drying of sweat and water.

This is the best boxing glove brand also because of its textured PU and leather-like construction that is very durable and easy to clean. It has a traditional boxing grip bar, allowing a tighter fist while reducing hand fatigue simultaneously.

The protection and quality it offers are based on tests from real athletes, ensuring optimum comfort and safety in every move. All in all, the Ringside Apex Boxing Gloves’ IMF technology is one of the gloves’ selling points because it is a special formula, which absorbs and disperses shock while encasing the hand anatomically within a protective compartment.Buy From Amazon

5. Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Training Sparring Gloves

Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Training Sparring GlovesAmong the best boxing brands is the Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Training Sparring Gloves with an average 4.5-Star Rating. This pair of gloves is ergonomically engineered, offering a tight-fit hand compartment that certainly offers a snug and secure fit.

This boxing glove is made of high-grade leather, alongside a Fairtex foam system that results in an excellent knuckle and hand protection, including an even shock disbursement. Its genuine leather construction also comes with Velcro straps. Hence, it is a tight-fit and an all-purpose glove that is completely handmade.

These boxing training gloves are also available between 8 and 16 ounce sizes. Indeed, Fairtex lives up to its reputation, considering the quality and durability of these gloves as described by professional fighters and kick boxing enthusiasts. Moreover, this boxing gloves can last long, even with lots of mitt and bag works.

The gloves’ balance is likewise amazing, according to many reviewers. While several classes are necessary to break the gloves in, owners have experienced great performance since. Thus, this is the best boxing equipment for potential boxers, kick boxers, MMA fighter, and even gym trainers.

Overall, the Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Training Sparring Gloves is an epitome of quality, durability, and performance. It is loved by many fitness enthusiasts, both the beginners and the pros alike. The unique and top-notch design of these quality boxing gloves are not only the best selling points but also the reliability of the manufacturer.Buy From Amazon

6. 8oz Pro Style Training Glove – Yth/Womens

8oz Pro Style Training Glove – Yth/WomensWith a 4.1-Star Rating on Amazon is the 8oz Pro Style Training Glove, which is constructed from long-lasting and durable synthetic leather. This pair of top boxing brands offers an improved curved anatomical clench and fit with a hook-and-loop design for ease of use.

Aside from the ThumbLok safety feature and EverFresh materials, this pair of gloves also boasts a laceless style, including a wrap around Velcro, making it very easy to put on and off. It fits perfectly in the hands, even if you have small hands of only three inches wide.

As you stretch your fingers, the distance of your thumb through your pinky finger would be six inches and 3/4. But, for those with hands of larger dimension, these gloves might not fit perfectly. Keep in mind that even the best training gloves boxing will need to undergo a break-in process, making these gloves fully uncomfortable during such period.

Nonetheless, these best gloves for boxing have top-notch quality within its price range and are ideal for a kick boxing workout. While for actual boxing exercises, a pair of heavy gloves might be necessary or perhaps, adding more padding would greatly help.

Based on a boxing glove review, the 8oz Pro Style Training Glove fits perfectly to an adult with child-size hands. Hence, many consumers buy these gloves for their children as well. All in all, these gloves are made of high-grade synthetic leather, plus a superior construction that results in increased durability. It also offers a full mesh palm style that guarantees comfort and breathability at the same time. The EverFresh materials used in these soft boxing gloves are an anti-microbial treatment that fights odor and bacterial growth.Buy From Amazon

Boxing Gloves Buying Guide

It is a given fact that a boxer’s trade will always be complete with the best boxing glove from the best boxing brands. The gloves are the core of the boxing sport as well as for the athlete who participates in the game. Over time, the athlete would develop a unique attachment to the gloves, which is described only by the experience he had with them. Similar to other trades, the best tool is necessary in order to achieve specific goals. The same is true in boxing, Muay Thai, and MMA. With that said, there are more considerations to keep in mind as you search for the best boxing training gloves, in spite the reviewed products above.Best Boxing Gloves

Differences in Gloves

What are the best boxing gloves? This is the most common question among the potential users of such fitness gear. Bear in mind, however, that the glove you choose is largely based on your sport. For instance, if you’re doing Muay Thai, then you probably need a certain type of gloves than a person who is doing kickboxing or just boxing.

In the Muay Thai sport, the athlete should be able to grab and use his hands, delivering knee strikes at the same time. Therefore, it is essential to use a pair of gloves that are flexible enough, allowing him to open his hands freely.

When it comes to cardio kickboxing, making use of sparring gloves with thicker padding is crucial. Remember that hitting focus mitt or heavy bags is equivalent to a great impact. Thus, more protection is needed by the hands.

A pair of lighter and professional boxing gloves is best for a professional boxer, a pair that is very easy to make a fist. In most of the competitions, these gloves are highly regulated, while the competitors would use gloves that will make the biggest impact through their punches. Thus, lighter gloves are needed. The best boxing brand of gloves will allow the boxer to hold his hands up, protecting his head and facial areas over a long period.

Before investing in any boxing gloves brand, it is crucial to identify your preferred sport, whether it is basic boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, cardio boxing, Karate, MMA, Judo, and many other sports that require an efficient pair of gloves.

How to Pick the Right Pair of Gloves?

The initial step in picking the best brand for boxing gloves is to identify your sport, followed by a decent advise from your gym instructor if you have any. It is not advised to simply go down to the nearest sporting goods shop and buy whatever you want, or choose the nicest looking pair, or the cheapest one.

In fact, you have to make a bit more investments in order to arrive at the best product possible. Also, it is necessary to invest in time, while researching for the reliable boxing equipment brands on the market. Keep in mind that hand wraps matter too, choosing the same brand with the gloves, ensuring compatibility and the same degree of quality. But then, again, it is essential to determine the specific activity that you will be doing. With that said, below are quick suggestions and recommendations as you pick the best type of boxing gloves that will suit you perfectly.

  • Mixed Martial Arts require the use of hands. Thus, more flexible gloves are necessary.
  • For hitting focus mitts and heavy bags, gloves with thicker padding are strongly advised, including gloves that offer protection on its front end.
  • For those who want to train in the ring, heavier gloves than the standard are just perfect.
  • But, for those who want to compete in the ring, lighter punching gloves are the best.
  • For those who are hitting speed bags or double end bags, the best heavy bag boxing gloves are perfectly designed for such purpose.

Finding the Right Size and Weight

The size and the weight of good quality boxing gloves are not the same because others misunderstand it as a single thing. In most cases, however, the sizing corresponds to the glove weight, although it is not always accurate. The glove weight is very important for several reasons. Thus, you have to pick the weight, based on your method of use. The size, on the other hand, will largely depend on the best fit.

Generally, the sizes of the fighting boxing gloves range from small to medium, and then large. But, the common sizes are as follows:

  • 8-ounce – These are very common among competitive boxers
  • 10-ounce – Also common among the competitive boxers
  • 12-ounce – Generally used by women and other adults with small hands
  • 14-ounce – Average-size individuals use 14-ounce gloves for training
  • 16-ounce – Commonly used by individuals of all sizes
  • 18-ounce – People within the larger weight class used this for training
  • 20-ounce – Also used by people in larger weight class

Note: Therefore, 12-ounce high quality boxing gloves come in small, medium and large. But, not in all cases, as it will largely depend on the manufacturer.

More Tips When Choosing the Size

  • Like a pair of shoes, the gloves tend to stretch over time. Using the gloves frequently will eventually result in the best fit. Therefore, the initial feel of the gloves is probably uncomfortable when brand new. So, buying a pair of the best quality boxing gloves that are little tighter-fitting is sensible.
  • Make room for hand wraps. It is very important to keep in mind that buying gloves also come with buying hand wraps. These gears always come together. Never put on the gloves without putting hand wraps first, because you will always wear them together.

Common Types of Boxing Gloves

Some people get confused with this fitness gear as boxing gloves also come in different types. Below are the most common types of gloves you’ll see on the market.

  • Bag Gloves
  • Lace Protectors
  • Aerobic Gloves
  • Pro Fight Gloves
  • Training Gloves
  • Amateur Competition Gloves
  • MMA Gloves

Boxing Gloves Basics

Basically, boxing gloves are created using and stitching nylon thread. The padding is made of high-density polyurethane, while the skin of the glove is typically top grain tanned leather, which is either goatskin or cowhide. All these materials provide the gloves with durability and flexibility. Keep in mind, however, that the majority of the inferior quality boxer gloves is made out of vinyl, while world organizations only accept leather gloves. The best gloves for sparring, boxing, focus mitts, and heavy bags vary largely. Cheap gloves also differ from the most expensive boxing gloves on the market.

More Facts About Boxing Gloves

It is a given fact that some of the best boxing gloves in the world are surely more popular than other brands. However, it does not mean that the less popular ones are not the best for you, or just because a famous boxer endorses a brand is already the perfect and the best boxing equipment brands for you.

Understanding the difference between the leather and vinyl boxing gloves is also essential. Leather boxing gloves are generally of higher quality such as the reviewed products above, including the Everlast boxing gloves. The leather varieties can also last longer than the vinyl counterpart. Today, however, you can find top-notch quality vinyl gloves that can also offer the same quality and durability as the leather.

The main difference between these two is the price. Obviously, leather is more expensive boxing gloves, while people associate the vinyl with the best cheap boxing gloves. Moreover, vinyl gloves are commonly utilized for cardio kickboxing, while the leather is used for most workouts.

There is also a huge difference between the Velcro and lace up. To put it simply, lace up gloves are known to be more secure and tight-fitting. Previously, all gloves were used to be lace up, but nowadays, Velcro or the hook-and-loop has become available. This has been developed over the years, providing the users with utmost convenience as the Velcro is easier to wear and take off, especially when you’re training alone.

In fact, today, you might end up getting the hook-and-loop variety as manufacturers are mass-producing such. However, some of the best boxing gloves brands still manufactures the lace up gloves because most professionals used this variety widely, including trainers and coaches.

Due to the recent developments, increasing demands of consumers, and the greater numbers of boxing enthusiasts, there are now classifications of women’s gloves, men’s gloves, and kids’ gloves. The best boxing gloves for women are certainly different from the men’s and the kids. Each of this category has specific designs, meeting the special requirements such as the size.

While women’s hands tend to be smaller in size, manufacturers are now developing the best sparring boxing gloves to fit their hands perfectly, having a smaller hand cage in the gloves. More of these best boxing sparring gloves will emerge very soon as more and more women are becoming interested and growing their love for boxing, kickboxing, and the wide varieties of Mixed Martial Arts.

Also, sparring boxing gloves for children has become available on the market. These fitness gears come in special sizes too, with smaller hand cages to fit the smaller hands of kids.


Overall, the seasoned boxers will attest to the best boxing gear brands as well as its importance. Boxing gloves will always be great assistance during training and workouts, especially during competitions. Wearing the best gloves will not only improve any training, but also serve as a protection for the hands, face, and head, while protecting your opponent at the same time, causing lesser injuries, especially to the head.

The proper usage of gloves is equivalent to proper protection, allowing you to face any opponent with confidence. Today, there are thousands of padded boxing gloves on the market in a wide selection of styles, sizes, weights, shapes, colors, and brands. You just have to pick the best place to buy boxing gloves, ensuring a reliable dealer of genuine top boxing gloves brands.

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