Best Digital Media Players in 2021

The popularity of digital media players has soared over the last few years, with almost every home owning one. High demand has attracted many investors to manufacture gadgets and woo customers through their many unique features. 

Although the purpose of every player is the same, the features make a whole difference in the kind of experience you get with each device. In our digital world, we can choose the best media player that will perfectly work for you and after evaluating many devices in the market, we compiled our review of the best. 

ViewSonic Digital Media Player

This incredible device is made to offer dependable and impressive 1080p multimedia playback on widescreen displays. You will love its sleek and stylish appearance that goes with many devices. Quite notably, this is a lightweight and versatile device that you can carry with you wherever you want. 

One intriguing feature of this device is its adaptability. Yeah, the best digital media player is compatible with a wide variety of devices. It includes bundled signage management tools, as well as built-in wireless and RJ45 functionality. 

This best digital media player is one of a kind that is strongly regarded by most clients. In reality, it makes it simple to create personalized multimedia content. You can program it and install it to display on a laptop or PC. 

The device has an integrated internal memory of 8GB. It has two USB ports and a micro SD card slot. These features allow for HD content to be played directly. You get fail-safe features and auto reboot for dependable messaging using the watchdog timer. 

Apple TV 4th Generation 

Apple used a clever approach and incorporated a digital media player centered on its APP store empire. This practically ensures a seamless migration for consumers who are already acquainted with the IOS platform. This device responds well to voice commands such as “play Throne of Elves” thanks to its smart assistant Siri. 

Apart from its standard streaming services like HBO and Netflix, users now have access to streaming a wide variety of live sports like NBA through the NBA and MLB app. You have a choice to play games on Apple TV. Although the profiles are not very impressive as you might expect, it’s still a powerful console. 

Roku 4K UHD Streaming Digital Media Player 

Being one of the leading producers of high-quality players, Roku digital media player is unique because of its sleek design and modern features. This durable and compact device is light and highly portable. A notable fact about Roku digital media player is its versatility featuring great value and superior quality. 

The manufacturer has included a user manual to ensure you use this device reliably and safely. You can never get bored using Roku because you can access more than 2,500 channels which is more than enough streaming. Beyond the channels, the picture quality is high and the sound is very clear.

It has cutting-edge technology and a high-resolution full high definition display. This device’s improved remote guarantees quick and thorough search results. Roku 4K UHD device should be your preferred piece of streaming device. 

NVIDIA SHIELD Digital Media Player

This device is likely one of the finest for 4K HDR content, making it ideal for consumers who care about having a range of colors while streaming YouTube videos or watching on Netflix and Hulu. Due to its game stream technology, NVIDIA SHIELD ranks among the best quality PC games streaming. 

When connected to a TV, NVIDIA displays games well and the gamer can almost feel like they are playing console games. The device is packaged with a remote control, an adaptor, and a charging cable but lacks an HDMI cable for connecting with the TV. 

HDMI Media Player AGPtek Digital Media Player

This is an amazing device with a sleek design for maximum results but better than the brand’s previous design. Unlike the previous one, this device comes with a remote comptroller included so that you enjoy relaxed streaming although you are away from home. 

You have an advantage using this digital media player because you can conveniently access its menu screen using the remote. The digital player is highly portable and is very convenient for frequent travelers plus, it has 2 USB ports and can allow an external memory of up to 128GB. 

Featured in the player is a 1080p HDMI output for quality videos and audios and an AV output for analog television. The product is highly adaptable and comes with a 100 percent money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty. 


We have compiled the list of the digital media player and we hope you will find it useful when buying your best choice. Your best digital player should work seamlessly on nearly all streaming services and will be a plug-and-play device. In other words, you should be able to use it immediately without the need to buy software or accessories to use it. 

Shahid Maqsood


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