5 Best Egg Cooker Reviews & Buyer Guide 2021

Cuisinart CEC-10 Egg Central Egg Cooker
In This Image Cuisinart CEC-10 Egg Central Egg CookerPremium pack click Here for more info

There are several ways to cook eggs, and if you want it superbly cooked, get the best egg cooker.

The best breakfast is incomplete without eggs.

Hundreds of desserts require eggs.

 Even appetizers and entrees require eggs. And not just as a garnish, but as the main element of the dish.

If you love cooking with and eating eggs, then you will want to own an egg cooker.

Electric egg cookers like the Cuisinart CEC-10 Egg Central Egg Cooker can make your life easier and your meals tastier.

Best Value

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

  • Capacity: Up to 6 eggs
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions:5.50 x 6.00 x 5.50 inches
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Weighing 1lb

Best of The Best

Vertical Nonstick Easy Quick Egg Cooker

Rollie Vertical Nonstick Egg Cooker

  • Revolutionary cooking system
  • Material: PP, non-stick coated aluminum, silicone
  • Dimensions: 3.50 x 3.50 x 9.25 inches
  • Easy to use and clean

Premium pack

YEPSOON Egg Cooker Egg Roll Maker

YEPSOON Egg Cooker Egg Roll Maker

  • Revolutionary cooking system
  • Material: PP, non-stick coated aluminum, silicone
  • Ergonomic modeling
  • Easy to use and clean

All About Egg Cookers

An egg cooker is one of the most useful kitchen appliances because people love to eat eggs and to incorporate them into their dishes. Aside from being delicious, eggs are one of the best sources of protein. If you have an electric egg cooker, then you can easily enjoy the benefits of eating eggs.

There are many types of electric egg cookers, and the best ones will let you cook eggs in different ways.

One type of egg cooker is egg poachers. Manually poaching an egg may seem easy on television, but it isn’t. An egg cooker that can poach eggs will make it the task simple and easy so you can enjoy perfectly poached eggs.

Another type of egg cookers is microwave egg cookers. They are great for instantly cooking soft and hard-boiled eggs. They are quite easy to use, and if you have a microwave oven, then you should consider purchasing them.

Other electric egg cookers are made specifically to complement your countertop. These allow you to cook the perfect boiled eggs effortlessly. They have adjustable temperature settings so you can boil the egg according to your preferences.

You can even cook a combination of hard, medium or soft boiled eggs simultaneously, unlike with microwave egg cookers where all the eggs in the set are cooked the same. Another great advantage of these countertop electric egg cookers is their versatility.

Most of them can double as an egg poacher and a food steamer. Not only do they look sleek and stylish, but they also have a lot of added features as well.

Just The Top-Rated Egg Cookers

Still, can’t find the perfect egg cooker? Then you must check out this egg cooker reviews. You will only find the best-selling and best-rated egg cookers on this page. I am sure one of them is the perfect choice for your kitchen.

Rollie Egg Master Review


The Rollie has been seen everywhere on tv and has a special limited time tv promotion going on to kick off the launch of the Rollie. These benefits seem to be the answer to all of the problems I have with cooking eggs in the morning.

Apparently, you can also use the product to cook other things such as cinnamon rolls, pancakes, dessert, and more. That seems to be a pretty convenient plus, as these products often take a long time to make as well.

Introducing The Vertical Egg Cooker



The company refers the main features of this product.

Vertical Cooking Technology that combines a cylindrical non-stick cooking surface surrounded by a revolutionary heating element

  • Unique silicone grip
  • Clean-up is a breeze

Right now when you buy Rollie Egg Cooker, You get.

  • 1 Brush for Cleaning
  • 1 Packing Tool
  • 5 Skewers to cook your favourite egg dish
  • A Cooking Recipe Guide
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

How does it work?

Uses vertical cooking technology that combines a cylindrical, non-stick cooking surface and a revolutionary heating element. The heating element surrounds the cooking surface, ensuring an even, thorough and rapid cook, and the non-stick surface means that the product is easy to clean. Plus, it comes with a specifically designed cleaning brush, making the process even easier.

What can I cook?

Believe it or not, is not only great for cooking eggs to perfection. You can cook just about anything using this product, and don’t be afraid to use your imagination and create something truly zany! To make things easier and provide you with lots of excellent ideas, this product comes with a free recipe guide, with useful tips and hints to make you a professional with the product.

Included in the recipe guide are numerous fantastic recipes that are healthy, delicious, and all so easy! Not only will the whole family enjoy the results, but with the recipe guide, they will also enjoy preparing and creating meals with the appliance. Here, we have included some examples of recipes you can create something for the whole family to enjoy.


The Rollie Eggmaster is designed to be a good cooking utensil for eggs in the morning if you do not want to have a huge mess to clean up. If you’re interested, I would recommend you to buy at at a price of about $.

I recommend purchasing from there since you will not be in danger of getting a copycat item. Also, you will receive a gift and a one year warranty if you order from Let us know if the Rollie Eggmaster lives up to its expectations!

Rollie Hands-Free Automatic Electric Vertical Nonstick Easy Quick Egg Cooker

EggGenie Egg Genie Electric Egg Cooker

 Egg Genie by Big Boss, The Original Rapid Egg Cooker

This simple and easy to use egg cooker will let you perfectly boil up to seven eggs at a time. It will automatically steam the eggs for you and will let you know when it’s done. Other features include:

  • Comes with a poaching tray and measuring cup
  • Built-in timer
  • Steel piercing pin
  • Auto-off function
  • Clear Lid
  • Removable egg tray
 Egg Genie by Big Boss

Krups 230-70 Egg Express Egg Cooker ReviewKrups 230-70 Egg Express Egg Cooker Review


* Does a great job every timeWhether you like your eggs soft, hard or poached, you can bet this handy appliance can give them to you wherever you want them.

* Seven eggs capacityVery useful in a hectic morning when boiling four eggs at once is not fast enough. You can also poach two eggs at a time, and it’s much easier to do than poaching on a pan

* Small footprintEven though it can cook seven eggs at a time this thing is not big at all. It’s compact and sits nicely on a small kitchen countertop.


  • * No auto shut-off

It beeps when the eggs boiled, but it can’t shut itself off.

  • * Boils up to seven eggs
  • * Two poaching trays included
  • * Dual switch for boiling and keeping warm
  • * Timer to indicate end of cooking
  • * Water level indicator and egg piercer included.
KRUPS F23070 Egg Cooker with Water Level Indicator

Chef’s Choice 810 Gourmet Egg CookerBuy Chef's Choice 810 Gourmet Egg Cooker

  • * Eggs in the same row can be combined to cook regular, medium or hard-boiled
  • * Convenient egg tray can be lifted with one hand for rinsing under cold water
  • * Electronic timer with audible ready signal; on /off switch with indicator light
  • * Brushed stainless steel design, comes with egg poaching dish.
Chef'sChoice 810 Gourmet Egg Cooker with 7 Egg


* Poaches or hard-or delicate bubbles eggs at touch of a catch* Egg rack holds seven eggs; nonstick poaching pan contains four eggs* Includes measuring cup with egg piercing pin* Heat-resistant base; clear cover* 1-year warranty

How Can We Choose The Best Egg Cookers On Our List

Egg cookers rating always rely on their extra ordinary functions. Some of the following unveiled here:

1) Cooking Speed

If you are in a hurry and want your eggs to be ready within five to ten minutes, then it’s the best choice for you.

2) Cooker Capacity

The greater part of the items in this domain floats in the vicinity of six and twelve.

3) Easy to Cleanup

It is easy to clean up after finished boiling eggs. It is a lightweight and easy to disassemble so you can wash it with ease.

4) Materials Used In Making

I always like the stainless steel and recommend it to others because it is the best material for such type of excellent job.

5) Automatic Safety Features

It has an incredible auto off feature which saved my life once. I’m not saying this that it can harm you, but you should be mentally prepared. The cure is better than treatment remember this quote while purchasing so always use the reliable egg cooker.

How does an Egg Cooker Work

An egg cooker has a heating element at its base which is filled with water. Eggs are held in a rack and covered by a plastic lid that retains heat. Set to soft, medium or hard-boiled mode, an automatic timer signals when eggs are ready. A thermostat maintains the temperature.

Types of Egg cookers

Egg cookers are very useful, particularly when boiling plenty of eggs, letting you save time and effort. The best types of egg cookers are available in great variety aside from the traditional frying pan has been a timeless accessory to cook eggs.

Why You Need An Egg Cooker In Your Kitchen

Time is precious comparatively other things. Isn’t it weird? To search for a kettle, pour water into it, desperately waiting for the water to boil and then put the eggs in the pot and again hold yourself for the boiling process. Make your daily work simple and enjoy life more than everything.

Well let me tell you about me I’m extremely fond of eating eggs and you will often see eggs on my dinner table. Why not you want to get this incredible egg cooker.

You can perform several tasks to your eggs with one egg cooker without changing your platform. Such as boil eggs, make an omelette, poach and much more. It always saves my time and nerves from heat as I no longer had to go through a ritual stove.

All you need is just put some water in, put the eggs, press a button and that’s it.

This type of comfort and simplicity is like a gift towards your self. It’s a piece of love and satisfaction for you, so I will recommend it to all who wants to deal with eggs with easy steps.

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