Best Electric Skillet Reviews 2019

Best Rated Electric Skillets

Want to buy the best electric skillet? Then you ought to have a look at this short list of electric skillets. Every one of them has received plenty of great reviews from users everywhere.

Check them out. I surely hope this list can help you find the best electric skillet for your cooking needs.

Presto 06852 16-Inch Best Electric Skillet with Glass Cover Review

Buy Presto 06852 16-Inch Best Electric Skillet with Glass Cover

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#31f578″ title_color=”#040404″]

* Big cooking surface

It’s a 16-inch skillet, so the kitchen area is indeed vast (and deep too). You can cook a lot of meal at once. A nice feature if you have a family more than four people.

* Perfect for all kinds of cooking

It’s ideal for roasting, braising, grilling, frying, griddling and baking too.

* Glass lid

Very useful to reduce oil splatter and also allows you to check if you are done cooking the food

* Non-stick surface

Presto’s non-stick coating is better than Teflon. It makes sure that nothing sticks to it and it also means cleaning is a snap. You just have to consume a few minutes to clean it thoroughly.

* Excellent build-quality

It is one of those kitchen appliances that will serve yours for years to come. It is one reliable cookware!

* Doesn’t heat up the kitchen

Since while cooking the electricity is used to heat up the heating element only this skillet releases very little ambient heat. It’s a much better way of cooking during hot summer days.

* Handles stay cool

Whatever it is you’re cooking you can hold the handles safely. They just won’t get hot!

* Cheap

It’s a great skillet, and it costs less than $45. What more could you ask?[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#f53a31″ title_color=”#040404″]
* No rubber feet
It doesn’t slide around much, but rubber feet would make this skillet perfect

* Non-vented lid
All the steam are locked inside the skillet so you when you open the lid you need to be careful and open it slowly.[/su_box]


Please remember to season your skillet before use. Put a little oil on the non-stick surface and wipe with paper towel. Ensuring the longevity of the non-stick coating is important.

2017 Best Cuisinart CSK-150 1500-Watt Nonstick Oval Electric Skillet Review

Buy Cuisinart CSK-150 1500-Watt Nonstick Oval Electric Skillet


[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#31f574″ title_color=”#040404″]

* Large cooking area

Yes, it’s one inch smaller than the Presto, but still, a 15-inch skillet is big enough to fit six 1/2 pound hamburgers in one go.

* Cooks evenly

The heat from the heating element is spread evenly to the whole cooking area. No hot spots.

* Rubber feet

These rubber feet (plus its weight) ensures that this skillet won’t move around. Rubber feet are also beautiful when you have glass counter-top because they don’t leave scratches.

* Vented glass lid

The small vent lets steam out and makes sure they won’t build up too much inside the skillet.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#f53931″ title_color=”#040404″]

* Expensive
It’s a [/su_box]$99.99  skillet but considering its quality I think it worth every penny.[/su_box]

CucinaPro Stainless Steel Electric Skillet ReviewBuy CucinaPro Stainless Steel Electric Skillet

Best stainless electric skillet

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#31f574″ title_color=”#040404″]

* Easy to clean

Yes, this is a stainless still electric skillet, and no, it doesn’t have the non-stick coating. But that doesn’t mean it’s a pain to clean. On the contrary, this skillet is easy to clean by just wiping it with a damp dishcloth. Just remember to season with a little oil before using it for the first time.

* Heats up fast and evenly

You don’t need to wait too long when preheating this skillet. It also spreads the heat evenly all over the cooking area

* Accurate temperature control

If you set it to “keep warm” it will do just that, and if you tell it to go as high as 300 degrees, it will do that too. No hassles.

* Available In 12-inch as well as 16-inch

The 12-inch one will be an ideal choice if you’re only cooking for two though I still advise you go with the 16-inch one just to be prepared when you have companies coming.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#f53231″ title_color=”#040404″]

* Price

Just like the Cuisinart this one also quite pricey. Even the smaller 12-inch one costs Out of stock. The good thing is you get what you paid.[/su_box]

Always Remember These 5 Important Elements Before Buying

1. Budget

The first and foremost thing before purchasing a quality electric skillet you just have to look on your budget. Make sure it how much expense you want to spend for the skilled. Set a price range will help you to reduce the choices which you can’t bear. Don’t try to purchase an electric skillet if you find it at a low price. Also, keep the same thing in your mind while buying the expensive one. Just find out the best one through your research with a broad mind.

2. Size and Shape

When your budget is all set then thinks about a magnitude and shape. The electric skillets manufactured in several ways, so there are various options to choose the best one. Usually, the skillets are available in the market in between 10 and 16 inches in diameter. The easiest way to picking a perfect size just find out what type of food you want to make in it. Moreover, you also have to ensure how much counter space you have. The electric skillet usually comes in three different shapes such as rectangular, oval and square.

3.Cleaning Method

The most vital element is to clean the electric skillet; it must be easy to clean. Pick an electric skillet because there is no need to wash dishes with hands just places it in the dishwasher. But also keep in mind that all the skillets are dishwasher safe. The rest of the skillets can only clean with a cloth and solution.

4.Temperature Controls

You would also want the perfect temperature controls. Every single skillet has a different high and low heat options and warm settings. If you want to cook deep fry than you need to bring a skillet which can reach at least 450 degrees. On the other side, the skillets which only goes up to 400 degrees are beneficial for stir frying.

5.Cooking Style

What type of temperature controls you want; it depends on your cooking style. If you like to cook much more soup and stew, then you should buy an electric skillet with a glass cap. You can view the material in the pan without uncovering the cap. Because of glass cap, you don’t need to remove the cap you can easily see the situation of your cooking content from outside. If you want to cook the meals which only take a few minutes to cook then a plastic cap will be okay. Besides, if you are thinking to cook the meal on high temperature then just buy an electric skillet made with stainless steel.

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