Remington Ceramic Hair Straightener Review

8 Best Flat Iron Reviews-Hair Straightener of 2021

We have searched for and found some of the most popular flat irons hair straighteners on the market and reviewed them in some depth using feed back from both users of these brands and organizations. Then for your guidance, we give you our recommendations that are based on comparing the hair iron reviews and prices.We also reveal where to get great deals and great service.

1. Remington Ceramic Hair Straightener Review

Remington S9520 Pro 2" Pearl Ceramic Flat Iron

The Remington Ceramic Hair Straightener has real pearl infused into the ceramic plates which are two inches wide. The plates themselves are floating and involve what Remington call three plate technology. This gives fifteen times more ceramic and is supposed to increase the smoothness by eight times as well as increasing the toughness of the surface.

The maximum temperature is 450F which is reached in 15 seconds. There is an audible beep when the desired temperature is reached. There is also a digital readout for the variable temperature levels, and a temperature lock to maintain it at a constant level. Temperature range of the Remington Ceramic Hair Straightener is 300-450F, and there is a turbo boost option.

I know I repeat myself, but it is true – On our internet travels, we notice that not only has a wide range of the best brands and models of flat irons, including the Remington Ceramic Hair Straightener but also has very good prices and very good service.

The nine-foot power cord is attached to the Remington Ceramic Hair Straightener by a swivel arrangement to improve maneuverability and reduce the cord tangling. There is also an auto power cut off function which shuts the flat iron off in sixty minutes. This flat iron can operate on either 120 volts or 240 volts.

The Remington Ceramic Hair Straightener dimensions are Length 13.8; depth 5; width 2.9 and weighs 1 pound. There is a hinge lock so that plates can be kept closed when not in use which protects the plates from damage.

Remington Ceramic Hair Straightener Specifications

  • Floating Ceramic plates with pearl infused into them
  • 3 plate technology is used when making the plates
  • Temperature digitally controlled; Range 300-450F
  • Temperature lock and temperature boost is available
  • 15-second heat up; audible beep when the temperature reached
  • 60-minute auto shut off.
  • The Remington Ceramic Hair Straightener has a Hinge lock for safe storage
  • Dimensions: Length 13.8; depth 5; width 2.9. Weight 1 pound
  • 9-foot power cord with swivel attachment
  • 120V – 240V dual voltage.
Remington Ceramic Hair Straightener Reviews
The Remington Ceramic Hair Straightener is a popular flat iron with 89% of those who purchased it happy with its performance. Although the number is awarding it, a 5 rating was down a bit at 60%, with almost a third giving it a 4 rating at 29%.

Well, users found their hair nice and soft after using the Remington Ceramic Hair Straightener, and the results lasted very well. This seemed to be the case for a wide number of hair types and lengths, although shorter hair didn’t seem to turn out so well.

There was general agreement that the Remington Ceramic Hair Straightener was “easy” on your hair with no tugging or snagging, so the process was very smooth indeed.

The Remington Ceramic Hair Straightener heated up fast, and the beep when it reached temperature was a plus as was the temperature reading on the handle. Some users tested the time to maximum heat and found that the Remington Company may have been a bit optimistic with its timing of 15 seconds. They found that the Remington Ceramic Hair Straightener took over a minute to get to 450F. This didn’t appear to be a big deal, however, because most users seemed to use the 350-370F temperature range.

There were a lot of comments about the Remington Ceramic Hair Straightener appearing to be well made, and there were further comments that the handle didn’t seem to get as hot as other flat irons that they had used before.

A minority thought the Remington Ceramic Hair Straightener was a bit unwieldy and heavy, but in general, this was not a concern. In fact, there were quite a few comments applauding the presence of the swivel attachment because it increased the maneuverability of the flat iron.

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2. Herstyler Forever Ceramic Flat Iron Review

Travel Friendly Dual Voltage Flat Iron 1.25 inch

The Herstyler Classic Flat Iron has 1.5-inch ceramic plates as the treatment surface, and while it does not have specific negative ion production elements like Tourmaline, it still produces negative ions for the benefit of final hair quality. So the characteristic static of flat irons in days gone by will not be present with the Herstyler Classic Forever Ceramic Flat Iron.

The temperature is adjustable on the Herstyler Classic Flat Iron to allow for all the hair types, and the range of temperature that is available is from 200F (120C) up to 460F (240 C). Time to maximum temperature is twenty-five seconds. There is an on/off switch on the temperature control thermostat.

I may get accused of repeating myself, but it is worth repeating: In our experience, has a wide range of the most popular brands and models of flat irons, including the Herstyler Classic Flat Iron, at great prices backed with great service.

Heating for the Herstyler Classic Flat Iron is via coils that heat up the ceramic plates so is infrared. This is the same as the sun’s rays without the damaging ultraviolet rays. Infrared is sometimes referred to as Far infrared because it comes from the far left side of the light spectrum (opposite end to ultraviolet light). It is a gentle heat which is good for hair treatment.

The Herstyler Classic Flat Iron is very light weighing less than a pound, and it is ergonomically designed to improve handling and maneuverability. Its body is a light, strong composite that has its origins in the aerospace industry.

The Herstyler Classic Flat Iron comes with its carry case.

The dimensions of the Herstyler Classic Flat Iron are Length 12 inches; Depth 4inches; width 2.2 inches.

Herstyler Classic Flat Specifications

  • 1.5-inch Ceramic plates
  • Negative Ions for good hair finish
  • Adjustable temperature from 200F to 460F
  • Lightweight made of strong Aerospace composite
  • Dimensions: Length 12 inches; width 2.2 inches; depth 4 inches
  • The Herstyler Classic Flat Iron comes with travel case
  • Ergonomically designed
Herstyler Classic Flat Iron Reviews

The Herstyler Classic Flat Iron proves to be a popular model with 70% of users giving it a rating of 5, followed by 15% giving it a rating of 4 so totaling these two proportions we find that 85% of those who purchased this flat iron was happy wth it.

The ability of the Herstyler Classic Flat Iron to treat hair for extended periods was noted as was the amount of time it saved users. By having to have less passes it would appear to be three times quicker that other brands they have used.

As well, the Herstyler Classic Flat Iron seems to be reliable with people using it for more than a year. This may not be surprising because there were comments left from people who have been using the same Herstyler for 3, 4, and 7 years.

Users said the Herstyler Classic Flat Iron left their hair soft and shiny and there was no smell at all when they were using the flat iron. Others said it was quick because you don’t need any product, especially if you brush your hair before straightening it.

The reviews covered a wide range of hair types with most reviewers very happy with the results. There was one comment about split ends increasing and one about burning their hair.

A couple of people who had dyed hair liked the Herstyler Classic Flat Iron because their hair stayed the same color after straightening!

It appears to be well built and quite robust because there were some reports of people dropping the Herstyler Classic Flat Iron on the floor with no apparent after effects, although a couple of people chipped the edge of the ceramic plate.

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3. BaByliss Pro Straightening Flat Iron ReviewBaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

The BaByliss Pro Straightening Iron has plates made of Nano Titanium backed onto ceramic heating elements. Nano Titanium is an excellent conductor of heat and so improves temperature stability at higher temperatures. As well, negative ions are emitted from these plates, and these ions assist in giving your hair a higher quality finish. It is thought that the negative ions (opposite to the effect of static which is positive ions) can “lock in” the hairs natural moisture.

Scientists have contested this theory of how negative ions work, but there is evidence to suggest there may be some effect because those people who have used both the nonionic and the ionic flat irons are sure their hair, after straightening, is much superior after using the negative iron appliances.

I have said this elsewhere, but we have found that has a wide range of the most popular brands and models available, including the BaByliss Pro Straightening Iron, at great prices and great service. CLICK HERE to check this out.

When the nano Titanium plates are heated, they produce radiation that is infrared which is easier on the hair. The suns rays have infrared radiation. You may see some brands calling it “far-infrared.” This is the fact that it is found at the far left end of the color spectrum (ultraviolet light is at the other end). The housing of the BaByliss Pro Straightening Iron is made of a material called Ryton that is resistant to high levels of heat.

The BaByliss Pro Straightening Iron is, as the name suggests, thin. It is one inch in width. This reduces the overall weight of the flat iron. With the plates being five inches long, wider sections of hair can be treated in each pass. The narrow nature of this flat iron means that is can be used for end curling.

According to the manufacturers, heating is very quick and so is a recovery with a maximum temperature of 450F (232C) being available. Temperature can be set at one of fifty heat settings which are indicated by an LED light, and this allows for all types of hair to be treated.

The BaByliss Pro Straightening Iron has the dimensions: Length 13.2 inches; Width 2.2 inches, and the weight one pound.

BaByliss Pro Straightening Iron Specifications

  • Nano Titanium plates are very smooth, very heat conductive and corrosion resistant
  • The BaByliss Pro Straightening Iron Plates are 5 inches long
  • Negative ions are emitted from these plates.
  • 50 temperature settings up to 450F with LED indicated light
  • Heat is Infrared sourced
  • Ceramic heater for rapid heat and recovery
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Swivel power cord attachment
  • Ryton ™ housing resists high temperatures
  • Dimensions: length 13.2 inches; Width 2.2 inches.
  • Weight: 1 pound
BaByliss Pro Straightening Iron Reviews

The BaByliss Pro Straightening Iron received some impressive rating statistics with 77% of users rating it a 5, and 13% rating it a four. So 90% of those who purchased this brand of flat iron was happy with its performance.

Quite a few of the users originally bought the BaByliss Pro Straightening Iron after a recommendation from their professional stylist. One stylist left a review saying she had had her BaByliss Pro Straightening Iron for a year, had dropped it several times and it still worked well and is one of the best flat irons she has used.

There were a few remarks made about the handle getting too hot, which made holding the flat iron a bit difficult. I am presuming these were people using the BaByliss Pro Straightening Iron at the maximum heat or the 50 setting because it seemed that most straightened their hair using setting 30.

Many comments were left about their hair being “smooth, silky and soft” and the fact that their hair stayed in that condition for days regardless of climate and humidity.
It was easy to maneuver, and the thinness of the BaByliss Pro Straightening Iron allowed users to get close to the roots of their hair, and the 5-inch plate length meant you could do more hair than usual. This meant that time saved was another was another plus, and quite a few of the users reckoned about 30% shortened their hair control ritual.

A lot of the users realized the BaByliss Pro Straightening Iron was not cheap but recognized that it was excellent value for money and some mentioned that it could pay for itself in no time with fewer visits to their hair stylist.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

 4. Bio Ionic Straightening Iron Review

BIO IONIC Onepass Straightening Iron, 1 Inch, Black

The Bio Ionic Straightening Iron is also called the Bio Ionic One Pass flat iron because the goal of Bio Ionic is to cut down the time it takes for us to straighten our hair. The one pass goal has been helped by the use of what are called “Silicone Speed Strips” positioned on the 1.5 inch wide plates to increase the rate at which you can process your hair through the flat iron.

The Bio Ionic Ceramic Straightening Iron, like most modern flat irons, produces negative ions and these are generated by a nano ionic mineral blend that has been infused into the ceramic plates. Negative ions are the opposite of the ions that cause static which are positive ions. Although there is some doubt in the scientific community as to the relevance of negative ions for hair treatment, those who have used both the ordinary flat irons and the flat irons with negative ions say that their hair is soft and shiny and stays this way for extended periods when using the negative ion appliance.

I know I say it all the time, but it is true – On our internet travels we notice that not only has a wide range of the best brands and models of flat irons, including the Bio Ionic Ceramic Straightening Iron, but also has great prices and great service.

The heating elements are in the ceramic plates of the Bio Ionic Straightening Iron and allow for rapid heating up. The heat generated is infrared which is easier on your hair in a similar fashion to sunlight but without the damaging ultraviolet rays. As an aside, the infrared and the ultraviolet rays are at opposite ends of the spectrum – that is why you will see infrared often referred to as “far infrared.”

The maximum heat level is 400F or about 200C, and the flat irons have instant recovery. The Bio Ionic Straightening Iron has a multi-heat controller to allow for the various types of hair out there.

For convenience, the Bio Ionic Straightening Iron has a 10-foot power cord, and this is connected to a swivel attachment at the base of the unit.

Bio Ionic Straightening Iron Specifications

  • 1.5-inch Ceramic plates include Silicon Speed Strips for faster processing.
  • The ceramic plates are infused with a Nano Ionic™ Mineral blend.
  • Ceramic heaters produce infrared heat
  • Quick heat-up to 400°F/200°C with instant recovery
  • The variable heat controller allows for all types of hair
  • The Bio Ionic Straightening Iron has a 10ft cord with a swivel attachment
Bio Ionic Straightening Iron Reviews

Well what can you say about the Bio Ionic Ceramic Straightening Iron, I don’t often use this word, but in this case, with a large sample size, this flat iron got rave reviews. Those users who gave it a grade 5 were 81%, and grade 4 were 13%, so 94% of users were happy with their purchase. Honestly, not many products rate this highly.

OK, the Bio Ionic Straightening Iron is not cheap, but there was almost unanimous agreement that it was very good value for money. It also seems to be reliable because there were reports of users having similar models for years.

People liked its fast warm up which takes 5-8 seconds, and the variable temperature control was appreciated.

It was interesting to note that many people had purchased the Bio Ionic Straightening Iron because their stylist had used one or they had seen them in salons. There were a lot of comments about how pleased they were able to get the same results as the professional hair stylists.

OK, there was some disagreement about the “one pass” claim, but all agreed it was much quicker than other flat irons they had used. So maybe we could call it the “two passes” flat iron! But there was general agreement amongst users that after using the Bio Ionic Straightening Iron their hair looked great and stayed this way for quite a while (days) even in humid conditions.

One women who are a stylist mentioned that hair protector solutions are not necessary if you brush your hair before straightening.

A few users commented that the size and weight of the Bio Ionic Straightening Iron meant it was easy to pack for traveling.

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5. InfraShine Ceramic Flat Iron Review

infrashine infrashine Original Medium Flat Iron, 1 inch, Black

The InfraShine Ceramic Flat Iron has ceramic plates that are cushioned for some “give” during their operation. These plates generate the negative ions that are supposed to be helpful in giving your hair shine and softness.

I use the word supposed because it is not proven that negative ions have this effect on your hair, but people who have used both the standard flat iron and those with negative ion generation swear that their hair comes out much better using negative ions. The static effect with hair is produced by positive ions which are not “friendly.” With the multilayer ceramic heating elements, eveness across the one-inch plates is assured, allowing a very short heat up time of 5 seconds.

There are five temperature settings with the InfraShine Ceramic Flat Iron, ranging from 140F up to 400F. The heat is infrared to nature. Often you see this referred to as Far infrared and this is because infrared comes from the far left of the light spectrum.

I know I say it all the time, but it is true – On our internet travels we notice that not only has a wide range of the best brands and models of flat irons, including the InfraShine Ceramic Flat Iron but also has great prices and great service.

The power rating is 110 Volts, and the InfraShine Ceramic Flat Iron has a heavy duty UL-approved power cord which is 9 feet long and connected to the flat iron using a flexible swivel attachment.

The InfraShine Ceramic Flat Iron has been ergonomically designed, and it is light to assist with maneuverability

InfraShine Ceramic Flat Iron Specifications

  • Ceramic 1-inch plates and negative ion generation
  • Multi layer ceramic heating elements producing infra red type heat
  • The InfraShine Ceramic Flat Iron has been ergonomically designed
  • 9 foot, heavy duty, UL approved cord with swivel attachment
InfraShine Ceramic Flat Iron Reviews

What can you say, because the stats don’t lie? Of the reviewers surveyed 84% rated the InfraShine Ceramic Flat Iron at 5 and 12% rated it at 4, giving it a very impressive final total of 96% of users being happy with what they purchased. In summary, it would seem that the InfraShine Ceramic Flat Iron is reliable and effective. As we have seen, reliability with some brands of flat iron unfortunately overshadows their effectiveness.

It was interesting for me to see the number of comments about reliability with one women’s Infrashine Flat Iron still going strong after 7 years. There were others with 5 years and 3 years still going well. Add to this that some reviewers who had only used the InfraShine Ceramic Flat Iron type, having worn one out and replacing it with another.

One other aspect of the reviews that was apparent was the number of hair stylists who have recommended the InfraShine Ceramic Flat Iron to their clients.

The InfraShine Ceramic Flat Iron heated up very quickly and produces smooth, flat and light hair which “stays in” for a long time and in humid conditions. Users say that they save about 50% of the time in treating their hair now and those with dyed hair say the color of their hair remained the same.

Most agreed the InfraShine Ceramic Flat Iron was easy to use and the handle did not heat up like some other flat irons they have used.

infrashine infrashine Original Medium Flat Iron, 1 inch, Black

6. Solia Ceramic Flat Iron Review

Solia Ceramic Flat IronThe Solia Ceramic Flat Iron has an operating width of 1.25 inches and uses what the company calls The Dynamic Alignment System. This system allows the two plates to self-adjust so that the contact between hair and plate is optimized. This allows for a more even heat distribution, and so minimizes hot spots. As well as evening out temperature the Dynamic Adjustment System equalizes pressure so the flat iron won’t pull your hair.

The ceramic plates are infused with Tourmaline crystals to produce negative ions that assist in removing static from your hair and so making it softer. The heat in the Solia Ceramic Flat Iron is transferred through the ceramic plates and in this way heat emitted as Infra red rays that are supposed to be easier on your hair and so helps reduce over heating of your hair.

As I have said before, through our travels we have found that has a wide range of top brands of flat irons for your hair at great prices and service, including the Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron.

The Solia Ceramic Flat Iron has a variable control that allows you to vary the temperature between 140 F and 450 F. The ceramic heater system has auto sense ™ technology, and so provides even heat. It is suggested that the temperature is set between 300F (bleached, fragile or damaged hair) and 370 F ( for coarse, thick or resistant, healthy hair) an LED light starts a rapid blink when the temperature has been reached.

The ceramic plates of the Solia Ceramic Flat Iron are 1.25 inches wide which to be a popular size that allows them to be used for short, medium and long hair and narrow enough for bangs. The plates also feature wrap around edges to allow the make the finishing touches that much easier.

The Solia Ceramic Flat Iron can be used on damp hair as well as dry hair but can’t be used on soaking wet hair.

The handle is contoured for easy grip, and there is a nine-foot cord that has a 360-degree swivel. It is 120 volt and 60 Hz for us in USA/Canada

Solia Ceramic Flat Iron Specifications

  • Ceramic plates are infused with Tourmaline for negative ion production
  • Variable temperature control between 300F and 370F for different hair types
  • Ceramic heater has an auto sensor and produces infrared heat (140F to 450F)
  • Ceramic plates are 1.25 inches wide
  • Can be used for damp to dry hair, but is not for soaking wet hair.
  • Has a 9-foot power cord with a 360o swivel at the base of the flat iron
  • Ceramic plates are wrap around.
  • The Solia Ceramic Flat Iron weighs 1.2 pounds
Solia Ceramic Flat Iron Reviews.

Well we got interesting results from the review with a more even ratio between the 4 and 5 grade. There were no very bad comments, just the purchasers of the Solia Ceramic Flat Iron may be a bit harder to please! So 46% gave it a 5 rating and 38% a 4 – which means that most were happy with their purchase because the total for the two grades is 84%.

One comment that came out loud and clear was that the Solia Ceramic Flat Iron left hair in a finished condition for a long time (up to three days), and this was true in areas with high humidity as well. Also, there were quite a lot of comments showing how impressed the users were with the quality of their hair after straightening – it was shiny and soft. One user was a model, and she reckoned it was a good unit which was reinforced by all the complimentary remarks she had received about her hair.

There were a lot of comments made about how the Solia Ceramic Flat Iron did not produce any burning smell, and how the floating plates allow for a complete coverage. Time-saving was also a feature found in several comments.

There was the odd comment about the Solia Ceramic Flat Iron not having enough “grunt,” but most were satisfied with its short heat up time and also how well it maintained temperature.

Reliability was a plus with people having had a Solia like the Solia Ceramic Flat Iron for up to six years. It would appear to be quite solid because several users mentioned that they had dropped theirs a few times.

The swivel on the cord was liked, as is the color choice.

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7. Sedu Ceramic Straightener Review

Sedu Professional 1½" Flat IronThe Sedu Ceramic Straightener has ceramic based plates that are infused with tourmaline crystals for negative i0n generation. Sedu says the ceramic plates go through a polishing process to give them a very smooth surface for easier hair treatment without any pulling.

It is interesting to read Sedu’s advertising copy where they use words like patented, unique, exclusive, flawlessly, more durable, most liked, etc.

The ceramic plates on the Sedu Ceramic Straightener are 1.5 inches wide, and the heating source is infrared which is easier on the hair for treatment. You may see the term Far Infrared used and this is the same thing as infrared. The reason it is sometimes referred to as Far Infrared is that it is found at the far left end of the color spectrum.

I know I repeat this, but it is true – On our internet travels, we notice that not only has a wide range of the popular and models of flat irons, including the Sedu Ceramic Tourmaline Straightener but also has great deals.

The heating for these Ceramic straighteners is adjustable in five temperature settings from 235-300F for fragile fine air, up to 370-410F for coarse, thick hair. Maximum temperature can be reached in 25 seconds.

The Sedu Ceramic Straightener has a heavy duty power cord, and it is nine feet long. There is a swivel attachment for this cord for ease of use and maneuverability; it will also stop the cord getting tangled. There is also a heavy duty plug to minimize the risk of shock.

The Sedu Ceramic Straightener has been designed ergonomically, and being light in weight (10.4 ounces) is easy to handle. Although it is light, it is made of high strength composite materials developed in the aerospace industry, so it would appear to be robust in design.

Sedu Ceramic Straightener Specifications

  • 1.5-inch ceramic plates using Tourmaline as the negative ion source
  • The ceramic plates are highly polished for extra smoothness
  • Heating is by infrared technology
  • Five adjustable heating settings: Range 235 – 410F.
  • 9 foot, heavy duty power cord with swivel attachment and safety plug
  • The Sedu Ceramic Straightener has an ergonomic design
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces
Sedu Ceramic Straightener Reviews

Interesting times, the Sedu Ceramic Straightener does a good job and is popular with 70% of users rating it at 5 and 10% rating it at 4, but there was an interesting addition to this in that 20% gave it a rating between 3 and 1. Well, you might say you don’t have to be a maths genius to figure that out! Yeah OK, but a large percentage of this 20% were complaining about the same thing.

The Sedu Ceramic Straightener is quick – users found that only one or two passes were necessary for a good job with their hair and there was agreement that by using it they saved 60% of the time they normally used. Also, some users were impressed with the softness and sheen of their hair when compared to their experiences with other flat irons.

From a large number of reviews, it is clear that the Sedu Ceramic Straightener can handle most types of hair that are out there, and handle them well. The styling seems to last at least a day.

One reviewer was himself a stylist and had been for more than ten years, so he had used a lot of different flat irons and seen the development of the technology and reckoned the Sedu Ceramic Straightener was his number 1.

This all sounds good. But, there was one issue. While people had used the same Sedu for quite a few years, up to 4-5 years in fact with no problems, there were a significant number of sad reviewers. Sad because they liked the Sedu Ceramic Straightener saying it did a great job, but the swivel attachment wore out. With some there were sparks, others a strange smell, others the flat iron just stopped – the lights went out! If the electronics weren’t damaged, they had to tape the cord in a fixed position to continue using it.

Now we could recommend the Sedu Ceramic Straightener from the bulk of the reviews we looked at, but when the 20% of reviewers rate it between a 3 and a 1 for mostly the same problem (the malfunctioning swivel attachment), we need to bring this to your attention.

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8. FHI Professional Styling Iron Review

Sedu Professional 1½" Flat Iron

FHI Professional Styling Iron has plates that are made from a ceramic material that has been baked in three layers to make them harder and more resistant to scratching. They are beveled and floating to provide for flexible usage.

Also, the ceramic of these plates has been infused with Tourmaline crystals which are the source of the negative ions that supposedly assist with drying your hair and leaving your hair soft and shiny.

I use the word supposedly because the science behind this negative ion technology is a bit vague. But from reports made by women who have used both non-ion and ion flat irons, the conclusion is that the ion types leave their hair in better shape.

I say this often because it is worth noting. We have found that has a broad range of the popular brands and models of flat irons, including the FHI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Styling Iron, at great prices and backed by great service.

The FHI Professional Styling Iron also uses Nano-Fuzeion ™ technology which is patented and is a three-tiered component made up of Nano Silver, Nano Titanium, and Nano Titanium Oxide to help provide shiny, soft hair. That’s the end of the chemistry lesson!

Added to the Tourmaline and Nano-fusion features is the method of heating used in the FHI Professional Styling Iron that is called positive temperature frequency control (PTFC). This PTFC, in association with the ceramic plates, produces infrared energy. Infrared energy is similar to the sun’s rays and safely penetrates your hair without damaging it.

The temperature range available is from 140F-450F, and the FHI Professional Styling Iron can be used with damp to dry hair (not very wet hair).

It amazes me the technology that we use in our not so humble flat iron.

The weight of the FHI Professional Styling Iron is one pound

FHI Professional Styling Iron Specifications

  • Ceramic plates are scratch resistant and infused with Tourmaline crystals
  • The ceramic plates are floating, and the sides are beveled
  • PTFC heating provides accurate temperature selection between 140F-450F
  • Uses Nano-Fuzeion™ for final hair quality
  • Heat is infrared radiation, and the electro-magnetic force (EMF) is low.
  • The FHI Professional Styling Iron weighs 1 pound
FHI Professional Styling Iron Reviews

After looking at all the reviews, we had collected there were some interesting details which I will discuss later. In Summary, 60% of users gave the FHI Professional Styling Iron a grade of 5 and 17% a grade of 4, so 77% of people were happy with their purchase.

Users were impressed with the speed of warm up and the fact that the temperature stays in the setting you select. There were no problems with hair burning using the FHI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Styling Iron, and most users were impressed with the way it left their hair.

The majority of users found that the FHI Professional Styling Iron processed the hair very smoothly, the time required and the number of passes was much less than they were used to and the finished product lasted well even outside in very humid conditions. The reviewers discuss all types of hair, and some recalled their pleasure with the compliments they received.

So they got “Salon Quality” hair at home without the cost and the hassle of going to their hair stylist. Actually, a number of reviewers were advised to get the FHI Professional Styling Iron by their hair stylists.

There was some concern about the reliability of the FHI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Styling Iron. Some people reported they had had their FHI’s for up to four years with no problems, but others (11%) did not have a happy experience with the appliance stopping in months.

This is the reason for the dip below the 80% level for the 4&5 ratings. There were also some warranty issues that you need to be aware of. FHI doesn’t ratify its warranty when products are sold on Amazon for some strange reason.

Users found the FHI Professional Styling Iron good value for money.

Now by going on the majority attitude, we would recommend the FHI Professional Styling Iron, but let’s face it, you can’t ignore the 10% that had problems. So remember this when you are making your decision.

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Picking a Flat Iron as per the Plating Technology Suitable for Your Hair

There are so many types of flat irons for styling wavy or kinky hair such that it becomes confusing to decide the best one, at times. Therefore, the buyers are advised to choose the buying factors, of which one is to know about the working of a flat iron by understanding the technology implemented in its plates. This includes exploring the different coatings along with the heating elements used. Let us explore these aspects so that you can find the friendliest iron for your hair type.

Types of Coatings on Plates

Well, a flat iron can have aluminum, ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline coating. In case of technically advanced straighteners, you may find ceramic fused with tourmaline or titanium. Further, in some of the latest ones, you will find Nano titanium, Nano tourmaline, or Nano silver mixed with ceramic.

Metallic vs. Ceramic Plating

Ceramic Plate IronMetallic plates such as aluminum are cheapest and come with paint coating that is prone to peeling as well as emit heat unevenly to cause hair damage. On the other hand, ceramic plates do not peel and are smoother to glide in case of thick coating on metal or 100% ceramic. Ceramic also distributes heat evenly to avoid damage, averts static electricity, and seals the cuticles to smooth them and retain natural moisture. As such, ceramic plates add shine and discard frizz. However, fully ceramic plates are preferred over ceramic-coated ones for very coarse and thick hair that is prone to heat-induced damage.

Titanium and Tourmaline Plating

Itanium also renders all the benefits above of ceramic, although it is a metal. However, as it is more durable, lighter in weight, and resistant to scratch than ceramic. When this metal gets heated in the plates, it emits Far Infrared (FIR) heat along with more number of negative ions than ceramic, which ensures better heat control, quicker heat up times, and relentless flow across the plates. Titanium is found to emit or transfer heat quicker than ceramic.

Thermal Technology

This one comprises of kinetic as well as potential energy as per the object having atoms, electrons, and molecules. The object particles are built on standard vibration nodes that show a relationship with heat capacity. However, thermal heat is infamous, as it burns the shaft, which results in tremendous damage. This infuses several positive ions, which render follicles open to form fragile and dry hair. Positively charged ions are truly due to the usage of chemicals, static electricity, and hot metal tools.

Ionic Technology

Ionic refers to negative ions that counteract the positively charged ions to result in a closed hair shaft for ensuring a smoother texture. The strands hold positive Hydrogen bonds due to which manes become curly. While applying heat, the negative charge (ions) on the plates of your iron gets transferred to the hair, which breaks the hydrogen bond to make hair straighter. Amount of heat depends on how curly the hair is curlier hair needs more heat. Therefore, the benefits of this technology are frizz elimination, less static electricity, damage repair, less drying time, smooth split ends, silkier hair, and rejuvenated dull hair.

The most popular representatives of this technology are ceramic flat irons that work by emitting negative ions and are further enhanced by the infusion of materials emitting high negative ions such as titanium and tourmaline. While many flat irons come with ceramic coating, others use whole ceramic. Most ceramic flat irons contain titanium or aluminum plates that are coated with many layers of ceramic. Of the two, the fully ceramic ones are better because the former ones are infamous for their chipping off ability and damage to manes by exposing them to the underlying material. On the other hand, the full ceramic plates overcome these risks although they are comparatively more expensive and a little bit brittle.

Nano Technology

Nano refers to very tiny particles infused in the plates of flat iron. Such particles usually can generate billions of more particles. Usually, ceramic plates come infused with Nano Titanium, Nanosilver, or Nano Titanium oxide. While the more expensive Nano titanium emits more negative ions than ceramic and emits heat evenly to give smooth hair, Nano titanium oxide thwarts odor generating chemical accumulation. Similarly, Nano silver inhibits bacterial growth. Lastly, you will also see Nano tourmaline that is the best source of negative ions to render damage-free, sleeker hair. However, irons with this stuffing are costly.

When FIR is released, water molecules are absorbed until the strand’s inner core. Further, the moisture is preserved with a caring barrier, which reduces frizz and makes hair healthy and lustrous. FIR also facilitates gentle, even heating along with smoothening as well as sealing the open cuticles.

As a precious crystallized gem, tourmaline emits FIR heat and negative ions to render longer-lasting, glossier, and smoother manes. Experts recommend tourmaline for very curly or frizzy hair.

Which Types of Hair Can Titanium Safely and Smoothly Straighten

When it is the matter of buying hair tools, it is wise to invest in a straightening iron. This is because it is an extremely versatile tool that can deal with almost any hair type such as curly, damaged, thin, thick, wavy, and naturally straight. However, while this is a fact, it is also true that the versatility depends upon the plate material that a straightener features, which is mostly ceramic or titanium.

As compared to ceramic, titanium is becoming more popular perhaps because it is ideal for getting professional results at least time, provided the user knows how to use the titanium plates well. Such plates make the straightener lightweight and strong enough to slide most smoothly over the manes, which means no arm pain, discomfort, or soreness while styling.

Just as ceramic, titanium plates tend to heat the plates evenly but they do so more quickly than the former. Because titanium retains its heat evenly without significant fluctuation, it becomes quite easier for you to style safely, efficiently, and quickly. Overall, it heats at high temperatures and generates a higher high ionic charge for removing frizz, static, and snags. However, because of its ability to maintain temperatures consistently, it carries a risk of damage hair when used recklessly. This means it is not meant for styling delicate, damaged hair. Here are the hair types for which titanium has been proven safe and efficient.

Coarse, Thick, Curly Hair

Such hair type is perhaps the most difficult to style as well as most resilient to manage. For such hair, titanium is ideal because it can:

  • Make them straight by dishing out high amount of heat
  • Retain natural moisture by sealing it
  • Remove or reduce frizz and snags through more ionic output
  • Style them without damage to render smoothest and shiniest look, if handled and glided with care

However, not all titanium straighteners are equal. Therefore, you need to ensure the following things as well.

Look for a flat iron that works safely and consistently at a temperature ranging between 380 and 410 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because such hair type demands higher temperatures for straightening.

Consider nano titanium iron in case more moisture is required for improved conditioning. It is also ideal to remove chemicals, bacterial, and other pollutants while styling.

Choose the right plate size, which is as follows:

  • Hair length below shoulders: 1.5-2 inches
  • Hair length up to shoulder level: 1-2 inches
  • Hair length above shoulders: 1-1.5 inches

Normal/Wavy Hair

Such type of manes is not that thick, fine, or curly, which that your locks are normal. The biggest benefit of having this type of hair is the highest flexibility in hair care practice. Nevertheless, you will not spend more on unwanted features of a flat iron. At the same time, you will not wish to have a flat iron that does not render shiny, safe, and fast results.

For such manes, ceramic and titanium work well, when the latter is infused on the plates made up from the former. While you can even consider only ceramic or only titanium, the blend of the two brings to you the best of both the worlds. While looking for a ceramic titanium flat iron, ensure the following:

Look for a flat iron that works at a temperature ranging between 360 and 380 degrees Fahrenheit.

You do not need extreme temperature, but enough heat is needed for quick results.

Choose the right plate size, which is as follows:

  • Hair length below shoulders: 1.1/4 – 2 inches
  • Hair length up to shoulder level: 1-1.1/2 inches
  • Hair length above shoulders: 1-1.1/4 inches

Quick Facts to Know about Choosing the Most Suitable Flat Iron

A flat iron has become one of the most demanded hairstyling tools for giving a smooth and silky touch to any hair. It has already replaced curling irons and dry blowers because of their more harmful effects. A flat iron emits heat as well as pressure through metal, tourmaline, titanium, or ceramic plates to straighten, especially thick or curly hair without damaging them badly. This is because the heat is spread evenly as compared to other options that emit heat unevenly, the main cause of hair damage.

Well, knowing only these facts are inadequate to select the best iron for your hair. On top of this, you might also think that the model that your friend has is also suitable for you. However, this might not be true because your hair might be long and wavy while your friends are short and fine. What you need to understand here is that different hair types need different styling outcomes due to which your friend’s tool might not be the right choice for you. Well, this is the primary fact that you need to know based on which there are some more details or aspects given below, which you need to know.

Which Plate Width is Fine for Your Hair?

One of the differentiating features of flat irons is the width of plates, which is between 1 and 2 inches. As a rule of thumb, a wider plate can take in more locks in a single pass. Usually, the 1-inch plate is standard and is exclusively designed for medium-length hair, while 2-inch plates are for long hair below shoulders. For hair longer than the shoulders, plates of 2 to 3 inches are ideal.

How Much Temperature is Effective and Safe for Your Hair?

Most flat irons, irrespective of the brands, come with variable heat settings due to which you can choose a temperature between 170 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit through either a dial or digital control. Well, fine styling hair at 400 degrees can cause intense damage such as burning and breakage. Therefore, you need to choose the temperature that is safe and effective for your hair.

The rule is that fine hair needs less heat, while wiry or wavy locks need high heat for getting the desired style. According to Flat Iron Consumer report, a temperature below 360 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for fine hair, between 360-380 for normal hair, and above 380 for thick or wavy hair. Therefore, it is worth knowing the right temperature in case damage control is a problem or even if the texture keeps changing.

Which Iron Technology Suits My Hair Well?

In the market, there are four flat iron technologies, each differing regarding performance and price.

  • Aluminum: Cheapest but can damage hair due to uneven distribution of heat
  • Ceramic: Smooth plates to minimize the damage by emitting heat evenly and faster heating time for quickly styling the frizzy hair
  • Tourmaline: Expensive but ensures shinier and smoother touch at least damage to curly frizz hair
  • Nano/Nano Combo: Super-smooth plates for quickest and longer lasting effects with much less damage

Top 3 Essential Factors that Affect Your Choice of Flat Iron

Price has always been an essential factor that affects your decision for buying the most suitable flat iron. However, apart from that, a few specific factors exist to influence this decision. The peculiarity of these factors is that they are dependent on your hair type, texture, and hair length. Are your manes very curly? Are your tresses very thick? Are your locks too fine? Well, this information forms the basis for selecting the right flat iron by three more essential factors apart from price, which is explained below.

Temperature/Heat Settings

It is known that excessive heat tends to damage hair irrespective of the type or length. This is the major reason why flat irons were infamous before a few years with their fixed high heat setting. However, today, the market is full of branded irons with variable temperature settings for different styling types of hair. As a rule of thumb, 250-300 degrees Fahrenheit is suitable for fine or damaged hair, while 300-375 degrees Fahrenheit is perfect for normal tresses that are not too curly, fine, or dry. Similarly, for super curly, thick, or coarse manes, temperature between 375 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit is effective. A common recommendation is that one should always start from the lowest temperature setting and gradually increase it until the desired level of outcome is obtained from the given range. Costlier irons come with high settings, normally from 250 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, while the cheaper ones come with high, medium and low settings.

Type of Plates

Well, there are several options such as ceramic, metallic, tourmaline, and newly emerging kryptonite. In all, the metallic plates such as those of aluminum are cheapest but are infamous for damaging hair due to uneven application of heat. On the other hand, ceramic spreads heat evenly to enable safer and quicker styling. Further, it also eliminates frizz and static as well as locks cuticles to preserve moisture. Therefore, you can expect the smooth and shiny outcome.

Size of plates – Flat iron tourmaline flat irons emit some negative ions along with Far Infrared heat due to which it removes frizz and render shinier and longer-lasting styling. They are more flexible with very curly or frizzy manes. On the other hand, titanium with a high ionic output ensures shinier and glossier manes. Although there is no major difference between these materials of plates, ceramic flat irons are relatively common and are often infused with tourmaline or titanium.

However, ceramic-coated irons tend to wear off with time due to which it is recommended choosing plates made up of ceramic for better results as well as durability. Plates are also available in different sizes. For short to medium hairstyles, 1- to 1.5-inch plates are ideal, while anything above 1.5 is ideal for longer hairstyles.

A Simple Guide for the Beginners to Know about Titanium Flat Irons

If you are thinking to change your flat ceramic iron to titanium flat iron because of thick and coarse manes, you have taken the right decision, provided you have also decided to avoid using it daily. It is obvious that for such hair, you seriously cannot rely on any flat iron that is popular. You a flat iron made up of quality heating material that proves to be the most user-friendly one.

In case of non-damaged, thick, and coarse manes, titanium has been the best material for professional shiny and healthy look. It is the most preferred by both the home users and stylists alike perhaps because of the fastest heating time, safe design and mechanism, and longer lasting results. However, these benefits are only possible if one uses the titanium iron with proper instructions and in the right direction. Before you start using a flat titanium iron, here are some basics that you need to know.

Overview of Titanium

Titanium refers to a lustrous metallic element commonly present in igneous rocks. Admired for its light weight, durability, and strength all being more than ceramic, the metal is also capable of providing high heat stability. This means that titanium is perfect for generating long-lasting straightness quickly when used in the plates of a flat iron, which is better than the other popular materials such as ceramic and tourmaline. The metal is also known for its great heat conducting ability. Due to these characteristics and abilities, the metal is widely infused in the plates of straighteners and curling irons.

The Titanium Ionic Technology

Titanium plates tend to generate consistent heat as well as cope up with minimum temperature changes for averting damage to hair. They are ideal for straighteners because of not only heating up rapidly but also generating higher ionic output than ceramic. This means that the number of negative ions generated is higher, which is required to neutralize the higher number of positive ions than normal in the hair. This neutralization results in retaining more amount of natural moisture and rendering a smoother, shinier, and healthier appearance.

Usually, dry and damaged manes are positively charged due to static electricity and damage. Therefore, for balancing their health and look, negative ions are required, which titanium generates in much more amount than other metals used in flat iron plates.

The Expectations Fulfilled!

The number of favorable properties of titanium for hair straighteners has made it possible to render several benefits. The most vital one is the even heat distribution due to which there is no risk of burns and hotspots while styling quickly. Because of its ultra-durable property, the metal is capable of tacking scorching temperatures for getting through the process quickly and consequently safely. Further, its resistance to scratch and being resilience adds to its durable factor as well as to the benefits of long-lasting results in fewer passes and performing longer.

Because of its emission of a big amount of negative ions as well as infrared rays, titanium alleviates frizz and increases luster without snagging or pulling, thus, improving the overall state of hair. It ensures that the sleekness lasts long by gliding in a way to make the manes relax effectively. Even the natural moisture, as well as the color, remains intact.

Moreover, its light weight facilitates easy gliding with the desired level of comfort for styling, which is more appreciated in case of long, copious, and thick manes. However, if your manes are fragile, damaged, or thin, it is recommended not to use titanium for it gets heated at very high temperatures. Nevertheless, you can still get the advantage of titanium by combining it with ceramic plates on which the former gets coated. In this mixture state, titanium demonstrates its full potential to perform brilliantly. This is why stylists prefer it for professional outcomes.

Increase the Lifespan of Your Flat Iron

Just as you take care of your hair, it is equally important to care for your flat iron. In case you do not take care, the tool is likely to end up its lifespan earlier than predicted or claimed, although you might have brought the most reliable one with the good warranty period. For all of us, having the most suitable flat iron is an asset that is valuable.

Therefore, maintaining it well by treating it in the right manner is indispensable if you wish to make the iron lasts for years to come although the warranty period may be of two years. Proper caring means no tension for breaking down and earlier wear off. Therefore, here are a few guidelines to maintain your invaluable flat iron well.

Proper Storage of Tool

One of essential ways to ensure the flat iron to stay longer is storing it well. You need to store the tool in a heat resistant bag. This is handy in case your iron does not cool down fully, and you are in a hurry to go somewhere or are traveling. Just inserting it nicely in such a bag eliminates your tendency to worry about catching fire. You can easily find such a protective bag almost at any shop from where you bought the tool or from where you get hair supplies. Above all, the bag is available at very economical rates, which means no burden on your wallet.

You can even consider buying a travel bag that you can convert into a mat for the surface on which you put the flat iron. Depending on the surface susceptibility, keeping a hot iron on it might leave behind marks that you can avoid by using the mat. Thus, you simply reduce the potential damage that can be done to surfaces in your home.

Proper Handling of Cord

This is something that most of us tend to overlook because of lack of realization of its influencing damage to the tool. Most flat iron users will admit that they used to enfold the cord around the barrel at the time of storage. However, this is the wrong method because of dealing with the cord because it can cause damage to the cord due to which loss of connection between the tool and power supply becomes indispensable. Therefore, do not wrap in that manner, rather it is better to leave it on the side or fold in such a way that it is not tangled.

Timely Cleaning of Plates

Using a hair straightener without retaining the proper condition of plates is truly futile. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain plates in good working condition. This can be done by cleaning the plates after using it every time because there can be a buildup of unwanted stuff on it, such as dust and residue left behind by other hair products such as gels and sprays. The residue can actually accumulate as a layer on the blades due to which the performance can degrade. Therefore, cleaning with a soft cloth or the recommended method as suggested in the manual is mandatory.

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