Top 5 Best Headlamps for Reading in 2018

The perfect accessory for reading in a dark space, a headlamp helps you tear through that novel or magazine without greatly disturbing the person sharing your bed or tent. Headlamps are very useful to have for running at night or camping but can also offer a hands free alternative for lighting up the area in your direct vicinity.

The Aennon LED

The Aennon LED

Our Top Pick: This affordable handsfree lamp has a powerful LED light for outdoor tasks but the four light modes make it possible to use for a wide array of activities including reading indoors without disturbing other people. This model is also very comfortable to wear and is lightweight. View prices and more details here…

The Divine LEDs Super Bright

 Super Bright Headlamp - Lightweight, Adjustable & Comfortable

Also Great: This compact military grade headlamp also has a very bright option for outdoor activities like running and hiking but the comfort and easily adjustable straps set it apart from other headlamps. It uses three AAA batteries and has a very long lifespan. You can focus the lamp on a large area or to a small direct area in front of you. View prices and more details here…

The Streamlight 61052 Septor LEDThe Streamlight 61052 Septor LED

Also Great: This headlamp has three lighting features and seven white LED lights. It has a unique 90 degree tilt function which is great for reading in bed, easing tension in the head and neck. Super light with adjustable straps either in rubber or elastic head straps and a lifespan of 100,000 hours for the LED lights. View prices and more details here…

The Explortek LED

The Explortek LED

Also Great: Yes, this headlamp is great for the outdoors with CREE XP-E LED tech that can light up your path up to 110 meters and a flash mode for safety in being spotted at night but the downward tilting lamp is ideal for night reading. The low setting for reading will allow up to 120 hours of use without change of batteries. View prices and more details here…

Headlamps for Reading Facts

Headlamps are most known for their use in camping, hiking, and night running but a large portion of people use headlamps for reading in the dark. Some people use book lights or a table nightstand but the comfort and usefulness of headlamps are great for a hands free reading experience. All of the products listed here are top rated and of very high quality materials.

What makes these particular headlamps great for reading as well as using outdoors, is they are all lightweight, comfortable, and have long-lasting battery lives. If they were bulky or had to have their batteries changes often, you might be better off using a table lamp. Happy reading!


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