7 Best Kids Paint Smock Reviews-Buyer Guide 2022

Kids Paint Smock for Young Painters

Does your child love to paint?

Do you find it hard to get the paint from your child’s clothing?

Well, why not get your child a paint smock. It will save time from having to scrub the paint from your child’s clothing so why not take a look below and find the perfect painting smock for your child today.

Best Kids Paint Smock Reviews

Smocks come in various sizes, colors, and designs, and their job is to keep paint off your child’s clothes. Choose from sleeveless or sleeved, and from various styles.

Not only does this protect from paints but also from glue and other materials used in craft sessions.

A smock is a very good idea.

Best Value

Caydo Fabric Aprons for Classroom

Caydo Fabric Aprons for Classroom

  • Non-woven & waterproof polyester
  • 12 different bright colors,
  • Measures 3 x 19 X 16.5″
  • Suitable for 3 to 7 years

Best of The Best

Bassion Pack of 4 Kids Art Smocks

Bassion Kids Art Smocks

  • Smooth and waterproof polyester
  • 3 front pockets
  • Measures 23.6 x 17.3″
  • Easy to cleans with soap
  • Suitable for 2 to 6 years

Also Consider

Kuuqa Children Art Smock

Kuuqa Children Art Smock

  • Waterproof polyester
  • 3 Roomy Pockets
  • Suitable for 2 to 6 years
  • Measures 21.5 x 17.5″
  • Machine washable

Benefits of a Kids’ Paint Smock

A kids’ paint smock can be used over and over. Whenever your child is in the mood for painting, their smock will protect their clothing from the paint.

Throw the smock in the washing machine whenever it needs washing, and it will be ready in time for the next painting session.

Avoid the Mess

Anyone with kids already knows how much of a mess they can make, and even if your little one is using washable paint, a paint smock is still a good idea, so you do not have to change your child’s clothing after the painting session.

Removing the smock is far easier. Smocks are affordable and cute, and there are lots to choose from.

If you are considering a smock, then you might want to consider more than one in case your child has a friend over and they want to do some art. This is also a great gift to give to another parent.

Nobody likes to clean up a lot of mess, and although kids are naturally messy anyway (well, a lot of them are!), you can limit the amount of mess by giving your child a colorful paint smock to wear, to protect their clothes from splashes of paint.

These smocks are inexpensive, and your child will not mind wearing one because they are comfortable and fun, and wearing a smock for painting is a good habit for your child to get into.

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Perfect for 3 to 6-Year-OldsPerfect for 3 to 6-Year-Olds

This painting smock is designed for smaller kids, so if your little one needs to cover up their clothes before being let loose with the paints and easel, this one will fit right and do the job just fine.

Featuring bright primary colors, this smock has a red body and blue sleeves with yellow trim.

There is a green pocket with a yellow star design, making this, even more, fun to wear. No child will refuse to wear such a cool and colorful piece.

It will cover your child from the neck down to the knees to prevent paint on their clothing.

The sleeves might be a little long on a small 3-year-old, but you can roll them up easily enough and let them down as your child grows.

HearthSong Small Painting Smock

The Best Kids Paint Smock

Start Shopping for Kids Paint Smock Right HereChenille Kraft CK-520802 Creativity Street Sleeve Art Smock, 0.38" Height, 9" Wide, 6.25" Length, Long, Blue

This smock does not get good reviews because it is made of ‘noisy’ material which puts some kids off.

The main problem is that it ties at the neck instead of using Velcro, so you will have to help a small child put it on every single time.

If your child requires a smock for art class, then the teacher is not going to be happy if all the kids turn up with these!

Creativity Street Sleeve Art Smock

Here is Another Option for Kids Paint SmockChildren's Artists Fabric Aprons - Kitchen, Classroom, Community Event, Crafts & Art Painting Activity. Safe Clean 12 Pack Assorted Colors

Choose this one if your child is a toddler or in the 1st to 3rd grade. This waterproof smock is made of vinyl and is reusable. It is ideal for your child to protect his clothing when doing art or crafts because it will protect from paint, glue and other art or craft-related materials. The quality is good, and the price is very affordable. The smock is an attractive pale blue which is fine for a child of either gender. 

Super Z Outlet Children's Artists Fabric Aprons

Popular Kids Paint Smock

There Are Also These Kids Paint Smock For Sale!Darice Kids Art Smock, White

This smock is 13½ inches long and 7½ inches wide and would fit a child of 8 or older. This is not one for the toddlers or young kids because it is larger than you might think.

If that sounds like the right size for your child though, this is a good quality smock which offers protection from paint, glue and other messy arts and crafts supplies.

The smock is a simple white so an older child can wear this without embarrassment.

A lot of the smocks for toddlers feature animals or bold designs in primary colors which an older child would not like.

Choose this for a slightly older (or larger) child, and you will be pleased with it.

Darice 106-3235 Kids Art Smock

BABYBJORN Eat & Play SmockBABYBJORN Eat & Play Smock

Available in pink, red, blue or green, this kids’ paint smock is ideal to protect your little one from the mess.

Well, kids always seem to be able to get messy anyway, but at least a smock will protect from most of it!

This breathable smock is made of polyester with polyurethane, and it can be used for painting, crafts and even at mealtimes to protect from food spills.

It will cover your little one’s back, front and sides and there are soft elastic cuffs to stop anything going up the arms.

Wipe this one clean or machine-wash it. The material is waterproof yet breathable, so it is comfortable for your child to wear.

BABYBJORN Eat & Play Smock

Alex Toys My Super Art ApronAlex Toys My Super Art Apron

Featuring bright colors and pockets, this smock is easy for a child to put on by themselves.

This smock would be large on an elementary school pupil because the shoulder straps are 10 inches apart, so choose it for a child of 6 or older.

The pockets on the front are cute, and if you find the smock is too large for your child, you can simply pin it to the back until he grows a bit.

This wipe-clean smock is ideal for the young artist, and it should last a long time.

 Artist Studio Super Art Apron with Pockets

Alex Artist Apron with Long SleevesALEX Toys Artist Studio Long Sleeve Artist Apron

Choose a long sleeved painting smock for your child if you are concerned about paint or glue getting on his arms.

If the weather is warm and your child is wearing a T shirt or sleeveless top this might not be an issue but no parent wants to see paint all over their child’s clothes, and the arms are one of the first places to get splattered!

The smock is made of clear vinyl so it can be sponged clean and there are 3 front pockets which are always handy.

The hook and loop closures on the sleeves are adjustable and ideal for little wrists.

The next time your child is doing a messy project, grab this smock, and you will not have to worry about the mess.

ALEX Toys Artist Studio Long Sleeve Artist Apron

Stress-Free Painting Session Tips

The most important tip to bear in mind when your kids are going to be painting is all about mess limitation. Now, kids’ painting sessions are supposed to be messy, so choose the best place for them to paint. This might be the garage, back yard, basement, patio or bedroom. Of course, it is unlikely to be your newly wallpapered living room, or right next to the pale pink couch you just bought. Choose the place wisely, and the paint session will be carefree for the kids and more relaxing for you. Invest in a good painting smock for your child, perhaps also getting one for yourself to make your child happier to put his on too, and also so you do not end up with paint smeared on your clothes when your child tugs at your sleeve to show you his latest masterpiece.

Buy very fluid paint so kids can paint with free brushstrokes. Craft paints are not very thick, and they are also cheap, so you can make lots of colors without having to mix them which is something adult painters are used to doing but something frustrating for kids to have to do. Acrylic art paints are quite thick, making them a more expensive option for kids to use. Kids love to have lots of colors to choose from, and they usually opt for bright colors. Small kids usually end up blending all the colors together to make a ‘mud’ shade, either in the paint pot or on the page, but they still like to have a selection of paint colors to choose from when painting.

As well as offering different shades of paint, you might like to have a few different brushes. This makes the experience more educational, since your child will learn that different brushes yield different results. Small kids often make abstract art while older ones will choose a topic and paint that. Leave your kids to paint whatever they want and it will be greatly rewarding for you to see how their art progresses from the time they are a toddler using their first brush and paints throughout their childhood when their paintings take on a life and style of their own.

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