5 Best pack n play Reviews | Graco Pack ‘N Play Playard Portable of 2021

Toddlers need a lot of care. You cannot just put your baby in a baby cot instead you have to keep her with you all the times while you are moving around in the home doing chores or going out for grocery.

Playards are an advanced version of playpens. The purpose of these players is to provide your baby with a safe and secure place for playing, resting and napping.EXPER

When buying a best pack and play portable playard for your baby, there are quite a few factors that you have to look into ranging from portability to ease of use to washing convenience to features to price and much more. All these factors together make a best pack n play for your baby.

How to Pick the Best Pack n Play

Pack and Plays: The Benefits To You And Your Baby

Over the last few years, pack n plays have become an essential part of the parenting toolbox. This is because the benefits of pack and plays extend beyond the babies right to their parents. If you are wondering whether or not you need a pack and play, here is how they can benefit both you and your baby.

  • A safe play area: As a parent, your primary concern is to ensure that your child doesn’t get hurt while playing. The most specific way is to keep an eye on them vigilantly. But you can’t do this all the time. This is where a pack and play comes in handy. Pack and plays are typically designed to maximize the safety of the child while they play. They are typically subjected to rigorous tests to ensure their safety. As such, they provide the safest play environment possible. This means that you can leave the baby in the pack n play, and be sure that nothing will go wrong.
  • Early Learning: Playing is one of the most important avenues through which babies begin to learn about their environment. Most pack n plays come with cute educational toys which can aid this learning. Even if your pack n play doesn’t make inbuilt toys, you can still provide your baby with other toys to facilitate learning. Also, leaving the baby to play on their own can teach them important lessons about autonomy and independence. They learn how to feel secure even when they are not in your arms. This can later play a critical role in enabling them to attain confidence and a sense of security.
  • Proximity: A pack n play is the best way of keeping your baby close without having them interfering with your activities (and ultimately upsetting you). When you have to do your house chores, or carry-home from office, you can have your baby close by, in their pack and play. They can be playing happily while you do your work. This way, you can keep an eye on them, without them interfering with your work. As such, you can be there for them when they need you. Having your baby within your sights reduces the likelihood of accidents or injuries because you can quickly intervene before things escalate.
  • Peace of Mind: The greatest source of worry for parents is what their babies are up to while they are out of sight. When you need to take a shower, attend to other children or even answer an important phone call, it becomes impossible to give your baby undivided attention. In such a scenario, the worry of what dangers your little darling is getting into can spike up your stress levels. This is where a pack n play comes to the rescue. Knowing that your little angel is happily playing in the safety of the pack n play can give you the peace of mind and focus on accomplishing your other activities.
  • Convenience: Pack n plays tend to provide more than just a play area. Most of them come with extra features such as bassinets, changing tables, storage hampers and some even have entertainment consoles. The presence of such features makes taking care of babies simple, convenient and hustle-free. If for instance, your pack n play has a bassinet, you don’t have to bother moving the baby to the crib when they fall asleep while playing. If yours has a changing table, you don’t need to go to the nursery for a diaper change. Such little conveniences make your life as a parent much easier.

Pack n Play Features

When shopping for a pack and play, it is important to know what features to look out for. This will make it much easier to find the perfect pack and play for your needs. This article will introduce you to the standard pack and play features which you will find on most products. However, it is important to remember that not every product has all these features. So may have them all. Others may have any combination of features. Knowing the features will make it easier to decide which combination is best for you. So, what are these standard pack and play features anyway? Well, they are the following:

  • Bassinet: A bassinet is one of the most common features you will find in a pack and play. This is because most manufacturers realize that children not only need to play, they also need to sleep. Most pack and play bassinets are detachable, i.e., you can either attach them or remove them. Bassinets also tend to have both weight and developmental restrictions. Regarding weight, most bassinets are designed with maximum weights of between 15 and 18 pounds. Regarding development, most bassinets typically come with restrictions such as “a baby who hasn’t begun pushing up on their hands and knees.”
  • Changing Station: A changing station is usually intended to help when there is a need to change the baby’s diapers, clothes, etc. A standard changing station is usually composed of a flat board which can be attached to the side of the pack and play. This board acts as a changing table, i.e., you can lay the baby there while you carry out your diaper changes. Changing stations add a level of convenience by ensuring that you don’t have to run to the nursery every time the baby requires a diaper change. Just like bassinets, changing stations also come with weight restrictions. Most of them average 15 pounds, although some stretches up to 30 pounds.
  • Portability: Most pack and plays are intended for use even when a parent is traveling with the baby. As such, they are designed to be easy-to-set-up, carry around and transport. All pack and plays come with specially designed bags which are compact, robust and easy-to-carry. Most of them are lightweight when fully packed (typically weighing between 13 and 22 pounds) and are thus easy to carry around. Some even come with special features which make them easy to set up. All these combine to make a pack and plays portable.
  • Wheels: Sometimes, it becomes necessary to move a pack and play when it has been fully set up. As such, most of them come with inbuilt wheels to simplify this. In most cases, there is a pair of wheels located on one end of the pack and play. On the opposite end, there is usually a handle which you can use to lift up, and either push or pull the pack n play. A pair of wheels makes it possible to move the pack and play even with the baby inside.
  • Storage Hampers: A storage hamper is usually designed to provide convenient storage for a baby’s necessities such as Swaddlers, diapers, and pampers. A typical hamper is composed of a simple rack which is attached to the side of the pack and play. Most storage hampers are detachable, although some are permanently fixed. In most cases, the hamper is subdivided into little compartments which can be used for storing different categories of accessories.
  • Entertainment Options: Pack and plays come with inbuilt entertainment features to enable the child to have a great time. In most cases, they have simple toy bars which have cute interactive toys which a child can play with. However, some of them have sophisticated features such as music consoles, mp3 systems, and multi-color music lights. Some even have high-tech features like vibrating mattresses. Whatever features you prefer your baby to be entertained with; the chances are that you will find it in a pack and play.
  • Canopy: A canopy is a specially designed cloth which arches over the top of the pack and play, partially or enclosing it. Most canopies are detachable and can be either totally or partially removed. A canopy typically plays two important functions. First, it shades out excessive bright light from reaching the baby especially when they are sleeping – thereby keeping them comfortable. Secondly, it can keep out unwanted bugs, and other flying nuisances from disturbing the baby. This comes in handy especially when the pack and play are being used outdoors.

Here is a list of top 5 best pack n play for your baby. Let’s review them one by one.

5 Best Pack and Plays for Sleeping and Their Reviews

5. Graco Pack ‘N Play Playard Portable Napper and Changer Review

Graco Pack 'n Play Portable Seat & Changer Playard, Affinia

Graco is a leading manufacturer of juvenile products. When it comes to best pack n plays, you will see a lot of products from this company. This pack n play playard from Graco is really a nice one in the market.

It has a napper and a changer. Switching from napper to changer is easy and instant. It doesn’t need a lot of time either practice so you can effortlessly shift from one mode to another as per need.

Probably the best thing about this pack n play napper-changer is that it is portable. You can move it anywhere in the house. You can fold it with a push of a button and can take it with you anywhere with ease.

It is perfect for newborns as well as toddlers. It features transition which allows you to change it as per the height and weight of your baby. So it is equally great for newborns as well as infants and toddlers.

It has a comfortable play area for your baby. Your baby will love spending time in it for sure.

Major Features

  • A portable pack n play playard for newborns as well as toddlers.
  • It has napper and change.
  • It has bassinets for babies under 15 pounds.
  • It has a cozy play area for toddlers.
  • It has multiple features where best is that it can be transformed as your baby grows.
  • It is a portable and movable pack n play which can be folded with a single button.
  • It also has a carrying bag, toys, diaper stacker and other cool items.
  • All the items are removable.
  • It is an all-in-one pack n plays napper and changer.
  • All the items are removable making it an extremely easy to use playard.
  • It is foldable and portable.
  • It transforms and is good for babies as well as kids.
  • It is heavy. Carrying it is not as easy as you think. You need muscle to drag it.


No doubt, Graco pack n play is really a decent playard that has a lot of features. Customers at Amazon love it. It has been reviewed by 275 customers and has received 4.5 stars. Though a lot of customers hasn’t reviewed it it is still good.

If you need a decent, comfortable, portable and sturdy playard, you should grab this one.

4. Graco Pack ‘N Play Elite Review

Pack n Play Elite is another playard that is counted as one of the best pack n play playards due to its killer features.

It’s warm, cozy and comfortable napper is its best feature. It is a newborn napper that can be used by babies that are no more than three months old. As your baby grows, you can transform the playard as needed for instance it has a bassinet, changing table, play area, mattress and it has storage pockets where you can keep all the stuff of your baby.

Major Features

  • It is durable. Made of plastic and metal.
  • The napper is extremely cool. It is soft, comfortable and is made of velour fabric.
  • It has a canopy that will protect your baby.
  • It has a changing table that is great for babies who are under 30 lbs.
  • It has a bassinet for babies under 15 lbs.
  • The play area is very comfortable.
  • It comes with exceptionally large storage for keeping all your baby’s stuff at a single place.
  • All the items including bassinet, canopy, napper, changing table and others are removable.
  • You can fold it with a button.
  • Extremely portable and is very easy to carry.
  • It has an MP3 player to entertain your baby with poems and songs.
  • It comes with quilted mattress.
  • It is very airy from all sides. Ventilation is not an issue with this pack n play by Graco.
  • It is a perfect pack n play playard for your baby that comes with removable napper, changing table and bassinet.
  • It can be used for newborns as well as toddlers.
  • It is a completely portable play pen that can be carried easily anywhere.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Wheels make it easy to drag it effortlessly throughout the house.
  • The MP3 player is a bonus and comes in handy to keep your baby entertained.
  • A bit expensive than other Graco products.


Despite its slightly high price, Graco packs n play newborn elite Vance is very famous for its features. It has an average rating of 4.3 stars at Amazon. It has been reviewed by 465 customers. It is a famous pack n play in the town.

It has all the features and add-ons that you want to have in a pack n play. You just cannot miss it.

3. Graco Pack N Play Playard with Bassinet, Pasadena Review

Graco Pack and Play On the Go Playard | Includes Full-Size Infant Bassinet, Push Button Compact Fold, Pasadena

This simple yet very convenient pack n play playard has made to number three. It is another decent and affordable product from Graco.

It is made from metal, plastic, and polyester. It is a sturdy and durable playard that comes with a bassinet for newborns. It is extremely portable since it comes with folding feet and wheels that fold automatically. You can pack and fold it fairly quickly making it an easy-to-carry pack n play in the true sense. Due to its lightweight, it can be handled extremely easily.

Major Features

  • It comes with bassinet for babies that are under 15 lbs.
  • It has three soft toys for your baby to play with.
  • The playard is a perfect area for your toddlers to play in.
  • It has airy mesh on all sides that keep it airy.
  • This pack n play playard has its own carrying bag which can be used to store and carry it.
  • Probably the best thing about Graco pack n play playard with bassinet is that it has folding feet and wheels.
  • The frame is strongly made making it durable.
  • It is all foldable.
  • Toys do a good job of keeping your baby entertained.
  • It is an affordable pack n play by Graco.
  • It is durable and strongly built.
  • Bassinet, as well as play area, is quite comfortable.
  • Wheels and feet can be folded automatically.
  • Portable and a perfect playard for carrying.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is not as feature-rich as some of the other pack n play playards by Graco.
  • It doesn’t have changing table neither it comes with storage space.


Graco pack n play playard with bassinet is a perfect starting point for parents. You will love it for the fact that it is extremely easy-to-use and is very portable. Other large playards aren’t as easy-to-carry due to their weight, but this one is fairly lightweight.

This pack n play has been reviewed by 3406 customers at Amazon with an average 4.7 stars. This shows that it is really a problem-solver playard.

If you need an affordable yet convenient pack n play, you shouldn’t miss this one by Graco. It is really the best pack n play.

2. Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Reversible Napper and Changer Review

Here is another great pack n play by Graco that comes with reversible changer and napper. The main feature of this playard is its reversible changer and napper which makes the life of parents a lot easier.

The fabric of the changer can be wiped cleaned. This is another great feature that allows you to keep changer tidy all the times without creating a lot of mess. Switching from changer to napper is tranquil and instant. It can be used by newborns, infants, and toddlers, so it is another all-in-one pack n play.

Regarding portability and foldability, you can easily fold it. Everything is removable including bassinet, toy bar, and other items. Once you have folded it, you can put it in its bag, and you are ready to take it with you anywhere you need.

Main Features

  • It comes with reversible changer and napper.
  • The fabric used is soft and comfortable.
  • Changer can be wiped cleaned.
  • It comes with a bassinet that can hold babies that are under 15 lbs.
  • It has a toy bar to entertain your baby.
  • Folding the entire pack n play is easy. All you have to do is push a button.
  • It comes with its own bag for carrying purposes.
  • Converting it to playard is easy.
  • It can be used by newborns, infants, and toddlers.
  • It is very airy.
  • Fairly affordable pack n play by Graco.
  • It is the only pack n play that comes with reversible changer and napper.
  • Changer can be cleaned with a wet cloth.
  • It is all foldable and portable.
  • It can be easily converted to playard.
  • It doesn’t have a mattress.
  • It lacks storage pockets which come in handy.


Graco pack n play playard with reversible napper and changer has made to second place due to its high ratings. It has received 4.5 stars and has been reviewed by 1545 customers at Amazon.

It is really the best pack n play due to all its features, price and portability. You will love it.

1. Graco Pack ‘n Play on the Go Travel Playard

Here comes the best pack n play by Graco with the highest rating. If you are looking for simple, easy-to-carry and extremely affordable pack n play, you will love this.

It is durable with the strong and foldable frame. This is one of the best players for travel. You can fold its wheels and feet, remove all the items and fold it in a few minutes.

The bassinet is comfortable and is foldable. This makes it a compact playard which is stress-free for carrying and traveling. It is airy, portable and lightweight.

Major Features

Durable and strong frame.Comes with the foldable bassinet.It has a fairly large play area for your child.It is all foldable.It comes with its own bag which is used to store and carry the playard.Wheels and feet fold automatically.Entire playard can be folded with a single button.


Fun and easy-to-use.Extremely portable, lightweight and perfect for parents who travel a lot.It is an affordable pack n play by Graco.It has a foldable bassinet.It comes with its own storage bag.


It lacks changer and napper.It lacks storage pockets.


This Graco playard is the best pack n play as the reviews tell all the story. With an average 4.7 stars on Amazon where 3400 customers reviewed it, makes it the best playard in the market. You will love it.

Though it doesn’t come with changer and napper its price justifies it. This pack n play is primarily made for parents who travel too much and need a pack n play that they can carry with them while they are on the move.

Don’t miss this one if you are looking for an affordable and travel-friendly pack n play.


These were the top 5 best pack n plays that you can choose from. When choosing and buying a playard for your newborn, you must decide as to what is the primary feature that you are interested in.

Is it travel convenience that you need? Are you interested in buying a pack n play that has all the features? Are you looking for napper, changer, and bassinet in the playard? Are you more concerned about the price? Are you more interested in buying a durable pack n play? Do you prefer one with a lot of storage pockets?

Once you know what type of pack n play you exactly need, you can then choose the right one. All these 5 pack n plays have unique features, and all of them are different in at least one aspect. So to buy the best pack n play, you need to ensure that you know what is your primary need.

Looking For A Pack n Play For Your Babies? You’ve Come To The Right Place

Every parent desires that their child plays in an environment which is safe, comfy and secure. This can be a very difficult thing, especially when you are on the go. That is why every parent needs a pack and play( also known as Playpen). This is a playard which is designed to meet the needs of a parent (and child) during travel.

However, choosing the best pack and play for your child can be a very difficult process. And yet making the wrong choice can result in unnecessary stress for both you and your. So, how can you go about it? Well, that’s where we come in. We have put together a collection of reviews to help you easily find the perfect pack and play to suit your child’s needs.

Pack N Play vs. Crib – Which Is The Better Option?

A common question which many parents ask nowadays is “should my baby sleep in a pack n play or crib?” A few years ago, the answer to such a question would have obvious. Back then, cribs were the obvious choice for sleeping. Pack n plays were strictly for playing. For parents, this clear distinction made decision making quite easy.

Over the last few years, pack n plays have evolved into multi-purpose products. One of the key evolutions has been in the area of providing a sleeping environment. Many now come with a pack and play mattress which provides a comfy sleeping surface. Some even have specialized options like newborn nappers, bassinets, and even inbuilt cribs. Pack n plays can now provide a comfy, safe and cuddly sleeping environment.

For a parent, this presents both an opportunity and a conundrum. Should they opt for the traditional crib or a pack n play? If you are facing such a conundrum, then this guide is for you. We shall examine the strong points of cribs and pack n plays. Comparing cribs to pack n plays can be quite tricky – after all, they are designed for different purposes. However, the easiest way is to compare them based on what parents typically look for in a sleeping option for their baby:


The primary thing which parents look for is safety. One of the reasons why co-sleeping is discouraged is because it can compromise the safety of the baby. Regarding safety, there is no remarkable difference between a crib and pack and play. Typically, pack n plays which offer sleeping facilities (e.g., bassinets) have those facilities designed according to established safety specifications. The same can be said of cribs.

Ultimately, the relative safety of a pack n play or crib comes down to the overall quality of the product. Therefore, whether you opt for a pack n play or crib, the safety of your baby will come down to what product you buy, and how you use it. So, regarding safety, pack n plays and cribs draw a tie.


The next aspect which parents look for is a comfort. Every parent desires their child to be cuddly and comfy so that they enjoy a blissful sleep. Just as is the case safety, there is no qualitative difference in comfort levels between a crib and pack n play. It depends on the quality of the product. So, regarding comfort, the two draw a tie.


Parents prefer baby products which can “grow along” with their baby. As such, their perfect sleeping solution is one which can adapt to the changing needs of the baby. In this respect, pack n plays are much better than cribs. Most cribs are designed for babies who have outgrown the bassinet. As such, they are not suitable for newborns and very young babies.

Pack n plays, on the other hand, can perfectly handle babies irrespective of age. There are pack n plays which have newborn nappers specifically built for newborns. Most of them also have bassinets which provide a cuddly environment for babies who’ve outgrown the newborn nappers. Once a baby outgrows the bassinets, a pack and plays mattress can be put on the floor of the playard to provide a cuddly sleeping option. Pack n plays are far more adaptable than cribs.

This adaptability is made pack n plays more convenient for babies. It keeps them in a familiar environment – something which leads them to feel safe, secure and tranquil. The adaptability also makes pack n plays much cheaper than cribs. Parents who opt for cribs may first have to buy a bassinet when the baby is still tender. They then later have to buy a crib. This double purchase makes them spend more than a parent who buys a pack n play.


When thinking about sleeping options, most parents seldom think about portability. However, it is only when the realities of parenting strike that they realize its importance. For instance, if you want to sit on the verandah and have your little darling napping next to you; or desire to travel with your little one, that is when portability becomes a big deal.

Regarding portability, pack n plays are better suited than cribs. Granted, there are a few cribs which are designed for traveling moms. However, even such cribs don’t offer as much ease, convenience and convenience as a pack n play. As a rule, pack n plays are designed to be portable. As such, they are easy to set-up, move about, set-down and transport.

Therefore, when it comes to moving it about the house when fully set-up, or transporting over long journeys, pack n plays are better than cribs. They provide a safe sleeping option in a wide variety of situations. Cribs are better suited for use in a fixed location. So, regarding portability, pack n plays trounce cribs.


Babies don’t just need sleep. They also need to play, be soothed and even have diaper changes. As such, when shopping for baby products, parents often prefer options which offer much more than their traditional roles. They prefer a product which is flexible enough to meet some of their other needs. In this respect, pack n plays outclass cribs by some distance.

Granted, there a few crib models which come with extra features like diaper storage racks. However, a typical pack n play offers much more than a crib. Among others, pack n plays can have changing tables, bassinets, entertainment consoles, toys, soothing sounds and of course spacious play areas. They can meet almost every need of the baby.

The Verdict: Crib or Pack and Play?

Pound-for-pound, a pack n play can outclass a crib any day. This is not to suggest that a pack n play is perfect for everyone. If you are strictly looking for a comfy sleeping option with limited mobility and no extra features, then a crib can do for you. Just be sure to spend extra money on a bassinet, changing table and playard once the time comes when you need them.

If you are looking for a flexible all-in-one solution, then a pack and play is the ultimate choice. All you have to do is find the perfect pack n play, and all your baby’s needs will be met – simply, elegantly and cost-effectively. There are numerous pack and play reviews which can guide you on how to select the best product for your needs.

Ultimately, if you’ve been asking “should my baby sleep in a pack n play or crib?” The simple answer is: go for a pack n play. It offers everything a crib can offer, and so much more. In a nutshell, it is the smarter option.

How To Choose The Best Pack And Play – 5 Things To Consider Before You Buy

Shopping for a pack and play can be a difficult and complex process, especially for a first-timer. The complexity arises from the sheer number of brands on the market. They are just too many! What makes it worse is the fact most of them have similar features (many of them even look alike), and yet each one claims to be the best. So, how do you choose the best pack and play from among the multitudes out there? Where do you even start?

Well, not to worry. The good news is that finding the perfect pack and play isn’t that difficult. It is simply a matter of knowing what to look out for. This article will tell you just that. The following are the 5 major things you should consider before you buy a pack and play.


This is the most important consideration you have to make before you buy a pack and play. Playards have been known to cause injuries or even death from falls, strangulation, suffocation, and other accidents. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has in the past issued product recalls of hazardous Pack and Plays, as well as safety recommendations to prevent accidents.

As a parent, your primary consideration should be for the safety of your child. The easiest way is to check whether the pack and play have a Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certification sticker. JPMA currently certifies brands which meet safety standards for playards. These standards are voluntary, and there is no legal requirement for playard manufacturers to comply with them. There is also no government agency which supervises them. However, the JPMA carries out testing and certification. Therefore, any brand which has the certification sticker is serious about your child’s safety.

Another easy is to buy a pack and play manufactured after 28 February 2013. This is the date in which the CPSC announced mandatory safety standards for playards. However, the standards apply to playards manufactured or imported after this date. Therefore, if you can find a pack and play manufactured after this date, then you can be sure about its safety.

Portability and Movability

Given that a pack and play is usually designed for parents who are on the go, it is important that it is both portable and movable. When evaluating these two aspects, there are three major things you have to consider.

The first is how easy the pack and play is to both set up and set down. This will, of course, depend on how frequently you intend to keep setting up and setting down. Different brands come with different capabilities. The Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib, for instance, promises a 15 second set up time. Similarly, most Graco playards have a push-button folding mechanism which makes it easy to set down. Ideally, you want a pack and play set up in the shortest time possible, with minimum fussing, and without requiring extra help from your spouse.

The second is how easy it is to carry around when packed. This typically depends on its total weight or the kind of carry-on it comes with. Regarding weight pack and plays come in a variety of weight ranges. There are heavier ones like the Graco TotBloc Pack ‘N Play which weighs 25 pounds when packed. There are also lighter ones like BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light 2, Silver which weighs only 11 pounds, and many others in between. Regarding carry-on, pack and plays come with specific bags for packing them. The bags vary from standard carry-ons to backpacks, and bags with wheels.

The third is how easy it is to move around when it is fully set up. There are some pack and plays which are much easier to move than others. For instance, the Graco Silhouette Pack ‘n Play has a pair of wheels and a handle which makes it easy to move around. You simply lift the handle and push (or pull) it to wherever you want it. You can do it with your baby inside. On the other hand, the Graco TotBloc Pack ‘N Play is extremely difficult to move around. It doesn’t have wheels or handles bars. It would be quite awkward to carry. To move it, you have to set it down, carry its spare parts to the new location, and set it up again.

There are lots of portability and movability options to choose from. This means that you can easily find the perfect pack and play to suit your usability and mobility preferences.

Extra Features

Simply providing a safe play area, pack and plays nowadays come with a wide variety of extra features. Some popular features include a bassinet, changing table, storage compartments and diaper stackers. Others like the Graco Silhouette Pack ‘n Play have sophisticated features like a vibrating mattress, electric mobile, a nightlight and even an entertainment console with music.

When considering these extra features, there are two things which you have to consider. First of all, the safety (there again) of these features. Some features have in the past been linked to injury risks. For instance, in 2009, Dorel Juvenile Group issued recalls of its pack and plays with bassinets because of suffocation risks. Similarly, in 2003, CPSC issued safety instructions for using the pack and plays with changing tables to avoid suffocation risks. Also, bassinets have been known to cause injuries when children fall off while turning in their sleep.

This is not to say that extra features are bad, or that all of them are inherently risky. Some like storage compartments, entertainment consoles, and vibrating mattresses aren’t risky at all. In fact, most of the risks resulting from sloppy usage, rather than the features themselves. However, as a parent, you need to know the risks involved, so that you can be better prepared to use the products safely.

Secondly, the extra features come with extra weight, as well as extra costs. Regarding weight, if portability is important, then you have to think hard about the extras. However, the extra features lessen your overall burden while traveling. For instance, having a pack and play which has an inbuilt crib will save you the burden of having to pack both a playard and crib when traveling. Regarding costs, the extra features can add up to $150 more to the price of the pack and play. Therefore, before you pay the extra money, think carefully about whether those features are essential for you and your baby.

Brand New

Whatever features you opt for, make sure that the pack and play are brand new. Under no circumstances should you buy a used one? Forget about the garage sales and hand-me-downs. It has to be brand new. The reason is simple: players are not built out of the strongest materials out there. You are dealing with fabric, plastic and some base metals, not reinforced iron or concrete. As such, with use, they begin to weaken up, sag and become accident prone.

For instance, in 2009, CPSC issued a product recall after 1,350 reported cases of side-rail collapse leading to bruises, cuts and broken bones. You buy used the pack and plays at your own risk. In fact, it may be safer to have no playard at all, than a used one. With brand new pack and plays selling as low as $37.99, it would be unwise to subject your baby to injury risks by purchasing a used one.


Pack and Plays come in such a variety of price ranges that irrespective of your budget, finding one should be quite easy. On the lower end are products like the Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard, Ashford which sell for as low as $37.99 on Amazon. On the higher end, you can find deluxe models like Baby Bjorn 040180US Travel Crib Light 2 – Black which can cost up to $299.99. In between, there are many competitive prices which many great products are selling between $70 and $150.

Although in some cases price reflects quality, the more expensive Pack and Plays are not necessarily better in every aspect. In most cases, the extra costs come from having extra features discussed above. Therefore, don’t let the prices intimidate you. You can get a great product for your budget. You simply need to be sure of the features you want, and then go out and find them. There are many helpful user reviews on Amazon and other websites (like this one) which can help you choose the perfect pack and play for your baby.

In a nutshell, choosing a back and play doesn’t have to be this complicated process. By following the above considerations, you will easily choose the best pack and play for your baby. Ultimately, you will find a product which is safe, easy to use, affordable and, above all, a perfect fit for your sweet little angel.

How To Clean A Pack N Play

Cleaning a pack n play is essential for ensuring the health and safety of the baby. Now, in most cases, pack n plays are easy to clean. This is because most are made out of wipe-clean fabric. As such, simply wiping the fabric (probably with soapy) water, is enough for getting rid of surface dirt.

What wiping doesn’t get rid of is internal dirt. The simple fact is that even wipe-only fabric absorbs dirt. As such, even though it may sparkle on the outside, it can be quite filthy on the inside. The same applies to pack n play parts like the changing table and the mattress. To flush out the dirt on the inside, you need a more thorough cleaning technique. That is what we are going to look at right here.

What You Need

This technique works by soaking. Therefore, you have to make a concoction which will flush out the dirt hidden within the pack n play. To do this, you need the following:

  • – A tub of very hot water (the hottest you can get)
  • – A quarter a cup of baking soda
  • – 2 to 3 cups of vinegar
  • – 1 capful of baby laundry detergent

How To Clean The Pack N Play

Fill the tub with the hot water and submerge the pack n play into it. If the pack n play floats, find something to hold it to the bottom of the tub. You need it to be fully submerged in the water.

Add the ingredients into the water and stir. Let the pack n play sit in the mixture for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, flip the pack n play, and let it sit for another 30 minutes.

After the 30 minutes (it will now be an hour since you started the process), remove the pack n play from the water. By this time, the water will be quite yucky (all the dirt will have been flushed out).

Thoroughly Rinse the pack and play, then put it out to dry. When your pack n play dries, it will be clean from the inside out.

A Few Caveats

There are two important things to note before using this technique. The first is the type of material on the floor (or bed) of the pack n play. Most playard floors are made of plastic or cardboard which is safe to soak. However, some are made of soft cardboard which will be ruined if immersed in water for a long time. Therefore, be sure that the floor isn’t made up of soft cardboard. If it is, then don’t immerse it in the mixture. Simply scrub it separately.

The second thing to note is about drying the pack n play. The best time to perform this cleaning technique is when there is plenty of suns. This is because you need it to dry fully within the shortest time possible (at most, one day). Otherwise, if it doesn’t dry soon, the metal frames can begin to rust. So, the best time to do this is in the summer when there is plenty of suns. Some users have reported successfully drying the pack n plays using dryers or even fans. You can try these as well, but the sun is the safest option.

In a nutshell, that is how to clean pack and play. Remember, this technique is specifically suited for thorough cleaning. As such, you don’t have to use it every day. In most cases, the usual wiping is enough. However, do this once every two to three months (depending on how often you use the pack n play). Most importantly, use this to thoroughly clean any used pack n play before actually putting your baby in it. Best Wishes!

How To Set Up A Pack N Play

Setting up a pack n play can seem like a daunting task, especially when you are doing it for the first time. This is because a full set-up pack n play looks so complicated. As such, most first-timers think that setting it up is difficult.

However, most pack n plays are quite simple to set up. This is because they are built on a one-piece, foldable design. As such setting up a pack n play is often a matter of unfolding it. This guide is going to give you a step-by-step format on how to set up a pack and play.

By simply following these steps, you can get any pack n play fully set up within a matter of minutes. So let’s get started.

Step 1: Unpack the Playard

Before beginning to set up your pack n play, you first need to unpack it. Here are a few basic steps for unpacking it:

  • -Unzip the carry bag and gently pull out the playard. The playard will be folded in a box-like shape. The “box” is the playard mattress which has wrapped around the frame and secured with straps.
  • -Lay the “box” on a flat surface (preferably the floor). Make sure that the straps securing the mattress are visible. They can be facing side-ways or up. Just make sure they aren’t facing downwards.
  • -Undo the hook and loop straps, then unfold the mattress. You will see the actual pack n play folded up.

Step 2: Lock The Rails

Pack n play rails are the frames which run at the top of the playard – parallel to the ground. They have an inbuilt locking mechanism which is used secure the playard. Before pushing down the center, you need to lock the rails. Here is how to go about it:

  • -Lift the folded pack n play from the mat. In case there is a bassinet or changing table, they will be folded up inside the pack n play. Remove them and set them aside.
  • -Move to where you intend to set up the playard and turn it to face upwards (its normal position – with wheels facing downwards, and rails facing upwards).
  • -Take turns on each of the rails. Pull upwards until it becomes rigid. The rails have an inbuilt locking mechanism, when you straighten them, they lock into position.
  • -Please be gentle. There is no need to be forceful. In case any rail doesn’t lock, pull it upwards, higher. But gently.

Step 3: Straighten Out the Bottom

Pack n plays have an inbuilt locking mechanism for straightening the floor. This mechanism is through a button-like structure located at the center of the playard. Here is how you straighten out the bottom:

  • -Push the center of the playard downwards. As you do this, the playard will open up. Keep pushing until the floor is flat.
  • -Secure the bottom of the playard. As mentioned before, the center has a locking mechanism. Push it until it locks into position. For most players, you will hear a snapping sound as the lock is activated.

Step 4: Add the Mattress

At this point, your pack n play is fully set-up. All you need is to add the mattress. Here is how to go about it.

  • -Fetch the playard mattress from wherever you left it.
  • -Lay it on the floor of the pack n play, with the cushioned part facing upwards.
  • -Secure the mattress. This isn’t a standard step. However, some pack n plays have straps for securing the mattress to the floor of the playard. In case such straps exist, then use them to secure the mattress.

In a nutshell, those are the basic steps of how to set up a pack and play. By the time you reach this point, the pack n play is now ready to receive your sweet angel. As such, you can begin using it immediately.

How To Fold Up A Pack n Play

Once you’ve finished using a pack n play, you may want to set it down. In a way, setting down is simply a reverse of setting up. Here are a few basic steps you can take to set-down.

  1. Unlock the center. Remove the playard mattress and press the button-like thing on the center. This should unlock the center.
  2. Lift the center upwards
  3. Unlock the rails. Take turns on each of the rails, gently pushing each downwards. As you push each downwards, it will unlock.
  4. Fold up the playard. Once all the rails are unlocked, push them inwards. This will cause the pack n play to fold up.
  5. Pack the playard. Lay the playard mattress on the floor, with the cushioned part facing upwards. Place the folded playard onto the mattress. Fold up the mattress and secure its straps. Insert the folded mattress into its carry bag and zip it up.

In a nutshell, this is how you set up and set-down a pack n play. For most products, this should be sufficient. For pack n plays which have bassinets and changing tables, there are additional steps for setting them up and down. Even then, the above steps are basics which pack n play user needs to master.

Safety Requirements for Pack N Plays

When it comes to preparing the nursery for your child, it is important to have the items that are essential. In this case, one that should not be missed is a pack-n-play. It can provide children with a place where they can nap, and at the same time, where they can play when they are awake. When shopping for pack-n-plays, you will be confronted with an abundance of alternatives. More than just the design of the product, safety considerations should be of utmost importance as well. In this case, keep on reading to learn more about the safety features that you should be looking for, and at the same time, some safety tips to ensure that its use will not put your baby at risk.

Essential Considerations for Shopping

Thinking of buying a pack-n-play? Well, be prepared. You will most probably be overwhelmed with the multiplicity of the options that you will be confronted with. This, however, should not be a reason to decide in haste. Make sure to keep these things in mind to be assured that you are buying one that is safe and high-quality:

  • Durable Construction: It should be made from materials that can withstand the weight and movements of your baby. If it is flimsy and structurally-weak, the baby will be at risk, especially when left unsupervised.
  • Lockable Wheels: It will be good for a pack-n-play to have wheels as it will be easier for you to have it moved to the house. Nonetheless, having wheels can also be a safety concern because it can make it unstable. Make sure that the wheels can be locked so that it will stay on its position.
  • Certification: Before pack-n-plays are released in the market, they undergo quality control and testing to be assured that they will be safe. When shopping, make sure to look for Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association Certification, which acts as a seal of safety.
  • Overall Design: The side rails of the pack-n-play must not form a V-shape when it is folded. This will prevent strangulation if in case the rail accidentally collapses. Having a firm and comfortable mattress is also important.

Other Things to Consider

Aside from those that have been mentioned above, it is also important to emphasize these things:

  • See to it that the pack-n-play has been fully assembled before putting your baby inside.
  • Always follow the assembly instructions from the manufacturer. If some missing parts or instructions are unclear, make sure to contact the seller or the manufacturer.
  • Follow the age and weight limits that are specified. Unlike cribs, pack-n-plays may have smaller weight capacity. See to it that the pack-n-play is capable of handling the size and weight of your child to avoid such from collapsing.

Be Watchful of what is placed inside the pack-n-play. If there are toys, make sure they are made from non-toxic materials and that they cannot be swallowed. See to it that there are no cords to avoid strangulation. Keep an eye on pillows, blankets, and other items that can put the child at risk of suffocation.

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