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Best Pepper Mills and Salt Grinder 2021: Top 5 Picks

Salt Grinder Overview

If you’re one of the culinary experts that always want to have a salt grinder in the kitchen, you know it’s a product of personal taste and luxury. Truth be told, salt is arguably one of the most vital food ingredients in a kitchen.

Usage of salt in meal preparation is so important and the versatility of this dietary staple cannot be overemphasized. It is used for flavoring and preserving food and most recently, Salt Grinders have gained popularity amongst a lot of people.

A salt grinder grinds and processes coarse salt into smooth and smaller pieces that can be used for flavoring and dressing meals. Having functions comparable to that of the pepper grinders, salt grinders are usually packaged in a set with pepper grinders.

On the market today, there are salt grinders that can be operated manually using a burr grinder as against the blade mills some expect.

Top 5 Salt Grinders and Pepper Mills

GM Kitchen Premium Brushed Stainless Steel Salt & Pepper Grinder

Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

The design of the GM kitchen is so perfect. This salt and pepper grinder looks elegant and adds beauty to any dining been placed. GM kitchen salt and pepper shaker grind your spice to perfection. The dial added also gives you a choice between small and big size grinds.

Also, the grinder is easy to refill – Just simply turn the grinder over. The grinder will rest flat when turned over then unscrew the cap to refill. More so, the choice of the spices you grind is yours, it is not limited to pepper and salt alone.

Therefore, if you love adding taste and class to your kitchen with added flavor like I do, then go for the GM kitchen premium brushed stainless steel salt and pepper grinder.


  • The salt and pepper shaker set highlights a customizable grinder. This enables you to finely pulverize, plant and granulate your flavors to flawlessness, and agreeable to you. Note: Salt and pepper are excluded.
  • It adds excellence to your table with its reasonable body and brushed stainless steel grinder mill. This salt and pepper shaker is certain to add its rich touch to your table.
  • The grinder is anything but difficult to refill-clear body features substance and shows when the time has come to refill.
  • The producer guarantees 100% fulfillment – on the off chance that you don’t completely cherish your GM kitchen salt and pepper shaker set, we will repay you for 100% of your request
  • The GM grinder is made with Glass & Brushed Stainless Steel


  • Customers complain the grinder breaks easily.
Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

OXO Good Grips Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

OXO Good Grips Salt and Pepper Grinder Set, Stainless Steel

OXO is popularly known for their high-quality products and the OXO good grip salt and pepper grinder set is in no way an exception. The grinder is made from acrylic material hence it is light and has a clear body.

Furthermore, the grinder is unique in its grinding form as it grinds from the top, unlike every other grinder. This feature reduces the mess on your countertop or table when setting it down.

Also, the grinder set comes with a ceramic grinder which prevents corrosion hence your grinder won’t absorb flavor or odors. The grinder is also easy to refill – just turn the grinder over and unscrew the caps to refill.

Lastly, the grip is also one of the best parts of the OXO good grips salt and pepper grinder set. The grip is soft and non-slip hence you don’t have to worry even if your hands are wet.

Therefore, OXO good grips salt and pepper grinder set is a perfect choice if you want a grinder that features quality, ease of use and cheap price.


  • It is Simple to refill
  • Granulating instrument over Grinder to guarantee clean ledges
  • Accompanies a pivot tab to effectively modify Grinder settings from fine to coarse
  • The non-destructive ceramic grinders won’t assimilate flavors or scents
  • It includes a delicate, non-slip grasp


  • Customers complain the control to regulate the grind are not working properly
  • Not as effective as higher-end models
OXO Good Grips Salt and Pepper Grinder Set, Stainless Steel

McCormick Mediterranean Sea Salt Grinder

McCormick Mediterranean Sea Salt Grinder

For decades McCormick has been a leading force in delivering safe, high-quality flavors to people around the globe. The McCormick Mediterranean sea salt grinder is not an exception. This easy to use grinder features three grinding options for its users – fine, medium and coarse. It grinds a significant amount of salt with each twist hence it can be used as a side stove salt when cooking in the kitchen.

In addition, the grinder can be used to add flavor to dipping oils, submarine sandwiches, torpedoes, sauce, meatballs, meat on grills and even vegetables.

Therefore, if you a lover of sea salt in your daily dishes, the McCormick Mediterranean sea salt grinder is the perfect choice for you.


  • Comes with the perfect taste – The taste you trust
  • The grinder is disposable after using for a long period of time
  • You can adjust the grinder – it is adjustable
  • Consumers have the choice of adjusting between fine, medium and coarse when grinding.
  • It has a capacity of 13.3 oz.


  • Customers think the design of the grinding mechanism should be improved.
McCormick Mediterranean Sea Salt Grinder

COLE & MASON Derwent Salt Grinder

Cole & Mason Derwent Pepper/Salt Mill, Gift Set

Cole and Mason’s Derwent salt and pepper Grinder brings sleek modern design and quality together. The grinder is made from Acrylic and stainless steel which accounts for its lightweight.

Also, the grinder gives you the option to choose from six different grinds, ranging from coarse to fine. This grinding levels will strip down your spices to their individual layers for maximum flavor extraction.

Furthermore, the Cole and Mason grinder keeps your ground spices fresh and away from moisture and dust. The grinder is also very easy to refill, you just have to pull up the salt grinder top and refill it with your choice of coarse sea salt.

Therefore, if you are a lover of Cole & Masons styles and design, this is the best salt grinder for you.


  • The grinder comes in a modern and unique Style
  • It comes with an adjustable Settings: 6 precise grinding levels offer fine or coarse granules.
  • Easily Refillable
  • The manufacturer promises a lifetime Mechanism Guarantee


  • Customers complain it breaks easily
  • The pepper grinder cannot grind a large quantity of pepper at a time
Cole & Mason Derwent Pepper/Salt Mill, Gift Set

Harley Pepper Mill + Spice Grinder

Lara Designs Harley Pepper Mill + Spice Grinder

The very best on our list the Harley pepper mill + spice grinder. This beautiful spice grinder is made of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum. The design is classic and it comes with a very fine texture that gives it a secure grip for a perfect kitchen use.

Also, it is not limited to salt and pepper only, it can be used to grind any spice of your choice. The adjustment of the grind is found at the base and it ensures optimum spice coarseness at all time.

Harley pepper + spice grinder is our number one pick because of its ease of use, design, secure grip and reputation of the brand. Therefore, if you want a salt grinder that is worth its price and will last you for a very long time then Harley grinder is the best salt grinder for you.


  • Harley grinder is designed and engineered to be the finest spice mill available.
  • It is made of solid aircraft grade aluminum.
  • The grinder was made in the USA
  • Also, It features a lightly knurled textured surface which provides a sure grip on kitchen savvy hands.
  • The Harley spice grinder grinds pepper, salt, and most spices.
  • It’s easy to fill and clean.
  • Choose your spice and choose your grind


  • No complaints yet.
Lara Designs Harley Pepper Mill + Spice Grinder

How to Use a Salt and Pepper Grinders

Salt grinders are quite easy to use, just follow these simple steps and you’ll be able to use almost any salt grinder. No matter its material, grind mechanism or capacity.

  • Except for some distinct or rare designs, a salt grinder would usually have its grinding mechanism on top of the container. Check for how the lid unscrews and open it up.
  • Fill the salt grinder with the coarse salt to be grounded and replace the lid tightly.
  • If the salt grinder has different fineness or coarseness setting, make sure to set to your preferred level.
  • Now, hold the salt grinder some inches over the food you intend seasoning and twist the salt grinder over the food to grind the salt.
  • While twisting the salt grinder, the already grounded salt will fall into the food beneath it. As soon as you’re satisfied with the quantity of salt you’ve grounded, you can stop.

Finally, shake the salt grinder very well enough to ensure that all excess salt at the bottom of the grinder is removed.

Easy right!

Best Salt and Pepper Grinder Buying Guide

It’s always wise and better to know what to look out for when buying kitchen utilities. This is important because of the numerous models, brands, features, and everything that are available on the market. Before you settle for a salt grinder, you’ll need to prioritize and know which features matter most to you.

Ease of Use

A salt grinder has to be easy to use, what’s the use of a salt grinder that’s not easy to twist or crank? To help your wrists, get extra speed and convenience, a salt grinder must have a comfortable grip. Another important factor is that it must have a smoothly twisting crank.

Type of Grind Mechanism

One feature that determines how long a salt grinder lasts is its grind mechanism. A salt grinder that uses a burr mechanism will most-likely last longer than salt grinders that use other types of mechanisms.

The mechanism also has a way of influencing durability so it is better to settle for a superior model designed with a stainless steel or ceramic mechanism.

Availability of Different Coarseness Settings

Whatever you do, make sure the salt grinder you purchase has a feature that’s versatile enough to allow different coarseness or fineness level settings of the grind. The easiest salt grinders to use are always grinders with clear markings.

Type of Materials

Different materials with different properties are used in making salt grinders. You’ll find heavy, light, simple and also fancy grinders on the market. Salt grinders are sometimes thought of as a very good choice because it doesn’t break easily.

Even when it falls accidentally in the home although, it’s more difficult to disinfect and clean. Other materials that are used include copper, aluminum, acrylic, plastic, and steel.

Furthermore, metals are usually more durable although heavier than other materials while acrylic and plastic are light, very easy to clean but can get brittle with the possibility of cracking in the near future. Whichever you choose, all you need to do is maintain it well and it’ll serve its purpose.


Ensure that any salt grinder you settle with has a reasonable warranty on it. There are salt grinders that offer as much as lifetime warranties to keep your mind at rest on the products quality.

Style and Capacity

In case you’re purchasing your salt grinder for use in the restaurant or places where you’ll need to grind salt often, then you should consider purchasing a salt grinder with larger capacity.

For a home kitchen, a small to medium sized salt grinder is good enough but any kitchen that serves commercial purposes should go with a large capacity grinder.

Salt grinders are made with different materials and it’s a factor that a lot of chefs consider. Most times, salt grinders will last a very long time so you should settle for one with a style you won’t get bored of too quickly.

Manual or Electric Power Source

A salt grinder is either manually or electrically operated. Manually operated salt grinders are a better choice for your kitchen when you look critically although you could benefit also from a battery enabled salt grinder if you have wrist or grip issues.

Although, an electrically operated salt grinder will also be useful in kitchens where a lot of grinding has to be done. The best thing to do is to get salt grinders that’ll work steadily and quickly.

How to Maintain Your Salt Grinder

No matter the quality of the salt grinder that you purchase, if you do not maintain or take good care of your grinder it won’t last as long as expected.

  • In all your grinding, always make sure that you prevent clogging in your salt grinder.
  • If your salt grinder is made of steel, never allow water get into it as wet salt might clump together inside the grinder.
  • The exterior of a salt grinder should be cleaned carefully with either a wet cloth or rubbing alcohol on it.
  • The inside mechanism of a salt grinder should be cleaned with a brush, but never use water.


With this best salt grinder guide, you’re sure ready to savor and enjoy the heightened flavors that freshly ground fine-grained salt can add to food. One thing is sure, a good salt grinder will definitely add an element of undeniable taste to your cooking. Therefore, you can easily impress at the dining table.

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