Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System Review

Top 5 Best Portable Basketball Hoop Reviews in 2020-Buyer Guide

Not everyone is fortunate to have enough space in setting up a half-court or an entire court outside the home. Luckily, the portable basketball hoops were created as space-saving systems when it comes to their designs. As convenient as it is, a portable basketball hoop can be moved from one place to another location very easily.

With that said, the best basketball hoops are no longer limited to the professionals and no longer restricted in specific large settings, such as in parks, schools, and other recreational facilities. Today, there are increasing numbers of consumers that want their own hoops just outside their homes or along their driveways, getting the children off the couch and engage in some ball games.

Below are some of the best portable basketball hoop reviews that can surely help you decide on what suits your family the best. Additionally, this article talks about some important guidelines for the potential buyers of the best basketball hoop on the market, learning about the essential factors, before purchasing one.

Best Portable Basketball Hoop Reviews

1. Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System Review

[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”400″ identifier=”B003DT5Q3Q” locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”n” src=”” tag=”thewisy-20″ width=”400″]One of the best portable basketball hoops today is the Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System. The Spalding 54 acrylic backboard is the hoop’s main selling point. This basketball system offers a base of 40-gallon capacity for sand or water.

The backboard measures 54 inches wide and ¼-inch thick. It is also made of tempered glass, allowing maximum durability. The Arena Slam break-free rim is constructed of long-lasting solid steel. For increased support, the pole is made of three pieces, 4-inch square with the 4-strut mount. This is considered as the best portable basketball system due to its adjustable height system, moving the basket between 7.5 feet and 10 feet high.

As a maker of the best portable basketball hoop in the world, Spalding is also the largest supplier of basketball equipment. Hence, it is the official ball of the prestigious NBA and the WNBA. It is also the certified baseball of the LLWS or the Little League World Series. Aside from basketball and baseball, Spalding is also a top producer of volleyballs, footballs, and soccer balls. Thus, quality is guaranteed with the brand’s products.

Furthermore, the Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System is very easy to assemble that even a 13-year-old can accomplish the task. Based on the reviews, the unit is solid, like the ones used in the gym. Backboard movement is eliminated as well, making it the real advantage of this unit. This system also allows the user to adjust a handle, lowering the wheels and moving the unit very easily. All in all, Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System is among the top rated portable basketball hoops, which are loved by many enthusiasts.Buy From Amazon

2. Lifetime Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System Review

[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”400″ identifier=”B0007RALHS” locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”n” src=”” tag=”thewisy-20″ width=”400″]The Lifetime Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System is also on the list of the best portable basketball hoop with an average rating. This system features a 44-inch Impact backboard, which is virtually unbreakable. It also boasts a telescoping mechanism that adjusts between 7.5 and 10-foot increments.

The 27-gallon base could be filled with water or sand, and it’s ready to roll to your desired location. It is constructed of all-weather resistant materials, allowing it to withstand even the harshest elements. The 18-inch rim is made of solid black steel, along with half-inch steel braces.

The Lifetime Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System proves to be among the best choices of the best portable basketball systems today. It is perfect for those who are in search of optimum versatility, considering its adjustable height. Its durability is attributed to the high-impact backboard, which is ideal for prolonged use.

Many owners also love the strength of its base that ensures stability. Overall, the Lifetime Pro Court offers ease of assembly that even the beginners and the intermediate users can easily install. Many users also commend the powder-coated pole, which resists chipping and withstanding extreme conditions simultaneously.

This collapsible basketball hoop is perfect for those who are perfecting their jump shots and backyard dunking drills. Indeed, Lifetime Products has been committed to supporting aspiring basketball players by providing the best portable basketball goals. Therefore, rest assured that this Lifetime Portable Basketball System is extremely solid and stable.Buy From Amazon

3. Lifetime 90022 Youth Height Adjustable Review

[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”500″ identifier=”B002PL5KYI” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”thewisy-20″ width=”333″]With a Good Rating is the Lifetime 90022 Youth Height Adjustable with a 30-inch Youth Impact backboard. Its 15” folding rim is also constructed from half-inch steel with weatherproof, nylon net. It is considered as the best portable basketball goal due to its telescoping height adjustment system that adjusts easily between 5.5 feet and 7.5ft 6-inch increments.

This best basketball hoop portable is made of weather-resistant and rustproof materials, allowing it to withstand extreme conditions and harsh elements. The ten-gallon base is an epitome of portability and stability altogether.

The Lifetime 90022 is surely a wonderful opportunity for every family to spend quality time outdoors and exercise with such portable systems. This is the best basketball hoop for home use, which is perfect for the yard or the driveway. It offers peace of mind and optimum convenience as it can be rolled wherever you want.

The materials used in this system can endure competitive and rigorous play, considering its high-impact and polyethylene plastic, powder-coated steel and weather-resistant designs. It offers a great-looking backboard, not to mention its non-breakable design. Certainly, the Lifetime 90022 is a very reasonable investment when it comes to portable basketball goals.

The quality and durability are likewise assured with this product since Lifetime is a leading manufacturer of folding tables, folding chairs, and residential basketball hoops. This Lifetime portable basketball system equates to innovation and state-of-the-art technology, offering unmatched strength and durability for every family to enjoy.Buy From Amazon

4. Step2 Shootin’ Hoops Pro Basketball Set Review

[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”400″ identifier=”B00DQADRZG” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”thewisy-20″ width=”400″]These basketball hoop reviews also include the 4.5-Star-rated Step2 Shooting Hoops Pro Basketball Set. The center pole height of this system is adjustable to 48 inches, 60 inches, or 72 inches. It also features a large backboard with an unbreakable rim and a genuine woven net. The large and steady base can be filled up with water or sand, while its base provides built-in cup holders or storage for a ball once not in use.

This is among the top rated basketball hoops for growing children as its adjustable rim offers years of use and play, although it requires adult assembly. The set also includes an inflated 6-inch basketball.

The Shootin’ Hoops Pro Basketball Set from Step2 promotes active play. It is loved by many owners as revealed in different portable basketball goal reviews. The entire structure appears to be solid, yet, lives up to its appearance. Even three-year-old kids can get off the couch and play basketball with this amazing hoop.

Parents also consider the Shootin’ Hoops Pro Basketball Set as the best transition from small hoops to big ones, allowing their kids to be totally prepared for shooting and dunking. It is indeed a step up from the plastic toys that kids used to play, allowing growing kids to enjoy the real ball game in a better way and upgraded manner.

Overall, the Step2 Shootin’ Hoops Pro Basketball Set is a portable basketball hoop kids will surely love. It is a very reliable, outdoor basketball system that allows parents to spend quality time and exercise with their growing kids.Buy From Amazon

5. SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop System Review

[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”400″ identifier=”B002MAF47A” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”thewisy-20″ width=”400″]For many customers, the best outdoor basketball hoop is the SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop System. It features full-height adjustments and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Its backboard measured at 33 inches by 23 inches and made with a clear, polycarbonate shatterproof material. The backboard also boasts replica graphics.

Similar to most of the good basketball hoops around, the SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop also features the “Break-A-Way,” spring-action rim. It has variable height configurations that are ideal for a standard play or the poolside.

The Pro Mini Hoop System can be installed easily in different locations, allowing the owner to move the system in their desired locations due to the system’s built-in wheels. The pro-grade look of the SKLZ is among its selling points, including the mini basketball and its all-weather net. It is also simple to install because it comes with assembly instructions that even kids can understand and accomplish with adult supervision.
This is one of the best portable basketball systems today, considering its overall look, durability, function, and a professional-grade design packed in one. Certainly, quality is assured by SKLZ as it is 100% committed to improving the athlete in every person. SKLZ is the Pro Performance Sports’ flagship brand that unwaveringly develops skill development products, innovative athletic performance, knowledge, and technology for aspiring athletes of different skill levels, ages, and sports.

Hence, the SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop System is the best adjustable basketball hoop for amateur and professional athletes, trainers, and coaches who are geared towards improving sport-specific skills and performance-focused goals.Buy From Amazon

Portable Basketball Hoop Buying Guide

Aside from having a good glance at portable basketball hoops reviews, many factors are still important to consider, before buying one.

Types and Materials for the Backboard

There are cheap basketball backboard and the expensive one. However, the cost does not always indicate its durability, function, reliability, and quality. Below is an in-depth discussion about the types and the materials commonly used for the backboard.

  • Glass – This is considered as the most expensive material for the backboard, and not to mention, the most professional material. Glass backboards provide the most bounce, allowing the user to play like a professional.
  • Acrylic – This material of backboard offers more bounce, compared to the polycarbonate. However, it has less bounce when compared to the glass. Acrylic backboards are ideal for different skilled players.
  • Polycarbonate – Polycarbonate backboards are less expensive, yet durable. It offers lesser bounce than its counterparts. A polycarbonate backboard is perfect for beginners and the young players.

Types of Basketball Systems

  • Portable Systems – Portable system is the in a home basketball hoop, usually located in the yard, driveway, or sometimes indoors. These systems, such as the above mentioned products require very minimal installation and maintenance, but with the optimum convenience. This system typically features sand-filled or water-filled base for stability, plus wheels for portability. While the portable systems are known to be less sturdy than the wall-mounted and in-ground hoops, these systems still offer unmatched advantages over its counterparts.
  • Wall-Mount Systems – This system allows the user to mount it to a tall retaining wall, garage, or the wall of a house. Technically speaking, these systems are more durable than the basketball hoops portable counterparts because it has the additional benefit of maximizing the existing ground space or a court. However, not all wall-mount systems include the essential hardware, requiring the buyer to purchase the mounting kit separately.
  • In-Ground Systems – These systems are the permanent versions of basketball hoops, usually paved into the ground through a bolt mounting set or into the ground directly. The in-ground systems require professional skills for the installation, compared to the portable and adjustable basketball system.

Backboard Size

The backboard size is also a major factor while searching for a home basketball hoop. The regulation backboard size was seen in the NBA measures at 72 inches wide, but, this is not the case regarding the portable varieties. Such big sizes obviously reduce the portability, while increasing the cost at the same time.

For many owners of a basketball hoop on garage or yard, the ideal measurement of the backboard measures at least 54 inches, fitting their desires perfectly. It ensures a good size and portability, although some prefer having a 60-inch wide backboard. A 54 basketball hoop, however, is highly recommended for different spaces, while the 60-inch wide is not advised for areas with less than a 2-car driveway.

Rim Type

Moreover, the rim type plays a significant role throughout the selection of the best and portable outdoor basketball hoop. Keep in mind that there are three basic types of rims when it comes to consumer basketball hoops.

  • Standard-fixed Rim – This type is without the necessity of compression springs. It is the cheapest variety, so far, but is prone to break or warp if dunked on.
  • Breakaway Rim – It is almost identical to the standard variety, but it has a spring on its mount, allowing the rim to bend. The exposed spring tends to be prone to rust eventually. But, the breakaway rim offers a certain degree of protection to dunking.
  • Comprehension Breakaway System – This type of rim is very evident in professional hoop systems, featuring a covered spring. Its overall style tends to support hard dunking, although not recommended for long hours of hanging.

Adjustment Range

Most of the portable basketball hoops offer goal adjustment, usually between seven and 10 feet, such as the Lifetime adjustable basketball goal and the other above mentioned products. In order to adjust the height, the systems make use of a crank system or a ratchet system.
The reliable, cheap portable basketball hoops mentioned above provide adjustable range, making them important as they allow the users to lower the rim when kids use the system, or during dunking contests. The rim is usually raised to 10 feet for added stability and an improved game for adult games.

The adjustable option is created by different manufacturers to provide usability for diverse groups of basketball players as well as wide ranges of situations. Hence, the adjustment range sets apart the portable basketball hoops among the others. In this regard, it is important to choose an adjustable range to achieve a precise level, allowing a specific height, plus a comfortable play, even for future situations.

Pole and Base

The base and the pole are often understated factors to seek throughout the portable basketball goals reviews. Remember that there are square and round poles, doing their designed purpose almost similarly. Typically, round poles are empty multi-piece tubes found on portable basketball hoops. The square varieties are pieces of solid steel and are usually found on permanent systems. The square pole is said to reduce vibrations, while significantly increasing the power of the entire system. Another thing to be watchful about is the extension that the pole gives away from the base. It should allow the user to run underneath the backboard, but without hitting the base or pole.

Meanwhile, bases are available in different capacities, ranging between 25 and 50 gallons. The base of a basketball hoop portable is filled with sand or water. A base that holds more sand or water means it is more stable. However, such base will be more difficult to move or transport from one place to the other.

Before placing your order online, make sure that the model you’re shopping has wheels on its base. This will allow you to transport the unit conveniently. Some poles have to pad too, and you might want to consider this as the padding can be beneficial as protection from possible impact during games.

Height of the Hoop

While it sounds easy, choosing the perfect height largely depends on the desire or preference of the user. The basketball hoop’s height ranges between 3 and 10 feet, depending on whether it is used indoors by children or use its full-size version in an outdoor exercise. Hence, a fold away basketball hoop can also have more advantages over the standard versions.

Talking about the height variation again, game stipulations certainly contribute largely to this factor. Changing the hoop to 7 to 8’ might work well for teens during dunking competitions. On the other hand, adults who are improving their games might want to consider adjusting the hoop to 10’, which is the regulation height.

Buying a Portable Basketball Hoop

So, where to buy a basketball hoop? These systems are widely available in sporting good stores and retail stores. However, online shopping has made many consumers more convenient, getting big discounts, free shipping, and other bonuses. After all, there is always Amazon as a trusted online retailer of sporting good products like discount basketball hoops, and many more.

As a reliable and certified dealer, Amazon also offers cheap portable basketball hoops, while ensuring the world-class brands. It is up to your budget though, if you’re willing to invest in more expensive varieties of these systems. Nonetheless, the best hoops can still cost at least a $100 but can be very pricey at $2,000 or more.


The best portable basketball hoops are identified through different, yet reliable customer reviews and ratings from trusted websites. The best hoop is found through a trusted brand and a certified dealer as well. It is always best to buy world-class brands such as Spalding, Lifetime, Step2, and SKLZ, ensuring the quality, efficiency and durability all at the same time.

Over and above, portable basketball hoops offer unlimited fun for families and friends. Thus, playing the sport of basketball has never been the same among the owners of such systems, enjoying their own time, own pace, especially their own, top rated basketball goals, instead of waiting in line in gyms or the clubhouse, for instance.

As long as you pick the best portable basketball hoop, this system will serve its purpose for years, creating a readily-available court for any guest who might want to drop by and play some ball. Simply gather all the necessary information and read about customer reviews about the best portable basketball system, and you are on your way to arriving at the best deal possible.

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