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10 Best Putters Reviews – Buyer Guide (Updated Apr, 2021)

Golf is a popular game in the world. If you have the Best Putters, it is easy to get the ball in the green…

… A putter is simply a club that is used in golf. This club is used to make short, slow speed strokes with an aim of rolling the ball in the hole. This is mostly done in the green part of a golf field. These strokes are done from a short distance from the hole.

You can easily spot the difference between this club and other hybrid golf clubs. It has features that are not found in other golf clubs. Putters have low profile club heads. Also in the special features, it has bent shafts, the grips are non-circular which ensures that you have a comfortable grip when holding. In addition, there is also a positional guide for easier alignment when making strokes.

Putters are also known to be very expensive but there are few that are below 100 dollars. If you have been looking for the best putters for speed control then this is the perfect place to learn.

Looking for a putting club could prove to be a very heavy task to any golfer. Read more to find top reviews and important tips to think about when buying a golf putter.

best golf putter on amazon under $100 Reviews

The following are the top six Best Putters Under 100 dollars selected by our experts among the many brands available. If you are thinking of buying the best putter under 100 201, read these reviews first.

Pinemeadow Golf Men`s PGX Putter (Right Hand)

 Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL PutterPicking the best putter for golf could mean that your game will absolutely improve and also make a big difference to you.

Achieving this would require that you attempt 50% of your shots, therefore this makes the putter a very important club for any golfer.

The white finish will help you in maintaining your putter target as well as on focus.

The Pinemeadow Golf Men`s PGX Putter is the ultimate putter that any golfer would love to have. This putter is specially made that beginners can actually find ease in using it.

In these days of putters built with graphite and composite rocks, the PGX putter is the most unique having being built with a steel shaft.

The weight of the PGX putter helps golfers who have problems with distance putts. This tour weight will also help in giving you responsive swings when making strokes.

The accuracy that is resulted from this weight is high such that there is a very minimal chance that you can`t put the ball in the cup.

The shaft is also long enough for the tall golfers.


  • The shaft has the right length for all golfers.
  • Tour weight that ensures that you have accuracy on each stroke.
  • The shaft is surprisingly steel while most putters are made of composite rocks and graphite.
  • It also has a customized headcover.


  • It might be heavy for beginners and those that are used to the lighter club.
  • Since it has a bright color, it will tend to stain easily.

 Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter

Odyssey White Hot Pro2.0 1 Putter (Standard Grip)

Odyssey White Hot Pro2.0 1 Putter (Standard Grip)

The oddyssey white hot pro has a sleek finish that reduces glare and hence it also helps in enhancing the durability of the club.

Stroke consistency is the most important aspect to any golfer in the green. Therefore, the contrasting alignment aids are specially made for this purpose.

Also, the heel placement makes sure that golfers have slow short and accurate strokes.

The full-shaft offset ensures that your hands remain in front of the ball in action so that you can always get so you will get an upward strike.

The mirror-based system in this helps you to select the proper head shape according to how you have set-up the ball.

The white-hot inserts help in improving the performance of the game, the feel and also the sound of the game.

According to the designer of Odyssey, these inserts actually have a similar feeling with the old inserts.

However, these inserts are made with a new laser-cutting process that makes the inserts here feel more consistent than the original inserts thus making the latest version better.

The odyssey putter also has many head shapes and an eye fit system that helps you in choosing the best putter for your game.

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter, Black

What we liked

  • A full shaft that ensures that your hands are over the ball so that you will get an upward strike.
  • The finish given to this putt is absolutely amazing.
  • Toe weight which gives accuracy by giving alignment aid.
  • It has a laser milling process that ensures that you as a golfer will have consistency in performance.

What we didn’t like

  • It is not newbie friendly and also it will take the golfer time to get used to it.
  • Some golfers think that it is quite expensive than most putters.
  • Many golfers love a putter with an oversized grip which this putter lacks.
Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter, Black

Wilson Harmonized Square Heel/Toe Golf Putter

Wilson Harmonized Square Heel/Toe Golf Putter

This putter is absolutely excellent. It will work for any type of golfer.

Whether you are a newbie, an intermediate or an expert golfer this putter will work just perfect on you.

This harmonized square putter is heel/toe weighted to simply increase inertia.

In addition, this putter is oriented to the right or left, which proves that it can be used with just any golfer.

Wilson also has designed this particular putter with a new grip that is also large in diameter. This type of grip is basically designed to give a comfortable grip that almost every golfer needs in a putter for easier putting on the green. In addition to that this putter has a vertical seam at the back that gives the club a great feel throughout the stroke.

The head has some horizontal lines and the gray and black contrast that give easy alignment which in turn helps you have accurate strokes.

What we liked

  • The grip`s `diameter is large thus giving a firm grip with comfort.
  • The putter has a good balance which allows you to swing with ease.
  • The horizontal lines on the head make alignment much easier.
  • Heel/toe weighting also gives higher inertia.
  • It is very affordable to anyone considering that it is below the 100 dollar mark.

What we didn’t like

  • The inserts do not give the desired bounce golfers would want.
  • This putter is light which might not work well for the professional.
  • It is designed with sharp edges so it might scratch the other clubs when you put them together.
Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter, Men's

Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter (Men`s Right Hand)

Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter (Men`s Right Hand)

This putter is designed to be used by anyone. The top line that is seen with this putter makes sure that you have lined up to four putts. It also makes sure that you are on target right from the start. This putter has a popular black and green that gives comfort and quality shock absorption.

The putter head has a nice balance since the weight itself is pushed towards the middle. In turn, this will help you to align the putter accurate strokes. Moreover, the weight of this putter is enough to give well balanced to give you easier swings.

The head of the PGX putter is white and has black and green details. There are also two holes that have lines through them and helps you align your putts. The face insert is meant to keep the ball on the green so that you do not have to keep picking it up.

What we liked

  • The external features a non-glare design that is optimal for playing on a bright sunny day.
  • This putter has a considerable weight that enables you to have well-balanced swings.
  • The length of the shaft would be great for a tall person.
  • The bounce of the ball is minimized by the insert of the face.

What we didn’t like

  • The head can stain very easily because of the bright color.
  • This putter might feel a little too light for an advanced player.
Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter (Men's Right Hand)

Things to Look for When Looking for a Best Putters Under 100

So what do you need to look at when selecting the Best Putters Under 100?


If you have been playing golf, for even the shortest time, you would definitely agree that the putter is the most crucial club of a game. The length determines the consistency of every stroke a golfer would make. Length can influence the alignment accuracy of a stroke, therefore, affecting your game.

The considered inch of the golf is about 18 inches and also the minimum length of putters. However, the long tradition is the most commonly used but there are the latest putters that you would have.

Any golfer wants to have is a comfortable correct position. You will want your eyes to be over the ball when you tilt from your hips. The hands should be under your shoulders, your elbows need to be slightly bent so that they touch your rib cage and your heels under your hips. With the correct length of a putter, you will always have the shaft incorrect line with your forearms.

Head Design

The head design is very important to the golfer. It highly influences your strokes in the game. Head designs are in three types which are peripheral weighted, mallet and blade. Golfers have different strokes so each player would be suited to the different types of head design. A blade putter is best for stroke players.

Blade style putters highly influence your aim left if at all you are a right-handed player. A peripheral weighted putter is good for those players that have intermediate skills. This kind of putter has thinner and longer blades and also an additional weight that has higher levels of stroke.

For a new player who has no experience in golfing and would love to play and learn on taking good strokes, then the mallet putter should be the best for them. It will assist you in improving your performance and alignments aids.

Alignment Aids

Alignments on putters are surely not something new. A common feature seen in many putters are lines and dots, sometimes are seen both on a putter or even a single one. Putter alignment face is something that many golfers take for granted but alignment is something you should practice and check often. This will be possible if only you choose a putter that proper alignment aids.

These features might be seen as minor but they will always have an effect on your putting. Lines closer to the face affect your aim and they direct it to the right. The lines that are back on the back of the club move your aim to the left.

If you are looking to have accurate strokes, then you should look for putters that will give the right stroke. If you are looking to choose a putter with the best alignment aid, you should consider two major factors one, what looks nice to you and what will assist in correcting your miss.


Putting requires that you have a comfortable grip when you decide to swing the club for a stroke. Therefore, we strongly advise that you choose a putter that is not too heavy to make a stroke. In this case, you will need a putter that is probably a pound. This will definitely give you an easier and accurate way of swinging the putter to give a perfect stroke.

In as much as some golfers will see this as a minor issue, this is absolutely very important for giving the required stroke in the green. However, this is considered when you have identified the style in which you play. The putter is a much-specialized club that does not have to match with the other clubs in your set, so the weight of the putter does not actually match the weight of other clubs.

Balance point

There are two types of putter heads that you will need to understand before you choose a good putter. There is the face-balanced putter and the toe balanced putter. A golfer who uses a square to square stroke will actually benefit from this face-balanced putter. On the other hand, for a golfer who uses an arc stroke then the toe balanced putter will benefit you.

These two types of putters are also very important for any golfer. Sometimes this might seem like a minor issue but the fact is that these factors pretty much affect the performance of putting. Firstly you will need to identify the type of stroke that you prefer much then match your style preference to the putter that serves you well. Having the right equipment ensures that your game has improved.


When you putt, the ball will roll off the green, but this loft will help you know the amount of air your ball will actually get. This is where the loft degree comes in, mostly; you will need around two to three degrees. This will depend on what style you use to play. Many golfers will ignore this part, but the loft degree should interest you as a golfer who wants to make their short games better.

Final Verdict

Different golfers have different putting strokes; therefore each putter above would be a good fit considering each style of each player. Since putting takes up more than your golf game, it is very important to have the best putter at hand for every short game that you are having.

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