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5 Best Travel Beds for Toddlers Reviews – Buyer Guide 2020

Travel Beds for Toddlers – A Complete Guide

Travelling with the 2+ year’s toddler has always been the biggest challenge for the parents. Though it is possible to buy the hotel accommodation for your entire family with separate bedrooms, however, those alternatives are not only expensive in nature but, also possess the security issues for the kids.Travel Beds for Toddlers is the ultimate solution to this problem

Travel beds for toddlers are highly preferred by parents because they significantly reduce the problems of the comfortable surface which might affect the sleeping habit of the baby. These beds can make the traveling super easier because of the fewer storage issues, fast assembling and comfort factors.

Best Travel Beds

If you are still not sure that why you should buy the travel beds for toddlers then, explore the next section below.

Why you need to buy Travel Beds for Toddlers

We have faith in the fact that travel beds for toddlers are designed to make your life easier. From easy traveling facility to, multiple assembling options, a best toddler travel bed can become the traveling-friend of your beloved baby. You can also find complete reviews and comparison between Toddler beds for home.Some of the advantages offered by the travel for toddlers are as follows:

  • Foldable Bed

Travel beds for toddlers can make the traveling convenient without getting worried about spending extra dollars on buying the extra room for your toddler with safe facilities. Best Toddler beds are usually foldable in nature and can be stored and assembled anywhere.

  • Compact Design, Less Space Acquiring

The compact design of the travel beds for toddlers can be folded and stored anywhere in the bag. Unlike baby cribs, travel beds for toddlers don’t consist of the wooden or steel rods for the assembling purposes.

Additionally, you don’t need extra space to make the travel bed operable. You can easily place the bed along with your bed.

  • Safe Bed with Home-like Environment

Putting a toddler to sleep is the hardest thing ever. If your toddler isn’t sleeping, it simply means that you can also not sleep. Finding a new sleeping place and convincing your toddler that this place is right can be little hard.

The travel beds for toddlers provide the home-like environment to them, where they peacefully sleep and also enjoy the traveling.

Best Travel Beds for Toddlers:

Sometimes it becomes hard for parents to decide that whether they should go to the travel toddler bed or the travel crib. Always remember that buying a traveling crib depends on the age of your child.

Toddlers with 2+ years of age are more comfortable in traveling bed rather than the crib. Travelling bed allows them to expand their legs, have the comfy feeling and experience the home-like sleeping environment even while traveling.

Some of the best travel beds for toddlers which can make the decision easier are as follows.

Let’s Dig In!

Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

Hiccapop Inflatable toddler bed is designed for those toddlers who love to enjoy the comfortable sleep anytime and anywhere. Whether you are going for the family vacations or staying at the Grandma’s house, you can easily count on the Hiccapop inflatable toddler bed for providing the best sleeping platform to your toddler.

We have listed this travel toddler bed as the best one because of its features, which aims to make the traveling process with your toddler unbelievably simpler.

  • Safety Bumpers for Extra Security

These travel beds for toddlers is designed to provide the extra safety. As children under 5 years old sleep very carelessly, therefore, they tend to jump out the mattress and hurt themselves. However, the safety bumpers of the Hiccapop aims to reduce the chances of jump or falling down with its tall and 25% extra-large railings.

  • Best Quality Mattress with Crib Sheet Replacement

We found out that the quality of Hiccapop Inflatable toddler bed is incomparable. The mattress is made up of 40% thicker vinyl which helps in reducing the chances of air leaking and puncturing of the mattress.

Additionally, the mattress is made up of velvet flocked which helps to ensure the comfortable sleep for your toddler. If your toddlers love to sleep in the crib then, you can also remove the crib sheet and place it on the Hiccapop inflate mattress for providing the better sleep.

  • Transition Bed

These travel beds for toddlers can easily be transformed into the transition bed. If your toddler has reached the age of 2 and now they are unable to extend their legs in the crib then, all you need to do is shift them on the travel bed.


  • Extremely travel-friendly. Certified by federal standards for child safety.
  • Comes with the electric pump that not only inflates the mattress but also deflates
  • Longer usability: not only restricted to toddlers, can be used for adult nights stays.
  • Can be folded and stored in the luggage


  • 2% customer claims that product which they received was faulty.

The Shrunks Junior Toddler Travel Bed

If you and your child hate the squeaky noises of the inflatable mattress which is caused due to body movement then, The Shrunks Junior Toddler bed is here to solve your problem. This travel bed is not only known for providing the sleeping comfort to your toddler, it also reduces the hassle of inflating the bed with hand pumpers. We found this bed pretty amazing and safe for the toddlers because of its safety features, unique design, and long-lasting material.

  • Perfect Quality Bed

The Shrunks travel beds for toddlers are known for providing the safest material to the kids which is potential free from the harmful BPA, Phthalates, and lead. The bed is designed to provide the sound sleep to toddlers with the help of 100% cotton sheets that aims to eliminate the squeaky sounds that are caused due to air and body movement. 

  • Right Size for Longer Toddlers

This travel bed for a toddler is best for the kid of every size. As the size of the kids varies, therefore, it is important to buy the bed which can fit all the sizes. The 132cm long size of the Shrunks bed aims to properly fit in the kids without reducing the comfort level.

  • Safety Rails

The safety rails play important role in determining the usability of the product and the signature safety rails of this toddler bed are designed for those parents who are always worried about the falling of their kids.

Overall, we found this travel bed extremely incredible which further gives the originality check with 2 years warranty however, the customer claims indicate that people are supposed to carry a separate bag for storing this bed as it can’t be stored inside the normal luggage or traveling bag.


  • The portable bed which inflates in 60 seconds only.
  • Comes with convenient foot pump
  • Unique, safe and eye-catching design for toddler
  • Comfortable mattress made up of harm-free material


  • Couldn’t perfectly fit in the travel bag.
  • Users are supposed to carry extra storage bag.

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