Wedding Dresses for Fall Brides

Best Wedding Dresses for Fall Brides

With its crisp air, bold colors, and elegant scenery that lends itself perfectly to photographs, fall is one of the most beautiful seasons in which to get married. The mild weather also lends itself to many different dress styles, making your wedding planning all the more exciting. Both more basic styles and extravagant designs and patterns that flow seamlessly with the season are ideal for an autumnal wedding.

Wedding Dresses for Fall Brides

The Basic Styles

There are many styles and cuts of bridal dresses to choose from. If you’re planning a fall wedding, all styles are on the table (rather than being ruled out due to unsuitable weather), so you can focus on choosing the style that flatters you the most and best fits your vision.

  • Ball Gown– This classic cut is a true princess-style dress, with a fitted bodice and full skirt, often made of tulle or chiffon.
  • Mermaid– This snugly-fitted style is fitted from the chest to around the knee and then flares out, creating an effect similar to a mermaid’s tail. If you want to accentuate your curves, a mermaid-style dress may be the perfect option for you.
  • A-line– This is another more traditional style, often used in designs that tend to be more subtle and flowy. A-line dresses feature a fitted bodice that can be either classically-cut or empire-waist and a skirt that cascades out towards the ground.
  • Sheath– Sheath dresses are snugly fit but not overly tight and hug your curves without restricting your movement. This style is narrow and sleek, flowing straight down from the neckline to the hem without a flared skirt.
  • Two-piece– Two-piece dresses have risen in popularity in recent years and can be both charming and sophisticated. These dresses feature a matching top and skirt, with a strip of torso visible in between.


Ruffles are set to be a fall trend for this season, and their unique shapes mimic the flowing vines and leaves of the fall. They can be a lovely addition to the neckline, bodice, waist, train, or even make up the entire dress.

Not only do ruffles make a dress interesting to look at, but they are a unique and beautiful statement piece for the bride.


Who decided the bride has to wear a dress to the wedding, anyway? A bridal jumpsuit is the ideal statement piece to turn heads and also give your wedding a chic and unique edge.

Jumpsuits are also perfect for weddings toward the end of the fall season when the weather might be a bit more chilly. You won’t have to shiver your way down the aisle and instead walk in style and warmth.

These fashionable pieces come in many styles—there are long-sleeved lace options, those that flare out at the leg, breezy and romantic styles, asymmetrical cuts, sweetheart necklines, and more.


High-low dresses have skirts that are shorter in the front and longer in the back, creating a flowing waterfall effect that also makes it much easier to walk and dance without stepping on your hem.

This style elegantly mixes modern and classic, creating a more subtle but still unique fashion statement. It also allows you to show off both your legs and your wedding shoes—so be sure to choose an appropriately flashy pair!


For spring weddings, floral prints tend toward the more subtle and dainty. However, in fall, floral wedding dress designs are often bolder and more ornate to match the vibrant colors and late-blooming plants of the season.

Fall is a season that urges people to acknowledge the beauty of nature, and a floral print in vivid, bold colors can help you match that energy. Some designs also feature embroidered flower designs and appliques.

Fall Bouquets

Fall wedding bouquets must capture the colors of the season. There are many styles and ways to incorporate the classic, striking fall colors of burnt orange, red and yellow—all of which look gorgeous set against the traditional white of a wedding gown.

You pick something more subtle and refined or incorporate berries, goldenrod, and wildflowers. Many fall brides even choose their favorite seasonal blooms and arrange them with autumn leaves and ferns.

Being a Fall Bride is a Special Experience

As a fall bride, you will not only get to experience the season as the backdrop for your special day, but you also get to embody it in your appearance. From dresses to bouquets, a fall wedding is special for many reasons. Whether you choose to embrace boldness with bright colors and floral pieces or opt for a more simple look, autumn is the ideal time for a celebration.

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