Bilibo Reviews – The toy overflowing with imagination

Design and Imagination meet at Bilibobilibo

Bilibo is a toy that becomes whatever it is you imagine it to be. It is specifically designed to feed into the ways that children like to play, and it encourages them to use their imagination. It is a place to put things, a place to hide things, a place to sit, a bucket, a drum, a pool toy, a snow toy, a sled, a turtle shell, a tunnel, a helmet, a cradle, and much more.

Bilibo was developed by Swiss Designer Alex Hochstrasser in consultation with leading experts like Prof. Remo H Larfo from the University Children’s Hospital Zurich.

I’ve watched several kids enjoy this toy – and they’ve all done different things with it. It makes for a great toy at Grandma’s house because it sparks creativity and imagination and acts as many different things (so Grandma doesn’t need to store too many toys).

Experience the Bilibo

Look at all the things a creative child can do with a bilbo![su_youtube_advanced url=”″ rel=”no” fs=”no”]

What is bilibo?

The Bilibo is for children of various ages. Based on their age and interests, children will use the Bilibo in different ways.

For instance, toddlers may use the Bilibo to fill with items and then dump out, while older kids may use it for spinning or rocking, or silly races.

The Bilibo is great for pretend play, in which it will transform into a turtle shell, a drum, a cooking pot, or a ship. It even acts as a tunnel for cars, and a hiding place for just about anything.

Take it outside, and you’ll have a beach toy, a sled, or a chair.

The Possibilities Are Endless

The Mini Bilibo


The Award Winning Bilibo

The Bilibo has won many awards for its use and design:
  • Toy of the Year – UK Good Toy Awards 2006
  • Deutscher Lernspielpreis, Auswahlliste 2003
  • Dr. Toy, 10 Best Active Products 2002
  • Spiel Guy – Arbeitsausschuss Kinderspiel 2002
  • Design Distinction – I.D. 2002 Design Review
  • Swiss product Design Award 2002
  • Design Preis Schweiz 01 Distinction
  • Swiss Federal Award for Design 2001
  • It was also used in museum exhibits at:
  • Wadsworth Atheneum; Hartford, CT 2004
  • Oklahoma City Museum of Art; Oklahoma OK 2004
  • Carnegie Museum of Art; Pittsburgh PA 2004

Building Imagination

If you value toys that help your child to build their imagination, and skills of creativity, then you may be interested in these great toys, which all promote imaginative play through the building.

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