Best Strapless Cocktail Dress Reviews 2018

Find a Great Strapless Cocktail Dress Do you have a dressy party or another event to attend soon? If you want a dress that will make an impression we have them here! You can find a strapless cocktail dress in many different fantastic styles and colors. There are jeweled dresses, lace dresses, and dresses with […]

Why You Should Choose A Perfect Ceramic Flat Iron?

The advent of technology and new innovations in the world of hair pampering and maintenance has led to the introduction of the ceramic flat iron. This is a device that enables people to manage and style their hair with curls and waves. It is gaining popularity among people who are conscious about their hair by […]

The Ultimate Guide: 5 Dress Codes You Need to Follow In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is probably one of the most well-visited countries in Europe, and it ranks 29th in the Top 100 City Destinations Ranking list for 2017. The city welcomes almost 18 million of tourists every year and is projected to grow in 23 million by 2025. It’s not surprising though, with its perfect sceneries, panoramic views, […]

Stylish With A Cause: Promoting Women’s Suffrage Globally Through Fashion

As always, feminism has always been a conversation starter and major topic of discussion in different facets of society. There’s a famous adage that goes like this, “There is no force stronger than a woman determined to rise.’’ The words are so on point and very powerful.  It became a saving mantra for many women […]