Choosing wedding flowers by season for your wedding

Choosing wedding flowers by season for your wedding

Choosing wedding flowers by season for your wedding

Always go for the seasonal blooms when it comes to wedding flowers. We are sure you have heard about this recommendation from almost everyone relevant to wedding flowers starting from your florist to your friend who recently got married. You have established the fact that you would opt for seasonal flowers, now the question is what next? How will you make your final pick of the flowers? Well, the answer is pretty simple; you have to set few criteria.

Availability, price color, and size are some of the most important criteria for flower picks. Getting wholesale flowers and supplies, in this case, is a wise flowers for spring

The wedding flowers for spring

You would find plenty of spring flower list on the internet. And spring is the season for naturally available blooms. Let’s discuss here the other variables which are associated with spring season flowers. The color palette of the flowers of this season is the most interesting factor here. The spectrum is huge ranging from lighter shades of white, pink and yellow to darker shades of green, purple and even black. The colors look vibrant with any décor you choose in the season. Outdoor and beach weddings are the better option if you want spring flowers to look at its best.

Our top four picks for spring flowers would be:

The wedding flowers for winter

There is a common myth that winters don’t have many flowers. Well, the perception is quite wrong. Winter comes with unique features of flowers. The colors are not too bright or not too dull, the shape and sizes are of variety. The best feature of winter flowers is the fact that they are hardy, long-lasting and can survive under extreme temperatures.

Our top winter flower picks include:

  • Orchids ( Suits with any look, widely available)
  • Gerbera (Unique choice to go for)
  • Amaryllis (elegant and modest colors)

The wedding flowers for summer

Flowers look the brightest during the summer season. This is the season for large blooms and darker color palettes for flowers. You do realize the weather conditions of the season can be difficult, so going for indoor weddings is a better option for summer season. We would recommend sticking to only one or two blooms so that you can buy them in bulk. Order wholesale flowers and supplies beforehand to save yourself from the last minute hassle.

Our top picks for summer wedding flowers are:

  • Roses (Traditional look, fits well everywhere)
  • Dahlia (Better for bridal bouquets and accessories)
  • Sunflower ( Contemporary flower for the season)

The wedding flowers for fall

Fall weddings are best suited for a romantic themed wedding. The fall flowers are our personal favorite as you can get the perfect vintage or boho look for the wedding. Fall flowers work wonders for country-themed weddings as well. And if you want floral crowns, corsages and other floral accessories more, fall wedding flowers would be an absolute treat to the eyes. The colors of fall flowers give out an elegant and classy vibe.

Our top picks for fall wedding flowers:

  • Hydrangeas ( Widely available, interesting color spectrum, best for country-themes)
  • Freesia (Well suited as complementary flowers)
  • Magnolia (Elegant color with perfect shape)

Prioritization of criteria

Prioritization of criteriaThe criteria for choosing flowers are not always mutually exclusive. Our general advice would be to choose the widely available ones as it would reduce the cost and time. However, for you, the main criteria could the color or uniqueness of the flower. We leave the option open to you but do keep only two to three criteria prioritized otherwise, the choosing process gets complicated. Making a list of pros and cons helps a lot while coming to an optimum decision for flowers.


Choosing the right combination of flowers is the most important factor. Make sure the colors and fragrance are complementary and both the flowers together bring a unified look to the wedding. Usually, you have your mind set on a certain bloom, so the second flower should be chosen keeping the first choice in mind,

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