Beachy Waves

Easy Hairstyles that a Flat Iron Can Smoothen for You

Each one of us prefers to have a distinct hairstyle without compromising on the fresh, sleek, and smooth appearance. While a few styles may take some time to be applied, some might be done in no time. As a fact, not all of us have enough time to spend on styling our hair on a daily basis. However, with a modern flat iron, it is possible to get that smooth look in just a few seconds. Here are some guidelines for a few hairstyles to obtain that polished look.

Beachy WavesBeachy Waves

This is one of the hairstyles that can be made effortlessly as well as quickly. To make this style, you need to have wet hair on which passing a comb via a blend of hair gel and texturizing cream is indispensable for hold. Next, crumpling with a diffuser tool on low setting is required for drying. After the manes become dry, you need to use a 1-inch rounded flat iron to curl some sections randomly, which are atop your head. What you need to take care here is that these loose curls start from the hair’s bottom and end atop your ears. Further, they need to be in different directions as well as sizes. Finally, you can apply a few drops of spray to give that polished touch.

Half Up/Down

You can give this look in a very simple way to your straight pin manes, although there are some ways to do the same. Before you pull back the manes, ensure that there is enough volume. In its absence, consider adding volume with a bit of teasing. Next, extend your part over to the side or pull some loose strands before locking the manes with clips. Now, with a fine-toothed comb, you can start pulling your wet manes back. After securing the pulled back chunk, dry the remaining manes followed by smoothing them with the most suitable flat iron.

Straight Hair

The name is very simple, but this style needs much time when you are using a heated styling tool. This conveys the importance of protecting your hair before moving ahead. Therefore, you need to start by applying a heat protector and smoothing cream throughout wet hair followed by combing with a comb of the wide tooth. Next, you will have to dry your hair with a blow dryer by separating manes only your fingers.

However, this is to be done only until your manes are halfway dry after which a paddle brush is what you need to use for further drying. At this time, do part your manes for getting a more defined layer. It is vital to dry the manes section by section, particularly from bottom to way up. Lastly, a round brush is required for extra volume, a rounded flat iron of 1-inch to complete styling by running over the upper layers as well as adding a slight curl at the bottom, and hair spray for a shiny look. However, with the latest flat irons that act as both straighteners and curlers, there is no need of blow dryer.

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