Easton Baseball Gloves

Equipment used in Baseball

It is said that baseball is the game of passion and that may well be true but there are lots of people who have never had a chance to play baseball and some do not understand how the game get works. In this brief overview, you will find the baseball equipment needed while playing baseball.

Baseball Equipment

Let’s talk about the equipment you will need to play the baseball.


Easton Baseball Gloves

The first piece of equipment needed for the game is a baseball. The baseball is made of a rubber or cork center wrapped in the yarn and covered in leather. It measures about three inches in diameter.


Easton Baseball Batting Gloves

You will also need a glove the glove is typically made of leather and has adjustable leather straps to give a better fit.


Marucci Baseball Bats of Features
Marucci Baseball Bats of Features

The bat is a must in the game the baseball bat ranges in length depending on the age of those playing the game. Bats will either be wooden or aluminum most of the time you will only find the wooden bat.

At the professional level, there are many optional items as well these items might not be needed with a friendly backyard game of baseball but they are a must in any League.

Cleats Shoe

Best Molded Baseball Cleats

The first optional item is a pair of cleats. Cleats shoe with rubber or sometimes metal spikes on the bottom. The spikes help grab the dirt and allow the player to gain traction easier.


baseball helmet

When playing on a team that is also a good idea to have a batting helmet this protects the batter or offensive player from potential injuries occurring after being hit with a straight pitch.

Protective Gear

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If you were playing in the catching position, you will need all the protective gear that the catcher wears. This includes a face mask, chest padding, shin guards and ankle guards. if you are the catcher, the ball is pitched at you and upwards to 100 miles per hour at times it is best to have all this protective gear.


Baseball pants walmart
Baseball pants walmart

The final necessity for a team is a baseball uniform. The uniform as in every sport will allow each player to be quickly identified by the team.

Benefits of Playing Baseball

Baseball can be of a great benefit to the players.

  • Baseball teaches team building skills all players must work together to accomplish the goal of scoring and keeping the other team from scoring.
  • It teaches good sportsmanship.
  • Players must be courteous to each other.
  • Baseball is also great for developing hand-eye coordination swinging the bat and making contact with the ball is a lot more difficult than it sounds. It takes timing and precision to skills that become better with hand-eye coordination.
  • Baseball also promotes exercise and overall baseball is just fun who knows with a little practice anyone can be in the major leagues one day with a multi-million dollar contract.

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