How to Find the Best Vacuum in Your Budget

We all know how challenging cleaning carpets and floors can be, but thanks to vacuum cleaning machines, that task is no longer a bother. There is a myriad of cleaning machines; some expensive and others cheap. In the past, cheap cleaners were deemed to be of inferior quality, and people rarely appreciated their low prices.

Even today, there are those who still think ‘budget products’ or the best price cleaners are for broke dudes, but this is a misplaced perception as even the rich look for great deals that will leave them with big profit margins. All the same, this attitude is changing as nowadays customers are looking for lowly priced walmart rug cleaners.

Due to complex manufacturing technology and tough competition, companies are now selling some of their best vacuum for apartment cheaply and thus all one should do is to search for the best vacuum reviews to make informed choices.

There are some dust vacuum cleaners costing above $200 but compare relatively well with those costing below $100. As stated above, there are several types of vacuum cleaners, but in a bid to debunk the negative attitude towards budget items, this article will review and discuss the best vacuum cleaners under $100.

While searching for the best value vacs, there are some basic factors one should consider prior to buying:

  1. Noise: All cleaning machines are noisy, but some are noisier thus if noise bothers you then opt for a quiet vacuum cleaner.
  2. Bag or bag-less model: If one is allergic to dust then the former is more ideal but you must be ready to be replacing vacuum filters and bags periodically.
  3. Test before buying: Just like when buying a car, one should test drive it to ensure that the cleaning machine is okay and will perform as expected.
  4. Know the use of each extra feature: Some machines have extra features meant to entice customers to buy otherwise lowly priced items, expensively.
  5. Bissell Clean view – model 1332

This is one bag-less kitchen vacuum model that costs below $100. It is packed with features that are only available in some expensive units. For example, it has a long cord that retracts into its system and is equipped with a multi-level filtration system for controlling allergen levels thereby making it one of the best apartment vacuum.

Bissell Zing Rewind Canister

You can also buy Bissell Zing Rewind. This bag-less cleaning machine costs below $100 and is powerfully designed to clean any type of surface thus qualifying as one of the best vacuum for high pile carpet. It has a 3-level filtering system, a powerful suction ability, and weighs 8 pounds only. In addition, it is equipped with re-usable filters thus reducing its maintenance cost.

Bissell Zing Canister, model No. 1665

This bag-less cool cleaner costs below $50 and just like other Bissell products, it is equipped with a 3-level filtration setting. It cleans both carpets and hard-wood floors and just like Bissell Zing Rewind cleaner, it has a retractable cord and washable filters.  

Walmart shark navigator, model No. SV1106

If you are looking for budget cleaners, think of Shark carpet cleaner as you can get a variety of high quality shark vacuum cleaners at walmart. Shark navigator is one machine that competes relatively well with other expensive units. It is rechargeable and cordless meaning you can move freely and clean every corner.  It weighs 7.5 pounds, but the notable downside is that recharging can take up to 4 hours.

Black + Decker hand-vacuum

This hand-held device costs about $40 and offers high-level performance. Besides, it comes with an inbuilt rechargeable cell that can store charge for about 18 months meaning you don’t have to connect it to power every time you use it.

Hoover Linx Stick

This cordless light vaccuum cleaner costs about $99. It can clean carpets and wooden floors and also due to its small size and performance, it has proved to be one of the best vacuum for a small apartment. It is rechargeable and can operate wirelessly for 50 minutes without recharging. Furthermore, it comes with a battery gauge that shows its usage level.

Shark versus Dyson

Shark or dyson vacuum cleaners, which one is superior? Shark boasts of employing cutting-edge technology like the duo clean technology that enables one to clean and absorb dirt within a single pass.

On the other hand, dyson carpet cleaner boasts of re-imagining and enhances the ordinary cleaning abilities of its machines. Most online reviews on Dyson products show that mainly they focus on making high quality suction capabilities and easing their maneuverability by employing their reputed Ball Technology.

As per a 2015 survey by the German Institute for quality, Dyson products were voted as the best brand in Germany thereby beating even the giant german vacuum companies like Bosch, Vorwerk, and Miele. These cleaners come in different sizes, and their prices vary, for instance, some self-propelled vacuum cleaner like V8 absolute, Cinetic animal upright, Dyson DC65 multi floor vacuum, etc. priced above $250. Nevertheless, there are also other best value vacs costing below hundred dollars.

Bissell versus Shark

People have been wondering which one between bissell vs. shark is superior. Coincidentally, both units employ cutting-edge technology like multi-level filtration and cyclonic-cleaning systems. Again, both give warrants, but whereas Shark offers 5 years, Bissell offers 2-3 years. Furthermore, both are bag-less and offer extra vaccuum cleaner attachments. In terms of cost, Shark products cost more than Bissell by between $30-80, but it is worth it.

Although listed above are some of the best vacuums under 100 dollars in the market, one must make some compromises when buying such products. Mind that certain premium features that cannot be included in the cheaper models. Anyway, that should not discourage one from opting for other low costing goods, as some budget-friendly models are as good as expensive vacuum cleaners in terms of performance.

Shahid Maqsood


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