How to Groom Your Dog At Home?

Grooming your dog is not going to be rocket science, as a pet owner it is essential you learn how to groom your dogs properly to offer them an active and healthier lifestyle.

Few of them prefer taking their dogs to a professional groomer but this may not be a feasible option all time. The alternate method is to learn to groom your pets at home through a dog grooming training; this can be the best option with benefits like spending your time with your lovable pets as well as helps in saving your valuable money and time.

Tips to Groom your Pets at Home

You could avoid excessive hair falls and shedding by probably following the below effective tips.Groom Your Dog At Home


It’s essential that you brush your pet regularly to remove the dirt, prevent matting or tangles, spread natural oils, keep their skin irritant free, etc. so that their fur remains in a good healthy condition. Matted hair works best for any skin irritation from wounds infection to the restriction of blood circulation.

Brushing also helps you in neglecting the ticks and fleas so that you can protect your dog from unwanted parasites that cause diseases in pets.


Make sure you bathe your pets once in a month before grooming to remove excess oils, dirt, debris, etc., make use of the pet-friendly shampoos and other product without chemicals so that your pet stay away from any harsh skin irritation. Regularly bathing can get rid of insects and other small organsm on the pet fur, you can also make use of any electric insect foggers to get rid of these flies, insects away from your home so that your pet stay healthy and clean.

How to Bathe your pet?

Here are some of the practical tips you can adequately follow to bath your pet.

  • Take to 3 to 4 inches of lukewarm water in a large sink or tub.
  • Make use of the unbreakable cup or any spray hose to wet your pet with water, do not spray into your cat or dogs ears, eyes, nose, etc.
  • Take a small quantity of specially formulated dog-friendly shampoos and start massaging.
  • Rinse them and repeat if needed.
  • Take a wet washcloth to wipe their eyes, ears, nose and other parts of the body.
  • If you have long hair breed pets, then you might need a pet conditioner, it’s good if you follow up the shampoo that comes with conditioner plus rinse set up or shampoo plus rinse set up.
  • Turn off and squeeze out the excess water from your pet once the conditioner and shampoo rinsed utterly.
  • Again make use of the wet towel to pat them dry.


The next step after a clean bath is to trim their nail for a clean and tidy look you can check nail clipper especially for pets. You can check out many tutorials on trimming your dog or cat nails if it’s snagging or clicking on the floor from various online resources.

  • Purchase a nail clipper specially made for pets, there are two main styles of nail clippers namely guillotine and a scissor type; you can prefer the one based on your dog breed comfort.
  • For wigged dogs and cats, wrap them in a towel and then clip it when they are mellow. In the case of other pets, take their paw by pulling them close to you so that you can clip the nails with more comfort, make sure you cut the nail at a slight angle from top to bottom to avoid bleeding.
  • Trim a little more until you feel that they are not saggy, in the case your pet nail starts to bleed, take a paper towel or clean cloth to the wound. Apply cornstarch or styptic powder over their palm; it would clot so that the bleeding will be stopped.

Refine with Thinning Shears

Once you have completed nail clipping, take thinning shears to provide a bright look to your dog and trim out the delicate areas namely feet, eyes, etc. Researchers show that using thinning shears around the face will neglect the wound lines or leaving lines from your pet.

The design of the thinning shears is made in a way that there are no chances even for an accidental cutting, apart from that they also provide a natural look to your cats or dogs.

Brushing Teeth

Taking care of your pet teeth is more important for them to stay healthy as they use them for multiple purposes like chewing, playing, licking and much more.

Your dogs or cat teeth start decaying and dirty once they start eating and perform any tasks, you should use any dog toothpaste or toothbrush to brush their teeth. You can check out reviews online for the dog toothbrush and paste.

The one crucial thing is that you should never use a human paste as they may bring unwanted problems, there is toothpaste available especially for dogs to keep it white and healthy.

Bottom Line

When it comes to grooming your pets by yourself, various practices will provide the maximum comfort in the process; your dog stays comfortable when you are performing the grooming process in the right way.

Grooming your pet means spending more time with your dog or cat and therefore your bond become too close to them. Genuinely use the above tips so that your dog will have a natural and attractive look along with healthy lifestyle.

Take time to appreciate your dog, reward them and treat them in a better way. Your positive words about good behaving during grooming will help your pets to know different things were happening around them, behave in a right way and also they will start looking forward to the next grooming season.


Shahid Maqsood


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