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Halloween Haunted House Decorations

Halloween haunted houses are the best part of Halloween

Every year I take the kids to the Halloween haunted houses and each year they become more spooky, and the Halloween haunted house decorations become more realistic looking. Looking to have the best Halloween haunted house this year? Then having the best-haunted house decorations is what you need everything from skeletons to zombies and all kinds of bloody spooky things that go bump and jump out at you howling and screaming causing you to jump in horror. Get your Halloween haunted house decorations now and be ready to scare all your friends and neighbors with your Halloween decorating.

Amazing Animatronics and Traditional Toys

The fun doesn’t have to stop with static decorations which inflate or just sit there. Consider some top quality animatronics and have decorations which jump, scream, lunge and scare everyone silly! A mad lunging dog is a great idea. It will sit and growl while its eyes flicker menacingly and then, just when you are least expecting it, it will lunge forward making whoever is standing closest scream for sure. Or choose a zombie animated clown, a cackling old hag who rocks back and forth in time to the scary music. You provide the CD player and chair, and this scary old witch comes with her CD.

You can also get fake fires (which run off electric), and these will have a flickering light bulb underneath and some silk fabric on top which sways around to look like the flame. Use your imagination or browse Amazon and eBay to see what you can pick up. You are sure to discover some great things, and Halloween will be all the more exciting with your new Halloween decorations. Of course, not all Halloween haunted house decorations have to be animatronic. You can also get some fine decorations for much less money, which are just as effective and creepy. Choose paper, metal or plastic decorations and get the kids to help you decide where to hang or sit them for maximum effect.

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The Best Selling Halloween Haunted House Decorations

Clawing Corpse Animated Halloween Prop
Clawing Corpse Animated Halloween Prop

There is no doubt this is one ugly decoration, but that is the whole point of Halloween decorations. This two-foot tall decoration is going to scare everyone. He appears to pull himself out of the ground and just when you thought it could not get any worse, he spews fog over the whole area in front of him and is seriously creepy. The scary hands complete the look, and you are sure to scare lots of people if you choose this Halloween decoration. He is going to give people nightmares, which makes him a great option for your Halloween party if you want to go all out to impress.[amazon_link asins=’B00MEQV3UO’ template=’BuyButton’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a58bbf26-6bd3-11e7-9d59-f1f1c1e48eff’]

The Top Rated Halloween Haunted House Decorations

42″ Ghoulish Animated Screaming Skeleton

Halloween decorations do not get much scarier than this animated screaming skeleton. Skeletons are already scary, especially at Halloween, but this one emits terrifying shrieks! The skeleton’s arms move up and down while it screams. This decoration is motion activated so when someone unknowingly walks past, the screaming and shaking will begin. Just imagine how much fun you can have with that. If you are only going to buy one Halloween decoration this year, you might like to consider this one. It is both scary and hilarious at the same time, and everyone will love it, especially the kids.[amazon_link asins=’B00XLTUWQE’ template=’BuyButton’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’64eb19c6-6bd3-11e7-b93a-439d5c9ba65d’]

Deluxe Halloween Bag Of Skeleton Bones – Full 28 Piece Set – Perfect For A Halloween Graveyard Or Haunted House

For sure, these bones are perfect for scaring the neighbors! You get an assortment of different bones, and sizes range up to about 14 inches for the longer ones, which makes them close to life-size human bones. The bones are made of a kind of plastic or Styrofoam, so you will need to store them carefully, but there is no reason they will not last for much more Halloweens to come. These are quite close to real-looking, and if the lights are low, they could easily pass for real, especially if you scatter them on the porch or partly bury them in the yard. Have fun arranging these in whatever way you like, and create a really scary scene.[amazon_link asins=’B000VGOB8A’ template=’BuyButton’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’f4972693-6bd2-11e7-bad6-ef9ea616451a’]

Custom Halloween Haunted House Yard Prop Blood Body Severed Human Male Hand Ring Finger Choppered

If you are looking for bargain pieces to decorate your house this Halloween, consider this severed hand. The ring finger has been chopped off, and the hand is quite realistic looking and covered in blood. The piece is made of soft artificial rubber for a realistic appearance, and it has cotton padding inside to maintain the shape. It would not pass as being human if you inspect it up close, but it is perfect for a low-lit scene, or you can have it on the porch or as part of a larger display. For [amazon_link asins=’B01AOS8BDU’ template=’PriceLink’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’d23fa5a8-6bd2-11e7-be4d-09842a28eb34′] this is a wonderful addition to any haunted house display.[amazon_link asins=’B01AOS8BDU’ template=’BuyButton’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’d23fa5a8-6bd2-11e7-be4d-09842a28eb34′]

4 yards x 30″ CREEPY CLOTH – Spooky Halloween Decoration

When you are designing a haunted house, you will need large items like fake bones, severed hands, pumpkins and the like, but do not forget the backdrop, because that is what ties everything in together. These creepy cloth decorations are ideal for suspending behind your display to lend a realistic air and increase the creepiness factor. The cloth measures 4 yards by 30 inches, which should be plenty long enough for your needs. Discover your uses for this. It would work as a backdrop, or you could drape it over a table. Set the mood with this creepy Halloween cloth and reuse it every year as part of your spooky display. This is a great addition to any haunted house, and you might like to get a couple, for different uses.[amazon_link asins=’B01JPD9U62′ template=’BuyButton’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’d3401083-6bd0-11e7-b84e-b130f6c3b37c’]

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