Halloween Party Ideas for Kids 2019

Having a Halloween party is always a fun time. Are you in charge of planning a Halloween Party this season? Halloween Party Ideas for Kids is here to help you with all the things you will need for a Halloween Party for Kids.

Halloween games like pin the tail on the pumpkin, bobbing for apples or spooky Halloween face painting.You can have a spooky Halloween party for kids when using some Halloween Party Ideas for Kids that they will love. Some of the best party games for kids are Pumpkin Pinata Smash or a pirates treasure hunt. And don’t forget the Halloween costume contests. Halloween is such a fun Holiday with so many possibilities of games and foods to enjoy.

You can make Halloween party games for kids as scary as you like, depending on the age of the children involved. While older kids will appreciate more frightening and more elaborate games. Keep things lighter for younger kids who need more simple party ideas and who tend to get scared more easily. If you have various ages of kids at the party, then you can organize different games for different groups of kids.

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The Best Selling Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

Hanging Black SpiderMcToy Hanging Halloween Plastic Spider, 20 Foot, Black

This spider is great fun, and you can use it to decorate a large or small room. Adjust the legs to fit the room. It is 20 feet wide so that nobody can miss it. Made from black plastic, the spider is easy to hang and weighs anything barely. This black plastic spider is sure to get plenty of compliments, and it is the perfect addition to any Halloween party. Reuse it again and again. Everyone will want to see this making an appearance every Halloween. This spider is cute and fun, not spooky (unless you suffer from arachnophobia of course!)
The Top Rated Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

Kids Face Painting Kit

This face painting kit comes with black, white, orange, yellow, red, blue and pink face paints, as well as a brush and face painting sponge. You also get a guide book with suggested looks, so you can use those or design your own. The face paints are easy to apply, and they do not irritate the skin. When it is time to take the paint off, it comes off very easily. These paints do not smudge as cream face paints do and you get plenty of paint in the kit. This is ideal to make some fun Halloween looks such as witches, ghosts, cats, or anything else you can imagine.

Plan the Perfect Halloween Party

There is no doubt that Halloween is a special time. It only comes once a year, so make the most of it! Collect pumpkin-carving ideas and scary Halloween recipes to thrill the kids, and don’t forget the Halloween costumes either or the games.
What exactly you plan for Halloween depends to an extent on the ages of your kids. A two-year-old is not going to appreciate the same things as an eleven-year-old for example, and what is fun and slightly scry to one child might be pant-wetting terrifying to another and give them nightmares for weeks, so take care to plan the right activities and entertainments. Halloween is supposed to be scary in a fun way, not in a horrible one.

Halloween Costumes for the Little Ones

A lot of the planning is going to be about the costumes and whether you want to make them, rent them or buy them. Since Halloween costumes are quite economical, especially if you look online for the best deals, it makes sense to buy them. What one child wears this year a younger child will be able to wear in the future.

Halloween costumes do not go out of style as regular fashions do. In fact, the older ones are often scarier. Ask your child what he or she wants to be. Some kids prefer the classic options such as witches, wizards or fairies, and others might have something unusual yet specific in mind, such as a lion or Mickey Mouse. You won’t know until you ask, and then you can make or buy your little one the costume of their dreams which they will feel great in.

Plan your kids’ Halloween party well in advance, so you have everything covered. Pick out which recipes you are going to make, buy some pumpkins and carving tools and plan the party games. If you are making the costumes then look online or in magazines for patterns, or if you prefer to buy then have a look to see what Amazon and eBay are offering this year. There are lots of Halloween party ideas for kids, and if you plan early, you can be assured that your party will be fantastic and the kids will have a whale of a time.

Halloween Decorations Kit

For the price, this set is really good value. You get a trio of bats, a big hanging spider, a stretchable spider web with a spider in it, and a big creepy cloth that you can hang as you like. Save money by purchasing a set like this rather than getting the items individually. If you want to decorate a room for a kids’ Halloween party, you can get them to help out, deciding where to hang the spider web and where the bats would look the scariest. This set offers enough to decorate part of a room, or you can combine it with other Halloween items to make a bigger scene. The set is good quality as well as good value, and the kids are sure to have a lot of fun decorating with it.

Inflatable Pirate Ship Cooler

Beistle Company - Inflatable Pirate Ship CoolerThis is a fun conversation piece, and it is a great vessel to serve cold drinks from. Pump it up with a tire inflator (or you can blow it up if you have good lung capacity) then fill with ice and sodas. Measuring 41 x 23 x 15 inches, you can get 72 cans in there. Use this cooler at an outdoor or indoor Halloween party, or recycle it for your next summer barbecue, as a conversation piece. The quality is reasonable, and it will certainly function as a cooler or something for the kids to play in. It is not a flotation device for the pool though, so just use it to hold the drinks. Perhaps you are considering a pirate-themed party for your child, in which case this would be perfect.

72 Plastic Halloween Picks

72 Plastic Halloween PicksThese plastic picks are a novel way of decorating your festive food. You can use them as toothpicks to hold canapés together at your Halloween party. Ghosts, pumpkins, bats, and spiders will look great decorating cupcakes, or you can skewer together cucumber slices and olives, pineapple and cheese, or any other little bits you want to serve as finger food. Use them to garnish a meat and cheese tray, or fix them to the lemon slice or olives in the grownups’ drinks. The tips are rounded which means they are best used for soft foods, not very hard ones, but the rounded tips are safer than the pointed ones. Needless to say, these are not suitable for small kids because they pose a choking hazard, but for everyone else they are fun.

Human Brain Gelatin

Human Brain GelatinLook at how realistic this is. The gelatin mold is shaped like a human brain, in anatomically correct detail. It is life-size too. Simply pour in your gelatin mixture and let it set, then unmold the finished ‘brain’ and watch the kids’ faces as they see a horrible, wobbling mass on the plate. The mold itself is quite sturdy, and you can choose from various types of gelatin. Try watermelon gelatin with some Cool Whip blended in if you want to get a realistic color, or lime gelatin for a bright green one if you want it to look fun rather than too real. You could even add some gummy worms for extra creepiness. The mold needs to sit in a bowl when it is full of gelatin, to stop it rolling over.

Keep the Kids Occupied with Spooky Crafts

Kids’ party games like apple bobbing usually mean you have to watch them all the time, but if you want them to be able to get on with something quietly, then crafts are always a good idea. What about getting them to make a witch’s hat for trick-or-treating? You will need newspaper, black paint, a paint brush, a sheet of black Bristol board, scissors and sticky tape.
Roll 6 to 8 newspaper pages into a cone shape to make the top of the hat, then tape it to hold the shape. Put it on the child’s head to ensure it fits. Put in on the construction paper and trace around the base with a pencil, then cut the circle out of the Bristol board.

Cut another circle a few inches wide to make the brim and attach it using tape. Paint the hat black and let it dry for a few hours. Older kids can make their hats. For a younger child, you can paint it and let it dry, then let them attach stickers to it or paint designs over the top.

Vampire blood anyone? Combine a cup of corn syrup with a little water and add more water until it is thick. Add some liquid soap and stir, then add a few drops of red food coloring (and a few drops of green too, if you have it) and refrigerate it. The mixture will harden, and you can then use it to paint your face. Don’t use this on anyone with skin allergies.

What about making a wizard’s wand? This is easy, and you can use the construction paper. Wrap a sheet of it around a pencil and trim off the excess using scissors. Fold in the ends and tape one end, then remove the pencil and seal the other end with tape. Decorate the wand with colored ribbon and star stickers.

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