Kickstart Your Fashion Blog Today With These 10 Tips

The internet today is filled with fashion bloggers. If you are starting today, you need to ensure you have a fresh perspective on things and aim to challenge the normal.

Before you let your content speak for itself, there are few small details you must cover. Here are some of the ways you can generate the most value from fashion blogging.

Kickstart Your Fashion Blog Today

Based On Content

Bill Gates once said, “Content is king,” and this coming from a man who is a software geek. The importance of content can be streamlined with these simple tips.

1. Determine Your Audience

It is easier to build a loyal community of readers and buyers when you know who you are targeting. This process involves defining a market niche. This niche can be a demographic, age, region, interest, and income group.

As a blogger, understanding the market allows you to cater to it. Helping you create content and eventually sell products better. Not understanding who your market is called clutter your workflow and leave you as confused as your reader.

2. Pick Your Theme

Picking your theme helps narrow down this presentation of your blog. You could either take a glamorous approach to blog — heavy with designs, images, and commodities.

The other option is a journalistic approach to blogging. This aspect covers the less-glamorous side of fashion, such as technicality, production, sales, marketing, etc.

There is no rule that a blogger cannot cover both domains. But do them in a way where it covers your umbrella-niche not to confuse your audience.

Based On Technicalities

Once you understand what content you are creating, there are a few technical aspects to successfully running a blog online.

3. Pick The Platform

Pick the platform for blogging –websites like WordPress or a free blogging platform like Medium. Selecting your platform upfront will give you a better understanding of your desired pathway.

WordPress allows better customization and provides a dedicated website to grow your business. If you intend only to write content, then a platform like Medium or any other blogging platform would be more suitable.

Many bloggers also dedicate blogging through social media channels. Instagram is a famous avenue. It is heavy on images and allows expression of the design. They provide a vibrant tone to the fashion blogger.

Knowing your platform will help eliminate the problem of platform limitations. For example, a video fashion blogger might depend on a YouTube video editor and pay very little attention to written text and articles. Check this out and learn more.

4. Domain Name

Irrespective of the channel, you will need a creative name to establish your fashion presents. Your title should be short, to the point, unique, and easy to find. Search this name online the moment you have a good idea to avoid domain overlap and unavailability.

Remember, this name is your virtual identity. Take the time to plan this name. Seek opinions of a few friends and family before you finalize the decision. Changing your virtual name a few years into your career might cause a vast set of problems.

5. Publish Schedule

Create a posting schedule once you wrap up the technical aspects.

Create a posting schedule using tools like Excel for Google docs. Indicate clear demarcations of content type, posting date, distribution channels, and the work involved in creating this piece of content.

Based on Promotions

6. Social Media Plan

Social media channels play the best tool in getting the word out. Merely owning a blog and not promoting it on social media will fetch minimal results.

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are ideal for short burst low, attention span content. They help you win followers faster and grow traffic to your blog.

These platforms also allow you to run ads on a pay per click basis. This ad diverts social media traffic to your blog page, website, or product.

Since videos are a huge part of social media; consider posting promotional and advertising videos. Using a platform like VideoCreek, you can make these promotions quickly and share them across all social media channels.

7. Collaborations

Collaborate with others in your industry and social media influencers. This collaboration helps your brand reach markets through an existing network of your collaborator. These collaborations can be a single project or creating content based on mutual interests.

The collaboration can be social media promotions or interviews on your blog. The best way to get more eyes to your fashion blog is by seeking alliances with those relevant to your industry or hold the same niche audience.

8. Other Digital Channels

Other digital channels like email marketing and Google advertising are also viable options. You need not pay too much attention to these. However, having these avenues open could lead to better results.

Another essential in fashion blogging is your personal brand. If your fashion blog is independent of your personal brand, ensure to create a robust digital presence for yourself and the brand.

People often prefer following an artist than the product itself. This process helps you generate a substantial follower count on two different accounts.

Based on Revenue

Make the big-bucks once you get a decent footfall into your blog.

9. Monetize Your Blog

The most elementary form of monetizing your channel is in two ways:

The first form of monetization happens through running ads on your blog. These like with an ad providing platform like Google ads or another third party service. These ads bring you very little revenue but snowball into more significant numbers over time.

The other way to monetize your fashion blog is by writing brand content. These are content pieces, articles, and promotional posts written for different fashion labels and agencies. Work only with brands that add value to your target demographic. The wrong collaboration could lead to unsubscribers.

10. Influencer Collaborations  

Once your blog is a success, your personal brand becomes a revenue source. The social media channels will help generate income through brand collaborations and posts on individual social media platforms.

Final Thoughts,

Any form of blogging is ninety-percent content and ten-percent marketing. If you have a blog, make an effort to push it to a new audience each day.

Both online and offline promotions are a way to build your name online slowly.  

Shahid Maqsood


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