Krampus Christmas Ornament 2019

Hey, little kiddos. Krampus is here!

Here’s a Christmas ornament unlike all the others on the tree. One that’s a little bit darker. A little bit….more demonic. This one is for all of you with a darker sense of humor.

I’ll be adding this Krampus ornament to my tree this year as a warning to all those who pass by.

Now, sure, we all love Santa. He rewards good little girls and boys around the world with goodies and treats. With a smile and a wink, he brings happiness and joy to the children. His famous list is itself a reason to be good.

But not all kids are good.

Some children don’t deserve a visit from Santa. They deserve a visit from Krampus.

Krampus can be found in Germanic folklore (and in your worst nightmares). He’s a beastly creature that looks like Goat Satan with his frightening antlers, long face, and tongue Gene Simmons would be jealous of.

Sometimes Krampus is portrayed alongside Santa as if they perform their duties together. Sometimes he’s even Santa’s sidekick. (Makes you think a little differently about that Santa you know and love, huh?). No matter how he’s portrayed, Krampus scares the living daylights out of children. Look at him! He scares the daylights out of me!

Even if you don’t celebrate Krampus in your home, you can add one Krampus Ornament to your Christmas tree to keep the children on their toes. Not only may Santa not show up if they are bad….Krampus just might!

Krampus: The Devil of Christmas

This book includes lots of history about how Krampus began as St. Nicholas’ dark servant beast.

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T’was the Night Before Krampus and other Holiday Horror Stories

If your Christmas is too sickeningly sweet with sugar plums and candy canes, give this book of Holiday Horror stories a whirl.

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