Best Leatherman Wingman Review

I am a multi-tool nut. I would love to say that I have tried them all, but now that everyone and their mother is making them, I can not keep up. So let me tell you about one of my favorites: The Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool…Best top Selling Leatherman - Wingman Multi-Tool, Stainless Steel

I picked up this Leatherman multi tool because it was cheap compared to the other full sized Leatherman next to it. I thought it was on sale, but I found out later that the low price I got it for was its regular price.

My favorite aspect of this tool is the fact that when “closed” the easy open locking serrated blade is on the outside of the grip case. I am not saying that this is the best Leatherman tool on the market, but the easy access blade sure makes it handy.

As you know, most full sized multi-tools come with a sheath. I was a bit apprehensive about buying the wing man because it came with a pocket clip instead of a sheath.

The idea that this size tool would fit comfortably in my pocket was laughable. I tried it for a little bit, and it wasn’t all that bad. Though it did find its way to my belt where it clipped on and caused no comfort issue.

You can pick up a sheath for it if you like. I had an old sheath from a cheaply broken multi-tool that fit it just fine. The name on the velcro flap of the sheath doesn’t match the tool inside, but I don’t care. It works.

I like to hang my multi-tool on my belt upside down. What I mean by this is that when I have it on my belt, the opening flap of the sheath is pointing to the ground. When I open it, the tool slips out into my hand via gravity,

A lot of people like to gripe about how one or two tools on these multi tool knives are not all that great. The file and scissor on this one are not the best, but they are usable.

I look at it this way; if you want to carry a craftsman 6 drawer tool box around on your belt all day, so you have the perfect tool with you at all times, go ahead. Me, I can make do with my little Leatherman, and you will not hear me complain.

I love this little thing, and I am sure you will too.

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