Mountain Ridge Custom Log Cabin Kits

Mountain Ridge Custom Log Cabin Kits and Log Homes

Mountain Ridge Custom Log Cabin Kits

There is a soaring demand for rural and sub-urban dwellings. Many people have been pushed to yearn for homes in areas with sparse population by reason of events of the year 2020. COVID-19 is a pandemic that has led to extraordinary economic decline. Violence and civil unrest have equally marked a lot of cities.

All these have contributed in the surging interest for rural and sub-urban abodes. In some localities in the US, this interest surged to as much as 115% higher than it was in the previous year. You can get more information on this from this article.

So, if you are one of those looking for homes outside crammed and bustling cities, there are places to consider. Two places readily come to mind for a significant number of people; lake sides and mountain sides.

You may have saved up some money and ready to make a move, but still considering your options. If you read further, you will get to know that a home on a mountain ridge might just be what you need. Mind you, not just any type of home on a ridge, but a log home.

Advantages of a Sky-high Nature Dwelling

Advantages of a Sky-high Nature Dwelling

As already noted, mountain living is one great way to escape the busy and stressful hallmarks of city living. It is best described as a breath of fresh air. Talk about the view? You can’t have enough of the magnificent view associated with mountain tops. In fact, everyday leaves you in wonderment. Not everyone can afford to live high up such heights; this leaves you with highly priced privacy.

Now, if you are a sportsperson, then your mountain ridge abode provides you with ample opportunity for mountain biking hiking, snowboarding, snow skiing and lots more. You can read up other benefits of mountain dwelling from here

The advantages of mountain ridge dwelling include:

  • Milder temperatures during summer
  • Health advantages that come with higher elevation
  • Year-long activities like biking, skiing, hiking, etc.
  • Nature watch
  • Privacy

Benefits of Making Your Ridge House a Log House

Benefits of Making Your Ridge House a Log House

What happens when your mountain ridge home is not just any other home but a log house? Can you imagine anything more enthralling than peeping through your windows on a winter morning and seeing the fields draped in white? Add that to a picture of a log house built from solid natural wood and with crackling fire from a fireplace within.

Homes made from natural materials, especially logs and wood, are usually cozy. Apart from coziness, beauty and feeling at home with nature, mountain ridge log homes offer a number of other benefits.

Some of these other benefits include:

  • Insulation –log houses are not just built with thin planks, rather they are built with thick logs that come with the ability to absorb heat from the surroundings and retain that heat for long. This ability makes them very good insulators. When they are further insulated beyond their natural capacity, you wouldn’t need to spend so much on electricity for heating your home.
  • Environmentally friendly –Wood can be replaced by planting new trees for the ones felled; this makes it a renewable resource. The organic nature also entails that the use and disposal of waste materials from them during construction of the house does not damage the environment. Furthermore, because most log houses come from dead standing timber, log houses become a productive way of putting timber to use.
  • Construction speed –homes built with logs require shorter time to build when compared to conventional houses. Frames can take as short as two weeks to be ready.
  • Extreme weather –log homes have been known to survive extreme weather. Be it torrential rains, high winds or even storms, your wood house will likely be standing after the worst of the weather has come and gone.
  • Longevity –wood lasts long, even when exposed to the elements. Houses made of wood have been known to last for more than ten generations. Mountain ridge wood houses have been known to last for centuries.

In Conclusion

When you blend the advantages of living in a mountain ridge house with the advantage of that house being built of logs as shown here, you will have a more compelling reason for opting for a log home on a mountain ridge. Whatever is the added cost of locating your house on a mountain top is offset by the benefits that come with it which includes a reduction in energy cost, better health, greater creativity that comes with an interaction with nature and greater privacy.

If you are already the type that often visits the mountain for some of its beauties, you may as well opt for a home there. Hosting family and friends in your mountain ridge log home will be an experience they will never forget.

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