New Wedding Souvenir Ideas

New Wedding Souvenir Ideas for 2021

Most couples fail to give enough importance to wedding souvenirs during wedding planning. A wedding souvenir is the part of the wedding that guests can take home as a keepsake of the special occasion.

New Wedding Souvenir Ideas
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Putting enough thought to the wedding souvenir can mean the difference between it ending up in the trash as soon as your guests get home, or it is having enough appreciation that guests find a place for it in their home.

Here is a list of new ideas that will surely impress your wedding guests.

Bobblehead Wedding Souvenirs

Your wedding will be something the guests will continue to talk about even after they get home. Bobblehead wedding souvenirs give a fun and unique twist to any wedding. It is a few steps up as compared to the traditional garden-variety wedding favors.

However, fun and wacky personalized gifts do have their downside. It takes a significant toll on your wallet. But don’t fret as there are online shops where you can purchase affordable custom items such as Cheap Bobbleheads store. The name of the company itself suggests a considerable amount of savings.

If you decide to use these bobblehead dolls for your wedding giveaways, you just made your wedding an event your guest will always remember.

Mouse Pad Wedding Souvenir

Here is a practical and useful wedding souvenir that your guests will surely love. You have enough space for all sorts of messages or wedding notes. One good idea is adding in a cute caricature of yourselves on there with a sweet thank you message.

It is something the guests can use, thus reducing their likeliness of ending up in the trash. Your guests will always remember the fun times they spend at your wedding every time they go to their computer.

Customized Bottle Opener Wedding Souvenir

Here is another useful wedding souvenir that your guests might use all the time. There are so many options and designs available. No matter the party theme, you should be able to find one that fits your preferences.

Even for your guests who don’t drink, they should be able to put the souvenir into good use. Every kitchen should have a handy bottle opener on standby. And, whether it is a huge party or a small group gathering, the souvenir will surely prove to be a big help.

Trinkets Inside Christmas Crackers

If the wedding day is close to the holidays, a Christmas cracker wedding souvenir should help you stay in the theme. To make it extra special, you can place a different small gift on each cracker. Aside from staying in theme, this adds an element of surprise to your wedding souvenirs.

Mini Gumball Machines

Everyone loves a childhood throwback. This unique wedding souvenir adds a whimsical charm to your wedding. It would probably make your guests feel like a kid in a candy store as they check how many candies they can dispense from the toy.

These low-priced novelty items arrive empty, so you have the option to fill it with anything you want. You can fill it with candy that matches your wedding theme or a mix of all sorts of treats.

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