Tips & Tricks to Speed up Your PC

Speeding up your PC

Thanks to improved technology over the years, computer hardware has improved greatly offering users with fast processing speeds, therefore, ensuring a better experience. Software too has not been left behind either, and operating systems have become more efficient and high performing too.

Microsoft, Apple, and even Linux developers have ensured that users can run their operating systems fast and efficiently. After months of use, the user will notice their laptop or computer performance declining.

One option of improving performance, especially on Windows computers, is turning off features like visual animations as this compromises your experience.

Below is how to speed up your PC – tips & tricks you need to know about.

Defragment your storage disks

When you store files on your computer, they are saved on the computer’s hard drive. The hard disk can either be solid state drives or HDD. Regardless of this, each storage capacity allocates blocks where data and information are stored.
When you delete files, blocks are left empty therefore making the reading of the storage device longer. This slows the performance of your computer. To speed up your computer, you need to defragment the disks. You can use the inbuilt Windows defrag tool, or you can opt for an open source solution like UltraDefrag.

Scan for malware and viruses

The internet has become a hub of web platforms that allow people to communicate from around the world via video call, chat system, and other messaging systems. When browsing the internet, many people will opt to download files be it software, photos, movies or even documents.
What many people don’t know is that the files may be loaded with malware and viruses. Malware and viruses are malicious programs that attack your computer to steal data or even destroy it. When they infect your computer, they slow its performance. To speed up, you need to scan your computer regularly. Use antivirus programs such as Avira Antivirus.

Limit start up programs

When your operating system boots up, some programs will start up. These programs usually run in the background and therefore slow the boot time. If you have a high number of start up programs, they will considerably slow the performance of your computer.

To limit start up programs, you can very easily disable them. On Windows, select start, type msconfig in the search bar, open the program, click start up the tab, deselect all programs you don’t want to run during start up, click apply and restart your computer. This will improve your computers boot time.

Uninstall unwanted programs

When you purchase a computer, it comes loaded with different applications with a lot of these being trial versions. Overtime, you will install new software that you will use for manipulating photos, editing documents, developing applications and video editing among others. Apart from that, you will also install games for playing.

As time goes by, you will not use the majority of these programs. When the programs stay on your computer, not only will they occupy much-needed storage space but they will slow your computer. To improve your computer’s performance, you need to uninstall unwanted programs. On windows, this is very easy to do. Simply click start, go to control panel and then select Programs & features.

Remove unnecessary toolbars

When you download and install games, the application set-up will ask you to install a certain toolbar. While the toolbar may provide various shortcuts to websites, what you need to know is that they affect your computer’s performance. Since they appear at the top of your web browser, they will reduce your browsing speed making page loading times longer.
To improve your computer’s performance, you need to remove the tool bars. Only leave toolbars that come default with the browser.

Remove bloatware

Brand new computers usually come pre loaded with unnecessary programs known as bloatware. Since you will be installing more programs over the use of the PC, it will slow the computer’s performance considerably.
The first thing you need to do is to identify the bloatware. Once you have identified them, uninstall them, and your computer’s performance will improve greatly.

We hope this gives you some useful information on speeding up your PC.

If you have any other tips & tricks, please leave a comment below.

Best Leatherman Wingman Review

I am a multi-tool nut. I would love to say that I have tried them all, but now that everyone and their mother is making them, I can not keep up. So let me tell you about one of my favorites: The Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool…Best top Selling Leatherman - Wingman Multi-Tool, Stainless Steel

I picked up this Leatherman multi tool because it was cheap compared to the other full sized Leatherman next to it. I thought it was on sale, but I found out later that the low price I got it for was its regular price.

My favorite aspect of this tool is the fact that when “closed” the easy open locking serrated blade is on the outside of the grip case. I am not saying that this is the best Leatherman tool on the market, but the easy access blade sure makes it handy.

As you know, most full sized multi-tools come with a sheath. I was a bit apprehensive about buying the wing man because it came with a pocket clip instead of a sheath.

The idea that this size tool would fit comfortably in my pocket was laughable. I tried it for a little bit, and it wasn’t all that bad. Though it did find its way to my belt where it clipped on and caused no comfort issue.

You can pick up a sheath for it if you like. I had an old sheath from a cheaply broken multi-tool that fit it just fine. The name on the velcro flap of the sheath doesn’t match the tool inside, but I don’t care. It works.

I like to hang my multi-tool on my belt upside down. What I mean by this is that when I have it on my belt, the opening flap of the sheath is pointing to the ground. When I open it, the tool slips out into my hand via gravity,

A lot of people like to gripe about how one or two tools on these multi tool knives are not all that great. The file and scissor on this one are not the best, but they are usable.

I look at it this way; if you want to carry a craftsman 6 drawer tool box around on your belt all day, so you have the perfect tool with you at all times, go ahead. Me, I can make do with my little Leatherman, and you will not hear me complain.

I love this little thing, and I am sure you will too.

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Best Electric Hand Blenders

Professional Home Electric Hand Blenders For The Kitchen

Looking for some extra versatility in your blender? Grab one of these Professional Electric Hand Blenders to make blending so much easier. With its one-handed design, these Professional Electric Hand Blenders make blending easier by freeing up a hand to do whatever else you need. Find the one that fits in perfectly with your own needs and style.

So Versatile and Useful

A hand blender is a perfect gadget to grab when you want to blend something one-handed because it allows you to multitask. Or how about if you have just prepared a pot of soup and you need to puree it? Having to decant it into a blender or food processor is too messy (plus dangerous if it is too hot) but using an immersion blender to puree it right there in the pot is ideal. You will find many uses for this useful tool.

Professional electric hand blenders are useful, and if you enjoy cooking, you will find you use it almost every day and at least a few times a week. Easy to use, quick to clean and affordable to buy, there is nothing not to like about professional electric hand blenders.

How Else to Use Hand Blenders

Not only can you use this handy little gadget to puree the soup, but you will find lots of other uses for it as well. Do you like to make Mexican food? This can be used to puree avocados, lime juice, and spices to make a tasty guacamole. Put some ingredients for a smoothie in a glass, and you can puree it right in the glass to save on washing up and to make yourself a healthy morning beverage. Use it to make mashed potatoes. If you do not have a master because you rarely mash potatoes, you can use your hand blender instead. Baby food is easy to make if you use a hand blender to make it.

Whipping a small amount of cream is easier with a hand blender than with a whisk. Oil and vinegar salad dressings separate when left to sit, so use an immersion blender to get the oil and vinegar well combined again. You can make sauces in the pan with one of these gadgets too. The nuts in a curry or stir-fry sauce will be broken down, lumps will be blended smooth, and you do not have to use a food processor or blender, just rinse the immersion blender, so it saves on washing up too.

Photo Credit: All product images are credited to Amazon

Bamix Professional Gastro 200Bamix Pro-2 G200 Professional Series NSF Rated 200 Watt 2 Speed 3 Blade Immersion Hand Blender with Wall Bracket

This is one of the highest rated immersion blenders you can get because it exceeds expectations and is great value for money. It is not the cheapest option, but when investing in kitchen gadgets, it pays to choose quality items which will last for many years. You will find so many uses for this handy stick-blender, including pureeing sauces and soups, making smoothies and milkshakes, or whipping cream or salad dressings. The blades in this carbon stainless steel hand blender are long-lasting and durable. The gadget has a long neck so it can reach down into jugs or stock pots. You get 3 blades plus a wall bracket, and you can use it as a mixer, food processor or blender, as needed. It is surprisingly quiet during use, and the airtight construction means you can immerse it past the neck. There are 2-speed settings, and you get a whisk, beater, and multi-purpose blade attachment, so you can puree, stir and emulsify, as needed. This is a wonderful gadget to add to your kitchen.

4.1 / 5 stars

How to Choose the Right Hand Blender

Not every home cook has a hand blender, and some would say it is not an essential kitchen gadget, but others say they would be lost without theirs, and they use it all the time. This item does allow you to save time in the kitchen by cutting down the time spent on food preparation. You can also save on washing up by rinsing off the hand blender after use rather than having to wash a food processor blade, bowl, and lid, for example. It is important to think about your requirements before buying the first-hand blender you see though.

Hand blenders range from the very basic to the more complex. Some are ideal if you just want to puree soup in the pan occasionally, while others can process hard foods like parmesan and nuts. The more functions you want, the more likely the price is to be higher, so if you want something with a whisk and beater, as well as just a blade, you can get something like that. Even a basic one will be able to blend, mix and puree. You can also choose between cordless or electric models.

Choose something with a minimum of 500 watts of power if you want to make frozen drinks and smoothies. You will need something able to crush ice as well. A blender with a chopping blade and processing functions is capable of various chopping and grinding tasks, while a standard model will be fine for most mixing, stirring, pureeing and blending. The more functions the stick blender has, the more it is likely to cost, so you should consider what you plan to do with it, and how often you are likely to use the gadget, before picking which one is best.

More Points to Consider

Although a cordless model is perhaps more convenient than a corded one, you might find it slightly heavier in your hand and slightly less powerful, although there is no cord to get in your way while using it. Something else to think about is cleaning. A hand blender can be rinsed in soapy water, left to sit in a glass of soapy water then rinsed, or some of the newer ones have dishwasher-safe removable shafts, which is also handy. Once you have decided on your budget, the features you want to have, and the kind of hand blender you prefer, you are ready to start shopping for one of these useful devices.

Bamix Deluxe M150Bamix Deluxe M150 - 150 Watt 2 Speed 3 Blade Immersion Hand Blender with Dry Grinder and Table Stand

This is one of the very best hand blenders available, and the Bamix name is internationally recognized as a quality brand. This blender is made from carbon stainless steel, and it comes with 3 different blades, a grinder, and a table stands too. It is quiet while you are using it and you can choose from 2 speeds for each task. You get a whisk, beater and multi-purpose blade attachment which can even handle ice cubes. Reviewers love this product and say it is powerful enough to puree or blend anything you like. Making soups and sauces from scratch means healthier, fresher-tasting meals, and working with this hand blender means such tasks are quick and easy. This is a kitchen tool which is so easy to make, and it is really capable. You will find uses for it every day in the kitchen because it is so enjoyable to use. It is quick and easy to clean afterward too. This might be more expensive than some other brands, but some reviewers say theirs lasted over 20 years, so you will certainly get your money’s worth.

Mitutto 450-Watt Immersion Hand Blender

Most Wanted Professional Electric Hand BlendersMost Wanted Professional Electric Hand Blenders

This excellent quality hand blender features 5 speeds and a turbo button too. It is simple to use, clean and store and you can wash the attachments in the dishwasher. Whether you need to chop, blend, grind, whip, froth, whisk or mix, the MiAllegro 9080 has it covered. This ergonomic hand blender has a stainless steel finish and a 5 feet long cord. It comes with a 15-month warranty. Reviewers like the big chopping attachment and whisk, as well as the choice of 4 blades and wall mount. This will blend mashed potatoes and soups smoother than you have ever had them if you use the turbo setting or one of the higher speeds.

Popular Ideas for Professional Hand Blenders

Cuisinart CSB-76R SmartStick 200-Watt Immersion Hand Blender, RedPopular Ideas for Professional Hand Blenders

Not only is this red hand blender gorgeous but it is really handy in the kitchen too. Use it for making frothy milkshakes, mashing potatoes, blending soups or anything else you can think of. The 200-watt motor is powerful and efficient, and you get a 2-cup plastic beaker with it which you can use to mix pancake batter or whip cream. The push-button control is easy to use, and there is a splash guard around the blades to prevent splattering. The blending shaft can go in the dishwasher once you are done. Try making smoothies, guacamole, and all milk shake. This electric immersion blender can tackle any of these tasks and plenty more.

Waring Commercial WSB40 Quik Stik Plus Immersion BlenderWaring (WSB40) 10” Medium-Duty Quik Stik Plus Immersion Blender

Sturdily built and extremely capable, this hand blender is commercial quality and can handle pretty much any job. It is quite big, so this is not the hand blender if you want to make one smoothie at a time, but you can put it in a 4-quart bowl of soup or potatoes and pulverize everything in seconds. This is a large hand blender – it is nearly 2 feet long, and the power cord is 9 feet. Ideal for a commercial kitchen or somebody who makes large batches of food and wants a high power device, the Waring Commercial WSB40 will not let you down. You can expect it to last you over 20 years too. The blender boasts a ½ horsepower, 350-watt heavy duty motor, which offers up to 18,000 RPM processing speed. The 10-inch stainless steel shaft and blade are completely sealed. This is comfortable to hold and use, easy to clean up, and ideal for home cooks who want something capable of making large batches of food at once. You can also trust the Waring brand name.

Braun Hand blender Multi Quick Professional MR5555MCABraun Hand blender Multi Quick Professional MR5555MCA

This Braun hand blender has plenty of capabilities. If you are looking for something better than just a basic stick blender, consider this, because it comes with a whisk, blender, chopper, spatula, and measuring cup, and a recipe book too. It offers 400 watts of power. As well as the different attachments, you can choose from different speeds. Reviewers say this blender is powerful and capable. You can use it for anything from making soups and baby food, beating eggs for omelets, to making smoothies and milkshakes, whipping cream, combining ingredients for salad dressings, and so much more. Braun is an internationally known company with a reputation for reliability. You can use it for chopping onions or even hard things like ice cubes, and it will not let you down. Try it for making salsa, guacamole, or even making the dough for flatbreads. The price is favorable when compared to similar products, and you can expect this hand blender to have a long lifespan.

A Closer Look at Immersion Blenders

This device was invented by Roger Perrinjaquet in Switzerland. He patented his idea in March 1950 and called it a ‘bamix’ which is a combination of the French words ‘bat’ and ‘mixe’ (meaning ‘beat’ and ‘mix’). This gadget has been popular in commercial kitchens since the 1960s, and in homes since the 1980s. Professional ones have shafts up to 2 feet, and ones for the home kitchen usually have a 10 to the 12-inch shaft. You can get the home ones corded or cordless, and choose from a range of features.

Hand blenders, which are also known as stick blenders or immersion blenders, vary not only in features but also size, price, and capability. Ranging from a basic $20 model with a dubious life expectancy to blenders for several hundred dollars, every cook can choose the perfect model for their requirements. Some immersion blenders just come with a blade while others might have a whisk, or beater attachments, which means you can use the same gadget to beat eggs, combine the ingredients for salad dressing, or make salsa in seconds.

Although a cordless one might initially sound better, you need to consider cordless means slightly less powerful, and these are slightly heavier too, so you need to work out whether cordlessly is for you. You can also choose how powerful you want the blender to be. If you are going to use it for making smoothies and shakes, ensure you choose something which can handle ice cubes. Such a machine will also be able to handle parmesan cheese, nuts, and other hard foods, offering plenty more possibilities.

How Much Should You Spend?

As already stated, these gadgets vary hugely in price, but of course the more your budget, the better the machine you can get. Perhaps you are replacing your old stick blender, in which case you will already have a good idea of what you will be using it for, as well as how often you will use it. If you just want to make the occasional soup or prepare baby food, you will not need the most powerful one on the market. There is a hand blender for every home cook, and you will find yourself using this more than you thought because it is such a handy little device which saves time and is also very easy to clean after use.

Videos for Professional Electric Hand Blenders Video

YouTube Videos for “Gordon Ramsay Loves His Bamix.”

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When is the Best Time To Exercise?


In my experience, the most common reasons for not exercising are the lack of results and not enough time to workout. Taking that into account I would have to start by saying that the best time to exercise is always going to be the time you can most easily fit it into your lifestyle. Exercising at any time of the day is better than not exercising at all!

It is said that your body does have the internal clock, a natural sleep and wake rhythm also known as the Circadian Rhythm. Your body temperature, metabolism, blood pressure and alertness are just a few of the physiological functions regulated by the circadian rhythm. The rhythm usually conforms to your 24 hour day, but it is possible to teach your body to do something outside of the normal time slot. For example, research has proven that it is easier to teach your body to exercise in the morning than it would be at any other time of the day. This has resulted in people who start an exercise routine in the morning sticking to their routines for longer periods of time. While it may be easier to make exercising habitually by moving your slot to the morning this is not the only thing you need to consider.

What is the best time for cardiovascular training?

Exercising, in general, is better when your body temperature is at its highest. For most people, this is usually between 16:00 and 17:00. In contrast, our body temperature is at its lowest just before waking in the morning. As you may have noticed this is the first contradiction to habitual positive mentioned previously. Other reasons to move our training slot to the afternoon/evening are:

Greater Aerobic Capacity

Aerobic capacity, also called VO2 max is the maximum amount of oxygen that can be utilized by the body during physical exertion. Research has shown that an average person’s aerobic capacity is greater in the afternoon/evening.

Less Injury Prone

Injuries can happen at any time when exercising. We can minimize the risk by making sure our bodies are warmed up thoroughly, alert and are at their peak strength. All three of these things occur naturally in our bodies in the afternoon/evening.

As I mentioned above, you will be better off exercising at any time of the day as opposed to not at all however if possible you would benefit more from cardiovascular training by moving your exercise slot to the afternoon/evening time.

What is the best time for weight training?

I came across a study carried out by the University of Southern Mississippi. They took 16 males, all with prior weightlifting experience and set them a 10-week exercise routine involving 45 minutes of weight training followed by 45 minutes of cardiovascular training. They would all be following a 2-day split resulting in 4 sessions weekly. Half of the group were given a morning slot (before 10:00) while the other half were given an evening slot (after 18:00).

At the conclusion of the study, the group who lifted weights in the morning had gained almost no muscle mass and had lost no body fat while the group who lifted in the evening, on average gained 3% muscle mass and dropped, on average 4% bodyfat. So why did this happen?

Research has shown that you are stronger in the afternoon/evening and as a result of the intensity you can train at will increase. Higher intensity exercise means better results.

While it is a well-known fact that free testosterone is higher in the morning, it has been found that your body’s release of additional testosterone in response to exercise is much greater in the afternoon/evening. Exercising then greatly outweighs the free testosterone circulating your body in the morning.

There is another hormone in play here in my opinion. Cortisol has many functions in the body, one of them being its ability to cause muscle tissue breakdown. Cortisol levels are higher in the morning and as a result, any gains made from weight training are likely to be lost. Add to this that your body’s cortisol response is also higher in the morning (your body releases more of the hormone in addition to normal levels) and you can see why the afternoon/evening slot, again is the better choice.

The group exercising in the evening had combined their higher testosterone response and lower cortisol response for even better results.

Your metabolism is at its highest in the morning, and I suspect that the high percentage of body fat loss for the group training in the evening was a result of a boost to an otherwise low metabolism. Those exercising in the morning will have little if any increase whereas those exercising in the evening would normally have a low metabolism but get a significant boost because of the exercise.

One final possible cause of the results could be that exercising in the evening can help you get a good night’s sleep. What has that got to do with body fat loss and muscle tissue gain I hear you ask? The majority of your recovery and repair takes place at night, growth hormone is released and muscle tissue repaired and replaced. Better sleep will inevitably mean better results.

When is the best time to exercise?

I think it is fair to conclude that both cardiovascular exercise and weight training are best done in the afternoon/evening. As I have sometimes said already it is better to train at any time of the day than to not train at all! Consistency is the key to results so pick a time where you can comfortably fit the exercise into your 24 hour day and stick to it. Happy exercising!

The Importance of Learning How to Train Your Dog Yourself

The Importance of Learning How to Train Your Dog Yourself

The Importance of Learning How to Train Your Dog YourselfOwning a dog can be a rewarding experience; they can be great companions, they will get you out of the house and help you stay in shape when you take them on walks, they can help us to relieve stress, are known to be positive mood boosters, and they are beneficial for our kids.

However, if you don’t train your puppy correctly or you don’t correct any bad behavior traits then you will not get any of the above-mentioned benefits. Instead, your pet will become a nightmare and a burden…maybe even a danger if they are aggressive.

Professional Dog Trainer or Learn How to Train Your Dog Yourself?

So, it is vital that you learn how to train your puppy the moment you get it back to your home. Of course, with the right resources…like Dog Training by Dove Cresswell… training your puppy yourself is one option, or you could hire a professional dog trainer.

In my opinion, it is better to learn about dog training yourself. Apart from the fact that you will save hundreds of dollars, you will get better long term results by training your dog yourself.

You see, a dog trainer will train your dog but once they are done, you will probably un-train it. It is necessary to train you…the owner… as well.

Two Types of Dog Training

Dog Obedience Training

Obedience training should quickly teach your dog to respond to specific, well-delivered commands. This means that you will learn how to give those commands; dog training is a two-way street.

Leadership – Often called Alpha Dog Training…you would learn how to assert your dominance over the dog. This is to demonstrate to them that you are in charge and that they must listen to and obey you at all times. Alpha leadership is the cornerstone of all good dog training.

Basic Commands – This part of training your dog will provide you with basic commands like sit, stay, down, come, and heel. These commands will make your dog more respondent when it matters; in fact, these five commands will form the foundation for everything you need to teach them in the future…like tricks for example.

Walking – You have probably seen people in the street or the park being pulled along by their dog. This is because those dogs have not been leash trained properly, especially the alpha leadership part. You must learn how to control your dog’s movements when walking them.

The first and most important command to learn is the heel command. It is vital that your dog learns to follow you by your side to keep them from running around on you, chasing other dogs, or running out onto the road.

The above training video on how to teach your dog to walk to heel uses gentle methods which have no need for tools, gadgets, or demands.

Dog obedience training is important as it provides the foundation for all the issues that could arise in the home.

Remember that your dog will only do what it is taught to do. You need to be consistent, effective at maintaining the commands you give, show your dog that you’re always in charge, and ensure that everyone in the household also follows along with everything you’ve taught your dog in training.

Dog Behavior Training

The second type is behavioral training which is used to prevent or correct different behavioral problems that can be quite serious. Some examples include:

  • Aggression
  • Barking
  • Biting
  • Car Chasing
  • Climbing on Furniture
  • Chewing
  • Digging
  • House Training
  • Jumping
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Whining
  • Plus many others

Remember that a dog simply reacts to you. It wants to be accepted and be a part of the pack, but it’s still an animal with animal instincts.

So, if you want to correct any negative behaviors, the best way to approach training your dog is not to yell at them or scold them, but to focus on changing how they express those instincts.

Good dog training can, in fact, be harder for you than your dog, but it is always well worth it. The best resource that I know of for dog behavioral problems is Secrets to Dog Training.

We will be covering these behavioral problems and obedience training techniques, including how to crate train a dog and clicker dog training, in the articles on this website.

Dog Health

Many times, you can deal with your dog’s minor health problems yourself…before they become major issues. Although there’s no substitute for reliable attention from your vet, you can prepare yourself by doing everyday things that can prevent many dog health problems.

For more information on dealing with dog health issues, check out The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health.

You will also find important articles concerning your dog’s health plus their best dog food and diet. So, check out all the articles on the right-hand side, or better yet, sign up for our puppy dog training newsletter below and receive an interesting dog training report for free…

Best Purses for Teens reviews- Buyer Guide 2019

Does your daughter need a new purse for back to school? These are great bags for teens. Very stylish in damask, rhinestones, and lots of colors. Big enough to hold all her stuff but not too big.

It’s very important to teen girls to go back to school in style. Check out the purses for girls on this page and see what she likes.

Comfort and Style

It is important to get the right balance when buying purses for teens. You will want to get something stylish and cute, something modern and funky looking with a cool design.

But it is also important to choose a functional bag which is going to be big enough to hold everything but not so big that the items in there are hard to find. Fortunately, it is possible to combine these two elements and with so many companies manufacturing purses for teens you are going to have plenty of choices because there are lots of teen style purses featuring both comfort and style.

Choosing should not be an issue because you can get all kinds of colors and designs, and purse made from a variety of fabrics. Choose rip-stop nylon for practicality, canvas for a casual look or something kooky such as velvet or patchwork. A purse is an extension of your wardrobe, rather like a pair of shoes.

A purse can make or break an outfit, and many girls like to have a selection of them, so they can match the right purse to the occasion or outfit, choosing something large or small, casual or smart, simple or glitzy.

Photo Credit: All product images are credited to Amazon or eBay

From Cute Purses for Teenagers to the PracticalAbshoo Canvas Dot Backpack Cute Lightweight Teen Girls Backpacks School Shoulder Bags

This is a very cute bag which is why it is in high demand. Treat your teenager to this bag, and she is sure to be delighted with it and the envy of her friends. The bag is fully lined inside, featuring a cell phone pouch and zippered pocket so she can keep her bits and pieces safely stowed. There are 2 pouch pockets on the outside for gum, candy, tickets or other items, and a zippered back pocket too, so this bag offers plenty of storage space. The 2 shoulder straps on this well-made bag offer a 9-inch drop, and the bag itself measures 14 x 10 x 5 inches, which is neither too big nor too small. Made of faux leather, this bag blends looking girly with being functional, and the diamante fleur-de-lis design on the front is cool too.

Best Purses for Teens – Cute Purses for Teens

Pink Western Rhinestone Buckle Crocodile Hipster Cross Body Purse

This is an eye-catching purse, and it features everything a hip young Miss would need. The bag itself is pink faux leather with silver color hardware and rhinestones. It can be carried cross-body or over one shoulder, and features include an adjustable shoulder strap, a rear zipper and open pocket, open and zippered pockets inside the purse, front magnetic snap pocket, and a zippered closure on top. Ideal for any young girl’s wardrobe, this beautiful bag is large enough to hold a variety of items. It measures 10 x 9½ x 1½ inches and is truly gorgeous. Any girl, teenager or young woman would be proud to own this.

Top Purses for Teens Top Rated Purses for TeensScarleton Accent Top Belt Crossbody Bag H1833


Betseyville Poodle Gal Shoulder Bag – White

This is a fun purse with 2 zippered compartments. It measures 9 by 5 by 4 inches and has a 6-inch drop. It is large enough to safely hold a wallet, cell phone and keys. The bag can be worn over the shoulder using the silver chain strap, or you can use the removable cross-body strap if you want to wear it that way. The 2 closures are magnetic with zippers, and this bag is 100% authentic with the iconic Betseyville logo on the front. The bag is made of fluffy, poodle-effect polyester which is curly and fun, and it has a black trim. If you are shopping for a fashion-conscious girl who would love a trendy, designer purse, then choose this model. It is high quality and looks fabulous.

Peace Sign Purse Handbag Recycled Rice BagPassport Bag Handmade in Nepal Turquoise

This cool, funky and hip bag is fantastic. It is made from recycled rice bags, which is great for the environment. This unique bag is sure to appeal to a teenage girl, and it makes a lovely gift. Made in Nepal, this recycled rice bag shoulder bag has a flap front with a 3D-look peace sign design on it. There is a zippered inside pocket. The bag is light blue with some red and white on it, and the wording is in green letters. Each bag is unique which is nice. The bag measures 12 inches by 10 inches, and you can fit plenty in there. This is one of the coolest, trendiest purses for teens on the market.

Hobo Bohemian Hippie Ripped Razor Cut Peace SignColorful Burlap Recycled Rice Bag Peace Sign Drawstring Backpack

This fully-lined teens’ purse is made from great quality water-resistant polyester. It has an adjustable cross-body strap and 2 separate compartments. The bag is 8 x 7 inches, and the pink, purple, turquoise, white and yellow Love and Peace theme is trendy and cool. Any teenage girl will love this cute purse, and it makes such a pretty gift. The size is good because the purse will not look too big on a petite teen, but it is plenty roomy enough to carry all the essentials such as a wallet, keys, cell phone, gum and lip balm, or whatever teenagers carry around with them. This is a well-made bag, and it will last for a long time.

Maxam®Italian MosaicTM Design Genuine Lambskin Leather Backpack/PurseMaxamItalian Mosaic Design Genuine Lambskin Leather Backpack/Purse

This bag is made from leather and features a buckle-style flap which folds over the bag, as well as hand straps. As well as the main compartment you get 2 exterior zippered pockets. The bag is 11 inches tall, 8½ inches wide and 3 inches deep. The bag is made mosaic-style, which means various small pieces of leather sewn together. This gives it a unique look. This one receives mixed reviews, with some buyers praising the bag and others not being so satisfied. A lot of people complain it is smaller than it looks but if you are not sure what 11 inches looks like have a look at a ruler and decide whether that is the right size for a bag. Large bags are handy, but sometimes a smaller bag (like this one) is more convenient, especially if you are only carrying a wallet, keys, phone and a couple of other items.

Different Types of Teen Purses

Purses come in various types, so before you pick out purses for teens, you might wish to familiarize yourself with some of the different kinds, then you will have a better idea of what you are looking for.
An athletic bag is soft and roomy and designed to carry athletic or gym equipment around. A boxing bag is rigid-shaped with a shell, wood or metal handle. An antique purse is a leather. The grain will have been crushed and shrunk, so the finish is smooth. Burlap purses are made from a coarsely textured material, and a bucket bag (which is bucket-shaped) has a shoulder strap and open top.

A backpack is supported by both shoulders and lies across your back, while a carpet bag is made out of carpet fabric and used to carry-on luggage. Calfskin is the leather from young cattle, and it is soft and smooth, which canvas is durable and quite water resistant.

More Purse and Bag Styles for Teenagers

A clutch does not have handles, and a cowhide purse is made from adult cattle leather. A duffel bag is long and cylindrical with short handles, and a drawstring bag is soft with a drawstring closure. Glazed leather is polished but not as glossy as patent leather.

A hobo purse is big and soft, with a shoulder strap and zipped top. When carried it crunches down. A half-moon bag is shaped like its name and it might or might not have a handle. A safari purse is made from soft leather, and it has a top zipper with two handles or straps and a couple of outside pockets with buckle fastenings.

Satchels are flat-bottomed and have clasped or zippered tops. School bags are roomy and have a buckle, clasp or snap closure, as well as one wide shoulder strap.

A swagger bag is framed and roomy and has two handles or straps, as well as open outside pockets. Tote bags are rectangular and sturdy, with two strap handles and an open top. There might be zippered compartments inside. Many people do not realize how many handbag and purse styles there are!

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Best Cross Body Bags for Teens Reviews 2019

Teens are always on the go from the time they wake up in the morning to those late-night pizza parties with their friends. Despite their plans, a cross body bag can keep track of everything, blending functionality with cool teen style. From a simple, one-color, leather purse to a more fancy design with multiple colors, sparkles, cool patterns, or gemstones, adding a cross body bag means added security, trendy elegance and extra storage space.

The Appeal of Cross Body Bags

Teens use their backpacks, messenger bags and satchels as little pieces of luggage, so they can take along everything they need or might need, from a lip balm, a cell phone or tablet, keys, a hairbrush, to a wallet full of ID and bank cards, so security is essential when choosing the best cross body bag. Invest in one of these, and you can expect the extra security without sacrificing any style. Wear your bag across the body, and you can keep an eye on it, the added advantage being hands-free use. Pair with jeans and T shirt for a casual look or choose a leather bag if you are dressing up.

A full-size cross body bag might not be necessary for a quick trip to the mall or friend’s house, but these bags do come in various shapes and sizes, so you do not have to compromise by only having one cross body bag. A smaller purse will offer sufficient room for a makeup bag, keys, cell phone, and wallet, while a larger one makes using the bag for school or college a possibility. Consider a cross body style messenger bag if you want a larger size. This will offer the room for everything a teen needs to carry around, plus it will sit stylishly on the hip while the strap provides modern trend plus security. Swap your backpack for a cross body bag, and you will be able to keep an eye on it and ensure nobody is tampering with it, plus you will be able to carry it hands-free and also have easy access to the contents.

How to Wear a Cross Body Bag

Although a larger chest can sometimes get in the way of a cross body style bag, it does not mean you have to forget about this style of bag altogether. Just ensure you choose the right design. Remember that not everything we choose to wear has to be the most flattering design and sometimes practicality is more important. If you want to avoid adding bulk to your hips swivel the bag around from your hips, so it is sitting behind you instead. If you prefer to see your bag at all times, have it in front of you rather than to the side of the back.

The strap should not be too low else the bag will bang against your legs as you walk, and this is as annoying as it sounds, so simply shorten the strap or else choose a bag with the right length of strap for you. If you are shopping, a cross body bag is really handy because you will have both hands free to carry your clothes to the fitting room and you will not have a bag sliding off your shoulder as a shoulder bag can. Choose a cross body bag for teens, and you can expect chic functionality.

Photo Credit: All product images are credited to Amazon

The SAK Deena Flap Cross Body Bag

You can get this gorgeous bag in blue leather, in tan leather with a stitched design, or in brown with a feather design. Some colors come with antique silver color hardware while the others have the darker metal hardware. The inside is nylon material, but the outside is genuine leather. It is a little stiff at first, but the leather softens with use. Measuring 9 inches high by 9 inches wide, this cross body bag boasts 2 multifunction pockets on the inside and a back slit pocket, as well as a zippered pocket on the back wall. The 47-inch shoulder strap length gives a 23-inch shoulder drop, and the flap closure seals with a magnet. This gorgeous cross body bag is neither too big nor too small, and you can wipe it clean with a water-based leather cleaner. Trendy enough to suit the style-conscious teen but well-made enough to also offer security and functionality, this is a great investment whichever color you choose. You will want to use this bag all the time, and it also makes a wonderful gift for a teenage girl.

What Kind of Cross Body Bag to Choose

There are plenty of bags on the market these days, such as satchels, cross body, messenger, extra-large bags, shoulder bags, backpacks, and more, and you can choose from all kinds of fabrics from suede and leather to faux leather, cotton, denim, and nylon. Choosing a cross body bag as your style of choice means you have decided which kind of bag to get, but then there are so many cross body bags out there, how do you pick the best one? You need to consider a few things from your likes and dislikes to what size bag you need, what you are using it for, and what fabric is best.
This season size matters when it comes to purses and bags. Supersize clutches are in the stores right now, but as they increased in size, the cross body seemed to get smaller, and not only more diminutive but also super-feminine, which makes the modern ones very different from the simple, tomboy-ish kind you would have seen a few years ago. Woven wicker, perforated leather, lace, and even feathers and beads add interest to trendy, modern, cross body bags, and delicate colors like turquoise and coral have also been spotted on the catwalk lately. Pale colors are great for the spring or summer, but you might prefer to consider burgundy, brown or even black for the fall and winter.

A cross body bag offers cool credentials as soon as you put it on, and you will be able to walk, shop and live hands-free, so if you are used to a clutch or bag with a handle, you will be delighted to suddenly have the use of 2 hands, not just the one. Just thing how many more clothes you can take into the fitting room at the mall, or how you can text and hold your coffee at the same time. Choose a leather mini-satchel or woven duffel style cross body for casual days, or consider quilted leather or a box bag for going out in the evening.

Where to Buy a Cross Body Bag

The designers are offering plenty of choices this year, but if you already know what you want, then it is time to look online where you can snatch up a bargain, something gorgeous but cheaper than what you would find at the mall. Online stores have lower overheads, and more often than not their prices will reflect that. Some people will choose PU leather over genuine leather to save a few dollars, while others will go for quality and not mind paying a little more for a statement bag that will drive their friends crazy with envy.

STEVEN by Steve Madden Everly Cross Body HandbagSTEVEN by Steve Madden Everly Cross Body Handbag

This is a large cross body bag, one you can wear on your hip, or swiveled around to the back. The back is made from faux leather and has a fabric lining and zipper closure. Steve Madden is a very trendy bag, and shoe designer who is famous for his chic, funky designs, especially the ‘dressy sneaker’ and the bags are as much in demand as the shoes. This one comes in black or brown, not a dark brown according to reviewers but a lighter, earthy shade, almost terra cotta. The fringe design is trendy, and you can pair this bag with casual jeans and a T shirt, or even with a summer dress and sandals if the weather is on your side. The shoulder strap is not adjustable on this bag, but the bag itself is gorgeous and trendy and perfect for a day bag. You will be able to fit quite a lot in there because it is generously sized, even a tablet if you want to carry it around with you, and also a small umbrella and makeup bag perhaps.

Roxy Golden Girl Shoulder Bag

This is a particularly cute cross body bag which is made of flax linen and cotton and has a cotton lining. The drawstring closure and trendy tassels add plenty of style to this sassy bag, and the cross body strop means you can wear it hands-free. The bag is red and has a metal Roxy logo on the corner. The medium size means it can carry everything you will need without being too bulky or large. You will be able to get your headphone case and umbrella in there along with your wallet, cell phone and keys. The drawstring pulls very tight so even if the snap comes open the bag will stay closed until you release the drawstring. There is a deep zip pocket inside the bag perhaps for smaller items like keys, lip balm and so on. Whether you are headed to the beach, the mall or a friend’s house, you will find this medium-size cross body bag both functional and stylish. The shape is especially trendy, and the drawstring is sassy as well. Buy this for a teenage girl, and she is sure to love it.

Travelon Luggage Anti-Theft Cross-Body BagAnti-Theft Cross-Body Bag

Security is very important when it comes to luggage, whether you are shopping for a small clutch, a huge suitcase, or something sized between the two. That is why this cross body bag is especially worth considering. Made of durable nylon inside and out, and featuring a zippered closure, this bag comes in purple, black, light gray, or brown. It has a 28-inch shoulder drop, and you can adjust the strap from 15 to 28 inches. The total strap length is 55 inches. There are 5 interior card slots and 4 exterior pockets, and the bag is a good size. You will be able to fit more in there than you first thing, especially since it is only 11¼ inches high by 14 inches wide. This is a great bag for traveling because you will be able to fit an iPod and book in there as well as your essentials. The Velcro pouch near the top will hold your camera and keep it accessible while the front locking pocket is the one for money and travel tickets. A collapsible water bottle will fit into the back zip pocket when collapsed. This bag is secure and safe, but also very trendy and cool so a teen would wear it.

Vera Bradley Hipster CrossbodyBuy Vera Bradley Hipster Crossbody

This is the cross body bag to choose if you want to go for a hipster look. Available in various colorful designs, this bag is designed by Vera Bradley and has a front slip pocket and adjustable shoulder strap. There are 2 pockets on the front (1 zip and 1 slip) and a zip pocket on the back too. The layers of multi-textured quilting keep the bag fashion-forward while the slim shape means it sits close to the body keeping a low profile. You can machine wash and line-dry the bag. The size is great, and you can make the strap shorter for shoulder-carrying or extra-long for cross body wear, offering hands-free functionality. The fabric is colorful and modern, and another bonus of that is it does not show up dirt. Keep your iPhone in the front pocket and your wallet, keys, makeup bag and other items in the main compartment. Some reviewers say they use their bag on a daily basis and it is durable. They also love how much you can fit into this bag, and it is still not bulky or unwieldy to carry.

Cross Body Bags as a Fashion Accessory

Do you remember a few years ago when the bag of choice for the celebs was the ‘It Bag’ – an enormous, brightly colored Chloe or Balenciaga decorated with brass or chrome, and carried in hand or over the forearm? Costing near to a thousand dollars in some cases, these bags were seen as a status symbol. Trophy jackets and shoes have largely overtaken fast forward to today and such bags. Bags, of course, are something we will always need, but bag fashions change just like clothing and shoe fashions do. What is cool this year might not be cool 5 years down the line unless you invest in a real classic.

Every girl from a tween to an older woman will always love bags (yes, bags plural) so choosing classic styles which will last for years makes sense, as well as some casual styles were chosen for fun which might or might not stand the trend test of time. Modern bags are not supposed to be carried. They are supposed to be worn. Yes, that is right. It means the cross body is one of the most popular kinds of bags, partly for functionality sake. You can wear it instead of carrying it, making it hands-free and comfortable too. Forget to carry an unwieldy bag in the crook of your arm and slip the strap over your head and neck instead to wear cross body style.

Instead of brandishing a huge bag like a weapon, you can simply wear a cross body bag, and of course, all the other options apply regarding shape, size, design, and color. Cross body bags range from a couple of dollars to thousands of dollars. Designers like Smythson and Jimmy Choo are designing cool cross body bags, and other designers are copying them, which means the humble cross body which used to be functional only is now both functional and stylish. While you might still want a sparkly clutch for the evenings, you cannot go wrong with a cross body bag for the daytime.

From Designer Boutiques to Bargain Online Deals

In the fashion world, trends usually begin with top designers and then filter down. What is initially only for the rich and privileged becomes something everyone can have similar looks appear in chain stores and online, inspired by the original ideas the top designers had. It happened with the huge bags of the early 2000s and is happening again with cross body bags, as they receive a high fashion makeover and become something you want to wear. Cross bodies are cool enough for a tween or teen, available in all prices, colors, shapes, sizes, and designs, yet still functional and safe enough to be a smart choice too.

Videos for Cross Body Bags for Teens
YouTube Videos for “Purse Styles for Early Teenage Girls: Handbags & Purses.”

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Sakroots Artist Circle Flap Cross BodyBuy Sakroots Artist Circle Flap Cross Body

Available in 5 different designs, each one cooler than the one before, this cross body bag is one the teens will be drooling over this year. The exterior is uncoated canvas while the interior is polyester-lined. The shoulder drops are 23 inches, and the flap closure seals magnetically. The graphic print is modern, and the cross body strap is both adjustable and detachable. Depending on the design you opt for, the bag will have brushed copper, antique silver, or brass tone metal hardware. The price on Amazon is about $ lower than at the mall, according to reviewers who loved their online bargain. The attached charms might jiggle a little as you walk but that adds to the appeal of the bag, and the craftsmanship is top-notch, so this bag should last a long time. You can fit plenty in here such as a water bottle, wallet, camera, hairbrush, gloves, and makeup bag too. The hardest thing is deciding which of the 5 gorgeous designs to buy since all 5 are really cute. Whether or not you are familiar with the Sakroots brand, rest assured this bag is beautifully made and reviewers love it.

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How To Choose A Good Protein Powder For Bodybuilding

Our bodies use protein for repair and growth following any type of activity that causes muscle tissue to break down. In this case, we are particularly looking at how the body uses protein for bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is a form of progressive overload resistance where we challenge our body to exceed any prior demand made on it. When done correctly this will always result in the existing muscle tissue in the body is broken down and needing repair. Consuming protein for bodybuilding is essential to get results.

Protein is available from a wide variety of foods that most of us will eat every day. These include things like Chicken, Eggs, Milk, Beef, Fish and a lot more. You will also find protein in other foods in smaller quantities, but these are not as beneficial for bodybuilding as their bioavailability is much lower. Your body can use the lower quality protein, but you would have to consume large quantities often leading to high-calorie intake and unwanted weight gain.

As a bodybuilder, you will want to eat between 1.5g and 2g of protein per lb of bodyweight. A 200lb bodybuilder would need between 300g and 400g of protein daily spread between 5 and six servings during your waking hours. Trust me, this is quite a lot of food to eat, and that is where a good protein powder offers an alternate way of consuming enough protein.

As far as your body is concerned protein is no different once broken down into amino acids whether it came from solid food or protein powder. Drinking shakes reduce the quantity of food you have to stomach and is very convenient and fast to prepare and drink. The powder is also easily digested which ideal is following a weight training session where your body is trying to repair as quickly as possible.

There are different types of protein available along with a huge number of different brands it makes it difficult to pick a good protein powder without spending a fortune. I will try to help you make a good choice with the information below.

Types Of Protein For Bodybuilding

The most common type of protein used in the bodybuilding community is whey protein. For those of you who are interested in where it comes from you may be surprised to learn that it is a by-product of making cheese from cow’s milk

Whey protein can be categorized further depending on the process used to extract and purify it. Whey concentrate is the cheapest form and typically consists of up to 89% protein with the rest being made up of carbohydrates and fats. This type of whey has the highest amount of fat and cholesterol so that may be a consideration for some. Its bioavailability is very high, and it is digested quickly in the body, suitable for post workout use.

Whey isolate could be considered the next step up regarding quality when it comes to whey protein. The whey is processed to remove a lot of the fat content and lactose and generally whey isolate is lower in carbohydrates. It is common to see protein content upwards of 90%. The whey has a slightly lower bio-availability than whey concentrate but is preferred by some due to the carbohydrate content being suited to dieting and fat loss. The whey is still digested quickly in the body, suitable for post workout use.

Whey hydrolysate is a partially digested, partially hydrolyzed form of protein processed for optimum digestion in the body. This processing commonly results in the price being considerably higher than the other two forms of whey protein, and you should question whether this extra cost is worth it for you.

There is another type of protein worth mentioning at this stage with a particular use normally associated with it. Casein is another protein derived from cow’s milk. It is important as a bodybuilder to not go for long periods of time without ingesting a protein source. Casein is used for bodybuilding to fill this need. Most people drink casein before sleeping where the protein forms a gel in the stomach and binds together. This results in the digestion taking a lot longer and a constant supply of protein being drip fed into your blood stream while sleeping. You can also use casein between meals to bridge the gap and maintain high levels of protein in the body.

So What Protein Should I Use For Bodybuilding?

In my opinion, it is not a case of picking one source of protein for bodybuilding. You will achieve better results varying the type of food and powder consumed. As always a good overall diet is going to be essential for you to achieve any results and protein powder should be considered a supplement to that diet rather than a staple source of your nutrition. Don’t forget that while protein is protein when digested, there are other nutrients essential for your health and bodybuilding goals that would be missing if you just consumed shakes. Spread the different types of powder and food throughout your day to suit you. Protein shakes are convenient, and anyone is looking to build muscle as a bodybuilder would do better to drink a shake than to skip a meal. Protein is essential whether you are trying to gain weight or lose weight and should be used accordingly.

Best Eyeshadow Palette for Teens and Mom Reviews 2019

Eyeshadow Palette for the Adventurous Lady

Instead of buying separate eyeshadows, why not consider an eyeshadow palette and you will have a whole range of colors to play with. Everything is possible from a delicate daytime look to a smoky eye which is perfect for a night on the town. Eyeshadow palettes come in different types, so you might like to choose a palette with natural shades such as pink, bronze, and browns, or you might like to go for something with bolder, brighter options, or perhaps a huge palette with many different colors to choose from. There are certainly plenty of eyeshadow palettes to choose from, so you get the perfect range of eyeshadows.

Some palettes offer a range of textures, such as creamy eyeshadows or powder ones, while others boast matte, pearl, frosted, shimmer, or even glitter finishes. If you are beyond a certain age, you might be more inclined to use blendable matte colors to enhance the beauty of your eyes and showcase your look day or night. Pearl finishes can be beautiful too, while nothing looks so daring or adventurous as a seductive smoky eye or something glittery for an exciting night out. Choose your palette wisely, and your reward will be high quality, richly pigmented hues which are easy to apply, last for a long time, and complement your look.

You might be surprised just how many eyeshadow palettes there are to choose from. A palette might have 3 or 4 different colors, or it might have over 100. Anything is possible. It depends whether you are looking for a set look or whether you want the most versatile option. Even if a huge palette has some colors, you do not think you would use. It might surprise you when you consider a dash of plum at the outside corner can look great with a warm beige eyeshadow, while that richly colored sparkle eye shadow you would not normally wear might be perfect for your New Year’s Eve party for example.

Why These Make the Perfect Gift

Even if you are not shopping for yourself, do not cross eyeshadow palettes off your list just yet because they make a fantastic gift. Buying someone, a single eyeshadow is always risky. If they already have that color, they will not need a second one, and if they do not like the color, the gift is wasted. With a palette, you get a range of shades so the recipient of the gift can have fun mixing and matching the colors, and there will certainly be at least some colors she likes. A good eyeshadow palette is a great buy for any adventurous lady who wants to enhance her eyes.

Photo Credit: All product images are credited to Amazon

Coastal Scents 252 Ultimate Eye Shadow Palette, 4.44 Ounce

Coastal Scents 252 Color Ultimate Eye Shadow Palette (PL-252)Boasting all the colors you could ever need, this mammoth eyeshadow palette has over 250 highly pigmented colors, presented in 3 trays. You can apply the colors wet or dry, and the black case is portable so you can take the set with you. As you would expect, there are plenty of shades to choose from in here, everything from subtle nudes to bright pinks and oranges, pearly, shimmer and matte choices, and the colors are suitable for women with any skin color. For the best result, apply your color over a layer of primer to get it to pop, choosing the dry application or if you want a bolder, more intense look, wet application. Whether you want to experiment with eye colors or you simply like to try different looks regularly, this Coastal Scents palette is sure to offer everything you want plus much more.

Tips for Perfect Eyeshadow Application

There is more to eyeshadow application than simply dragging the applicator along the eyelid. For instance, one of the most important things is blending, and that is the same whether you are using 2 colors or more. Once you have spent time blending your colors together, you can add all kinds of effects, complementing the color of your eye, making your eyes look larger or spaced further apart, or adding any other effect you want. Learning about eye makeup is largely about practice, but it does pay to learn a few tips first. First of all, you will need a good eyeshadow palette, so you have plenty of colors to experiment with, to find what works best for you.
Eyeshadow may be applied with the applicator that comes with eyeshadow, with a brush or even with the fingertips. It depends on what you prefer as well as the result you are looking for. A professional makeup artist will have some brushes, varying their technique according to the result they want. You will not get professional results using cheap or poor quality brushes, regardless of how good the eye shadow is, so ensure you have good eyeshadows as well as good brushes, and you are off to the best possible start.

First, you should prime your eyelids. This will not only make your eye makeup last longer, but it also makes the color ‘pop’ and look better. You can use your regular face primer or get a specific primer for the eye area. Next, pick out which color or colors you wish to apply, and then apply them to your eyelid. Sweeping a single color over your eyelid might be all you want, or you can add a darker color on the outside of your eyelid and a lighter one inside, to give the illusion of your eyes being more widely spaced. Keep blending until the result looks good, and do not rush this step.

Finishing Off the Look

Dip a fine brush in water, then squeeze off the excess. Dip it into a dark eye color and use this to line your eyes, to make them look bigger and more beautiful. Using eyeshadow to line your eyes offers a subtle result than if you were to use an eyeliner pencil or liquid eyeliner which often looks too harsh. You can brush some white or light eyeshadow under your eyebrow to ‘open up’ your eyes and finish off your look. Once you have finished, brush on a couple of layers of mascara to complete the look. You will find every time you make up your eyes the results will get better and more professional. It just takes practice, but you will get there.

e.l.f. Eyeshadow 32 Piece Palette, NaturalBuy e.l.f. Eyeshadow 32 Piece Palette, Natural

The first time you look at this palette, you might be wondering why anyone would need 32 brown and gray eyeshadows because these are certainly very neutral colors. However, take a closer look. You get 8 matte shades and 24 shimmer ones, as well as a built-in mirror and applicator. Everything from pale beige to black is included, and the great thing about neutral colors is they suit every skin tone from the palest to the darkest. Neutral colors are great for the daytime but add to your look, and you have the perfect eye for the evening. You can achieve all kinds of results with this e.l.f. Palette from a simple daytime beige to a dark, smoky eye which is gorgeous at night. This palette is affordable, and the colors blend easily and beautifully.

iLoveCos 120 Colours Eyeshadow Eye Shadow Palette Makeup Kit Set Make Up Professional BoxiLoveCos 120 Colours Eyeshadow Eye Shadow Palette Makeup Kit Set Make Up Professional Box

This eyeshadow palette seems like one of the better options available online because you get 120 full-color palettes in 2 layers to choose from, including shimmer and matte finishes. Reviewers have plenty of praise for this kit, including some positive feedback from professional makeup artists comparing the quality to better-known brands. The difference is, of course, this set is much more affordable, but you can still expect wonderful color. This is a great palette for everyone from teens who are just beginning to experiment with their makeup and create different looks, too busy moms and women who want quick and easy makeup application and a result that lasts all day (or night).

SHANY Natural Fusion Eyeshadow Palette (88 Color Eyeshadow Palette, Nude Palette), 2.15 OunceSHANY Natural Fusion Eyeshadow Palette (88 Color Eyeshadow Palette, Nude Palette), 2.15 Ounce

Although you might not be familiar with the Shany brand, there is no doubt reviewers love it and compare it to the more expensive brands. This kit offers 88 powder eyeshadows and is suitable for everyone from busy moms to makeup artists. You get 59 ultra-shimmer eye colors and 29 matte ones boasting highly pigmented colors, so you do not need to use much to achieve a vibrant color. This blend of warm and neutral colors, matters, and shimmers means this is the only eyeshadow palette you need to enhance the beauty of your eyes. Use the lighter colors to highlight under your brows, the darker ones in your eye creases, and the rest over the eyelid.

SHANY 180 Color Eyeshadow Palette (180 Color Eyeshadow Palette

United Colors of SHANY, Neon Frenzy, Limited), 6.25 OunceSHANY 180 Color Eyeshadow Palette (180 Color Eyeshadow Palette, United Colors of SHANY, Neon Frenzy, Limited), 6.25 Ounce

If you are looking for a collection of bright, vivid colors instead of a basic palette of neutrals, this one could be your dream come true. You get 12 double-effect shadows, 117 ultra-shimmers, and 51 matte options. The colors are highly pigmented, so you do not need to apply much to get a bold result. This palette includes cool, warm and neutral tones so that you can go from a daytime look to a nighttime one easily. The double-effect shadows can be blended or applied by pressing a brush straight into them which offers a speckled effect. Shanny is a great brand loved by women everywhere because the colors pop and it is not difficult to get a professional result with such a palette.

Choosing the Best Eyeshadow Palette for You

A lot of women have a drawer full of mismatched eye colors, some in cream form, some powders, and a range of colors they are not sure how to put together. Opened eyeshadows should be thrown out after a couple of years, so why not just clear out that drawer and invest in a palette. Not only can you choose from various colors, pretty much everything on the spectrum actually, but you will have all your eye colors in one convenient place, so instead of rummaging around in that messy drawer you can simply open your palette and see all the colors together, giving you plenty of ideas of which ones to blend to get your look.
As you know, there are different palettes to choose from, some offering just 5 colors or fewer, while others go into the hundreds, so which one is for you? Consider your usual makeup routine. Do you tend to stick to the same shades or are you into experimentation and having fun discovering new looks? If you feel better in neutral colors and would never want to wear neon brights or sparkle on your eyes, you might want to consider a neutral palette, offering everything from rosy beiges to grays and blacks. The more adventurous girls might prefer a mixed set so they can experiment and find the right look for every occasion.

Take a look in your makeup case. Which brand do you use most? Whether you are a modern MAC girl, a fan of Urban Decay or a real lady, most of us have our favorite brands, but that does not mean your preferred band will offer the perfect eyeshadow palette for you. If you want a good palette of neons and glitter colors, you might find your usual brand does not have an offering to fit the bill, so be prepared to shop around. You never know – you might have a brand new favorite after trying a new brand.

What Size is Best?

Some eyeshadow palettes offer more than 200 colors but do you need that many? After all, you only have 2 eyes, right? Actually, it depends on what it is you are looking for. Nobody is saying you have to use all 200 shades, but having the choice between 10 browns, for example, means you can find the absolute perfect one for your coloring, or go darker after work to take your eye makeup from daytime to an evening look with minimum effort. If you only want neutrals, you can get a palette of 10 or 20 colors, for example. If you are keen to experiment, go ahead and get a larger, more extensive palette.

Inviktus 168 Full Color Makeup Eyeshadow Palette Eye Shadow Makeup Kit Set Make up Professional Box

Videos for Pro Eyeshadow Hints YouTube Videos for “How To: “Lift” The Eye and Correct Eyeshadow Mistakes!”
With more matte than shimmer colors, this is a professional set of eyeshadows. Every occasion from a wedding party to a standard day at the office is covered, and this is a portable, convenient palette. The colors are vibrant and highly pigmented so that you can achieve a gorgeous look very quickly. Reviewers love the colors in this palette and say the effects are long-lasting. If 168 colors sound too many, just consider the price and quality of this set. Even if you do not end up using every single color, you are still getting great value for the month, plus having access to new colors, those you otherwise would not use, means you have plenty of scopes and can experiment with brand new looks as often as you wish.

Videos for Pro Eyeshadow Hints
YouTube Videos for “How To: “Lift” The Eye and Correct Eyeshadow Mistakes!”

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Best Beverage Refrigerators Reviews for 2019

Keep Your Beverages Nearby and Perfectly Chilled

You could set aside a shelf in your kitchen refrigerator for cans and bottles, but with this season’s major sporting events coming up soon, you might prefer a better solution. Keep your beverages chilled to perfection in one of the best beverage refrigerators.

Friends and family are likely to stop by if you have a flat screen TV because that is the best way to view the game. So dispense cold drinks from the handy beverage refrigerator you have in the same room instead of having to go to the kitchen and miss part of the show while you are searching for cans or bottles in your large kitchen refrigerator.

Beverage refrigerators are much cheaper than the large side by side, top-freezer or bottom-freezer styles you will find in the kitchen because they are smaller and only need to hold drinks. Of course, if you are shopping for something which will hold fifty bottles of white wine or enough beer for a huge party, then you might want to consider a large refrigerator, but for most shoppers, something small enough to make a handy addition to their den or study will be perfect for the job.

The best beverage refrigerators of 2013 offer a constant refrigeration temperature to keep your drinks cold, and they make a great addition to any room where you want to store your drinks. You can even keep a few snacks in there too.

Photo Credit: All product images are credited to Amazon

Danby DBC120BLS Beverage Center ReviewDanby 120 Can Beverage Center, Stainless Steel DBC120BLS

This beverage refrigerator will hold up to 120 cans, which is plenty for even the biggest party or get-together, considering you can restock it whenever supplies are running low. The refrigerator has 3 black wire shelves, and there is an interior light which comes on when you open the door. The manual also explains how to get the light to stay on even when the door is closed if you prefer that. You will never be short on chilled drinks with one of these refrigerators, and the stainless steel trim and tempered glass door look stylish in a modern room or blend into any other kind of décor. The mechanical thermostat has a temperature range between 43 and 57 degrees F, and reviewers say the refrigerator holds your selected temperature well. Measuring 33.7 x 18.9 x 19.8 inches, this is a sturdy unit which holds plenty of drinks yet blends into the background and becomes part of the furniture. It is made from good quality materials and is the perfect solution if you want to keep cans and bottles cold in the den, living room, garage, or study.

3.5 / 5 stars

Keep Your Wine Chilled in a Beverage Refrigerator

Beverage refrigerators come in various designs and sizes, so choose something which you can fit in the space you have available and something the right size. It is a good idea to choose something slightly larger than you would otherwise go for, if you have the room because it is better to have a little extra space in there than to have a few bottles and nowhere to put them.
If you want to chill different kinds of wine (for example, white wine should be served cooler than red wine, but young red wines are nice lightly chilled), then you will either need 2 separate compartments or 2 beverage refrigerators. Else just pop your red wine in there for 20 minutes before serving. The temperature in a beverage refrigerator is good for beer, sodas and white wine, although if you are looking for a wine refrigerator specifically, and you don’t want to keep sodas or beer in there, you might like to browse those.

So what else do you need to know about the top rated beverage refrigerators? A good quality beverage refrigerator will be airtight. This is important because you need a good seal to keep warm air out. Remember too that a beverage refrigerator does not have to be solely for wine. You can add your favorite sodas, a few beers, and some wine, to ensure you have all your favorite drinks perfectly chilled and to hand, so when your friends come over you will have various drinks to offer them.

These are Incredibly Handy

We all have a refrigerator in the kitchen, and we can fit several bottles and cans in there, but if your kitchen is not where the party is happening. Or where the guests are, then who wants to trek back and forth to the kitchen all the time, to access the 5 or 10 cans you can perhaps fit in there? A better solution is to invest in a beverage refrigerator because you can have this in any room where you have an electric power point, and it will store your beverages, keep them cold, and not take up much room. Whether you want to keep wine, soda or beer in there, or even some of each, you will find this an incredibly useful appliance.

Danby DBC514BLS 5.3 Cu. Ft. Silhouette Beverage Center – Black/StainlessDanby DBC514BLS 5.3 Cu. Ft. Silhouette Beverage Center - Black/Stainless

Product Features

  • 5.3 cup. Ft. capacity holds up to 112 beverage cans and 11 bottles of wine
  • Integrated application
  • Fan forced cooling system
  • Temperature range 4C – 18C (39F – 64F)
  • Tempered glass door with stainless steel frame and handle

This 5.3 cubit foot capacity refrigerator holds 11 bottles of wine as well as 112 cans of beverages. Its fan-forced cooling system keeps the temperature between 39 and 64 degrees F, and the tempered glass door has a stainless steel frame and handle. This is a very quiet refrigerator, and you will hardly hear it running. If you have the radio or TV on you will not hear it at all. If not you will just hear a minor buzz. This is a roomy beverage refrigerator, and you can adjust the shelving to fit the bottles you want to put in there. Add soda bottles, beer, plastic water bottles, or whatever else you want. The blue LED light is great, and it gives the unit a classy look. This unit will keep your beverages at about 44 degrees F which is perfect for nearly all your drinks. It keeps them cold and refreshing.

Avanti 3.1 Cubic Foot Beverage Cooler ReviewAvanti 3.1 Cubic Foot Beverage Cooler

Product Features

  • Glass Door Refrigerator
  • 3.1 CU FT
  • adjustable shelving
  • reversible door
  • interior LED Lighting

This beverage cooler has a reversible glass door, as well as heavy duty adjustable shelving and an interior LED light. It offers all the features people want from the best beverage coolers and uses compressor cooling for the ultimate performance and offers full range temperature control. This cool black cabinet has a stainless steel framed glass door which is double-paned and tempered. The handle is stainless steel, and the temperature control is full-range, so keep your drinks at the temperature you want. The interior light is handy, and the removable/adjustable shelves mean you can choose which beverages to keep in here and fit everything in which you want. This cooler will function like a dream and keep your drinks icy-cool. Whenever you fancy a drink, you will find your beverage to be cooled to perfection in here.

Top Beverage Refrigerator Reviews

If you like to save money and buy your beverages in bulk, have a large family who is forever grabbing sodas from the main refrigerator (and letting warm air in every time they do so), or you play the host often, then a beverage refrigerator is a great idea. Storage and organization is a breeze when you use a beverage refrigerator, and these handy appliances can blend into any décor. Some even come with a lock and key to keep your precious drink collection safe.
One very popular model is the Haier 150-Can Beverage Center, which offers four full-width black vinyl shelves, a glass door with a recessed handle, and an automatic interior light. The lower rack is removable, and the thermostat is adjustable, so you can get your drinks anywhere between lightly chilled to icy cold.

The Kenmore Compact Refrigerator 126-Can Beverage Center is another nice one, which features a reversible tempered glass door, an interior light, a lock and key, and an attractive stainless steel trim. Store your wine on the bottom, your sodas in the middle and lie bottles of beer flat on top. You can see at a glance what is in there and pick out your beverage of choice. These are just two models. There are lots more for you to choose from, depending on how much you want to spend and the size you are going for.

What the Reviewers Think

The main point of a beverage refrigerator is to keep drinks cold, and that is the main thing reviewers will be taking into account when reviewing such an appliance. If the refrigerator works and looks good, then that is pretty much all the boxes ticked. Choosing which refrigerator you are going to buy depends on not only efficiency and looks but also other features, such as whether you need 2 different temperature zones, or you want something really quiet or you want the smallest one possible, so it is well worth looking at reviews of beverage refrigerators to discover how well they really work and how happy other users are with them. We have hand-picked some of the very best, for your consideration.

Videos for Beverage Refrigerators

YouTube Videos for “Danby DBC120BLS Beverage Center Review.”

Frigidaire FFBC4622QS 22 138 12 oz. Can Capacity ReviewFrigidaire FFBC4622QS 22"

Beverage Center Features

Bright lighting makes it easy to see what’s inside
Door can be installed to open left or right based on your needs
22.4 x 21.5 x 34 inches
95 pounds
Although this is not sold as a built-in unit, plenty of reviewers say they use this as a built-in refrigerator and it works fine. It is not especially noisy, and it will keep your beverages perfectly chilled. The handle on the top is great, and it means you can open this refrigerator without having to bend down. It offers a good capacity, and one of the reasons which this beverage refrigerator is so popular is that it looks so high-end and classy. Even if you are keeping it in a sleek modern room, it will fit right in. It certainly looks a lot more expensive than it is, which is always good. If you are looking for a great beverage refrigerator, then this is one to consider.

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Best Farberware Electric Skillet Reviews 2019

The Classic Farberware Electric Skillet

Do you enjoy cooking at home with an electric skillet? Cooking with an electric skillet is a great way to prepare a fast and easy dinner. Electric skillets are great for cooking in small places or when you are cooking several items at a time. Featured below are the best selling Faberware electric skillets available this season.

A Wonderful Item for Any Kitchen

Add an electric skillet to your range of pots, pans and cooking appliances, and you will have a brand new way to make food. Not only is an electric skillet easy to master but it also means you will be inspired to try out new recipes which are specifically for this appliance, and your family will love all the new meals you are making for them.

A Farberware electric skillet is so simple to use, and the electricity means the temperature will stay constant, so you do not have to worry about burning or ruining anything.

If you are thinking about buying a new skillet, then do consider an electric one. Lots of keen home cooks would hate to be without theirs because it does keep cooking fun and easy.

Most electric skillets come with an instruction manual and some recipes, so you can start making flavorful dishes for your family right away. As time goes on, you will be able to adapt these recipes or even come up with your favorites. Another thing you can do is to cook regular skillet meals in the electric skillet. You can even make cakes, desserts and other items in there. This is a versatile piece of kitchen equipment.

Photo Credit: All product images are credited to Amazon or eBay

The Best Farberware Electric Skillet

Looking For The Best Farberware Electric Skillet?

Farberware FS12B 12-by-12-Inch Nonstick Electric Skillet
Farberware FS12B 12-by-12-Inch Nonstick Electric Skillet

This skillet is thick and heavy, which is always a bonus. It can also be submerged in water for cleaning it, and that is good too. It heats up quickly and evenly, and the nonstick coating works well. One problem is the plug can fit very tight. If you have a strong male on hand to help you get it out, that should be fine, but if you are not very strong, it might be an issue, albeit a minor one. The temperature is easy to control and consistent although it takes a bit of trial and error to find a boil setting, a saute setting, etc.

Cooking Ideas for the Farberware Electric Skillet

Electric skillets are less messy to use than regular skillets, and it is easier to control the fat temperature, so try making shrimp cakes or fried chicken in there.
Another bonus with an electric skillet is that it is mobile enough to carry outside when it is too hot in the summertime. If you are having a party outside and you have somewhere to plug it in, you can take it outside for that too, or if you want to cook something ‘smelly’ like fish you can also choose to do that outdoors.

Use the skillet for warming up foods or make a delicious pizza by using a pizza crust mix and topping it with your favorite meat, seafood, cheese, and veggies.

Try making pancakes, green garlic beans, burgers, chicken, zucchini, and even fried eggs and bacon in your electric skillet. You can make anything in there you would usually make in a sauté pan, and it is beneficial when you are cooking during the holidays, and all the stove top burners are taken.

Sit it away from all the activity on the stove, allowing whatever is in there to cook gently while you watch the stove to check nothing is bubbling over.

Electric skillets are bigger than sauté pans, which means you can cook a large quantity in there without having to slow yourself down and cook it in batches. Try searing a batch of chicken meatballs in there and then adding chicken stock. You would have to brown the meatballs in batches in a regular sauté pan, but if you have a large Farberware electric skillet, you can do them all at once.

Popular Farberware Electric Skillet Buy one of the best Farberware Electric Skillet there is!

Top Farberware Electric Skillet

The Top Selling Farberware Electric Skillet!

If you have broken the base of your skillet, but you only want to replace the base, not the whole skillet, this one is great. It is the original part so that it will fit your Farberware skillet perfectly. If the ceramic disk has broken off your old skillet base, do not worry because this new base contains a spare so that you can replace that too. This is strong and durable, and it will give a new lease of life to your trusty skillet, enabling you to cook more delicious dinners for years to come. Farberware is a trusted brand, and this is a top-selling skillet base for the kitchen.

More About Electric Skillets and the Farberware Electric Skillet

An electric skillet, which is also known as an electric frying pan, has an electric heating element, so it does not have to go on the stove. The heat-insulated legs can stand on a countertop, and you can get this type of cooking pot in square or rectangular designs. Pots which need to go on the stove are usually round since they fit better, but you do not have this kind of limit if you are cooking with electricity. Most have straighter sides than anything you would use on the stove, and they also have lids, so they are a cross between sauté pans and frying pans. Electric skillets are durable and handy to have.
Heat regulation is the main reason chefs enjoy using electric skillets. The detachable power unit has a thermostatic control so you can choose and maintain the exact temperature. The Farberware FS12B model is 12 by 12 inches in size and has a nonstick cooking surface. The stay-cool side handles are heat resistant, and the domed lid has a steam vent. This item comes with a one year warranty, and you also get a removable probe which offers adjustable temperature control.

Use a Farberware electric skillet in any busy kitchen for making all kinds of delicious recipes. Use it for your bacon and pancakes in the morning, or for your grilled cheese sandwiches or soup at lunchtime. What about making beef stroganoff or Chinese chicken in there at dinnertime? To use it, you just have to insert the probe and adjust the cooking temperature, choosing from low to high depending what you need. The nonstick surface means you do not need to add oil or butter, and the stay-cool handles allow you to transfer it from the kitchen counter to the dining table. The heat-resistant lid means you can keep an eye on the food inside the electric skillet while it cooks.

Not Always Available but a Classic When You Can Get Them

Presto 06852 16-Inch Electric Skillet with Glass CoverPresto 06852 16-Inch Electric Skillet with Glass Cover

These have been around 50 years, since the mid 1960′s, and they are still popular. If you want to add some vintage cooking appeal to your kitchen, have a look at this 12-inch electric fryer skillet. It is easy to use and comes with a full instruction manual, as well as a roasting rack and probe heat control. Plug this into the wall, and the temperature inside will stay even and constant, so whatever you choose to cook in there will come out nice. This vintage Farberware electric fryer skillet is 12 inches wide and 2 inches deep. The 3.5-inch domed lid adds extra inches to the height so that you can fit a joint of meat in there easily.

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Top 5 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Reviews 2019

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Reviews 2018

Best Rated Bluetooth Speakerphone 2018

Still looking for the best compact Bluetooth speaker? Then you need have a look at these first wireless Bluetooth speakers. Each of them has received many good reviews from users everywhere. I am certain one of them is the greatest fit for your requirements.

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Reviews 2017

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Reviews 2017

Jawbone JAMBOX Bluetooth Spokesman Review

An Awesome Bluetooth Speaker


[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#88fe41″ title_color=”#040404″] * Excellent sound quality
Even when you’re playing the lossless song from the sound that comes out of it is just great at both low and high.

* Small and portable
When you’re going out you just drop it into your bag, backpack, briefcase and you’re ready to go.

* Easy to pair
You can easily pair the Jawbone JAMBOX with your phone, iPad, laptop and any other devices

* Amazing range
Even when you put this mouthpiece far away from the beginning, the connection is still stable

* Long battery life
You can get up to 10 hours of music on a single charge. The charging time is pretty fast too. It only takes a bit over an hour. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#fe8e74″ title_color=”#040404″]* It isn’t cheap
You can find more inexpensive Bluetooth speakers out there, but they may not be as impressive as the JAMBOX [/su_box]

Logitech Wireless Bluetooth USB Speaker Z515 Study

An Ideal External Speaker For iPad

Logitech Wireless Bluetooth USB Speaker Z515 Study
Logitech Wireless Bluetooth USB Speaker Z515 Study

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#88fe41″ title_color=”#040404″] * Good sound quality
It’s comparable to other external PC speakers of the same size, and the highest volume is pretty loud too

* Very convenient
This wireless chairman can be done virtually including any device that is Bluetooth-enabled

* Even pairing with iPhone including iPad
Seriously, the whole matching process is a breeze

* Includes a USB Bluetooth adapter
This little thing makes pairing the speaker with a laptop/computer a lot easier

* Easy to use
The controls are nothing fancy. They’re simple, so no guesswork is required

* Good build quality
The whole thing appears stable plus very well-made. Pretty sure this is a piece of device that would be in China for a high time. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#fe8e74″ title_color=”#040404″]* The only way to measure the strength is by using the buttons on the speaker. You can’t use your device to constrain the amount, and it doesn’t come with a remote control like the Soundfreaq SFQ-1 [/su_box]

Soundfreaq SFQ-1 Sound Stand Bluetooth Wireless Audio System Review

Soundfreaq SFQ-1 Sound Stand Bluetooth Wireless Audio
Soundfreaq SFQ-1 Sound Stand Bluetooth Wireless Audio

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#88fe41″ title_color=”#040404″]* Excellent sound quality
Whether you’re listening to classics, pop, jazz on low or high volume the sound is just great. It’s comparable to the Bose SoundDock Portable Digital Music System which is more expensive than the Soundfreaq.

* Bluetooth works well
You don’t need to use the slip if you don’t want to. This article has excellent wireless range so you can direct your iPhone or iPod in your pocket and the music is still rocking the house

* Easy pairing
Whether you have an iPhone, iPad or anything else the service is a wind

* Easy to practice
It’s not really about pairing the device, but the whole thing is plain easy to use even for the technically-challenged folks

* Cool design
It’s a simple yet sleek-looking gadget. [/su_box]


[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#fe8e74″ title_color=”#040404″]* Expensive
Though it’s a bit cheaper than the JAMBOX, it’s still going to cost you over $$$ to get one. The real message is, you get what you paid for! [/su_box]

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Halloween Haunted House Decorations

Halloween haunted houses are the best part of Halloween

Every year I take the kids to the Halloween haunted houses and each year they become more spooky, and the Halloween haunted house decorations become more realistic looking. Looking to have the best Halloween haunted house this year? Then having the best-haunted house decorations is what you need everything from skeletons to zombies and all kinds of bloody spooky things that go bump and jump out at you howling and screaming causing you to jump in horror. Get your Halloween haunted house decorations now and be ready to scare all your friends and neighbors with your Halloween decorating.

Amazing Animatronics and Traditional Toys

The fun doesn’t have to stop with static decorations which inflate or just sit there. Consider some top quality animatronics and have decorations which jump, scream, lunge and scare everyone silly! A mad lunging dog is a great idea. It will sit and growl while its eyes flicker menacingly and then, just when you are least expecting it, it will lunge forward making whoever is standing closest scream for sure. Or choose a zombie animated clown, a cackling old hag who rocks back and forth in time to the scary music. You provide the CD player and chair, and this scary old witch comes with her CD.

You can also get fake fires (which run off electric), and these will have a flickering light bulb underneath and some silk fabric on top which sways around to look like the flame. Use your imagination or browse Amazon and eBay to see what you can pick up. You are sure to discover some great things, and Halloween will be all the more exciting with your new Halloween decorations. Of course, not all Halloween haunted house decorations have to be animatronic. You can also get some fine decorations for much less money, which are just as effective and creepy. Choose paper, metal or plastic decorations and get the kids to help you decide where to hang or sit them for maximum effect.

Photo Credit: All product images are credited to Amazon or eBay.

The Best Selling Halloween Haunted House Decorations

Clawing Corpse Animated Halloween Prop
Clawing Corpse Animated Halloween Prop

There is no doubt this is one ugly decoration, but that is the whole point of Halloween decorations. This two-foot tall decoration is going to scare everyone. He appears to pull himself out of the ground and just when you thought it could not get any worse, he spews fog over the whole area in front of him and is seriously creepy. The scary hands complete the look, and you are sure to scare lots of people if you choose this Halloween decoration. He is going to give people nightmares, which makes him a great option for your Halloween party if you want to go all out to impress.

The Top Rated Halloween Haunted House Decorations

42″ Ghoulish Animated Screaming Skeleton

Halloween decorations do not get much scarier than this animated screaming skeleton. Skeletons are already scary, especially at Halloween, but this one emits terrifying shrieks! The skeleton’s arms move up and down while it screams. This decoration is motion activated so when someone unknowingly walks past, the screaming and shaking will begin. Just imagine how much fun you can have with that. If you are only going to buy one Halloween decoration this year, you might like to consider this one. It is both scary and hilarious at the same time, and everyone will love it, especially the kids.

Deluxe Halloween Bag Of Skeleton Bones – Full 28 Piece Set – Perfect For A Halloween Graveyard Or Haunted House

For sure, these bones are perfect for scaring the neighbors! You get an assortment of different bones, and sizes range up to about 14 inches for the longer ones, which makes them close to life-size human bones. The bones are made of a kind of plastic or Styrofoam, so you will need to store them carefully, but there is no reason they will not last for much more Halloweens to come. These are quite close to real-looking, and if the lights are low, they could easily pass for real, especially if you scatter them on the porch or partly bury them in the yard. Have fun arranging these in whatever way you like, and create a really scary scene.

Custom Halloween Haunted House Yard Prop Blood Body Severed Human Male Hand Ring Finger Choppered

If you are looking for bargain pieces to decorate your house this Halloween, consider this severed hand. The ring finger has been chopped off, and the hand is quite realistic looking and covered in blood. The piece is made of soft artificial rubber for a realistic appearance, and it has cotton padding inside to maintain the shape. It would not pass as being human if you inspect it up close, but it is perfect for a low-lit scene, or you can have it on the porch or as part of a larger display. For Out of stock this is a wonderful addition to any haunted house display.

4 yards x 30″ CREEPY CLOTH – Spooky Halloween Decoration

When you are designing a haunted house, you will need large items like fake bones, severed hands, pumpkins and the like, but do not forget the backdrop, because that is what ties everything in together. These creepy cloth decorations are ideal for suspending behind your display to lend a realistic air and increase the creepiness factor. The cloth measures 4 yards by 30 inches, which should be plenty long enough for your needs. Discover your uses for this. It would work as a backdrop, or you could drape it over a table. Set the mood with this creepy Halloween cloth and reuse it every year as part of your spooky display. This is a great addition to any haunted house, and you might like to get a couple, for different uses.

Best Countertop Food Processors Reviews of 2019

The Best Countertop Food Processors for the Home

Make your food preparation so much quicker and easier with a countertop food processor. With these handy gadgets, you can make your baby food or chop up ingredients for your next meal effortlessly. These make a perfect gift for the chef on your list. A countertop food processor is useful, versatile, and should for many years.

A Handy Gadget for Every Home Cook

A food processor is a handy kitchen gadget, and you can make all kinds of wonderful meals using it. A small one which you can keep on the countertop makes things even easier too because it is always there when you need it. Food processors can chop, slice or blend in seconds, save you hours every week.

Imagine making the same delicious family meals but spending far less time in the kitchen. You can spend even more time with your family or do the things you love. Choose a good quality counter top food processor, and it will last years, making light work of anything you need it to do.

There are food processors for every budget, and they vary in size and features, so you might like to compare a number of these countertop gadgets and find out which would suit your needs best. Do you make a lot of soup recipes or want to save time slicing your veggies? Do you need a food processor which can grind meat or juice lemons? Match a countertop food processor to your own needs, and you will find yourself using this handy gadget on a daily basis, and wonder what you did before you had one. Because you can keep it on the countertop, there is no time-consuming assembly before use. Simply add your ingredients and press the button.

Photo Credit: All product images are credited to Amazon

Black & Decker 8-Cup Food Processor

Most Wanted Counter Top Food ProcessorsBlack & Decker 8-Cup Food Processor

This handy and bargain-priced counter top food processor features a powerful 450-watt motor, and you can use it to chop, dice, slice, grate, puree or blend pretty much any ingredients. It has an 8-cup capacity work bowl which has a feed chute. Use the feed chute pusher for mushrooms, green bell pepper, onions, zucchini, strawberries, basil, or anything else you want. Use it for making homemade pizzas, soup, fruit dessert toppings, beverages and more. One drawback of this model is the noise. All food processors make some amount of noise, but this one seems to be especially noisy. If you do not mind a few seconds of noise, then it should not be an issue, but don’t use this one when you have just got the baby off to sleep! For the money though, this is a great quality food processor.

How to Choose the Best Food Processor

Choosing the best food processor is just like choosing any other kitchen gadget. You need to work out your budget and requirements and then see what is available. Perhaps you already know which brand you want to have or a friend has recommended a specific model, or maybe you used to have a great food processor years ago, and you want to replace it with something very similar but more modern. A good food processor will soon become indispensable in the kitchen thanks to its efficiency and versatility.

A food processor should be powerful enough to handle tough jobs like shredded a hard cheese, chopping raw carrots or kneading a stiff dough. Something lacking the necessary power might not chop or combine uniformly, or the motor might burn out, so this is a major factor. Also, check for a ‘pulse’ button so you can get small bursts of power. This is handy for tasks like quick dough kneading or rough chopping. Some food processors offer one speed which others offer more.

How small do you want to go? A countertop food processor does not have to be one of the tiny 3-cup models, but you will probably not need one of the 20-cup types often found in restaurant kitchens, so consider what kind of recipes you want to make and how many people you cook for. If you often chop small amounts of nuts, cheese or herbs, you might want to get a processor with a ‘prep’ processor attachment. Food processors come with different accessories. Consider whether you want to pay for more a machine with a juicer, bread dough kneader or meat grinder, or whether you would be unlikely to use these accessories.

Which Brand is Best?

KitchenAid and Cuisinart are 2 of the best-known brands when it comes to food processors, and most people know someone who has one of these, but there are also other good brands to choose from. The best way to determine a quality brand is to read the reviews other people have written and see what they have to say about the product. Although those 2 brands are among the most popular, they are also some of the most expensive, so if you are thinking about spending 2 figures instead of 3, you might want to consider Black & Decker, Hamilton Beach or another brand instead. The end decision is going to depend on your personal preference, not just your budget, so consider what you plan to do with the machine, what size you realistically need and which features and attachments you want, then you should be able to find the perfect machine for your requirements.

Popular Ideas for the Best Food Processors

Cuisinart DLC-10S Pro Classic 7-Cup Food ProcessorCuisinart DLC-10SY Pro Classic 7-Cup Food Processor, White

This convenient and useful Cuisinart food processor makes various kitchen tasks a lot faster and easier. Use it to mix pastry dough or to make leftover corned beef into a hash. Shred, slice or finely chop ingredients or knead bread dough in there. There is a shredding disc, slicing disk, dough blade, mixing and chopping blade, and you also get a disc stem, 2 pushers, a cover, spatula, recipe book and instructional DVD, so even if this is your first ever food processor, you will become an expert at it in no time. Most parts are dishwasher-safe too, so cleanup is really easy. Cuisinart is known for making top quality kitchen appliances. A food processor is something you will find yourself using on a daily basis so make sure you choose a good brand, and it will last for many years.[su_youtube_advanced url=”″ rel=”no” fs=”no”]

Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus 4-Cup Food Processor

Top Rated Counter Top Food Processors

This is a smaller food processor than some of the others, but if you have a small kitchen and you need something for the countertop, this one is good. It has a 4-cup capacity which means you can only add 2 cups at a time to it. Adding anymore will over-process the ingredients on the bottom and under-process the ones on top. However, if you do want a small food processor, then this one does work well. The smart power blade moves one way to chop and the other way to grind, so you do not need to change the blades. This is certainly more convenient than the way many other food processors work. Chop fruit, vegetables or herbs, or puree foods until they are smooth. Here is a good tip: if you want chopped (instead of pureed) onions or coarsely chopped nuts, then try alternating the chop and grind buttons, giving each one a quick pulse, and you will get a good result.[su_youtube_advanced url=”” rel=”no” fs=”no”]

Oster BCCG08-RFP-NP9 8-Speed Blender with Food Processor Attachment, Metallic RedOster Rapid Blend 8-Speed Blender with Glass Jar and Bonus 3-Cup Food Processor, Metallic Red, BCCG08-RFP-NP9

This food processor is great for multitasking. The one-touch pushbutton control offers 8 speeds, and you get both a food processor and a blender attachment. The glass blender jar holds 6 cups, and its ice crusher blade is powerful and efficient. It can pulverize ice or frozen fruit. The 3-cup bowl can be used for mixing, mincing and chopping. Reviewers love this gadget. It can be washed in the dishwasher, and the Thermal Shock tested glass means you can use it hot from the dishwasher to make an icy cold drink without risking cracks or breakage. For the price, this countertop food processor is surprisingly powerful. It is not the quietest machine to run, but if you do not mind that, you can have everything else with this one.

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DeLonghi 9-Cup Capacity Food Processor with Integrated Blender9-Cup Capacity Food Processor with Integrated Blender

This food processor also comes with a 40-ounce blender attachment so that you can multitask with it. Choose from the 2 speeds or use the pulse button. The safety system prevents the motor running unless the lid and base are locked into place properly. The patented dual drive system makes this an intelligent food processor which can accommodate different speeds automatically. You get a spatula, carry handle and cord storage with this one too. Reviewers love how powerful this machine is, as well as the fact it offers a 9 cup and a 5 cup attachment so you can blend or process smaller amounts. The bowl is not dishwasher-safe unfortunately, and this is quite a noisy machine, but most reviewers give it a high rating, so it is worth looking at, especially because of its bargain price.

Get the Most Out of Your Food Processor

A food processor has a place in every modern kitchen. No longer is it something your great aunt gave you at your wedding and has been relegated to the back of the cupboard for years. These days there are so many wonderful recipes you can use a food processor to make, and these machines are cheaper and more feature-packed than ever. Consider yours as an extra pair of hands in the kitchen that can trim prep time and allow you to make recipes you would not otherwise try.

600 watts is usually enough for a food processor, although if you make a lot of bread dough choose something with 1000 watts, allowing it to do the extended kneading. As well as the motor a food processor will have feed tubes which you use to push ingredients down the tube to protect your fingers. The wider the feed tube, the larger the ingredients you can push down there. 4½ inches is a good width for a feed tube. Some food processors come with one bowl while others have nesting bowls, which means one inside a larger one. The second option means you have to use both at once if you want to use the smaller one, which means they both get dirty.

The pulse button is ideal for quick surges of power, and you will use it for recipes like relishes or salsas. Keep the metal blade in the bowl because that is the attachment you will use most. Do not process anything you would not cut with a knife and the blade will keep sharp for years. You might have one slicing disk which is 2mm thick on one side and 4mm on the other, or you might have one disk which you can flip over. The metal blade can be used for making piecrust or short dough while the dough hook is better for other types. The grating disk can cut cheese, fruit or veggies into ¼ or 1/8 inch pieces.

What You Can Make in There

Try making pasta dough, breadcrumbs, coleslaw, baby food or grated cheese in the food processor among other things. To make great peanut butter process peanuts for a couple of minutes using the metal blade. You can add a couple of teaspoons of peanut oil at the end to thin it if need be. Things you should not try to make in the food processor include meringue, mashed potatoes (the starch makes them gummy), ground coffee (you will not get a uniform result) or whipped cream unless you have a slower speed setting on your machine. You will discover all kinds of new recipes for your new machine though, and many people use their food processor on a daily basis.

“How to Make Easy Cheesecake with a Cookie Crust”

YouTube Videos for “Easy Cheesecake with a Cookie Crust”

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Ninja Complete Kitchen System Mega Blender & Food Processor2 Horsepower - 1500 Watts Professional Kitchen System

With an overwhelming amount of praise from reviewers, this Ninja machine seems to deserve its name. You get an 8 cup bowl with blade set, a 3 cup bowl with blade spindle, 3 jars with blade set and a combo dough blade attachment, as well as a 72-ounce pitcher. This machine works as a food processor, dough kneader, and blender. The high-powered machine crushes ice well, and there are 3 speeds as well as a ‘pulse’ setting. This is dishwasher-safe to save time on cleanup. The individual cups for making single servings are very handy too, so you do not have to use the large cup and then pour the drink into a single serve cup. The 1500 watts of power is seriously impressive, and you will find so many different recipes to make in your new Ninja.

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Vegetarian Gift Baskets 2019

Vegetarian Gift Baskets for the Non-Carnivore

Do you know someone who is a vegetarian? Are they hard to buy for? Well, why not get them a vegetarian gift basket? They make great gifts for any occasion and your friend or loved one will love it. So Browse below today and choose the one that is right for your friend.

Being vegetarian never means you should miss out on anything. In fact, there are plenty of wonderful foods a vegetarian can enjoy, and choosing a gift basket is easy because of the wide range of choice. You can choose a sweet or savory gift basket or something with a selection of both sweet and savory options.

Does your vegetarian friend or a family member have a sweet tooth? Might you like to look at some candy gift baskets? Does he or she like savory snacks? It is not difficult to find meat-free vegetarian gift baskets either. Such a gift will be gladly received and very much appreciated.

The Easy Handy Gift

Picking out a vegetarian gift basket is a very good idea, not only because the items inside will be suitable, but also because it shows you have put some thought into the gift. Giving a thoughtful gift does not have to make making it or assembling yourself, but it can also mean choosing something carefully – not just picking out a gift basket at random, but remembering the recipient is a vegetarian and picking something suitable for their diet. There are various types to choose from, so you will want to peruse your various options and decide what kind of gift basket to get, what size and what is in there.

Maybe you want to get a basket of candies or sweet foods, in which case it is best to get something approved for vegetarians. You might think all candy is vegetarian but ask a true vegetarian if they eat gelatin and they will say no because it is made from beef skin and pig hide! A non-vegetarian might not necessarily know that, but a vegetarian who shuns all meat products certainly will. Another option is the snack gift basket, and this will feature a range of yummy snacks which the recipient can choose from, perhaps opening some now and saving some for another occasion. You will be surprised how many different types of vegetarian-friendly gifts there are.

Photo Credit: All product images are credited to Amazon or eBay

The Best Vegetarian Gift Baskets

Start Shopping for Vegetarian Gift Baskets Right Here

This appetizing gourmet gift basket offers a colorful selection of Californian dried fruit. Perfect for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, this handcrafted gift is sure to wow the lucky recipient. This tasty, chewy fruit selection includes dates, apricots, apples, peaches, pears, and prunes. If you want to make a change from the usual flower bouquets you send, pick this attractive dried fruit gift basket instead. It looks great, and the fruit is tasty and nutritious. This one has plenty of high ratings and positive reviews so you can buy with confidence.

Tasty Vegetarian Gift Baskets

Such a gift makes a nice present for someone who is a vegetarian or who you would like to be a vegetarian. Perhaps you want to show your non-vegetarian friend that eating a meatless diet does not have to be boring. This is also a great gift idea for someone who has recently become vegetarian and is looking for inspiration and ideas about what to eat, to keep their new diet interesting. Whether you want to get a huge basket with all kinds of meat-free goodies or something smaller and more in line with a smaller budget, there are plenty of these gift baskets for you to choose from.
A gourmet gift basket might be a lot smaller than one with more mainstream food, or it might be the same size but more expensive, just because gourmet foods are more special. Some people prefer quantity over quality but most will prize quality more, so if you want to make sure you get something which will impress the recipient, compare a few different baskets and see what each one offers, then think about the person you are planning to give it to, and you can decide which they would prefer. A vegetarian gift basket might have wine or beer in, as well as the food and snacks.

You could make your gift basket for a vegetarian, of course, by shopping for a range of items and then assembling them in a box or basket, finished off with plastic wrap and a big ribbon. This is not only time-consuming, however. It is also hard to choose the right items to go in the basket, and unless you are especially gifted at presentation, your finished gift is not going to look as professional as a purchased one. The end cost is probably going to be able the same too since the more you get in a premade gift basket, the more discount you get on each item. This is why buying instead of making a gift basket is the best idea.

Top Vegetarian Gift Baskets

Here is Another Option for Vegetarian Gift BasketsVegan Food Gift Basket by Well Baskets

Shopping for a vegan and looking for the best vegan gift baskets? This one is designed with vegans in mind, and the products are tasty and healthy. You get a handmade basket packed with mushroom soup, cookies, kale chips, roasted pumpkin seeds, crackers, almonds, and much more. This is a veritable feast for a vegan or vegetarian, and even a confirmed carnivore will be tempted by some of these mouthwatering treats. Shopping for food gifts for a vegan is not always easy, especially if you are not sure exactly what vegans eat, but this basket is perfect for someone who does not eat any animal products.

Popular Vegetarian Gift Baskets

There Are Also These Vegetarian Gift Baskets For Sale!Vegetarian Lifestyle Gift Basket (2.8 pound)

Shopping for food for a vegetarian is not always easy, but you can make it easy if you pick a gift basket with vegetarians in mind. This flavorful gift includes all kinds of yummy treats including Gouda cheese with pesto, black truffle almonds, cranberry Chevre cheese with cinnamon, olive tapenade, mini toasts, gourmet fruit butter, and more. Each of these gourmet products has been carefully sourced and thoughtfully combined to make this fantastic festive gift which is ideal for the holidays or a special occasion. The products are arranged in an oval-shaped wooden gift basket and finished off with a classy chocolate brown ribbon. This is a fantastic gift for a vegetarian who loves top quality food.

Great Gifts Baskets California Gold: Gluten Free, Vegetarian

Sweet and Savory Snacks, Teas in Natural Redwood Caddy

This gluten-free gift basket is ideal for people who cannot eat gluten. Everyone deserves to be able to eat nice food, allergies or not, so this gift will show the gluten-free recipient you are thinking about them. In fact, the food in here is so good it does not have to be for only gluten-free eaters. You will find plenty of tasty treats in here including chai tea, nuts, organic chocolate sesame bar, and more. Everything is vegetarian as well as being free from gluten, and there are also dairy-free and kosher options, so there is something for everybody. The basket and contents are all made in the USA, and the baskets are wrapped in clear plastic and finished off with a handmade bow. You can also add a personalized greeting on here for free.

Chocolate Bars of the World Gift Box (1.5 pounds)

Whether you are shopping for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or another special occasion, this gift basket is sure to wow the recipient. Perfect for a gourmet foodie, spouse, parent or just someone who has a sweet tooth, this vegetarian-friendly gift will impress them. You get 5 different chocolate bars from around the world, from countries including Italy, France, and Ecuador. Some of the bars are sweet while others have a bitter or tart finish. Some are fruity and textured while others are smooth. This is a lovely gift for a vegetarian because you will not have to carefully examine all the contents to see if everything is vegetarian-friendly. This gift appeals to vegetarians and carnivores alike.

Great Gifts for Vegetarians

A vegetarian gift basket is an obvious choice if you want to give a 100% vegetarian gift, but what other possibilities are there? A lot of vegetarians will not wear clothing made from animals, so you might like to choose a faux leather belt or wallet, or perhaps a faux leather or faux suede purse if you are shopping for a woman. Perhaps you have spotted a vegetarian snack or ingredient which you want to buy, and then you have the option of slipping it into the existing gift basket or making your gift box or basket. A vegetarian cookbook is another cool buy for our non-carnivore friends.

Of course, a gift for a vegetarian does not have to be food-related at all, and they would be just as happy as any of us meat-eaters if they were to receive a DVD, book or item of clothing, so if you are buying a number of gifts, then perhaps have the gift basket as one of them and get other items to go along with it, preferably some non-perishable things so the person will be able to keep and treasure some gifts while they eat or drink the rest. Lots of people are vegetarian these days and have different reasons for not eating meat. Someone might eat fish and seafood, but not poultry or any other kind of meat. They would technically be called a pescetarian.

A vegetarian who does not eat meat because they do not like the taste or texture of it might still wear leather garments, but if you are unsure whether your vegetarian friend is that vegetarian or not, it is safer not to purchase anything made of leather, suede or any other material which was once part of an animal. Not all vegetarians are laid-back hippies either. In fact, there is no real stereotype and vegetarianism is nothing unusual these days. Nearly all restaurants offer vegetarian options, and some offer vegan options too. Vegan means no animal products are eaten, so no eggs, milk from animals, etc.

Cooking for a Vegetarian

So now you have your vegetarian-friendly gifts sorted out, what are you going to cook for your vegetarian friend? Some people cooking their first vegetarian meal assume they can just make a regular meat meal and leave out the meat, but that often does not work. Another mistake is to think you always have to replace the meat with something similar-textured, like tofu or mushrooms. Vegetarian recipes have a charm of their own though, and they can be just as satisfying as a meat one. If you are giving someone a vegetarian gift basket, perhaps they will invite you for a meal and make you something using one of the ingredients in the basket, then you can try it out for yourself.

Vincotto – Original 17.5 Fl. Oz. – Original (17.5 fluid ounce)

Any vegetarian gift basket is going to be enhanced if you add this deliciously aged vinegar to it. This is a sister to balsamic vinegar, offering a spicy, fruity finish without the woodiness. You will be able to taste spices, grape, and prunes, and the vinegar offers a smooth, sweet taste. Imported from Italy, Vincotto is ideal for drizzling over aged cheeses, salads, and roasted game meats, and it also works in specific desserts. This is an all-natural product without any added colors or preservatives. Made by reducing the grape must from 2 certain types of grapes, it is then aged in oak for 4 years for the superior flavor to develop. One reviewer likes to use this in any recipe calling for balsamic vinegar, to get a similar, but more refined, flavor in the dish. Add this unusual, excellent product to your vegetarian gift basket and any gourmet or foodie will appreciate the gesture.

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