Best Women’s Running Tights Reviews of 2019

Functional and Fashionable Women’s Running Tights

Are you a female runner and you like to wear tight clothing? Why not get a set of spandex running tights? Not only will they conform to your body but they will also help you to lose weight. They are comfortable, and you can move as you need to when running. So browse below today and find a pair of women’s running tights and enjoy your running and jogging in more comfort.

Women’s running tights are not the same as regular tights which would fall if you were to run in them. Having to pull your tights up every few minutes would drive any runner crazy!

If you enjoy jogging or running, then investing in tights especially for the exercise is a great idea because they will keep you comfortable and last for a long time.

Designed Specifically for Runners

The best women’s running tights will stretch with you and not be restrictive in any way. They were designed by people who know all about running and the movements you make while running and working out. These are high-quality tights which will work with you, not against you. Choose from a variety of styles, fits, and colors.

Photo Credit: All product images are credited to Amazon

The Best Women’s Running Tights

New Balance Women’s Go 2 Tights

These are one of the best-rated running tights you can buy online, and reviewers love their high quality, the way they look, and the fact you can run as far and as hard as you want and they do not fall. The internal drawcord lets you get the perfect fit. One reviewer likes to wear them under running shorts on cooler days. These are reflective and breathable, and because they are a polyester/spandex mix, they will wick any sweat away from your skin to keep you comfortable. They offer a pocket on the back, plus another inside which is perfect for your keys. Runners want clothing which is lightweight, durable, comfortable, and which supports their movements while running, stretching with them instead of being in any way constricting. These women’s running tights tick all the boxes.

Choosing Running Tights, You Will Love

If only picking a pair of running tights in a store or online was as easy as picking up a package which said ‘running tights’ on it, but choosing the best ones is not that simple, unfortunately. Not only do you have to make sure you get the right size but you also need to know a few more things about this garment before making your selection. First of all, ensure they are long enough if you are running when it is cold.

Everyone has different length legs so ensure the tights are long enough. Showing an inch of ankle might not sound like a big deal, but on a cold day this can be uncomfortable and make you want to cut your run short. If you live somewhere warmer, Capri-length (¾-length) might be better for you. The tights should also be opaque, which means not see-through at all even when stretched over your legs. If you are trying them on in a store, check in the mirror to make sure your underwear is not visible through them. If you are shopping online check the reviews, because if a pair is see-through for sure, someone will have mentioned this is their review (shortly before returning them for a refund).

Something else to consider is pockets. A lot of women’s running tights will have a zippered pocket on the back or a key pocket in the waistband, but you might want more than this. Although some runners only take their keys with them, others like to have a debit or credit card, cell phone, iPod or other items. Not only will you need more pockets if this sounds like you, but you will also want to check the weight of these items is not going to make the tights fall while you are running. Talking of not falling, make sure you use the drawstring because it is there for a reason, and if you do not want to have to hitch your tights back up every few minutes, ensure you do use it.

More about the Fit

The most important thing is the comfort while running, but ensure your running tights fit properly and do not dig into your waist or leave your ankles cold. The seams on them should follow your muscles so ensure you put them on the right. The seams can also help protect the muscles and support them, so do not just pull them on. Check the seams are lying right. Be suspicious about very cheap running tights. A very low price means they are likely to become saggy or see-through after a few runs and washes. If you wear tights very rarely, you might not mind this, but if you wear them often plan on spending $50 or $60 on a good pair.

Top Women’s Running Tights

You May Like This One Better!Top Women’s Running Tights

Choose any size from extra-small to large, and enjoy the warmth these running tights will give you. The 2-way support web and 4-way stretch body fabric work beautifully, and you can machine-wash these. These are well designed and feature flat seam construction to increase comfort, enhance the fit and prevent abrasion. These contain Lycra for stretch. You will easily be able to tell the difference between poor quality tights and these. Wear these when you run, and you will experience less ‘jiggle’ which helps keep your energy up and is far more comfortable. These are certainly worth the investment and all serious women runners will love their range of benefits.

CW-X Conditioning Wear Women’s 3/4 LengthCW-X Conditioning Wear Women's 3/4 Length Stabilyx Tights, Black

These are supportive, according to reviewers, who love the way their legs feel even after a long run. Support is really important when shopping for running tights. If you live somewhere very cold, you might want to buy full-length tights, but these ¾-length ones are fine if it is not that cold, or if you just prefer to wear shorter ones. They feel snug when you pull them on, but they are supposed to because that is how their built-in support works. Adjust the piping around your knee. Choose from X-small, small, medium, or large. These running tights mimic kinesiology-taping to support your muscles, ligaments, and joints, and the support web means you get less muscle vibration which, in turn, means less fatigue. Your lower abs, hips, and back will all be supported.

Under Armour, Women’s Charged Cotton® Ultimate 28″ LeggingUnder Armour Charged Cotton Ultimate 28" Legging (1239189), Grey

These are budget tights compared to some of the others on this page, but we include them in case you are looking for running tights to wear occasionally, perhaps just a few times a year during the extra-cold times. These have a 28 inch inside leg seam, which is handy to know because you can measure yours to determine whether this will be a good fit. These feel soft when they are on, and wick away sweat. The wide waistband is designed for comfort, and the cotton/elastane means they will stretch over your contours, but some reviewers say these fall more than more expensive running tights, while others say they do not, so perhaps try these and see for yourself how they feel?

Popular Women’s Running Tights

Under Armour ColdGear Compression Leggings – Women’sUnder Armour ColdGear Compression Leggings – Women’s

Available in all sizes from X-small right up to X-large, these women’s running tights have excellent ratings and reviews. They have an ergonomic waistband which covers your back to keep it warm and protected, and an inseam length of 27½ inches. They are made from polyester/elastane, so they will not fall while you run, and the 4-way stretch construction allows you a good range of movement. The inside is brushed and cozy while the outside is slick and fast-drying, so you have the best of both worlds with these compression tights. They even incorporate anti-odor technology. These running tights are worth considering if you want something comfortable, durable and warm. Compared to some of the higher end ones, the price is very competitive too.

CW-X Women’s Stabilyx TightsCW-X Women’s Stabilyx Tights

Reviewers love these running tights. They are made from Coolmax/Lycra and feature Support Web, a technology that reduces muscle vibration, meaning it takes you longer to tire out. This technology mimics kinesiology-taping. You will find a review for the Capri-length CW-X tights higher on this page, but these are full-length so you can wear them even if the weather is cold, and they will keep you toasty warm. The Coolmax fabric wicks moisture away from your skin, and the flat-seam construction supports the hips, back and lower ads, channeling power through your core and allowing you to be active longer and recover quicker. These are a wonderful investment for women runners because they are comfortable and they will not become saggy or fall while you are running.

What Beginner Runners Must Know

Everyone needs to start somewhere, and every runner was once doing his or her first run. If you are new to this sport, there are a few things you must know before buying all the gear and dashing out the front door for your first run. Whether you already exercise regularly or you are choosing running as your only form of working out, you should consider spending a couple of weeks doing regular exercise (swimming, walking or biking perhaps) before you start walking, to warm your body up and give you some stamina.

Combine running with walking too, when you begin, so walk some and run some. It is a mistake just to go out there and run as fast and as long as you can. Do that, and you will be sore and hobbling around for the rest of the week! Begin by running for 2 minutes and walking for 2 minutes. The next week you can add a minute of running, then change it every week, as you become fitter and your body becomes more used to running, and you will be able to do a long run without getting too tired. Running too fast and too far is the main cause of running injuries. There is no reason to overdo it, and you will enjoy the sports way more if you take it easy until your body is used to it.

You can expect some soreness and pains, whether you are a beginner runner or someone who is adding more time or speed to their runs, but any sharp pains or one-sided pains are something you might want to see a doctor about because those are not part of running. Some people run on the treadmill while others run in the woods or on the road. This depends largely where you live. If you live in a city, it might be better to use a treadmill at the gym, while if you live next to a large park, that is where you will probably wish to begin.

What Clothing Do You Need

The number one priority when running is a good pair of running shoes. Those are something you should buy from a specialty running shop. Never skimp on your running shoes. You will also need sports socks, or at least something comfortable inside the shoes, maybe with some padding (look out for ‘running socks’). These shoes should be replaced about every 400 miles, else the protection they offer will begin to decline. Consider some women’s running tights too, because these not only help keep you warm and wick moisture away from your skin, but they also help support your ligaments and joints, and that means you can run farther without tiring. Finally, consider some top and, depending on the weather, a lightweight jacket as well.

Videos for Women’s Running Tights

YouTube Videos for “Marathon Fashions with Jeanine Pesce – Outside Today”

[su_youtube_advanced url=”” rel=”no” fs=”no”]

Roxy Women’s Standard Tight

These running tights are made from Nylon/Spandex which is quick-drying and feels very much like cotton, only stretchier. There is a zippered pocket at the back of the waist so you can keep your keys tucked safely in there, and the flatlock seams ensure you will not get chafing. The inseam measures 29½ inches so unless you are especially tall you should not have any exposed ankle. These are machine washable and will air-dry by the next day if you want to rinse them out after every run. The waist is not a drawstring so you cannot adjust the fit, but that means you just have to pull them on and you are good to go. One reviewer wears these for added warmth while snorkeling, so perhaps you have more than one sport you do where you can get good use out of these. The material is opaque and good quality, and these running tights should last for years.

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Best Homemade Beer Making Kits Reviews 2019

The Best Kits for Making Homemade Beer

What do you buy for a man who loves to drink beer? Give him the power to make homemade beer with these homemade beer making kits!

These Homemade Beer Brewery Making Kits make the perfect gifts for Fathers Day, Christmas or as a birthday present! Start your shopping for the best homemade beer making kits below. Kits from Mr. Beer, New Brewers, Coopers and True Brew beer making kits are featured for you below.

Homemade Beer is Unique

Making your beer is a lot of fun, and the finished product will be unique and therefore extra special. Anyone can buy a six-pack of beer, but using homemade beer-making kits to make your means you will get different results.

Just like home cooking is better than ready-made meals, homemade beer is much nicer than bottled beer. This gift will appeal to anyone who enjoys a cool glass of beer.

This is a great gift for complete beginners to brewing, as well as people who have made their brews before because brewing beer never gets boring! The whole process is fun, from opening the gift, in the beginning, making the beer itself, waiting for it to brew and develop its characteristics, and of course tasting the fruits of your labor. This makes a lovely gift because it is such fun to use. Anyone of legal drinking age will have fun with this kit, and of course, it will come with all the instructions necessary to make a great brew. So if you are considering one of these, keep reading to find out what options you have.

Photo Credit: All product images are credited to Amazon

The Best Homemade Beer Making Kits

Looking For The Best Homemade Beer Making Kits?The Best Homemade Beer Making Kits

The Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brew Kit was one of the most popular home brewing kits on the market in 2013. This homemade beer making kit makes a wonderful gift for guys who love to make their beer at home.

This high rated beer-making kit is easy to use. The instructions are simple, and the components are straightforward to assemble. The mixture needs to sit in the keg for at least a week, although the longer you leave it in there, the tastier it should become. This is simple to use, and the resulting beer has a good color, flavor, and style. Not only is this kit a lot of fun to use but it is ideal for ‘the man who has everything’ because it will give him something entertaining to do and he can enjoy the results of his brewing.

How to Make Beer at Home

It can be cheaper to make your brews than purchasing them from the store, and you can also make them to your taste, sharing them with friends and family, or even entering a craft brewing contest. Choose from a variety of kits or check out a homebrew store which can package items together to make the complete kit. An all-grain kit will not come with such in-depth instructions as other kinds, so one of those would be better for someone who already has some brewing experience under their belt. Once you know how to make beer using one of these, you can then design your beer recipes instead of buying the kits.

An all-grain kit will come with grain and hops, and maybe yeast too, as well as instruction. Some kits will offer malt extract rather than grain, which gives the beer a different flavor and character. Something else you might like to consider is a kit with pre-hopped malt extract because this will simplify the brewing process, the reason being you do not have to boil the mixture or add different amounts of hops at various times. Choosing between an all-grain kit and a pre-hopped malt extract kit is something you will need to do, but it just depends on whether you are a beginner or buying for a beginner, in which case go with the pre-hopped type as your first kit.

So what do you need for making beer? You will need a big pot, at least 3 gallons in capacity, tubing and a clamp to bottle the beer, an air lock and stopper, a thermometer, bottle filler, bottle capper, bottle brush, bottle caps, and a sanitizing solution. A beer brewing kit will come with most or all of the necessary items for brewing. The first thing to do will be the actual brewing, and then you have to cool and to ferment, followed by priming and bottling. After that is the aging and that is when the yeast ferments the rest of the sugar to create carbon dioxide which will make your beer bubbly. The last step is, of course, the most enjoyable one, and that is the drinking!

A Very Rewarding Hobby

Once you have discovered not only how easy it is to make beer, but also how much fun, you will want to make another batch, perhaps the same as the first or maybe you want to try another type of beer or even a different kind of brewing system. You might be a beginner now, but you will get to the stage where you can make up your recipes and give your beer whichever characteristics you want it to have. There is nothing like sipping a cold beer at the end of a long day, especially one you have brewed yourself.

Top Homemade Beer Making Kits

The Top Selling Homemade Beer Making Kits!BSG Gold DP-GFZY-7I2K Beer Homebrew Kit with 6 Gallon Glass Carboy

Beer Making Kit by Monster Brew is a popular choice for guys who love brewing beer at home. This home beer making kit has everything you need to brew a great tasting homemade beer.

This is a good quality kit and comes with everything required to make your first brew. The directions are simple, and the book has lots of handy tips in it. You can make delicious beer and then either keep it or distribute it to friends and family so that everyone can appreciate the yummy flavor. The ingredients kit will make 5 gallons of beer, and you get hops, yeast, and malt, as well as everything else you need to make fantastic homebrew. This is a top quality homebrew kit rather than a gimmick novelty one, so if you are looking for quality, consider this one.

Popular Homemade Beer Making Kits

Buy one of the best Homemade Beer Making Kits there is!Beer Brewmaster’s Select Home Beer-Making Kit

Check out the Mr. Beer Brewmaster’s Select Home Beer-Making Kit. This home beer making kit has everything you need for home brewing the finest tasting beer you can make yourself. Become a beer master with the Mr. Beer Brewmaster’s Select Home Beer-Making Kit.

This is a great brewing kit, and you can brew 4 gallons of beer. You get 2 all-malt refills, a 2-gallon fermenter and 8 bottles which you can reuse. The bottles come with caps and labels. As well as this you get a t-shirt and baseball cap, 2-pint glasses, a sugar measure and a thermometer. The tutorials and instruction sheet are concise and easy to follow, and you can also purchase extra refill brew packs for use with this brewing kit. This is sure to delight any beer fan because it is a pleasure to use and the resulting beer is going to taste amazing. Everyone knows at least one person who would love this for Christmas or a birthday.

Different Kinds of Beer

Beer dates back to Ancient Egypt and is one of the oldest alcoholic drinks in the world. It is still one of the preferred beverages of thirsty people today, and there are lots of different kinds to choose from. Different factors affecting the style of beer include the flavor, color, and aroma. Different countries boast their distinctive brews, and a beer enthusiast will enjoy sampling different beers from different places made in a range of ways. You can break beers down into two main styles, and those would be dark beers and ale. A dark beer is dark in color and offers a fuller flavor. These may be served chilled or at room temperature.

Porter is one kind of dark beer which is made by mixing 3 different ales together. The full aroma and rich body of the dark beer are created by roasting malt barley. Stout is another type of dark beer, and this is usually black in color or very dark brown. Guinness, for example, is famed all over the globe for its distinctive look and full flavor. This deep black beverage is topped with a creamy head and found everywhere, especially in Irish bars. Ale is made with top-fermenting yeast which accounts for the stronger, darker beer that older generations seem to enjoy. Ale is fermented at a higher temperature than other kinds of beer, and it is faster to produce. An ale often has a distinctive fruity or nutty flavor, and that makes this a popular beverage for the cooler months.

So, what about larger? Lager is brewed using bottom-fermenting yeast, and it is lighter than other kinds of beers. During fermentation, cooler temperatures are used, and this means the larger takes longer to make than sales or other beers. Because of this, lager is refreshing and therefore popular during the summer months. The color and flavor are both lighter. For the best flavor, larger is best served cold. Whether beer, lager, stout or ale is closer to your heart, beer is certainly here to stay, as classic brands and flavors continue in their popularity and new types are launched.

Beer for All Occasions

A cold beer is wonderful at the end of the long working day when you are meeting friends in the bar for a catch-up, or you can even serve it at a dinner party. Beer goes better with a curry or Asian dish, for example than a lot of wines would. It is also a good drink for cooking with. A splash of dark beer in your next beef stew will enrich the flavor while making fish batter with beer and flour yields a crispy result.

Videos To Help You Learn How To Make Homemade Beer

YouTube Videos for “Making Home Made Beer – Gordon Ramsay.”

[su_youtube_advanced url=”” rel=”no” fs=”no”]
Brew Like a Pro: Make Pub-Style Draft Beer at Home

So apart from the brewing kit, what else do you need to make a great brew? The answer is this helpful book which teaches you the secrets of pub-style beer brewing, including plans for a home brewing system you can fit in 18 feet of available space. There are also recipes in here for classic, all-grain brews which will stay fresh for months in the kegs, so you do not need to bottle. This is a clear, easy to follow the guide, and it is well written to keep you enthusiastic and interested. The book starts with an overview of the typical pub brewery and then goes on to explain how to replicate the process in a much smaller space with fewer components. Next, there are illustrations to help you, as well as a selection of tempting recipes for you to try out.

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Top 5 Best Electric Scooters For Kids 2019

Best Electric Scooters For Kids 2017

Top Rated Kids Scooters For 2017

Electric scooters are the great gift for active children who enjoy doing outdoor activities. They are a lot of fun and also environmentally friendly since they only need electricity to run.

On this page, you can only find TOP RATED children scooters here. Have a look. I sure hope these reviews can help you find the perfect gift for your children


Razor E300 Electric Scooter ReviewRazor E300 Electric Scooter Review

Best 15 Mph Scooter For Kids

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#88fe41″ title_color=”#040404″] * Fast
Well, the manual says it can go up to 15mph but if your child weighs less than 75 pounds in can go up to 20mph. That’s fast enough for the kids to feel excited. Make sure your kids wear their helmets when riding on it.

* Sturdy
The whole construction feels well-made

* Big tires
With big tires, this scooter can go on the sidewalk, yard and various another terrain where scooters will small wheels just won’t cut it.

* Battery holds the charge long enough
Children can play up to 45 minutes per charge. That translates to 8-12 miles. Of course, this number will vary based on the children’s weight and also the terrain.

* It’s quiet
This scooter doesn’t make the annoying noise like the Go-Peds.

* Can climb hills
Some people say that this bike can’t climb hills. That is not entirely accurate. If the one riding the scooter weighs more than 80 pounds, then that could be the case. Smaller children, however, can ride the E300 uphill quickly[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#fe6c78″ title_color=”#040404″] * Takes 8 hours to charge the battery
Yes, it takes that long to load it, but if charge it at night it will always be ready for your children to play with in the morning.[/su_box]

Razor E125 Electric Scooter Review

Best Ride-On Toys For The Little OnesBuy Razor E125 Electric Scooter

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#88fe41″ title_color=”#040404″] * Easy to assembly
This scooter requires assembly, but the whole process is a snap. It only takes a couple of times (all you need to do is lock in the handle bars)

* Chain driven
Unlike the E100 which uses a belt driven motor, the E125 is chain driven. Overall the E125 has better performance and also durability

* Long battery life
The E125 can hold the charge for about 40 minutes that’s 5 minutes less than the E300, but it’s still long enough for kids to have lots of fun ride.

* Fast enough for smaller children
Ten mph is the maximum speed for this scooter. If you think a scooter was going as fast as 15mph is too fast for your baby, then this one should fit perfectly.

* Durable
Do your kids love to abuse their toys? Don’t worry. This scooter can hold up well. It’s well-built[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#fe6c78″ title_color=”#040404″] * Requires kick start
The E125 needs a kickstart to 3mph before starting. Not a big downside since kids are already used to kick the ground to get their non-electric scooter starting[/su_box]

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter ReviewRazor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

Just Like The Real Thing

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#88fe41″ title_color=”#040404″] * Easy to assembly
The whole thing takes about 15 minutes to put together.

* Easy to ride
Even for children who just learned how to ride a two-wheel bike this scooter is easy to master. Children only need to practice handling the speed control and brake.

* Very quiet
Suffice to say that when your kids ride this scooter early in the morning, they won’t wake up the neighbors.

* Charges quickly and easily
It comes with a wall plug so you can just plug into the wall and stick the other end to the charging slot on the bike. It only takes 5 hours to charge a completely discharged battery fully.

* Chain driven
Much more reliable than belt driven electric scooters

* Under-seat storage compartment
Big enough to store some groceries just in case you’re getting the kids to buy the groceries. Of course, your children can also use it to keep snacks, iPod, toys or any small items that they might want to take.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#fe6c78″ title_color=”#040404″] * Headlight is for decoration only
It’s not a big deal since you can go to a bicycle shop to install it.[/su_box]

Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter Review

What Bigger Kids WantBigger kids Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter

What some kids say on a scooter is getting old. If your kids are among them, then you should get this seated electric scooter from Razor

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#88fe41″ title_color=”#040404″] * Assembly is a snap
It only takes 10 minutes to complete the assembly since you only need to put three parts together.

* Comfortable
Not all children like to stand on their scooter. This seated bike is comfy, and your kids can control the motorcycle much better while sitting.

* It’s fast
The product specification says it can go as fast as 15mph but some reported that this scooter could go up to 18mph (checked with radar gun).

* Big tires
These big (and wide) tires ensure smooth and stable riding in various terrain.

* Very well built
Since this scooter is meant for bigger and heavier kids the wheels, fork, and handlebars are made sturdy.[/su_box]
[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#fe6c78″ title_color=”#040404″] * Not for smaller kids
The seat is quite high so children less than 5’3″ tall may have some trouble getting their feet on the ground. Of course, if your child insists on getting this scooter you can always skip mounting the seat during assembly.[/su_box]

Super Turbo 800watt Elite 36v Electric Scooter Review

Seriously Fast Scooter For Big Boys And Girls!Seriously Fast Scooter For Big Boys And Girls!

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#88fe41″ title_color=”#040404″] * powerful
The motor is no joke! This scooter can carry a person up to 350lbs easily.

* Seriously fast for an electric scooter
If your kids enjoy riding a 15mph bike, then they gonna love riding this one. This thing can go up to 25mph and up to 18miles on a single charge. If you don’t want your kids to go too fast, you can follow the instruction in the included DVD to “tone it down.”

* Rides through (almost) everything
This scooter can go on gravel roads, through yards, on the pavement, up and down hills, and over rocky paths. Makes it a perfect bike to take when your kids go camping.

* Fairly quiet
It’s not as quiet as the small scooters listed above, but it’s still pretty quiet for such a powerful electric scooter.

* Excellent customer support
Everyone runs into a problem sooner or later, but whenever it may arrive, you can be sure you will receive a five-star customer support. The seller (Super Cycles & Scooters) is that right.

* Removable seat
If your kids feel like sitting put the seat on and when you feel like standing just pop it out. It’s that simple.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#fe6c78″ title_color=”#040404″] * It’s heavy
Well, it’s a trade off actually. If you want a very sturdy scooter, then you need to compromise on weight. Anyway, since it got wheels the weight isn’t much of a problem (unless you need to take it upstairs)[/su_box]

How Fast is a Fast Electric Scooter?

A fast electric scooter is much faster than it was just a few years ago. Of course, gas scooters are still quite a bit faster, but the gap is steadily closing. For some enthusiasts, fast electric scooters have more speed than is necessary, but for others, nothing seems to be fast enough for their tastes.

Whether you own an electric motor scooter or gas powered scooter, they will both get you from one place to another. The big difference between the two is their travel times. The gas scooter will usually get you there quicker, but electric scooters will get you there at a much lower price.

Depending on how far you need to travel and what types of roads you are driving on, a fast electric scooter can often be just as efficient as far as time is concerned. If you’re driving on streets or highways having higher speed limits, you will probably want to get a gas powered scooter as they can be much speedier.

There are two things that most scooter buyers look at closely; top speed and out-of-pocket expense. Gas scooters will allow you to travel at speeds more than 100 MPH which should be more than sufficient for just about everyone. Driving to work at 65 MPH is a breeze with gasoline power, but impossible with electric power. However, if you will be using your scooter to do errands close to home, riding to school, or needing transportation for other close-to-home activities, electric may be the best way to solve your needs.

Red Electric Scooter

The big advantage of electric scooters is their low maintenance and operating costs. Since they don’t have a gas engine, they will be much more dependable since gas-powered motors have more problems. There are far fewer things that can break down or malfunction with an electric scooter. This also means the maintenance costs are a lot cheaper. Also, since the power comes from a high-tech battery, there is no gas to buy. This can mean huge financial savings because making trips to the gas station will never be necessary.

The biggest benefit of owning a gas scooter is their faster speeds. However, this can become a moot point if you are only using your vehicle to travel short distances from home. Not too long ago most electric scooters could only hit top speeds of about 20 MPH. The newer versions coming out today are hitting speeds more than 30 MPH, and these top speeds will surely increase shortly. The increase in speed is mainly due to improvements in battery technology. When you think of a fast electric scooter, 30 MPH may not seem very fast, but it will get you where you want to go if you are traveling near your home.

If you are trying to come to a decision about which type is best for you, it normally comes down to speed and money. If you are traveling long distances and need higher top speeds, it is almost a necessity to get a gas powered scooter. If your main goal is to save money by eliminating expensive fuel costs, and you will be taking short trips in the vicinity of your home, an electric scooter will usually be the better choice.

It may seem hard to believe, but gas scooters are usually a bit more expensive than electric scooters of comparable size. For about the same price you will get higher speeds from similarly-sized gas vehicles. One other important thing to consider is the distance each scooter can travel. Gas scooters will allow you to travel virtually any distance because you can always stop and buy more fuel. However, electric models need recharging after 30 or 40 miles, so they are not ideal if you are traveling longer distances.

Benefits of an Electric Power Scooter or Mobility Scooter

An electric power scooter will mean different things to different people. For young people, it’s an economical and easy way to get to school, perform errands short distances from home, or visit their friends. Plus, a fast electric scooter can be just plain exciting to someone in their early teens. To older, and possibly disabled people, it’s a way to get their legs and mobility back.

Most electric scooters are designed with two wheels and are used as a low-cost way to travel short distances. Since gasoline is not required for the power, they are very cheap to operate. Additionally, gasoline-powered engines break down more often and are more expensive to repair, and therefore an electric scooter will cost less to maintain. Their only expense is the small amount it costs to recharge the batteries.

In addition to the two-wheel varieties, there are many three and four wheel types, mainly for use by the elderly or disabled. People with limited mobility, hence the term mobility scooters, can get their mobility back. This makes it possible for individuals with limited mobility to feel less reliant on others, which gives them a sense of freedom. Some mobility scooters not only have a seat for the operator but have an extra passenger seat as well as space for cargo.

In addition to being used by the elderly, some types of three and four-wheeled scooters are found in airports, factories, malls, resorts, and many other places where they can be used to transport people or cargo from one place to another. In these cases, gasoline-powered scooters would not be acceptable due to their excess engine noise and pollution. However, an electric power scooter offers virtually silent operation and no hazardous emissions. Gas scooters are great for outdoor operation, but the indoor operation is usually reserved for electric scooters.

The disadvantage to mobility electric scooters is their range. They can only go so far before needing a battery recharge, a limitation that gasoline power does not have. However, by having spare batteries, one can be recharging while another is being used. This will make sure that you always have power when needed and that you won’t be stuck during an emergency. With the advancements in technology, current batteries, especially gel-sealed batteries, provide more power and longer ranges. As the power and range increases it may eventually make it unnecessary to own a spare battery, but until then it’s a wise choice to keep a spare.

Mobility scooters for people with limited mobility will provide many benefits. For some people, it takes a lot of energy to go from one place to another. Some wheelchairs can be very tiring to operate. However, an electric powered scooter can get these people around easily and effortlessly, saving much-needed energy. Electric wheelchairs can make it easier to move around for some people, but some mobility scooters have a range as high as 35 miles. If you have a greater distance to cover, a wheelchair just won’t cut it in many circumstances.

Going for a walk with grandchildren, or doing some errands on your own, can be a great benefit to a person who previously had no way to get around. With all the benefits of electric mobility scooters including their low cost of operation, cheap maintenance, reliability, and quietness, it is easy to see why they have become so popular.

Electric Moped Scooter

What is an Electric Moped Scooter?

Is there such a thing as an electric moped scooter, or are mopeds and scooters two completely different types of vehicle? Many people use the terms interchangeably while others say they are not the same. To determine any differences, if they occur, we will need to take a deeper look into the history and definitions of these electric vehicles.

An electric moped is a type of motorcycle with a lesser amount of power. Its purpose is to provide low-cost transportation while increasing road safety and making licensing requirements minimal. The legal driving age for mopeds in most countries is lower than for motorcycles, making these vehicles ideal for younger people who want a safe way to travel to school or for short trips around the neighborhood.

The first mopeds were bicycles, retaining their pedals, with a small motor added. Because they had a motor and pedals this mode of transportation became known “moped,” or motor pedal. However, as the years have passed and designs have changed, mopeds were designed without pedals while still being called mopeds.

Most modern mopeds have no pedals and are designed as step-through vehicles or step-over vehicles. Also, instead of having just two wheels, some now have either three or four, but this is much less common.

Scooters, just like many mopeds, are motorcycles with a step-through frame. Instead of pedals, they have footrests, and less often foot pedals, where the operator can rest their feet. These footrests are built into the frame, or bodywork, of the vehicle. Scooters have been around for just about 100 years and are designed similar to motorcycles.

Scooter popularity took off after World War II when the Vespa motor scooters and Lambretta motor scooters were introduced. Since that time the designs have changed dramatically due to economic and political reasons.

The first scooters were designed to be low-powered economical vehicles between 50 ccs and 250 ccs. And there are still many modern scooters that adhere to these levels of power. However, in addition to these lower-powered scooters, you can now find them in the 800 cc range, giving them much more power and speed. And as far as electric goes, a fast electric scooter today will be much faster than they were 50 years ago.

The reason for the enormous worldwide popularity of mopeds and scooters is mainly due to their low purchase prices as well as their low maintenance and operating costs. Gas scooters cost more to operate since they require gasoline while electric scooters are cheaper to operate due to their electric power. However, with electricity also come tradeoffs. Electric scooters and mopeds will not be as fast as gas power and will have shorter ranges since they must be recharged after traveling a specified number of miles.

Since mopeds and scooters can be either gas or electric powered, have similar appearances and step-through or step-over frames, it’s fair to say they are the same type of vehicle. And even though you won’t normally hear the term “electric moped scooter” it is a very fitting description of these economical vehicles.

Electric Scooter Charger

How to Find the Right Electric Scooter Charger Replacement

If you own an electric scooter, you will also need an electric scooter charger. However, if you should ever lose track of that charger, what can you do? The obvious choice is to buy a new one, but would you know which charger is the right one for your scooter? Would you know which replacement battery charger would be compatible with your electric scooter?

Obviously, the easiest way to solve this problem would be to buy your scooter manufacturer’s recommendation. Unfortunately, this is not always an easy thing to determine if you have lost your manual or bought your scooter used and never got a manual. If you ever find yourself in this predicament, you may have to do a little homework to figure out which charger you should purchase.

When choosing a battery charger, there are three main factors that must be considered if you expect to buy one that’s compatible with your scooter. These three elements are the connector type, output voltage, and output amperage.

The connector can be one of the several types depending on the manufacturer. The most common type of battery chargers uses 2-port and 3-port inline connectors. They are typically found on most Chinese scooters including Razor, Rad-2-Go, Boreem, E-Scooter, Scoot-N-Go, Scoobug, X-Treme, Viper, and many others.

3-Pin XLR connectors are often seen on 12 volts, 24 volts, and 36-volt electric scooters. Some manufacturers using these connectors are Schwinn, Mongoose, Tiger, Bladez, E-Boarder, Currie, GT, and many others.

Coaxial connectors are usually seen on smaller children’s electric scooters with 12 and 24 volts. 2-Prong connectors are found on scooters manufactured by Classic, E-Boarder, Zap, and others. They are typically seen on 12-volt models. 3-Port House connectors are usually found on 24 volt and 36-volt electric scooters.

The output voltage is the next factor and must match the voltage of the scooter. The voltage on the motor, controller, and battery will all match identically. Almost all electric scooters are either 24 volts or 36 volts. If you are unsure, you can find out by counting your batteries and adding the voltages together. For example, if you have two 12-volt batteries you have a total of 24 volts. If you have three 12-volt batteries, you have a total of 36 volts. You can also take the easy way out and simply read the label on your controller or motor.

The final factor concerns the output amperage or the current. The battery output should be matched with the size of the battery. If you try using a charger with a small output of power, it can take a long time to charge a large battery. On the other hand, if you use a charger with a high output of power for a small battery, the battery can overheat, causing damage and risking explosion.

The following table contains approximate output amperage (current) for electric scooter chargers:


Battery Size (Ah) Output Amperage (Current)
3.5 – 6
31-35 (U1)
50 – 55 (22NF)
0.4 – 1.0
1.0 – 2.0
1.5 – 2.0
1.5 – 4.0
1.5 – 5.0
3.0 – 8.0
5.0 – 8.0



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Best Women’s Denim Overalls Reviews of 2019

Women’s denim overalls make wonderful outerwear to work around the home or run around town if you like. Women’s denim bib overalls from Dickies and Carhartt are very popular with today’s active women. Denim overalls are not only fashionable and cute to wear, but they are also very comfortable and offer lots of freedom of movement. Buy a nice pair of women’s denim overalls that are on sale below.

Denim overalls are popular for men, women, and children, and women’s denim overalls are making a comeback. They are cute and versatile, and you can adjust the strap length, so you get a perfect fit. Wear denim overalls for working in the house or yard, and choose from blue denim, black denim or another color. Denim overalls last for many years, and they are so comfortable you will want to wear them all the time.

Style and Convenience in One

Such a garment is comfortable as well as cute, and you can choose from a variety of colors and styles. Perhaps you remember the first time around when denim overalls were a fashion statement. Well, these days they are making a comeback, and you can spot them all over the place as people fall in love with this easy-to-wear, fun style all over again.

Many overalls will feature a pocket on the chest as well as 2 pockets on the seat, so you will have plenty of space to stash your cell phone, tickets, keys, wallet, and anything else you want to carry without the hassle of a bag. Team your denim overalls with a crisp white T-shirt and pair of beige Caterpillar boots, or pick out a bright, patterned top and some heeled boots for a funkier look.

Photo Credit: All product images are credited to Amazon

The Best Women’s Denim Overalls

Dickies Women’s Denim Bib OverallDickies Women’s Denim Bib OverallDickies Women's Denim Bib Overall

These 100% cotton overalls offer a relaxed fit, and their straight legs are wide enough to wear over knee-high boots if you wish. You can throw them in the washing machine when they need a wash. These overalls are styled in the traditional carpenter way, and they have a functional hammer loop. There is a scuff guard at the heel too, to make them more durable and prevent fraying. These tend to run a little large so if you are unsure about your size and think you are between two sizes then order the smaller of the two. These are very comfortable, and a great buy because they ought to last for years.

The Evolution of Overalls and Denim Jeans

Invented by Jacob W. Davis in partnership with Levi Strauss & Co in 1871 as a steady pair of workers pants the denim crazy grew to be a fashion statement and rebellious symbol of American youth. Its early beginnings were more practical than stylish as the two added copper rivets and gained a patent for this to strengthen the stress points of typical work pants.
Blue jeans over the years have become synonymous with youth and American culture and today there is hardly a place on the planet that they are not a sign of fashion, youth and comfort. Even former President Regan was often shown riding his horse with a pair, and it seems they transcend all walks of life from rich to poor for different reasons I’m sure.

Historically jeans also know as denim were dyed to a deep blue using natural indigo giving them their desiccant color. Today they are available in almost any color imaginable and often the traditional blue indigo is distressed to give it a faded worn look. In the 60’s the process of preshrunk denim for jeans was developed to give them that perfect fit right off the shelf.

In the spring of 2014 overalls started making a comeback as a fashion statement when numerous celebrities made very public displays wearing the classic overalls. The trend continued as youthful and practical dress for many women found it a deserving break from needing to be dress to the hilt.

Overalls today are offered in a wide range of lengths from full pant length to caprice and the summertime favorite short overalls. The new trend in overalls features a slight twist on the traditional style with sexier accents and styling than the overalls of years past.

Find A Great Deal on Women’s Denim Overalls

Carhartt Women’s Denim Bib Overall UnlinedFind A Great Deal on Women’s Denim Overalls

This set of bib overalls is 99% cotton and 1% spandex for a great fit, long life and pure comfort to wear. It features button closures and is machine washable. It has a ruler pocket along with two utility pockets for a place to put stuff like your cell or mp3 player. It comes in a few different colors, and exclusive to Amazon is the signature color of blondes’ black. Available in a wide selection of sizes and lengths you’re sure to find the size that is best for you. This is a classic style of overalls and is both practical and stylish without compromising quality at a price that is affordable. They are unlined so will offer plenty of comfort in the warmer months. The seams are all triple stitched for durability and strength. It has pockets in both front and back, so you are sure to find the right place for whatever you need to take with you. Carhartt products are usually excellent quality and last for years, so these overalls should be a good investment.

Denim Jean Distressed Overall ShortsDenim Jean Distressed Overall Shorts (Large, Mediumblue )

If overall shorts are your thing, this pair will give you plenty of styles and catch a few eyes in the process. They are made of distressed denim blend of 96% cotton and 4% Spandex for a great look and comfortable fit that is very flattering to your form. They are machine washable which makes them easy to take care of. Pair it with a cropped top, and you are sure to get noticed whether working around the yard or just playing around. It features a 4inch inseam so that they will cover yet be very sexy. This is a nice mix of comfort and functionality blended in an outfit that will draw some attention. Seems most of the reviews are favorable and be aware some appear to think they run a tad small and a few found them a little too short so use your judgment accordingly Most reviewers found them very comfortable which after all is a major reason to chose overalls in the first place is they are just downright a joy to wear.

Here Is Another Great Choice

American Apparel Striped Denim Short-All

With sizes ranging from extra small to large, there is the perfect fit for every woman if you choose these short overalls. Although overalls are comfortable and useful with their loose fit and range of handy pockets, sometimes it is just too hot to want to wear long pants. This is when short overalls are the perfect solution. They are designed to offer all the benefits of regular overalls but keep you cooler. These overalls look very cute too. They are not just to wear when doing various tasks and jobs, but also when you just want to wear something comfortable and stylish. These offer a casual look in striped denim which is light and summery.

GUESS Factory Women’s Mila Denim Shortalls

This set of overall short features a frayed leg bottom that is very stylish and comfortable to wear. Unlike most denim short overalls they come in a vivid white that is sure to give your wardrobe a new set of option. They are made of 100% cotton for a classic denim feel and fit. The leg length is short enough to keep you cool even on the hottest days without being too short. They are made by Guess, so you know you are getting a quality brand that will wear well for years. This item is fulfilled by Amazon, so you know you will get great service and delivery. Guess know for their young and playful style will certainly make you look youthful in this playful pair of overall shorts no matter what you are doing with them.

WallFlower Juniors Denim ShortallsWallFlower Women's Juniors Denim Shortalls

A note to any buyer it seems these run a bit small most found that if they normally wear a small, the medium will fit just about perfect so keep that in mind when buying. That is the only even seem negative I found it seems most buyers who took that advice from reviews were more than pleased with the style, comfort and overall fit. Straps are adjustable a must to get that perfect fit for shorter girls like me. They have a rolled cuff in a five pocket design so have plenty of places to put stuff like the cell. They are available in 5 color choices depending on the level of distress you are after and in a wide range of size. Most reviewers seem to like these and were very happy with their purchase. So buy with confidence that you are not the first to find out.

“How to Wear Overalls Aand Look Hot!”

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What Is Creatine?

Creatine is a typically occurring substance produced by your body daily. It is also found in high protein foods like fish and red meat. Unlike some other supplements Creatine is not made in a laboratory, it is natural.
Three amino acids, the building blocks of protein, combine to form Creatine. (Glycine, Arginine, and Methionine) There is nothing magical, secretive or exclusive; the supplement is simply a pure, concentrated form of three amino acids.

How does Creatine work?

To explain how Creatine works I need first to clarify exactly how the body uses energy. You may have been told that the food you eat is broken down, processed by your digestive system and the resulting energy is then used by your muscles and organs to function. I don’t want to get into too much detail, but there is a step after this that you will have to be aware of before you can understand what the supplemented Creatine does.
The food you eat is indirectly used for energy. Your body uses the oxidized food (carbohydrate, protein, and fat) to produce ATP (Adenine Tri-Phosphate). This is the energy source used to fuel almost every process in your body. A phosphate is removed from the ATP creating ADP (Adenine Di-Phosphate), and energy in the form of heat is released. This is the energy that is used to fuel whatever process is being used.
This is where Creatine comes into play. The ADP is now missing a phosphate and is of no use to your body. Creatine breaks down and releases a phosphate which is then used to convert the ADP back into ATP ready to be used again. Increasing the level of ATP in your body or providing additional resources for your body to quickly create additional ATP means you can train with more intensity or for longer periods of time before stopping.
Creatine also helps to create the right environment for your body to encourage protein synthesis and muscle growth. Cells can hold more water and as a result more resources for growth and repair.

Is it necessary to load on Creatine?

The supplement companies all recommend a loading phase on their packaging. Is this necessary or just a trick to sell more of the product? Loading on Creatine has been shown to reduce the amount of time taken to get the full benefits from the supplement. However, it is not a case of the more you take, the better. You will saturate your muscle cells quite quickly, and anything was taken once that happens is going to be passed in your urine wasting your money. Load for 3 – 5 days are taking around 15g – 25g of the product and then reduce the amount down to around 5g daily. This will maintain the Creatine levels in your body while minimizing any waste.

What is the best time to take Creatine?

It is common knowledge that bodybuilders take advantage of the insulin spike immediately following training. I believe you should do the same with Creatine. Also, this is likely to be the time when your body’s own store of Creatine is at its lowest. Your body should be more than happy to take the Creatine during this time, reducing the amount passing through your system and wasting.
As Creatine benefits are more apparent when your muscles are saturated, I believe the above to be the best time but consistently taking the supplement to saturate and maintain the stores in your body is more important.

How should I take Creatine?

During your loading stage, I would personally avoid mixing your Creatine with other drinks as a large amount of powder used here will be difficult to drink and likely spoil whatever you mix it with. Creatine doesn’t dissolve very easily so this higher dose should be mixed with plenty of fruit juice or water.
Mixing Creatine with a post workout drink high in protein and carbohydrates would be the best option. This falls in line with the best time to take Creatine and also further increases the insulin response from your body resulting in better absorption. As I said above Creatine doesn’t dissolve very easily, but 5g isn’t a lot and mixed in with this drink it would be hard to notice.
The supplement industry is definitely one of the worst for exaggerating claims. A lot of products on the market today don’t live up to the claims made on their packaging, but Creatine is one of the few that does. This is reflected by some people using the supplement. However, it worries me that there is a considerable amount of misinformation circulating amongst users and I hope this helps to clarify some of the most common questions.

Training Tips to Increase Speed

  1. Lower your body weight.

It stands to reason that the lighter you are, the faster you should be able to run. However, not all body mass is equal regarding increasing your performance, and you should consider the following when trying to lose weight. Simply lowering the figure on the scale is not what you need to do. Avoiding losing muscle is very important as although muscle adds to our body weight it is also responsible for generating the force needed to run fast. (More on this in point 2) It is important that you try only to lose body fat as this has no benefit to your performance. Adjust your diet so that it’s reasonably high in protein to create an environment where muscle breakdown is unlikely to happen. This should be one of the first things you adjust as part of your overall plan.

  1. Strength training is your friend.

A strong athlete is a fast athlete, and I definitely feel that there is a correlation between how fast you can run and how strong you are. Work on building your leg strength as a primary goal but don’t forget that your arms are also involved in generating maximum speed. Follow a good strength program as part of your overall strategy. You will develop additional muscle tissue, lower your body fat and increase your power output all at the same time.

  1. Pump your arms for extra power.

Your arms and legs are equally important when it comes to generating power. Your legs obviously generate a larger amount and do the majority of the work, but your speed is going to improve with proper use of your arms, I guarantee it. The next time you train avoids focusing on your legs and trying to make them move faster. Instead, try to concentrate on pumping your arms. Pump them harder and through a full range of motion and once you get the timing and coordination right you will notice a big difference.

  1. Run on the balls of your feet.

Running flat-footed or even worse on your heels is not only going to slow you down but likely result in an injury. You need to train your body to run on the balls of your feet as this allows maximum power to be generated by your legs. Your leg joints are also cushioned from the constant impact with the running surface helping to prevent injuries. Try to jump into the air straight up without using your calf muscles or rising onto your toes. Now repeat the same jump but this time allow your feet to rise onto your toes, use your calf muscles and compare the difference.

  1. Want to run faster? Then run faster…

I know it sounds simple, but in order to be able to run fast, you need your training to be fast. Sprint training in addition to the strength training mentioned above should make up the majority of your training plan. Try to replicate whatever distance you are required to cover in your sport. For example, a football player needs to be faster but over reasonably short distances. Train at those distances. 200 meter sprints are great but are not going to give the footballer his maximum potential over a 30 – 40-metre sprint required on the field.

Best Pressure Cooker Reviews 2019

Just Best Rated Pressure Cookers In The Market

Are you still looking for the best pressure cooker? Here are some excellent pressure cookers that you can find in the market. They are top rated pressure cookers that many people have used daily to make great dishes. Be sure to buy one today because having a pressure cooker in the kitchen is really great – you can really save time when cooking.

Presto 1781 23-Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker/Canner Review

Top rated pressure cooker from Presto

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#88fe41″ title_color=”#040404″]* It’s Huge

You can cook a lot in one go. Very useful when you have company coming for dinner

* Easy to put together

You don’t need to do much and the manual is pretty straightforward

* Easy to use

The instruction book is easy to understand so even it’s your first time pressure cooking or canning you an be sure you can have a great result.

* Heats up fast

You don’t need to wait long before it starts doing its job. It cools down fast too so you get that food on the table as quickly as possible.

* Stainless-steel construction

You won’t need to worry if the food will interact with it.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#fe6c78″ title_color=”#040404″] * It maybe too big for some.

If you don’t to feed a platoon everyday you should get the smaller 8-quart presto. It’s just right for small to medium-sized families

* You need to change the rubber parts every 3 years.


Read the manual that comes with your pressure cooker. It’s there for a reason and it will only take you five minutes to read it.[/su_box]

All American 921 21-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker/Canner Review

Best Rated All American Pressure CookerAll American 921 21-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker/Canner Review

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#88fe41″ title_color=”#040404″]* Very well-made

The build quality is really good. All the parts are definitely high quality. This is truly one of those cookware that would serve you for decades. It’s backed with 50 years warranty so it’s obvious that the manufacturer is confident about this product.

* No gasket!

The lid screws down to the pot so no more wondering if it’s time to replace the gasket or not[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#fe6c78″ title_color=”#040404″] Expensive

The good thing is you do get what you paid for. This is truly an excellent pressure cooker and canner

* Made from aluminum

Not everybody is fond with a cookware made from aluminum. If you want a stainless-steel pressure cooker you should get the Presto.[/su_box]

Futura by Hawkins Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker ReviewFutura by Hawkins Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker Review

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#88fe41″ title_color=”#040404″]* Very safe

You can’t open it if it’s still pressurized. One less chance to hurt yourself in the kitchen

* Durable

It’s made of thick, high-quality aluminum. Even if you use it daily it still going to serve you for years

* Includes a recipe book

It contains sixty tasty recipes. If you try one every day you can different daily menu for two whole months.

* Very easy to clean

It feels as if it’s made of non-stick material and heats up fast and evenly.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#fe6c78″ title_color=”#040404″]* You may need some practice opening and closing the lid.[/su_box]

Fagor 2-by-1 Splendid 5-Piece Pressure Cooker Set ReviewFagor 2-by-1 Splendid 5-Piece Pressure Cooker Set Review

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#88fe41″ title_color=”#040404″]* Quiet

No jiggling or whistling sound included

* Heats up fast and evenly

The base is thick stainless-steel. You can be sure that everything you put it in will cook evenly. No hot spots.

* Easy to clean

It’s made of stainless-steel so cleaning is not a problem here.

* Includes a small 4-quarts cooker pot

It’s handy for warming up leftovers and when you don’t need to cook a big batch for dinner. It also includes a steamer basket when you need to steam grains, buns, pasta and other stuff.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#fe6c78″ title_color=”#040404″]* Not for first-timers

If you’ve never used a pressure cooker before this may not be the best choice. The manual is not clear enough for beginners[/su_box]

Kuhn Rikon Duromatic 5-Quart Top Pressure Cooker ReviewKuhn Rikon 3916 Duromatic 5-Quart Top Pressure Cooker Review

The Mercedes of Pressure Cookers

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#88fe41″ title_color=”#040404″]* Very safe

With five safety steam releases and automatic safety pressure-release you don’t need to worry about this pressure cooker blowing food all over your kitchen. Even when you forget to turn down the stove when it reaches maximum pressure it will just release the excess pressure automatically. The fact that you can’t open the lid if it’s still pressurized makes it an ideal choice for people who are still scared about getting a pressure cooker.

* Very quiet

No jiggling or hissing sound. If you ever owned a conventional pressure cooker you will really appreciate the quietness on this one.

* Easy to use and clean

If this is your first pressure cooker you will be glad that you pick this one. It’s easy to use even for the newbies and cleaning is a snap. It’s dishwasher-safe too.

* Well-built

The whole cooker feels solid and the base is thick. You can expect it to keep making you tasty and nutritious food for at least 15 years.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#fe6c78″ title_color=”#040404″]* Expensive

It’s the top of the line when it comes to pressure cooker and the price is higher than a Presot or an All-American pressure cooker of the same capacity.[/su_box]

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Thank you.”

Best Pressure Cooking Cookbooks

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Best Baby Play Mat and Activity Gym 2019

Getting known your lovely babies are starting to be more active and much wiggle everywhere is such good news because now they finally know how beautiful their world is. Most of the parents want to make their kids safe, but they keep doing something fun to entertain them. From birth to children, there are many kinds of furniture that the come to be additional tools to help them develop their sensory and motor skill. To get safest and playful toys at the same time, mothers should buy baby play mat and activity gym where it has been one of best tools for babies to keep safe and to play much. It has many kinds of types and brands. It’ll be the daunting task that mothers should mix and match choice and variation and price at the same time since budget and needs are the rare good match, so they use to think more and make a thorough consideration in picking the best furniture for their babies including this activity gym and play mat. It’s wonderful to read many reviews and little knowledge of variety of the game mat and gym for infants.


There is nothing more exciting and interesting but seeing growing babies move and develop their motor skill. It is such blessing and rewards to see fast progress and the new change of babies. They slowly grow like a kid. They sit and roll, tumbling and sometimes they also fall. No need to worry when there has been playing mat for them. The urgency of mat and gym of activity for babies are the good help for making them safe while playing educational toys that are so good for developmental skill both soft motor skill and hard motor skill. They are as important as furniture like baby bouncer or jumper to keep them active in moving or wiggle. Most important thing on this baby mat and activity gym is that they are specially made with high technology on baby’s purpose, so it has been specialized for baby only. Although it is suitable for children, mostly manufacturer prefer to keep high safety that is supportive for infant developmental skill. Since there are many kinds of mat and brands, so here, are reviews and considerations to help you to choose best baby play mat and activity gym. No need to worry about safety because all have been customizing to be baby friendly carpet and toys.

Best Baby Play Mats

Baby Care Play Mat – Pingko Friends

Baby Care Play Mat Foam Floor Gym - Non-Toxic Non-Slip Reversible Waterproof, Pingko and Friends, Large
Baby Care Play Mat Foam Floor Gym – Non-Toxic Non-Slip Reversible Waterproof, Pingko and Friends, Large

Well, I guess you done the right thing when letting your baby play around, laying, crawling on hand & knees over play mat surface. How you ensure they’re healthy then? Nobody sure about it, so Baby Care Play Mat releases new best baby play mat series namely Pingko Friends to help parents taking care kids. Start from designing playmats which function as the main ground where the baby lay over and spending most of their time. The stuff should be the hygienist; no toxic contains and safe. Wanna know deeper? Check this!

  • Soft floor surface designed especially for the 6-month baby who just start to crawl. It fits for any ages until they’re on VII grade, still can play. Flexibility is the key to gain these functions, for accommodating above
  • 12 years children, Pingko Friends apply the special material.
  • Waterproof, insulting liquid, dropping water or whatever which threaten the mats, easy to clean, just wipe with soft foam or brush for cleaning beverage or food.
  • Hygienic and safe, qualified by European Toy Standards EN71. Contains no toxic &carsinogen.
  • Noise and impact could be reduced easily insulting any disturbing sound; you won’t be bothered by.
  • Safe cushion, protecting children when they roll, crawl, tumble or lay.

Snug Square Play Mat

Snug Square Play Mat - Large 55" Ultra-Comfortable, Plush Foam Playmat for Baby, Toddler, and Children with Bonus Carry Case (Cream-Espresso)
Snug Square Play Mat – Large 55″ Ultra-Comfortable, Plush Foam Playmat for Baby, Toddler, and Children with Bonus Carry Case (Cream-Espresso)

Everytime, your baby, playing & rolling over playmat, you’ll suddenly feel afraid of their safety. It’s not supposed to happen because notable soma manufacture seriously develops playmat which very safe and comfort for baby. Snug Square Play Mat is the special example. It has the wonderful design with hundreds cartoon figure, catchy & funny, colorful tempting our eyes, moreover, it’s safety system ensure baby to get proper material.

  • Snug states that its product is the most comfortable play mat around the universe. How come? Start from picking only comfortable & soft cushioned foam for ensuring baby from allergy, absorbing shock or shaking while they play around. Just stretch over hardwood, tiles, almost all floor types. Its durable material won’t get torn easily. Protecting baby from incidents like bumping head or collision
  • Everybody, including parents, big brother, grandpa and ma, anyone who lay over Snug mat. It happens because they can play a board game on it, singing and tapping dance, or even rolling like a baby. What else?
  • Accompanying baby from birth til they go to school.
  • Helping baby passing their developmental stage, from crawling till walking. Stimulating and protecting them also.
  • It measures 4.5 feet square of the play area; Dimension is 55″X55″. Two children at once? Still possible.

Wonder Mat Non-Toxic Rainbow Foam Wonder Mats

Wonder Mat Non-Toxic Non-Recycled Extra Thick Rainbow Foam, 6 Colors, 36 Pieces
Wonder Mat Non-Toxic Non-Recycled Extra Thick Rainbow Foam, 6 Colors, 36 Pieces

Designing proper play mat for baby sometimes getting harder because lots variables should be considered.Involving safety, comfort, security, amusement & so on. Important points above could only be gotten if manufacturer works hard to create the special product. Wonder Mat realizes Rainbow Foam Wonder Mats as an answer that meets all requirements above. From safety, you won’t worry, comfort & softness anything to make baby feels safe is available. Wanna dig more information?

  • 36 high-quality waterproof mat, insulting any liquid from inserting material. The surface is coated with the special layer that protects from water or fire. Couldn’t easy be burnt, measures 12″ x 12″covering 36 square feet. Whenever baby lay down or rolling, they’ll feel safe.
  • Very friendly for baby with skin problem like sensitive skin or easily get hurt, while strong grip available, make baby hold them tight.
  • Extra thickness added to enhance protection requirement, ensuring safety & security for children whenever they play around.
  • Certified with ASTM standards, ISO and any international standard for its protection & no harm & risk substances contained.
  • It’s very lightweight so easy to pack, fold, or roll if wanna keep it. With high-density EVA foam, playing important roles in providing comfort.

Fisher-Price Jumbo Play Mat

Fisher-Price Jumbo Play Mat, Pink
Fisher-Price Jumbo Play Mat, Pink

Figuring out Large Play Mat which could accommodate 4 children at once, how can? Fisher Price Jumbo Play Mat answers it. Designing jumbo playmats which considered as best thing Fisher Price gets incomparable stuff among similar product around the market. Key to get comfort is by choosing Fisher Price. Providing colorful, different theme for the surface, pick whatever you want.

  • Extra-large play space, with long dimension, reaches 5” enabling children to move freely, they can go every corner without disturbance. While for width reaches 2.5 “.
  • Stimulating children development, including rolling, pushing up and exploring around to learn new thing, no worry again letting them play alone. Even teaching baby to feed them is possible.
  • The material used is easy to clean, just wipe with the soft cloth & everything done in seconds. Having insulation material to prevent liquid inserting play mat. Ensuring baby safety all the times.
  • Great for lay, they’ll enjoy a nap or sleep, even play or tummy, anything could be done without messy.
  • When need to wake them up, just shake gently.
  • Colorful theme & patterns, very nice to see, with A pink tea party scene.
  • Five interactive toys provided to stimulate baby developmental process while laying over, a heart mirror, flower clacker, peek-a-boo leaf, plush cupcake with the jingle, teacup teether and crinkly.

Dwinguler Eco-friendly Kids Play MatDwinguler Eco-friendly Kids Play Mat - Polka Dots (Large)

How can play mat which usually made from foam be eco-friendly? Indeed it’s very possible. With new material called micro fiber thread on the insert, Dwinguler uses an eco-friendly product to satisfy the consumer. Letting baby play around without exposed by risk or danger. A potential place for children to grow, learn many things while you busy with doing the job.

  • Soft, elastic, and slip resistant. While using the auto protective material, baby won’t get slipped, even when they roll over and over, it’s safe. Moreover, baby can practice with available toys.
  • Innovative cushioning and embossing designed for extra protection, preventing kids from dangerous like hard impacts on the ground or bumping head.
  • Dwilunger uses only earth safe and eco-friendly material, with none toxic, recycle-able and could be composed into organic thing. It’s called as Phthalate & microfiber thread made 100 percent from cotton.
  • With microfiber thread, enabling waterproof protection, insulating liquid for injecting play mat. Easy to clean, just wipe or brush, or spread with anti bacteria serum, ease your daily work.
  • Absorbing noise and make baby play cheerfully without being disturbed.
  • Its weight is only 26 Ibs, while dimension reaches 90.51 x 55 x 0.6 inches.
  • Automatically folded if the lock released.

Best Baby Gyms

Infantino Grow-with-me Activity Gym and Ball Pit

Infantino Grow-with-me Activity Gym and Ball PitPreparing certain spot for baby exercising would be easy than going to baby treatment center all the time. Taking less cost, saving many times, while you are doing the daily routine. Infantino Grow-with-me releases its best baby gyms namely Activity Gym and Ball Pit. Where Infantino concern more on multi function place which provides lots of tools which able to stimulate our baby development.Including motoric, sensory & cognitive.

  • Providing action-packed inside the unique gym, full of toys which intended to stimulate baby developmental process including playing. Sea of balls, the dozen of balls available to play, some hanging toys, some dolls which safe and not causing choking. While baby feels thrilled, parents could stay calm.
  • Sit and play: it features combination between playing while sitting. Using challenging arch play pit with balls which make them enjoy every time. Helping them acquiring early skills like recognizing items, colors even smells. So what else you expect?
  • Lay & play: It features hanging toys which are colorful, contains no toxic, no risk and very safe material to make toys. Hanging toys easily stimulate our newborn baby to grow some cognitive skills and motoric, they’ll try to reach & pull them down.

Finally, it’s a complete amusement along a single place. Dare to buy?

Baby Einstein Caterpillar and Friends Play Gym

Baby Einstein Caterpillar and Friends Play Gym Providing comfort place where the baby could get some activities inside can easily realize with special Play Gym. Baby Einstein Caterpillar is encouraging special arch which amuses along with educational intention & many activity simulations which effectively makes your time precious. This product designed well, including advanced technology inside for ensuring our baby development run well on the right path.

  • Start from material to build, Einstein Caterpillar uses high-quality Polyesterfor mat, while very eco-friendly advanced recycled plastic for the frame also rubber which safe for children as toys.
  • Star shaped electronic toy lights to stimulate baby sight development, they’ll enjoy lights playing which shines in different colors, and 8 classic melodies to give soothing nuance for baby every time they play. For the newborn baby, stimulating the brain by listening to classical music like Beethoven or Mozart which also provided.
  • Sewn in mat loops which have function to hang toys, linked to a hanging which enables us to install more toys
  • Mat is machine washable, just remove and put on the washing machine, easy indeed.
  • With colorful toys, baby learns to recognize items & colors, they’ll improve cognitive skill fastly beyond your imagination.
  • 2 years warranty included for ensuring consumer from bad product or defection.

Skip Hop Treetop Friends Activity Gym

Skip Hop Baby Treetop Friends Activity Gym/Playmat, Multi
What can parents do for baby when busy with daily activity to take care home while growing up a baby? Giving them multi purpose place which features educational stimulation also the place to get rest, laying, crawling even rolling. Skip Hop Treetop make it real by releasing activity gym with complete features. Helping parent to keep baby stay happy, safe & has no risk to let them alone.

  • Skip Hop Treetop design several activities around the mat, including squeaker flower, crinkle leaves, tree trunk baby safe mirror, holding & pulling hanging toys
  • Recommended for a newborn baby until they’re 1 years old, with specific items designed for stimulating some skills, including motoric, sensory & cognitive.
  • 17 developmental activities to support that stimulation, everything could be done in single place, special activity gym for baby.
  • 5 playful multi sensory hanging toys with the colorful design, catching their intention while beaming their smile.Baby learn to recognize different colors and knowing items.
  • Oversized round mat surface, make them safe, and comfort, no slipped risk, materials used are safe, no toxic contains.
  • Nature-inspired graphics and textures, soothing nuance with deep ambiance. Completed with nature sound makes it special play gym.
  • 2 years warranty

Fisher-Price Shakira First Steps

Fisher-Price First Steps Kick and Play Piano Gym, White
Doing some fun, playing music, grabbing anything, many more amusements are available on Fisher-Price Shakira First Steps. The fisher-price design special play activity gym contains play mat for baby, some toys inside, motoric stimulator activities also safe & comfort for baby anytime they use it. While having fun, baby learn some skills, what a beautiful play gym. With advanced technology, Fisher-Price has anything baby needs inside.

  • Four ways to play, providing different modes for baby, namely: sitting & playing, laying & playing, rolling & playing or standing & playing. All models have the different activity that could be played. Just set them to ensure that baby gets what he needs.
  • Keyboard with two musical instruments, music really helps to stimulate brain growth, Piano mode and Continuous Play mode which always plays for 2 hours. 8 different music available, including nature sound, mommy womb, the classical instrument like Mozart & Beethoven.
  • 4 linkable activity toys, adding a dozen toys for them when they need different toys, provide a large self-discovery mirror for encouraging cognitive skill in recognizing the self image.
  • Extra soft & comfy padded mat, insert made from cotton, surface uses silk & cotton, very soft on their skin, doesn’t make itchy or skin problem, if needed, add the additional layer of wool.

Tiny Love Gymini Move and Play Activity GymTiny Love Gymini Move and Play Activity Gym, Animals

Tiny Love Gymini helps us defining what lies behind play activity gym. With new Gymini Move & Play play gym series, they seriously made advanced progress on designing play gym. Tiny Love Gymini provide self-awareness, intended to accompany baby in their developmental process, helping them by providing what they need & indirectly teach any skills. Tiny knew as baby stuff manufacturers who produced great toys, so they know what to do in designing toys for play activity gym.

  • 5 in 1 multi positions, including standing & playing, rolling & playing, crawling & playing, laying & playing, sitting & playing. Each mode has the different activity, just set based on their need, let them play & learn with great toys.
  • Adjusting based on baby’s developmental stages, Tiny Love Gymini will follow baby development, fits what they need also stimulating some skills at once.
  • Providing 7 toys which are safe, comfort & contain no toxic. Also, Electronic light and music enabling them to enjoy amusement while developing brain growth, 7 melodies including lullaby, classic music. Extra large mat provides wider space for accommodating baby movement.
  • 2 years warranty, including free mat replacement if there’s a defect surround.
  • Colorful toys with the different themed surface.

General Features

This carpet and special toys are made of safe material, and they are specially made for babies that have high safety and good technology in manufacturing the carpet. Although this is special for an infant most of the manufacturers claim that it’s able to use till they grow until becoming a kid or child. Mat is to protect babies from the hard surface of the floor, so there will be no hard crash when they are making wiggle, falling and rolling. Imagine when there is no mat but infants are so actively moving there and her. It has the high risk of the crash. That is why mat has a special thickness to keep them soft and safe. Play mat has different size, and it depends on need and how your babies’ habit when they are playing. Activity gym is to support their motor skill. Most of them are made of safe material and soft. There is no need to worry when infants are chewing or playing around. Mostly this carpet comes entirely package with activity gym, and most of them are guaranteed safe to play. Since there are many brands available in the market so here, we come to make a little review and buying guides.

Baby Play Mat & Baby Gym FAQ

What is Baby Play Mat?

The play mat is kind of carpet that is made of soft fabric and has a certain thickness. It’s specially manufactured for keeping babies safe from injuries but keeping them to play in a good way. Play mat usually has a standard thickness around half an inch where it is made of foam or rubber that gives high softness and good protection. Mostly it comes with toys that are usually called as activity gym. Mat and toys are in one package, but there are some parents that buy it separately. No matter how it’s always good to remember that to choose it should make thorough considerations. Commonly, to consider whether it is best or not, play mat and activity gym should have a good combination on a feature like to protect babies from injuries but they still accommodate them to develop their skills. All developments are started from there. Most of the experts also recommend choosing safe but playful toys with tons of educational benefits for babies. Users don’t have to worry about the budget since number one consideration is safety and available joyful toys. There is no big deal when it’s been related to infants’ safety and happiness.

What is Baby Gym?

The baby gym is usually come up with play mat but it is also bought or sold separately, but mostly they come with the mat as one full package in mat buying. Most of them are made of safety material, and they are in the form of toys but have a different purpose on the development of infants. Skill on soft and hard should be started from activity gym. Although it has come with the mat when you have to add more toys and activity gyms, just go to buy and consider many things before meeting regret. In certain case, age restriction is really important. That is why some toys have a warning on age classification. To make sure it’ll be safe or not for babies, ask customer service and get yourself understood about any details and feature so parents do know what babies must do and what are the benefits of those toys coming around their children. Many manufacturers claim that almost all their products are safe but to make you believe and willing to buy, reading whether it has been tested in European Toys Test or not to make more quality and safety standard.

Combination between Play Mat and Baby Gym

Most of the parents don’t want to get complicated business in choosing them separately since there have more times to consider whether it’s good for babies or not. To make it simple, they usually give away this business to customer service and manufacturers that sell in one package of mat and activity gym. Why are those two things combined by many manufacturers? It is because of simplicity where it’ll lead parents to believe in one maker in term of safety and playful activity gyms. Combinations are good, but when there has been chosen well-preferring buying separately, it’s good also. To see activities are effective or not, parents should read manual guide to see the measurement of developmental skill in the gym. It also works on another additional toy. When they are growing, toys have to be different since different age needs different shape and development also. That is why many manufacturers also provide more activity tools for infants that’ll be great to their potential. We believe that once combination mat and gym is good so it’ll give many functions and essential learning for them.


The main benefit of the mat is to protect them well, so there is no need to worry about injuries made by the floor on your house. However, there has to be more aware of parents to watch their kid when they are playing although it has been covered by the mat. Indeed mat has half an inch thickness, but some movements are not as good as predicted. That is why mothers have to keep an eye on babies’ move. Another benefit besides protection is to save more budgets for mat since usually kid carpet comes with high flexibility in case of age, so you don’t need to buy a new one to make your kid safe in playing. Some carpets are made of rubber, but some are made of foam. It influences price but chooses best one. While protecting your babies from floor injuries, activity gym comes for compliments as it provides stimulation for infants to move around toys. Different age needs to have different toys too since it has a various benefit too. One thing to consider when the benefit becomes one of the considerations in buying gym activity is to get known every step developmental skill in every toy, so it’ll be more effective to buy it.

Age Restriction

Age restriction is important because not all infants are good with certain toys. Baby under 3 years should not have small size activity gym because most of them tend to eat small particle that will endanger their lives. Not few cases of swallowed toys happened on babies. That is why age restriction is really important to make the clear limitation on toys. Although under 3 years babies are more highlighted, there is a more important thing when your children are growing fast, so developmental toys have to follow age. It’ll be boring when your kids have to play the same thing. Some growing babies play with tactical and strategic one. Snake and Stair, books and more advanced toys are good for a baby under five. However, age restriction has an essential purpose to make them focused on what they should develop naturally with toys. To keep it good and well, some manufacturers give clear age restriction and recommendation to make it as best helps to stimulate educational activities. Some of the kids just enjoy but they also unconsciously learn many things from age restriction guides.

What to look for when buying and comparing Baby Play Mat & Baby Gym

If you are asking what to look for before buying a baby gym and play mat. There are material, the thickness of the mat, variety of play gym and size of toys. There are considerations to choose best one since it’s a matter of longevity and quality to save future time in case of budgets and needs. Here are our tips to choose best play mat and activity gym for babies ranging from birth to children. It’s important to classify age though to make focused on developmental skill.


In term of material, there are various materials too, but most common and recommended material is of foam and rubber. It is the safest material as it gives enough softness and protection. Some manufacturers come with different ingredients to make the best mat, but since standard has been made, foam and rubber are number one consideration to choose kid carpet for playing. The material of activity gym should be made with high safety. Some Chinese toys are having serious issues on safety, but it’s not all kind of toys. To get safest one is to see whether it has passed European Toys Test or not. It’s important.

Thickness of Mat

The thickness of mat is half an inch, but there have been various thicknesses too since some mats are made of different material too. Some of them are just more than but it should provide enough softness too. It’ useless when you have chosen thicker one, but it’s hard to walk, roll and tumble. Baby needs good softness and thickness. It’s because of many of them are much in wiggling. Injuries are so risky when the thickness is not in line with softness. Mattresses are indeed soft, but there is another issue too on this thing. Not all soft mats are good for toys. That is why we should consider thickness and softness balance.

Variety of Play Gym

A variety of play gym is a must because it’ll be boring when babies are playing with same toys. Go with 17 developmental skill toys that give them a chance to let them make good and fast progress in playing, so age recommendations work well in activity gym. Although not all mats come with toys for the gym but buying separately is also fine. Many manufacturers offer various toys that are good and great for the development of infants. Different age needs different toys too, so it’ll be such a good and forwarding movement.

Size of Toys

The size of toys should be in line with age too. Small size gyms are not good for less than 3 years baby. We all know that infant under 3 years usually eats small size thing like toys. It’s bad when we have to let them play with improper toys because it’s risky for their lives. Swallowed toys are far more dangerous than poison since there is no emergency medicine. It’s getting worse when parents are not aware of first emergency help for swallowing cases. That is why size does matter due to serious issue on safety.

Our Pick

Best Baby Play Mat: Baby Care Play Mat – Pingko Friends

Baby Care Play Mat – Pinko FriendsThis play mat comes with the best thickness and soft material. It has been number one secondary soft floor for babies to play. It is good for infants and children to play in safe place. What makes it special is its waterproof surface. No need to worry wet mat because it has been already fixed up by the technology of mat. It’s also easy to clean. Mothers just need to wipe with wet soft cloth for drink and food. It has been tested by ETS as hygienic and safe mat for playing. It gives an absolute reduction in noise. No need to worry when your babies are rolling and tumbling since it has cushioned surface.

Buy Baby Care Play Mat – Pingko Friends

Skip Hop Treetop Friends Activity GymAlthough play mat usually comes with the baby gym but sometimes buying gym activity for infant separately is good too. One of the best gyms is Skip Hop Treetop Friends where it has 17 activities for good development. It has 5 hanging toys that are so playful with sensory one. It is also available with plus mat surface. You will get squeaker flower, crinkle leaves, tree trunk baby safe mirror. When you have no idea where to stimulate your baby to move and play, this is good as they give various toys that are good for 17 developmental moves and skill so that babies will be active.


Whether you will choose low budget to play mat and gym activity or not, it is all back to your decision and desire for your kid. No matter how you will not be that kind of mother that is careless about safety and playful toys for babies because the main point in choosing best play mat and activity gym is to make your kid safe but they still get their space with high safety, so you don’t have to worry about them. That is why making good consideration before buying is really important. Reading above paragraphs might help you to be an expert in choosing best one.

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I’ve personally used this product along with my wife and kids, and we love it! You use one tablespoon per serving, and you can mix it with water, juice or use it as the main ingredient in a healthy smoothie. We usually mixed it with apple juice, banana, flax seeds and ice.

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Enerfood Organic Super Green Energy Drink



Enerfood Organic Super Green Energy Drink
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Find a good energy drink packed with vitamins and minerals, and you will be feeling pretty good in a matter of weeks. There are many so called “energy drinks” out there that have fillers and preservatives but not this one.

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Enerfood ingredients


All ingredients are 100% certified organic and from safe sources

  • You will notice an increased amount of energy when you consistently drink it
  • This drink is full of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants to help your body
  • Made with non-heated ingredients which are GMO-Free, vegetarian, gluten free and raw
  • Has an incredible two-year shelf life which makes it perfect for long term storage

Each can contains 50 servings

Contains ingredients such as organic spirulina, organic chlorella, Organic kelp, organic barley grass and much more.
Enerfood Organic Super Green Energy Drink Ratings And Review Summary
What are people saying about the Enerfood ingredients Organic Super Green Energy Drink
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Best Durostar Outdoor Generators

Let’s face it…there are a lot of situations where you would need gas powered generators for outdoor. You watch the news whether it’s the old school media or the new alternative media.

There are reports every day of some natural disaster or man made the disaster. I’m sure you’re also aware of these rolling blackouts certain parts of the world have on a regular basis. Durostar Generators includes the United States of America.

Having a generator will put you at ease especially if you’re in an area that get’s hit by hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes.


Durostar Generators reviews

Durostar produces the most beautiful outdoor gas powered generators, and I have listed for you the top six.

Check out the gas generators sale this brand has going on.

Best Duromax Outdoor Generators

Duromax generators are a little heftier compared to some of the others. They seem to produce quite a bit of power. The first one I have listed provides a 10,000-watt surge and has a little over an eight-gallon tank.

Take a look at each of the descriptions, and you will be able to find out how much power output has and all of the features.

You can use these for emergencies or camping…it doesn’t matter. All that matters is you have power for any situation you want.

Duromax Generators part

Take a look at these best gas generators made by Duramax.

Best All Power America Outdoor Generators

The more traditional All Power America outdoor generators are off, the smaller variety. I’m talking about 2,000 watts and below.

They also have the big heavy duty ones, but their smaller models are their best sellers.

The 2,000-watt generator can run for 9.5 hours, and lots of people use Generators while camping.

Do you bring it along with you on your camping trips? Or will you use these gas powered generators for the home?

Best Champion Outdoor Generators

This is not only one of the most famous champion outdoor generators, but it’s also one of the most popular outdoor generators periods.

Champion Generators 4,000 watts of output while having a rated 3,500 watts of power while running.

Champion Generators dual fuel is one of the few that are CARB compliant which means you can buy and use this in California.

The ratings are incredible to go ahead and click the picture and read all about it.

Champion Generators dual fuel


If you seem for one of the best gas powered portable generators, then you must check this out!

Best Briggs & Stratton Outdoor Generators

Branding is critical, and this company has taken that seriously over the years. I don’t know about you but when I hear the brand, “Briggs & Stratton Generators” I think quality.

The same goes for their outdoor generators. They are a very quality product, and Briggs & Stratton Generators reviews as if you can tell that just by looking at the picture.

Unlike a previous brand, I talked about earlier this brand’s best selling models are the heavy duty ones. The 7,500-watt generator is hands down their most selling one.

Briggs & Stratton Outdoor Generators


These can accommodate up to 12 hours of run time, and that’s incredible and perfect for any emergency.

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Best Halloween Cookbooks for Kids

Halloween cookbooks for kids are a great way to get your little helper excited about making Halloween treats this year. Halloween cookbooks for kids are full of great Halloween recipes that your kids will have fun preparing. Halloween cookbooks for kids are full of easy to read and understands recipes for Halloween treats your kids will enjoy. Get your kids a Halloween cookbook and see what sort of ghoulish treats they can create.

Learn how to make ‘eyeballs’ using eggs or stuffed olives, how to use candies to make spooky garnishes and how to make deliciously spooky Halloween treats. This cookbook features recipes simple enough for a child to make, either with or without help depending on the recipe and the child’s age. Have fun browsing the recipes with your child and deciding which fantastic recipes to make.

These are not just dishes for Halloween either. You can adapt the recipes and make them any time of the year. Teaching kids to cook is a great idea because you can make it fun for them and cooking is a useful skill to have.

The Best Spooky Snacks

Most people like to make a range of Halloween treats. So there is something for every palate, both sweet and savory morsels to enjoy. So you might like to look through the cookbook with your child first and pick out the dishes which look the most fun to make, then you can pick up the ingredients and get cooking. Depending on the age of your child, you might end up doing most of the work, delegating tasks like stirring or decorating to your little helper, or if your child is older, perhaps they can do most of it themselves.

Choose spooky snacks which look fun and ones which are going to taste good. Some Halloween recipes are just for display, and you might not necessarily want to eat them. Make a brain out of gelatin and gummy bears, and it will be part of the display as well as a tasty snack. Make some blue punch, and that will also be good. There are in fact, so many different spooky snacks to choose from, and one of the best things about having Halloween cookbooks for kids is your kids will have plenty of choices, and they can get creative choosing their absolute favorites.

Photo Credit: All product images are recorded as Amazon or eBay

Buy a Halloween Cookbooks For Kids

Tricks and Treats Halloween Cookbook

This is a great resource which your child will love as much as you do. Learn how to plan a Halloween masquerade, hold a fun Halloween party or make a wonderful jack-o-lantern. The book also features a wealth of delicious Halloween food ideas, and there is something for every taste. Halloween is one of the most popular holidays of the year and thanks to this book it can be even more fun because this book has so many great ideas and also plenty of instructions and tips. This is the only Halloween book you will need to organize the most amazing Halloween event.

2 Spooky Recipes Your Child Can Make

If you are cooking with young kids, then you will need to do any chopping or heating. Older ones can be supervised or even left to their own devices. Halloween cookbooks for kids are packed with wonderful recipes and here are two easy ones to give you a taste of Halloween cooking.

Scary Eyeball Soup

How does eyeball soup sound to you? It will probably sound better to your child, and the good news is they can make it too. Empty a couple of 14 oz cans of tomatoes into a pan with a cup of chicken stock and bring the mixture to a boil.

Stir in a pinch of Italian seasoning and some salt and black pepper. Blend the mixture until pureed, then return it to the pan. Add more stock and seasonings until you have a nice-tasting soup. The fun part is making the eyeballs! Use a melon baller to cut round mozzarella balls and use a sharp knife to cut a hole out of each one. Press a green pimento-stuffed olive into each one and arrange the ‘eyeballs’ in the soup.

Decorated Ghost Nachos

Another fabulous treat is Halloween nachos. Use a ghost-shaped cookie cutter to cut ghost-shapes from flour or corn tortillas. Arrange them on a baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees F for 5 minutes per side.

Spread tomato salsa over them, then add shredded cheese. Bake for another few minutes, so the cheese melts then use sliced green onions, olives and chives to decorate them, perhaps using the olives to make eyes and the chives to make a mouth. Else just leave the decorating to the kids, since they are sure to love it, and even younger kids will enjoy this activity.

Some Great Halloween Recipes

This cookbook is jam-packed with all manner of creepy dishes, and you also get ideas for table arrangements, costume ideas and color photos to whet your appetite. Try the ham bone and apple sandwich, the pumpkin juice or the frog’s eye salad. There are recipes in here for every age and palate, so choose from sweet and savory, food and drink, spooky and fun, because there is something for everyone. This book is available for your Kindle so you can read it on there, propping it up on the kitchen counter while you make some of the Halloween treats inside. Halloween is largely about food, so it is well worth making some festive treats and getting the kids involved in the preparations.

Plenty of Kid-Friendly Halloween Dishes

This one offers a range of appetizers, entrees, desserts and beverages, all themed with Halloween in mind. A lot of the recipes are quick and easy, so you will be able to make a number of them in a few hours, and have a table laden with spooky Halloween food and drinks. The photos in this cookbook help bring the dishes to life. The book is easy to navigate because it is broken down into sections, so you can choose whether you want to see drinks, snacks or sweet recipes, for example. This is a book you will reach for every Halloween, so you can plan which dishes to make. There is something for everyone in here.

Creepy Food Ideas to Wow the Kids

This book is part of Capstone’s First Facts series, which are books aimed at young readers with a level 1 or 2 reading level. Featuring such tempting delights as crunchy spiders and jack o’lantern juice, this cookbook is sure to offer plenty to tempt your child’s appetite and fire his or her imagination. The recipes are simple enough, and the pictures show what the finished dish is supposed to look like. This is a worthy addition to your cookbook collection, and the kids might want to cook something from it outside of Halloween, just because the recipes are such fun to prepare and they promise to be very tasty too.

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Best Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD & HDX of 2019

Kindle Fire – Best E-Book Tablet of 2017

Best E-Book Tablet of 2017

There is a lot of hype about the Kindle Fire, but what is it exactly, and what is it capable of? The Amazon Kindle Fire is a 7-inch tablet which can be used for reading, listening to music, gaming, watching the video, and emailing. If you buy a Kindle Fire directly from Amazon, it will come pre-programmed with your login information so you can just confirm your password and you are all set to begin.Fire HD 8 Tablet, 8" HD Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB - Includes Special Offers, Black (Previous Generation - 5th)

The categories on the home screen are news stand, books, video, documents, music, web and apps, and every e-book you have ever bought from Amazon will be preloaded into the device for your reading pleasure.

The same applies to any music you bought, and of course, you can head to the app store on Amazon and purchase anything else you like. The ‘Amazon Silk’ browser is speedy and intelligent, remembering where you often go and storing your preferences for future online browsing. Sites which do not have mobile versions tend to load well too, including features like embedded video.

The Kindle Fire has 8GB of storage space, which is enough for 800 songs or 10 movies, and there is no option for an SD card like on the Nook tablet. A brand new Kindle Fire costs around $200, which is a fraction of the expense of an iPad, so if you are looking for a tablet which can handle books, music, video, and the internet but are not so bothered about a camera or microphone, then the Kindle Fire is something you should seriously consider.

Webmaster’s foot note: This is one I wanted to ad a personal note too. The Kindle is the one I use to do my entire tablet checking of websites with. Well, that and much more Amazon will give the Apple lovers a run for their money. Amazon shows why it is the true leader in tablets with a more robust interior and everything you could need to get going right in the basic package. From day one it has been trouble free light and a powerful tool to help me make sure our sites are as mobile friendly as possible. You can pay more for the Apple if you like, but personally, all you will be getting is less change back.

Photo Credit: All product images are credited to Amazon

Fire HD 8, 8″ HD Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB – Includes Special Offers, Black

Fire HD 8 Tablet, 8" HD Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB - Includes Special Offers, Black (Previous Generation - 5th)Fire HD 8, 8Oh in researching this Oh I just want one myself I mean I have a Fire HDX that is only a year old that I love but this is just so awesome the hardware in it is just impressive. Let’s look… A) Can you say quad core in a tablet freaked wow! And expandable to 128 GB of memory come on this is a tablet I’m beginning to think Amazon hires wizards to take desktops and magically shrink them or something. This system is showing why in my opinion Apple’s are nice but the true leader is Amazon they win on what is in them, services included in the purchases and price is what I would consider so far below the over inflated Apple is just going ahead and spend the money on the Apple if you just like throwing money away but if you want to do real tablet computing look no further than the Kindle series. Only real choice is which screen size is right for you. Now normally I am of the mind bigger is better I mean my desktop is quad 27 inch curved LED monitors, so I like my real estate but in a tablet I want on the go computing and want it in a fairly compact model for weight reasons. Now like I said this is the main choice in my mind is size pick what works better for you just keep in mind bigger will also add weight so over X hours of use this becomes noticeable. My thoughts may not be yours.

Tips for Choosing the Best Tablet

One of the first tablets was the iPad in early 2010, but tablets have come a long way since then. The iPad was not the first tablet ever made, but it is one of the most iconic. A lot of people automatically buy an iPad if they want a tablet, but what is the best buy for you? Today there are lots of different tablets available, including the iPad, Nook, Kindle Fire, and much more, so it can be confusing to pick just one.
If you want something for general use, a tablet small and light enough to hold in one hand, and something which a color screen, offering you the possibility of buying apps, music, video or ebooks, then the Kindle Fire is a strong contender. It is too small to replace your laptop but a handy addition to your other gadgets. This device is not the best if you are planning to use a tablet for work, but it is perfect for entertaining, whether you fancy playing games, watching a movie or relaxing in bed with a gripping e-book.

A Kindle Fire is only 7 inches long so it can be slipped into a large pocket or small bag, unlike an iPad which is too big to do that with. If you are buying your first tablet and you do not necessarily need a camera on it, then the Kindle Fire might suit you perfectly, especially if you love the fact it is small and lightweight yet easy to use, with hours of battery life before it needs charging.

Fire HD 10, 10.1″ HD Display, Wi-Fi, 16 GB – Includes Special Offers, Black

Fire HD 10, 10.1Ok this is really more of a footnote review as much of what I said in the 8 inch applies here. The main difference in this model unlike previous releases of Kindles is the size. Now with that said you can see what is in it by reading the review for the smaller screen they, for the most part, have the same guts which are just downright awesome. If you want a personal look read my seven inch HDX model is what I have although in researching these I am in love with this, and you know I not only know geekdom but live the computing walk so for a tablet series to even catch my eye let alone get my brand of approval is a huge testament to the quality and total service that you get with your purchase. Kindle just plain rules sorry Apple users but Kindle just not only kicks Apple but it leaves no prisoners. So back to this the main difference does you 1) need the bigger screen and 2) do you want the bigger screen because need and want are two very different question to ask yourself. You need it if you are looking to run a business from the road. You want it if you like big mobile movies and such. You need it if you use it as a mobile computer you want it if it really looks cool. Now with that said remember size means extra weight which if you are propping it up in landscape mode and almost using it as a notebook then weight might not be much of a factor but if you are holding it in portrait and using it as a clipboard then weight might be a serious factor so keep all that in mind when deciding on which model is right for you.

Kindle Fire HDX 7″, HDX Display, Wi-Fi, 16 GB (Previous Generation – 3rd)Exclusive 7" HDX display with high pixel density and perfect color accuracy (100% sRGB, 323 ppi / 1920 x 1200)

Kindle Fire HDX 7This one I can write about personally I got it about a year ago so I would be able to test mobile layouts on my sites and make sure I am serving up user-friendly tablet layouts. After much researching and of course comparing it to the Apple IPad, I decided on the fire HDX 7 inch for a few reasons. Seven inch because when I checked browser states the 7 is actually far more popular than the bigger screens, and I wanted to see the tablet world as the vast majority of my users did and therefore decide to resist the temptation to go bigger. I also at the time chose the Kindle over the Apple for a few key reasons here they are. A) Kindle just plain kicked the butt of the Apple with what is in it. The processor was more robust, memory was double that of the Apple and believe it or not Amazon service is just awesome. Amazon also sends you a machine that is good to go everything, and I do mean everything you need is in it I first downloaded some apps until I realized the Kindle apps were just better, easier and did the job so much better. It is fast, crystal clear and a nice size to weight ratio. All in all, if I had to pick starts, it would be 5 out of 5 now with what I use for a desktop that is saying a lot. As you know, we are geeked to the max our systems are just downright kicking butt and take no names. So for me to be impressed by a computing system is a huge compliment. I can’t wait to see the new generation.

Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire, Full Color 7″ Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi
Kindle Fire Wi-Fi, Full Color 7With more than 11,000 5-star reviews, this has to be one of the most popular items on Amazon. It seems that everyone is crazy about this little device! It feels a little heavier than older Kindles so if you are upgrading from an older model bear in mind you might need to rest this one on your lap rather than just reading one-handed. It is only a few grams difference though so you might not even notice. You get 5GB of free online cloud storage with the Kindle Fire, which is an enormous amount. This Kindle can also handle MP3, magazines, and video. It makes a fabulous Christmas or birthday gift, or you can buy yourself one. The resolution is high, and it is simple to work, making this Kindle Fire an absolute pleasure to use.

Kindle Fire HD 7″, HD Display, Wi-Fi, 16 GB

Includes Special Offers (Previous Generation – 3rd)Kindle Fire HD 7″, HD Display, Wi-Fi, 16 GB

Kindle Fire HD 7The rubber back on this is nice to grip, and the Kindle feels solid and sturdy in your hand. The display is excellent, and the speakers give high-quality sound. This is not in the same league as an iPad, but it is not supposed to be. Instead, it is more of a media device which you can use for entertainment – reading, watching videos and listening to music. It is half the price of an iPad too, so if you are looking for something to keep you entertained without the high price tag Apple likes to put on its devices, the Kindle Fire 7" could be absolutely perfect for you.

Kindle Fire Accessories

If you are going to buy a Kindle Fire 10, you might be interested in getting some accessories too. It is worth protecting your Kindle Fire with an Amazon Kindle sleeve, so you might like to choose a red, green, gray, black or blue nylon sleeve with a zippered closure. This will protect every angle of your device and keep it free from scratches. The sleeve is light enough not to add extra bulk but thick enough to offer a high level of protection.
Another option is a leather cover, in black, brown, charcoal, green or pink. Choose the Marware CEO Hybrid if you want a 100% leather case which will allow you to stand your Kindle up for hands-free reading. This case has padded tabs in the corners for added stability and protection. There is also a hand-strap so you can hold your Kindle in a comfortable one-handed grip.

Screen Protection

Something else you might like to consider as one of your Kindle Fire 10 accessories is an ‘Armor Suit Military Shield’ which is a screen protector. This is UV-resistant for anti-yellowing and very transparent. The self-healing technology will get rid of any minor scratches on the film, and it has been precisely cut for a perfect fit.

Do not worry about getting scratches on your new Kindle Fire 10 if you are using one of these. The screen will also be protected from rain, debris, sand, and dust. This screen protector peels off easily and does not leave behind any stickiness, but once you have tried it, you will probably want to keep it on for the life of your Kindle Fire 10.

Kindle Fire Video Review
Watch this video review of the “iPad mini vs. Kindle Fire HD.”

[su_youtube_advanced url=”” rel=”no” fs=”no”]

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Halloween Party Ideas for Kids 2019

Having a Halloween party is always a fun time. Are you in charge of planning a Halloween Party this season? Halloween Party Ideas for Kids is here to help you with all the things you will need for a Halloween Party for Kids.

Halloween games like pin the tail on the pumpkin, bobbing for apples or spooky Halloween face painting.You can have a spooky Halloween party for kids when using some Halloween Party Ideas for Kids that they will love. Some of the best party games for kids are Pumpkin Pinata Smash or a pirates treasure hunt. And don’t forget the Halloween costume contests. Halloween is such a fun Holiday with so many possibilities of games and foods to enjoy.

You can make Halloween party games for kids as scary as you like, depending on the age of the children involved. While older kids will appreciate more frightening and more elaborate games. Keep things lighter for younger kids who need more simple party ideas and who tend to get scared more easily. If you have various ages of kids at the party, then you can organize different games for different groups of kids.

Photo Credit: All product images are credited to Amazon or eBay


The Best Selling Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

Hanging Black SpiderMcToy Hanging Halloween Plastic Spider, 20 Foot, Black

This spider is great fun, and you can use it to decorate a large or small room. Adjust the legs to fit the room. It is 20 feet wide so that nobody can miss it. Made from black plastic, the spider is easy to hang and weighs anything barely. This black plastic spider is sure to get plenty of compliments, and it is the perfect addition to any Halloween party. Reuse it again and again. Everyone will want to see this making an appearance every Halloween. This spider is cute and fun, not spooky (unless you suffer from arachnophobia of course!)
The Top Rated Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

Kids Face Painting Kit

This face painting kit comes with black, white, orange, yellow, red, blue and pink face paints, as well as a brush and face painting sponge. You also get a guide book with suggested looks, so you can use those or design your own. The face paints are easy to apply, and they do not irritate the skin. When it is time to take the paint off, it comes off very easily. These paints do not smudge as cream face paints do and you get plenty of paint in the kit. This is ideal to make some fun Halloween looks such as witches, ghosts, cats, or anything else you can imagine.

Plan the Perfect Halloween Party

There is no doubt that Halloween is a special time. It only comes once a year, so make the most of it! Collect pumpkin-carving ideas and scary Halloween recipes to thrill the kids, and don’t forget the Halloween costumes either or the games.
What exactly you plan for Halloween depends to an extent on the ages of your kids. A two-year-old is not going to appreciate the same things as an eleven-year-old for example, and what is fun and slightly scry to one child might be pant-wetting terrifying to another and give them nightmares for weeks, so take care to plan the right activities and entertainments. Halloween is supposed to be scary in a fun way, not in a horrible one.

Halloween Costumes for the Little Ones

A lot of the planning is going to be about the costumes and whether you want to make them, rent them or buy them. Since Halloween costumes are quite economical, especially if you look online for the best deals, it makes sense to buy them. What one child wears this year a younger child will be able to wear in the future.

Halloween costumes do not go out of style as regular fashions do. In fact, the older ones are often scarier. Ask your child what he or she wants to be. Some kids prefer the classic options such as witches, wizards or fairies, and others might have something unusual yet specific in mind, such as a lion or Mickey Mouse. You won’t know until you ask, and then you can make or buy your little one the costume of their dreams which they will feel great in.

Plan your kids’ Halloween party well in advance, so you have everything covered. Pick out which recipes you are going to make, buy some pumpkins and carving tools and plan the party games. If you are making the costumes then look online or in magazines for patterns, or if you prefer to buy then have a look to see what Amazon and eBay are offering this year. There are lots of Halloween party ideas for kids, and if you plan early, you can be assured that your party will be fantastic and the kids will have a whale of a time.

Halloween Decorations Kit

For the price, this set is really good value. You get a trio of bats, a big hanging spider, a stretchable spider web with a spider in it, and a big creepy cloth that you can hang as you like. Save money by purchasing a set like this rather than getting the items individually. If you want to decorate a room for a kids’ Halloween party, you can get them to help out, deciding where to hang the spider web and where the bats would look the scariest. This set offers enough to decorate part of a room, or you can combine it with other Halloween items to make a bigger scene. The set is good quality as well as good value, and the kids are sure to have a lot of fun decorating with it.

Inflatable Pirate Ship Cooler

Beistle Company - Inflatable Pirate Ship CoolerThis is a fun conversation piece, and it is a great vessel to serve cold drinks from. Pump it up with a tire inflator (or you can blow it up if you have good lung capacity) then fill with ice and sodas. Measuring 41 x 23 x 15 inches, you can get 72 cans in there. Use this cooler at an outdoor or indoor Halloween party, or recycle it for your next summer barbecue, as a conversation piece. The quality is reasonable, and it will certainly function as a cooler or something for the kids to play in. It is not a flotation device for the pool though, so just use it to hold the drinks. Perhaps you are considering a pirate-themed party for your child, in which case this would be perfect.

72 Plastic Halloween Picks

72 Plastic Halloween PicksThese plastic picks are a novel way of decorating your festive food. You can use them as toothpicks to hold canapés together at your Halloween party. Ghosts, pumpkins, bats, and spiders will look great decorating cupcakes, or you can skewer together cucumber slices and olives, pineapple and cheese, or any other little bits you want to serve as finger food. Use them to garnish a meat and cheese tray, or fix them to the lemon slice or olives in the grownups’ drinks. The tips are rounded which means they are best used for soft foods, not very hard ones, but the rounded tips are safer than the pointed ones. Needless to say, these are not suitable for small kids because they pose a choking hazard, but for everyone else they are fun.

Human Brain Gelatin

Human Brain GelatinLook at how realistic this is. The gelatin mold is shaped like a human brain, in anatomically correct detail. It is life-size too. Simply pour in your gelatin mixture and let it set, then unmold the finished ‘brain’ and watch the kids’ faces as they see a horrible, wobbling mass on the plate. The mold itself is quite sturdy, and you can choose from various types of gelatin. Try watermelon gelatin with some Cool Whip blended in if you want to get a realistic color, or lime gelatin for a bright green one if you want it to look fun rather than too real. You could even add some gummy worms for extra creepiness. The mold needs to sit in a bowl when it is full of gelatin, to stop it rolling over.

Keep the Kids Occupied with Spooky Crafts

Kids’ party games like apple bobbing usually mean you have to watch them all the time, but if you want them to be able to get on with something quietly, then crafts are always a good idea. What about getting them to make a witch’s hat for trick-or-treating? You will need newspaper, black paint, a paint brush, a sheet of black Bristol board, scissors and sticky tape.
Roll 6 to 8 newspaper pages into a cone shape to make the top of the hat, then tape it to hold the shape. Put it on the child’s head to ensure it fits. Put in on the construction paper and trace around the base with a pencil, then cut the circle out of the Bristol board.

Cut another circle a few inches wide to make the brim and attach it using tape. Paint the hat black and let it dry for a few hours. Older kids can make their hats. For a younger child, you can paint it and let it dry, then let them attach stickers to it or paint designs over the top.

Vampire blood anyone? Combine a cup of corn syrup with a little water and add more water until it is thick. Add some liquid soap and stir, then add a few drops of red food coloring (and a few drops of green too, if you have it) and refrigerate it. The mixture will harden, and you can then use it to paint your face. Don’t use this on anyone with skin allergies.

What about making a wizard’s wand? This is easy, and you can use the construction paper. Wrap a sheet of it around a pencil and trim off the excess using scissors. Fold in the ends and tape one end, then remove the pencil and seal the other end with tape. Decorate the wand with colored ribbon and star stickers.

Top 5 Best Spiral Vegetable Slicer for 2019

Spiral Vegetable SlicerA spiral vegetable slicer is a great idea if you enjoy cooking and preparing ingredients. It is also nice if you want to make cute spiral vegetable garnishes for salads. Use it to transform potatoes into curly fries or to make wafer-thin julienne cuts.

Use a spiral vegetable slicer to slice fruit or vegetables, and choose from various types. A julienne spiral vegetable slicer means you do not have to spend hours slicing everything into thin pieces by hand. Instead just use the spiral vegetable slicer and save yourself a lot of time.

World Cuisine Spiral Vegetable Slicer

This tri-blade spiral slicer is made from plastic and has three interchangeable blades. Put your vegetable on the prongs and turn while you push the base towards the blade. The vegetable will be cut into continuous spiral strands.

One blade has 1/8 inch spacing, another has ¼ inch spacing, and there is also a straight blade if you want to make thin slices. You can pop the slices into the dishwasher after use, to make cleanup a breeze, and the durable plastic lasts for ages. This slicer comes with a year’s warranty.

Nemco Spiral Vegetable Slicer Australia

This model comes with a 1/8 inch blade so you can slice any fruit or vegetable quickly and easily. Use it to prepare your sandwich fillings or pizza toppings. The stainless steel blade fits into the mounting base, and you can slip it out easily to clean and store it away. Nemco is a well-known brand so you might want to invest in one of these.

Photo Credit: All product images are credited to Amazon or eBay

World Cuisine A4982799 Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer

Spiral Vegetable SlicerTry this spiral vegetable slicer for apples, sweet potatoes, onion, celeriac, cucumber, zucchini, carrots, radishes and anything else you can think of. Not only does it make spiraling veggies a pleasure, but it is also easy to use and clean. Try making zucchini spirals as a healthy alternative to pasta. You can still twirl them on your fork, but they are much lower in calories. This is one of the best-selling spiral vegetable slicers, and it gets consistently good reviews.

The one minor quibble some people mention is that you lose a thin piece from the center of whatever you are cutting because of the way the spiral cutter is designed, but in the case of apples or cucumber that means the cutter removes the seeds which are actually a bonus. In the case of carrots, you could simply eat the uncut part or save it for another recipe. Apart from that, this spiral vegetable slicer works exactly as it is meant to and seems very well made and durable.

More About Spiral Vegetable Slicers

Plastic spiral vegetable slicers are cheaper than metal ones but will eventually break because plastic is not so durable. A lot of them do come with a year or two warranty though, so do not expect it to break right away.
Something else you might want to consider with the plastic ones is that if you are going to slice colored vegetables like beetroot some of the colors will stain the plastic over time. Although this might not matter to some home cooks, others might not like it.

Spiral Vegetable Recipe

Do you like sweet potatoes? If so, you might want to test out your new spiral vegetable slicer by making this recipe. Spiral cut a sweet potato and coat it with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. Sprinkle over some salt and black pepper and add some lime juice and chili powder too if you want. Bake for half an hour at 350 degrees F, or until crispy and golden.

One question people often have about their spiral vegetable slicer is what to do with the leftover bits of vegetables. When you spiral-cut something, you are going to end up with the stump or a piece which is too small to spiral-cut. You can use these to make stock for soup or compost them.

Paderno World Cuisine Rouet Spiral Slicer

Buy Paderno World Cuisine Rouet Spiral SlicerThis is another commercial quality machine, which will not let you down. Transform your fruits and veggies into long, curly ribbons. As you would expect, the Paderno World Cuisine Rouet Spiral Slicer comes with a variety of blades so you can choose the desired thickness. Make continuous spirals or thin julienne cuts or slices. To use, just put the fruit or vegetable on the prongs then turn the wheel as you push the base towards the blade. This is not a flimsy gadget. The rubber feet keep it secure on your countertop, even if you are spiral-cutting dense veggies and applying more pressure. This is a high-quality device which can cope with pretty much any fruit or vegetable.

Paderno World Cuisine Dual Ribbon & Spiral Slicer

This spiral slicer is the answer if you are looking for a commercial grade, professional quality slicer. It costs more than the others, but that is because it is a heavy duty machine. If you are catering for a lot of people and you wish to product spiraled vegetables with no fuss, this is the machine for you. It is dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a breeze too. Make long ribbon cuts of zucchini, carrot, cucumber or anything else you like. This gadget does not balk at anything, so you can trust it to do a great job and last for many years.

New and Essential Tri-Blade Spiral Vegetable SlicerBest Essential Tri-Blade Spiral Vegetable Slicer

This spiral slicer is a budget alternative to the more expensive ones, so if you are looking for something to spiral cut the occasional vegetable rather than something for daily use, this one should suit you just fine. It can slice soft, medium and hard veggies, although you need quite a bit more force for the more difficult ones such as yams or beets. This gadget is simple to use. You make a flat end on your vegetable and then center it on a tube above the blade. Slide the handle down until the spikes make contact and then spin it. Rinse the slicer right away after using, and then you will find it easier to wash later.

Paderno World Cuisine Spiral Vegetable SlicerWonderVeg - Spiral Vegetable Slicer - Veggie Spiralizer - Zucchini Spaghetti Pasta Noodle Maker - Cleaning Brush, Mini Recipe Book, 6 Spare Parts Included

Use this vegetable spiral-cutter to make thick or medium-thick noodles using vegetables. Have you heard of the Spirooli? That was the original name for this Paderno World Cuisine spiral vegetable slicer; it has just been renamed and rebranded. This one is a reasonable price, and you will also find it simple to use on any vegetable you wish to spiral-cut. There are 3 blades so you can pick out whichever you like, depending on how thick you want your veggie noodles or whether you prefer them sliced instead of spiraled. This is one of the most famous spiral cutters because it gives consistently good results and is durable.

Choosing a Spiral Vegetable Slicer for Your Kitchen

There are lots of different spiral vegetable slicers to choose from, so it is good to familiarize yourself with the different options you have. Your first consideration might well be price range. If you plan to use the slicer occasionally, you will probably not want a high-end model with lots of features and a high price tag. If you want to spiral-cut veggies daily or almost daily, you might want something more heavy-duty. These slicers are becoming as popular as kitchen knives. Although they were not around just a few decades ago, spiral slicers are found in many kitchens these days, and they are used to spiral-cut vegetables for many different recipes.
A plastic slicer is going to be cheaper than a metal one but it is not so durable, and it will get stained by vegetable juice more easily. These slicers will create decorative ribbons from zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples and more, and even the most basic one is going to be able to handle that. The width and cut are going to be uniform, which means even cooking. It is possible to spiral-cut using a knife, but it is not easy! A high-end spiral slicer will have more attachments and options so you can choose the width of the spirals and choose from different slicing attachments. Most of these will work on hard fruits as well as vegetables.

There are also different ways of using vegetable slicers. Some of them are quite basic, and you will have to wind a handle while pushing the vegetable into the machine, while others are easier to use and all you need to do is add your vegetable and it does all the hard work for you. Of course, the price reflects the ease of use and convenience of the slicer and not just the quality of the slicer itself. Some of them allow you to choose whether you want your vegetables in slices or spirals, so if you are considering a slicer as well as a spiral-slicer, you might like to get one machine instead of 2, something which can do both.

Spiral Vegetable Slicer Video Review

Watch this video review of Spiral Vegetable Slicer[su_youtube_advanced url=”” rel=”no” fs=”no”]

More to Consider

As well as thinking about your budget and whether you want to spiral-cut only or to spiral-cut and slice, there are more factors to bring into the equation. Do you prefer a horizontal or vertical slicer? Are you going to cut vegetables into noodle shapes or just use the slicer for making garnishes with fruit and veggies? Once you decide how you are likely to use it, you can go over the choices and see which one ticks all the boxes for you. Once you have it, you are sure to discover even more uses for your spiral cutter, and find all kinds of vegetables and fruits which are perfect for spiral-cutting.

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Top Rated Best Hunting and Fishing Accessories

Best Hunting and Fishing Accessories

You’d be amazed at how much Hunting and Fishing gear and accessories are available to make you experienced the absolute best it can be.

Best Hunting and fishing are prevalent especially during the fall and winter seasons. It all depends on what state you live in and what type of shooting you’re looking to do.c

For instance, in Tennessee, the state is divided into sections and depending on which part you live in determines when you can hunt. For deer, there is archery season, muzzleloader season, gun season and young sportsman season.

That’s just for deer! I suggest you check your state for appropriate times.

I grew up in Washington state, and I specifically remember fishing a ton. One summer my friend and I would catch just about every day. It is so much fun fishing.

I’ll be showing you Hunting and Fishing Accessories from other categories too such as airsoft and air guns to tactical and duty accessories.

Best Hunting and Fishing Accessories

Best Fishing Gear and Accessories

I was talking beforehand about how much I enjoyed Fishing as a boy. I’ve caught a lot of fish in my time!

I used my dad’s gear for a long time, Best Fishing Gear and Accessories I finally got my very own rod and reel. Everything is so much more advanced today, and it shows when shopping for fishing gear and accessories.Best Fishing Gear and Accessories

Best Hunting Gear and Accessories

I’ve personally never hunted before in my life. This is just not an activity I grew up with.

However, I know tons of people who hunt and have a great time. I’ve known friends and co-workers who hunt all the time. Someone once gave my wife and I a four-week supply of deer meat, and it was quite delicious.

Some people Hunting Gear and Accessories for food and some for sport. I sort of wish I grew up with it because there is a lot of cold gear.

Best Archery Gear

How many of you remember summer camp when you were a kid? I went to several camps in the summer when I was a kid, and they all had an archery station.

I don’t understand if it’s a boy thing or not but it’s super fun to be able to pull back and let your arrow go Best Archery Gear in hopes of hitting the bull’s eye down range.

Archery is also a competitive sport as well with Olympic games in the summer. I also know many hunters use archery gear to hunt at certain times during the fall or winter season depending on where you live.

Best Archery Gear

Down below you are going to see the top six archery items you can get on Amazon.

Best Airsoft and Air Guns

Whetstone Cyma P.618 Airsoft Pistol Dueling Kit With 2 Pistols Airsoft Gun Set

I remember when airsoft came onto the scene, and kids and adults both went crazy with it.  Best airsoft gun brand I’ve heard all the stories about Best airsoft gun brand 2017 wars and special events. Some of these events were up to three hours long!

This pistol airsoft kit is the top seller on Amazon and waits till you look at the price!

Best Airsoft and Air Guns
Best Airsoft and Air Guns

Best Tactical and Duty Accessories

The hands down most popular tactical and duty accessory are paracord. Do you have a big question mark above your head right now?

I did too when I first learned first about it Best Tactical and Duty Accessories, but now it’s the craze especially for hunting and survival situations.

You can use it for shoelaces, belts, knife wraps, shelter building, repair and even a clothes line. Tactical Gear Accessories Pretty incredible huh!

Some of these items are super cool, so you have to check them out.

Best Tactical and Duty Accessories


Do You Hunt or Fish?