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Protective Gear Makes The Game of Paintball Safer and More Fun!

Paintball Masks That Rock

The fear of getting hit with a paintball keeps many people from trying the sport. Fortunately, wearing protective gear will make your experience safer and more enjoyable. Most will agree, the sting of being hit by a high-velocity paintball can be intense… enough so the fear of which will speed up your feet on the field! While it may be uncomfortable, getting hit by a paintball is not fatal or dangerous – unless you are hit in the eye. A direct hit in the eye with a paintball can cause blindness, and this is the reason why your paintball mask is essential gear. You are not allowed to play paintball without a mask. Good news! There is equipment that can be worn for paintball that will completely block the feeling of an impact of being hit. This paintball protective gear is often cheap, easy to use and readily available. This equipment includes paintball helmets, chest protectors, knee and elbow pads, shin & forearm padding, gloves and even groin protection. Wearing this type of gear will give you a new confidence on the field – imagine running through the bunkers with no fear of being hit!

Paintball Masks That Rock

Other than your paintball marker, the paintball mask is your next piece of ‘have to have’ paintball equipment – so don’t skimp! You get what you pay for in this realm and $20 masks may be uncomfortable to wear and almost always fogs up all the time. Do yourself a favor and purchase a fairly good mask right off the bat and you’ll have a much better experience playing your first few times. Don’t be afraid to spend between $50-$100 and you will be pretty satisfied with your purchase. Choose a mask that provides good coverage for the face but also a wide viewing area with the lens. Make sure they’re very lightweight but also made of a firm enough material to deflect paintballs properly. When possible, try the mask on to make sure it stays securely on your face when moving. Make sure the paintball mask you choose also has plenty of ventilation so you don’t get too hot; a common problem in the cheaper covers. Also, be prepared to deal with lens fogging, no matter which masks you buy; they all have this problem, but the more expensive ones just have it less if barely at all.

Protect Your Front and Back!

Paintball Chest Protectors are great to protect your torso…

Covering your body and torso is an excellent idea in paintball. A direct hit to the oblique area, chest or back can leave an unsightly bruise and welt that will sting severely for 30 minutes if shot at close enough range. Paintball chest protectors are excellent for preventing any pain at all from being hit in the chest, abdomen or back. Many players opt for wearing a loose fitting paintball jersey or baggy shirt to lessen the blow of being hit but others don’t want to feel the impact at all and use a chest protector. Choose the type of chest protector you want based on how you like to play. Some paintball chest protectors are completely stable, and molded plastic material fits over the chest and back like you’re wearing a sign. These types are really cheaper to buy but somewhat more involved in moving in as their so rigid. Other higher end price range chest protectors are more like a comfortable, t-shirt-like body sock with moldable padding sewn into them. These are often much easier to move in but are on the higher end of the price scale.

Arm & Leg Protection

Cover your elbows, knees, forearms & shins with padding….
Paintball protective gear doesn’t just prevent the sting of being hit by paintballs, but also protects your body from the physical effects of rough play. In most cases, Paintball is a fast game with much sprinting, diving, rolling, crawling, etc. and physical injury to the joints is not uncommon. It’s also not uncommon to get cuts, scrapes and abrasions from landing in the playing environment. Knees and elbow pads are perfect for keeping the parts of you that stick out covered and protected from being bumped.
Paintball Knee and elbow pads are particularly high when crawling on the all fours or on your forearms. Elbow pads that extend down past the forearm make crawling and diving much easier to take! Shin guards, knee and elbow pads are also great for preventing abrasions and cuts that occur when your skin battles the playing field. These are not essential gear, but make the game much more painless and therefore more fun.

Paintball Shoes

Even though there are not really “paintball shoes,” there are shoes that are more effective to wear while playing paintball than other shoes. For example, wearing tennis shoes or basketball shoes is probably not a good idea because there is very little traction included on the soles of these shoes. The better shoes to buy are those that are created or those that have a lot of traction. Soccer cleats and football cleats are among some of the most popular shoes for paintball enthusiasts to wear. Others wear hiking boots, and this footwear seems to suit them just fine.

Cover Yourself Head To Toe In Armor

Wear a paintball suit of armor for all-out play!
Turn yourself into a paintball Robocop uniform by wearing protective padding and gear on every part of your body. Wear a paintball helmet over your mask and neck protector to cover your throat. You might also consider wearing a tactical paintball vest in place of a chest protector. A vest can carry tons of gear and also does a nice job in complete protection when fully loaded down. Realize you will be trading gear storing capacity for movement; any chest protector will much lighter than a packed paintball vest.
Next, wear your elbow/forearm and knee/shin pads to cover your arms and legs. A pair of gloves will cap off a complete paintball protective uniform. Experiment with different amounts and pieces of protective gear until you find the proper balance between coverage and movement. Whether you cover yourself from head to toe or just wear the bare minimum, paintball protective gear will be added to your fun on the field.

Most games require a gear and equipment to play them, and Paintball is no exception. Paintball gear is essential to the game.

Being a game that requires guns to play it, it is obvious that there is a level of danger involved in the game of paintball. Therefore, paintball gear is not only worn for ease but also for protection. The most important gear is the mask. Any player of paintball knows that serious damage can be done to the eyes if they get hit by the paint.
The face that is the most vulnerable part of the body needs to be protected. A mask is to paintball what a helmet is to motorcycling. The masks or goggles are headgears that completely cover not only the eyes but also the ears, mouth, nostrils and a few even extend to the neck. The glass area is designed to prevent paintballs even as fast as 300ft/sec from hitting the face.

The biggest problem faced by the goggle area is that glass tends to get fogged, which hampers the player’s vision. Double layered lenses are used more often than plain glass since they fog lesser. The lenses are made of polycarbonate and are coated with anti-scratch materials to prevent the soft lenses from damage. Small and less cumbersome masks are an advantage since they do not make the wearer an easy target. The masks should be a color that is easily camouflaged.

The other paintball gear needed is the clothes worn during the game. The clothing worn for paintball needs to be of a particular kind. Since the main idea of the game is to hide, it becomes of utmost importance that the clothing is not of bright colors that can be spotted easily. The clothes should be blending in their environment.

For a round of woodsball; green-based clothes or army camouflage is best suited. But this will not work if playing on a field of snow. So the venue decides what color clothing to wear. Paintball is a high action game, and so comfort is of great importance while dressing. The clothes should be easy to get into and comfortable to keep on. Since the game can last a long time, the fabric should breathe and not make the player too hot.

The idea of paintball is to have the ball break on contact with the opponent so over padded clothes that prevent the paintball from bursting are not in very good sportsman spirit. But the vulnerable body parts such as the various joints can and should be protected by padding. Though boots give ample protection, they do hamper swift movement, so most paintball players choose light shoes over cumbersome boots.

Maintenance of paintball gear increases its life. Since the game involves a lot of paint being splashed around, it is necessary to clean the gear after every game. Clothing should be of a material that washes easily and is not prone to stains. The mask should be cleaned well, and paint should never be wiped off the glass. A wet towel or soaked sponge would be the ideal way to clean the lens.

Paintball Googles

It is important to clean your paintball goggles every time after you play paintball. The paint, sweat, and dirt that gets on the goggles while you play can ruin the thermal coating on the goggles and hurt the integrity of the lens.

Wiping down the goggles with a micro fiber cloth is optimal. You can use the same kinds of wipes you would use for a camera lens or eyeglasses. You should not use something coarse like paper towels. The paintball goggles are sensitive and could be scratched easily.

By caring for your paintball goggles, you are helping to ensure your safety. The goggles must be in good condition for you to have optimal visibility as you play.

Always keep in mind that the goggles are not made of glass but of polycarbonate so steer clear of glass cleaning solutions. Try and change the goggles lenses every twelve months or so to keep visibility clear.

A lot of thought goes into not only the purchase but also the upkeep of paintball gear.

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