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What’s So Cool About a Boys Pirate Costume?What's So Cool About a Boys Pirate Costume?

There has probably never been a costume as popular as a pirate costume. Ok, maybe that’s exaggerating a little bit but ever since the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise struck gold the popularity of the costume has never declined.

Even before that success of the films, a pirate outfit was always fun to wear and looked great on people of all ages. Whether it is a boys pirate costume or a girls pirate costume, they almost always looked great. The best part about it is there is always a perfect costume for everyone. Even baby Halloween costumes.

I’m betting that you have at least someone wearing a pirate costume at one point or another. And chances are everyone has seen different kinds of pirate costumes. What makes them so popular? Who knows really. Pirates weren’t exactly the merry men you see in motion pictures. They were brutal killers. Perhaps the makeover Jack Sparrow and Disney gave them made them more acceptable. Then again, does it matter if they look so cool?[amazon_link asins=’B0759V23G4,B0009MK8GK,B00UY63BF6′ template=’ProductCarouselwithoutheader’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’c585e109-a868-11e7-baa5-1b3504ccf705′]

Choosing the Right Boys Pirate Costume

Boys pirate costume normal first, you’ll want to decide if you want to go for the authentic look of one of the characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie (or another movie if you prefer) or if you just want a regular girls pirate costume or standard boys pirate costume, and not a particularly famous one. If you’re going for the Jack Sparrow look, you’ll need the braided wig, pirate hat and all the rest of Jack’s outfit.

Most importantly you have to consider what accessories will look best when it comes to putting together the outfit. A boys pirate costume will usually come with a sword, hat and a wig. For the Jack Sparrow look, you would have to go with a braided wig. For a girls pirate costume, you would have some of the same accessories. You might trade the wig for a feather hat and possibly the sword for a pouch. However, the girl’s outfit will probably have a sword as well. Both costume types should have boots to go with them as well.

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Final Thoughts on a Boys Pirate Costume

If you’re planning a pirate themed Halloween party, or want to have a group costume theme at the office or for a group of kids who are trick-or-treating together, there are lots of other characters that fit right in. Keeping with the Pirates of the Caribbean theme, you could have Elizabeth Swann, Davey Jones and Marcus Sharkman join the fun.

The costume you choose is only important to you. Chances are you’re going to look great and have fun no matter what. One other suggestion I can give is to add your personal touch to the costume. Use your imagination since it is the only thing that limits your creativity.

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What’s So Great About a Girls Pirate Costume?What's So Great About a Girls Pirate Costume?

Pirates have always been a popular costume at Halloween, but since the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, they’re more popular than ever. Whether you want to be Jack Sparrow, Will Turner or someone that’s not quite so famous, you’ll be able to find just the right girls pirate costume or boys pirate costume. You can even get some great baby Halloween costumes Let’s look at what you should consider when choosing your outfit.

So, is there one thing in particular that makes a girls pirate costume so appealing? I don’t think there is one thing that sticks out because they were always very popular. I obviously wasn’t around back when pirates roamed the seas in the way they’re depicted in movies, but I can’t imagine the men were the most friendly. There never really was much talked about when it came to the lady pirates of yore.

But do you care? The costumes look so cool. So why even talk about it any longer? This intro has gone on long enough![amazon_link asins=’B01DZWY94M,B01MTEZWGS,B004R72E4M’ template=’ProductCarouselwithoutheader’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’56d017b2-a869-11e7-8a86-0b1176c9ac64′]

Choosing the Right Girls Pirate Costume

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide on the type of pirate that you want to be. Would you rather be the type of pirate depicted in the POTC movies? A more traditional looking one? Or the sexy/outlandish pirate like the wench or barmaid? There are many different types of pirate costumes to choose from so your chances of finding one that you like are almost certain. Finding one quickly is a different story altogether.

When putting the costume together, make sure you remember all the accessories that will make it stand out. An eye patch is a given for any true pirate, but you might also want to add a parrot on your shoulder, a sword, and even a musket to make the look complete. Also, don’t forget the boots for a girls pirate costume or a boys pirate costume.[amazon_link asins=’B001QVK4MG,B00G3B0RHG,B00IUP5A4I’ template=’ProductCarouselwithoutheader’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’5f976854-a869-11e7-801b-3b5222ec5a3a’]

Final Thoughts on the Girls Pirate Costume

For parties, you could consider a group theme. These types of parties certainly aren’t limited to Halloween either. People throw pirate themed parties all the time just for the heck of it. It doesn’t matter if it’s in an office, a college dorm or your friend’s house, picking different pirate outfits and showing up as a group would be a fun thing to do.

It doesn’t matter the type of costume you buy you’re still going to have a great time with it. It couldn’t hurt to add your personal touch to the outfit you decide to wear. This is up to you, and the only thing that limits you is your imagination.[amazon_link asins=’B001E0686K,B000I92L1Y,B01DZWY94M’ template=’ProductCarouselwithoutheader’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’7a231036-a869-11e7-8c95-1105902f8999′]

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