Top 10 Best Princess Sofia Costumes and Dresses Reviews 2021

Disney Princess Sofia Halloween Costumes

Disney has a new princess in town, and a Princess Sofia Costume for Halloween 2017 is sure to be on the wishlist for every little girl. With her purple dress, golden brown hair and big blue eyes, Sofia were a hit the moment she came into our homes through the Disney Junior channel.

If your daughter is like mine, she’ll dress up like a princess whenever she can. So if you’re looking for the perfect Princess Sofia costume, we’ve got some great choices for dresses and costumes that are sure to please any girl. In addition to the new Halloween costumes that just went on sale, we’ve also chosen the perfect dresses and outfits for Sofia fans.

A Sofia the First Costume Will Delight Your Favorite Girl

When I was a little girl growing up in the 1970’s, I remember watching princesses on television and wanting to dress just like them. Back then, dress up clothes consisted of hand-me-downs from your mom or grandma’s closet. They were too big and not the sort of clothing that inspired princess-like play.

Store-bought costumes were not elaborate…they came in a cardboard box with a plastic cover. The mask had a piece of elastic to hold it in place and two nostril holes for you to breathe through. Again, not very princessy!

As time passed, dress-up clothes for children became more popular and commonplace. My own daughters had bins of dress up clothes that I wish I had owned as a little girl!
Today it easy for your little girl to dress like her favorite character because Disney and other companies make it simple! They create exact replicas of the gowns the character wears.

Recently, Disney launched its official line Sofia the First costumes and accessories collection. While they can be hard to find in stores, there are plenty of dress-up costumes that are almost exactly like the outfit she wears on her top-rated Disney Junior show and Disney Channel movie. Your favorite girl will be delighted to wear any one of these purple gowns, shoes, and tiaras, just like their favorite pint-sized member or royalty!

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“Sofia the First” Debuted on the Disney Channel November 18, 2012

Princess Sofia Costume

Brand new, just released costume, crown & amulet

Magic Amulet for Sofia the FirstPrincess Crown Sofia The First Tiara and Magic Amulet & Princess

Sofia the First wears a magical amulet that grants her the power to communicate with animals. The amulet is a huge part of Princess Sofia’s story, and because of this any Sofia the First costume will need a purple amulet.

The Disney Sofia, the First Amulet Necklace, is part of the Disney Sofia the First Costume Collection for Girls.

The Sofia the First Amulet features a button to light up pendent. The pendent is accented with rhinestones and is glitter filled. The chain features a faux pearl design and is made of stretchable material.

A more cost-efficient way to get your daughter the Sofia the First Amulet and tiara is by making them yourself. provides templates to make your own Sofia the First tiara and amulet out of cardstock and ribbon. You will also need a computer to download the template and a printer to print out the downloaded template. Details of the amulet and tiara reflect that of Princess Sofia’s with incredible attention to detail.

Princess Crown Sofia The First Tiara and Magic Amulet & Princess

The Story of Sofia the First

Learn more about this endearing, new character in the Sofia the First book for girls. The story tells the tale of a young girl who becomes a Princess when her mother marries the King. There are no evil step-sisters in this story, but Sofia does have a step-sister and step-brother.

This is the first book in what is sure to become a series of stories about Disney’s newest princess. The focus of Sofia’s story is that beauty comes from the inside. A lesson that all young girls should learn.

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Create your own Sofia costume with one of these beautiful Princess costumes, or purple dresses.

Princess Sofia Costume Ideas

This Purple Princess Costume is perfect for girls looking for a Princess Sofia Costume. The purple color is just what a Sofia fan wants in a costume. But this dress is more than just a pretty color.
  • Dress slips on and off easily
  • Layered tulle skirt
  • Includes gold and purple choker
  • Dress has a pretty purple, jewel brooch
  • Costume includes gold crown

Handmade Princess Dress With Accessories

This Princess Ariel Dress is also perfect for Princess Sofia fans.

The handmade dress has the purple colors that Sofia adores, and since it doesn’t have anything on it with Ariel’s picture or name, there’s no reason why a little girl couldn’t wear this to dress-up as Sofia the First.

  • Dress Includes
  • Headband
  • Necklace
  • Gloves
  • Handmade with beautiful detailing

Purple Princess Costumes

Here are some more purple costumes that would be perfect for dressing up as Princess Sofia. My favorite one is the Deluxe Rapunzel costume. The costume may have been made with Rapunzel in mind, but the color and design also work well for Disney’s Sofia the First. Add a crown, and a necklace and your little girl will be the Belle of the Ball.

Purple Fairy Costume

This fairy costume could also be used as a Sofia costume. This beautiful dress has a sheer purple overlay and purple ribbons. It has all of the beauty and detail that is similar to the beautiful dresses that Sofia wears in the show. Girls can skip wearing the fairy wings when they are dressed up as Sofia, and enjoy mixing and matching the wings with other dress-up clothes.

Purple Necklaces and Pendants

In the Sofia the First story, Sofia receives a magic amulet that gives her the power to speak with the animals. So when putting together a Sofia outfit, a purple necklace or pendant is just as important as the dress.

Princess Costumes for Girls

These adorable costumes are perfect for the princess in your life. Since there’s no specific Princess associated with these costumes, they are completely versatile and can be used for any pretend play.

Sofia the First Costume in many sizes!

Girls everywhere are vying to get their very own Sofia the First costume. Disney officially released this gown to sell out crowds, and it is tough for stores to keep them in stock.

The dress is a replica of the gown Sofia wears in her animated series. It is lavender, floor length, and has short sleeves with just a hint of proof to them. There is a light purple satin trim around the slip of the skirt, which can be seen underneath.

The dress is accented with large white flowers all around and white trim. In the center of the neckline is a picture of Sofia in a heart shaped brooch.

Princesses in all age ranges and sizes can have their own ball gown, as the sizes start at 18 months and go up to size 6. It is hoped that Disney will expand the size availability so that older girls who love the Disney Junior program can also wear a gown just like this.

A Princess Sofia Costume You Can Afford

Despite what they say on the news, there are many Americans who are still reeling from the effects of the recession. As much as these parents want to give their little girls the things they want, spending a few hundred dollars on the original Sofia the First costume just isn’t in their budget. That money needs to be spent on necessities like food, mortgage payments, and utilities.

There is now an inexpensive alternative to the original lavender gown. This realistically priced ensemble is very similar to the original. It is not full length but stops at the knee. You can add a pair of purple or white tights to give your little lady’s legs some warmth when she ventures out into the chilly October night.

It features the same exact flowers that appear on the cartoon gown, and there is a cameo of Sofia at the neckline. The puffy short sleeves give it a royal touch. This costume will make your wallet and your child happy!

Purple Dresses for Girls Toddler to Size 6

These pretty purple dresses are just like the ones Princess Sofia wears. Whether it’s for a special occasion like Christmas or a birthday, these beautiful dresses will make your little girl look and feel like a princess.

Purple Dresses for Girls Size 7-16

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Costumes aren’t just for Halloween. Girls love dressing-up and use costumes year round. Dress-up clothes are a great gift idea!

Princess Costume Collections

This Dress Up Chest has everything a little girl needs for hours of fun dressing up as her favorite princess.

If you are unable to find the original Disney costume in the size that you need, you are in luck! Little girls have such active imaginations. Any purple princess’ gown will make her feel just like Sofia! You can add the Amulet of Avalor and a tiara to make her feel more authentic.

These royal purple costumes come in assorted lengths in the hemline and the sleeves. There are so many different styles and shades to choose from! Each costume comes in different sizes so you can find the perfect fit.

The chest comes loaded with 3 complete princes’s costumes, including 3 bottoms, 3 shirts, and 3 headbands. The set has all of the accessories she’ll need to be a princess from head to toe. All of the dress-up collections below include multiple outfits and accessories. These costume sets give girls plenty of options for mixing and matching to create the perfect outfit. Pretend play builds a child’s creativity and imagination, but best of all it guarantees hours of endless play for years to come.

Princess Crowns and Accessories

Every princess needs a crown to top off her outfit. She may also need a pair of gloves and a magic wand. Here are some options for adorable costume accessories that go perfectly with a princes’s costume.

Transform into Sofia the First with a Tiara

No Princess costume would be complete without a tiara. It is a definite must for any Sofia the First costume.

Princess Sofia wears a tiara surrounded by her chocolate locks. Disney has produced an official Sofia the First Tiara for their Sofia the First costume line. It features a metal headband with combs to fasten to child’s hair. Clear, pink and purple jewels are added to the tiara.

There is a downloadable template that you can use to make a Sofia the First paper crown.

Princess Sofia Tiaras

Nothing says “I’m a princess” like a tiara. Sofia’s step-sister, Amber, has a closet full of them and has one to match every single one of her outfits!

While your daughter does not need a matching tiara for everything she owns, she will need one to complete her Princess Sofia costume. Tiaras make any girl feel like a real princess. She shouldn’t leave home without it!

The Purple Amulet of Avalor

Sofia is given a special gift from her step-father, King Roland II. It is a purple amulet that has magical powers-the more good deeds Sofia performs, the more powers she acquires. One of the powers permits Sofia to speak to animals. This unique power lends itself to many adventures in subsequent episodes of the series. From her flying horse Minimus to her non-huggable bunny, Clover, this amulet comes in handy when trying to solve the problems of her furry friends.

If the Shoe Fits…

Disney Princess Cinderella taught us that happily ever after can hinge on your footwear. The latest Disney Princess, the youngest so far, will have to dress to impress from head to toe. Her signature look will have her sporting glittering purple dress shoes.

To complete your Sofia the First costume your little princess will need her own set of sparkly purple shoes. The closest shoes on the market to those that Princess Sofia wears come from another Disney Princess shoe collection – that of Tangled’s Rapunzel (who did not wear a pair of shoes in the entire film).

Sofia the First Costume Inspired Shoes

Disney has no official Sofia the First shoes on the market so to complete your child’s Princess Sofia costume you will need to look for a pair of sparkly purple shoes.

Royal Hair Accessories

Finish the costume with handmade hair bows and barrettes made by momprenuers. These custom made items are not found in stores and will make your daughter feel like a princess whether she is wearing a purple gown or a pair of jeans.

The Perfect Trick or Treat Tote Bag!

Use it all year long!

Children today are growing up without hearing the phrase “Paper or plastic”, as many parents are now using reusable tote bags. These bags are useful for so many things other than groceries! I use mine to carry all of my Girl Scout craft materials to each of my meetings, for class parties where I am the mom in charge, and to PTA events where I need to bring in food for the bake sale.

This Sofia the First tote bag is something your daughter can use to carry her things to Grandma’s for a sleepover, to preschool to carry her lunch and nap mat, or to a friend’s house to bring a special toy to share. Of course, it makes the perfect trick or treat bag, too!

This bag is made of sturdy nylon and is made of 80% recycled materials

Sofia the First Costume Dress Up

For every girl who ever wanted to be a Princess comes the story of an ordinary eight year old girl who became a Princess: Sofia the First. Girls love the sweet Sophia and will enjoy dressing the part of the bright eyed Princess Sofia from Disney Juniors latest animated series.

Disney has finally come out with their own Sophia the First Costume. Now it even easier to get the Princess Sophia costume look

Purple Dress Makes the Princess

Disney has produced an official Sofia the First costume featuring Princess Sophia’s signature purple gown. Now parents of youngsters do not have to scramble to make their own Sofia the First costume for their little princess.

The Sofia the First costume dress features a heart cameo of Sofia the First. The dress has a scalloped hem, tulle overlay, and glitter accents. The puffed sleeves and delicate ruffle trim gives the dress a sweet royal look. A cream underskirt is accented with a purple band.

The dress is made out of polyester and is part of the Sofia the First Costume Collection for Girls. The Sofia the First has a stretch panel at the back so your child can be comfortable when dressing up as her favorite princess.

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Be sure to check back frequently as we’ll be updating this page with all of the new Princess Sofia costumes for 2017.

Sofia the First, the series, premiered on Disney Junior on January 11, 2013.

Who Does the Voices for Sofia the First

 Sofia the First is now a TV series on Disney Junior. The show includes lots of supporting characters, like Clover the rabbit, Minimus the flying horse and Baileywick the royal steward. The show has a wonderful cast of characters, so who are the voices behind those characters?

Sofia: Ariel Winter from Modern Family
Queen Miranda: Sara Ramirez from Grey’s Anatomy
Clover: Wayne Brady (actor and comedian)
Baileywick: Tim Gunn from Project Runway
Minimus: Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family

True to form for Disney, they have done a great job casting popular actors whose voices appeal to parents, as much as to the kids.

Find a Princess Costume

There has been some controversy surrounding Sofia. Some believe that Sofia was supposed to be of Latin decent, in which case the character should have reflected this. Disney has said that Sofia was not meant to be a Latina princess, but the writers will be able to write stories that include elements familiar to kids of various backgrounds.

Sofia is the Scandinavian and Spanish spelling of the name Sophia. Should Disney’s new princess have been Sophia the First, or do you like the name spelled as Sofia?

Which do you like better, Sofia or Sophia?

Music Videos from the Show

If you haven’t had a chance to see the movie, or the weekly TV show, here’s a look at some of the music. The music is one of the reasons why I enjoy this show so much. It’s fun, entertaining and since my daughter loves to watch it every chance she gets, it’s nice to have a show that I enjoy almost as much as she does.

Talk About Princess Sofia

I hope you enjoyed the selection of Princess Sofia Costumes and purple dresses that were highlighted on this page. Hopefully you found a costume, or outfit, to make your princess happy.

What do you think about the new Disney princess? Do you think that girls will love her as much as they love Cinderella, Snow White and the classic Princesses from Disney?

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