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Here Are 8 Things That Might Be The Reason Behind Improper Sleep Cycle. Read On To Know More

The human body is a great structure with endless capabilities. The brain is the most vital organ of the body, and there are certain things necessary for its proper functioning. One such activity is good sleep.

While getting a proper amount of sleep is necessary, you might experience a tough time meeting this goal. If you are someone struggling to close your eyes and have a peaceful sleep at night, then you might be progressing towards Insomnia. This medical condition causes difficulty in staying asleep.

Sleep deprivation might affect your respiratory system, digestive system, immune system, and central nervous system. But before worrying about the effects, you should focus on monitoring your routine and understanding the reason behind the improper sleep cycle. Here are eight things that might be the reason behind your Improper Sleep Cycle.

Eight things that might be the reason behind your Improper Sleep Cycle

Improper Sleep Cycle

Alcohol Consumption Before Going To Bed

Alcohol does not benefit your body in any way. Instead, it is one of the primary reasons behind the improper sleep cycle. Drinking might make you feel dizzy and help you sleep at the initial stage, but it won’t be considered proper sleep. You might often wake up in the middle of the night to urinate or wake up with a bad hangover the next morning.

Prolonged consumption of alcohol can also be the reason behind poor sleep as it deprives your body of functioning correctly. As a responsible person, you should avoid or limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages. 

Stress And Anxiety 

The everyday hustle affects your mental peace and gives you little time to work on things that will make you feel better. Stress and anxiety push you into an ocean of self-pity, guilt, and panic-driven situations. It also affects your sleep cycle quite adversely.

If you don’t find a cure for your trauma, stress, or anxiety, then it will gradually overpower your life and well-being. Stress can also be a result of bullying, work pressure, and disturbance in personal life. 

Irrespective of the trigger, the effect is always traumatic. If your thoughts restrict your sleep, then you should maintain a journal, listen to calming music, have a healthy diet, and talk to a therapist. 


Having the flu brings in tough times. You experience fatigue, body ache, sore throat, chills, and difficulty in sleeping. To get proper sleep while you have the flu, you should preferably drink hot drinks like chicken soup and herbal tea, wear warm clothes, set appropriate room temperature, gargle with salt water and avoid cold.

If you still experience trouble sleeping, then you should take a cold medicine for faster relief. 


Caffeine is the stimulant that energizes you and keeps you awake. Even though the effect of caffeine depends on your tolerance level, it is still not advisable to drink coffee during the evening as it might affect your sleep cycle by not allowing you to sleep on time.


Many other drinks have the same formula and act as stimulants. If you want to practice good sleep, you should avoid such beverages. You can consume coffee in the day-time, but that shouldn’t be overdone.

Exercise At Night 

You must work out regularly to live a healthy lifestyle, which also includes good sleep. However, there needs to be a proper schedule for everything. Walking for some time before you go to bed is perfectly fine, but rigorous exercise at night affects your sleep cycle.

Sleeping is essential as it is the time when your body relaxes and stays calm. But exercising works the other way as it pumps your blood, increases your heartbeat, and thus obstructs proper sleep. 

Fix an appropriate schedule for exercising every day, as indulging in physical activity will ensure adequate sleep. 

Wrong Atmosphere 

The atmosphere of your bedroom also determines your sleep cycle. Multiple factors can affect your sleep, like improper lighting and too much noise. Whether it is from your partner’s laptop or the reflection of the street light, your bedroom should not be subjected to conditions that affect your sleep.

Similarly, playing music while going to bed can also interrupt your sleep. You should ensure to sleep in a room with minimal lighting and no noise. 

You might also experience trouble sleeping if your partner snores a lot. There are multiple reasons behind snoring, but an improper sleep cycle also contributes to it. 

Optimal Use Of Gadgets

Gadgets are life-saving devices and have helped in making your life easier. But at times, these gadgets cause irreversible damage to your body. You should not use gadgets while you are in bed.

Optimal Use Of Gadgets

Ideally, you should turn off your TV before an hour of going to bed and keep your phone away. Many people practice the habit of using their phones in bed. This not only makes them a slave of technology but also affects their lifestyle. 

Improper Room Temperature 

Improper room temperature might cause difficulty in getting proper sleep. Your body will take time to adjust to the temperature change, and that will affect the sleep cycle. Don’t make the temperature too hot or too cold. Instead, choose a temperature that is ideal for your body. 

The ideal room temperature is somewhere around 65 degrees Fahrenheit—the internal temperature of the body changes during the 24 hours time frame. 

The temperature of your body becomes warm when you go to bed and gradually cools down on its own. However, an improper room temperature might cause a disturbance in your sleep. 


These are a couple of reasons that might be the reason behind your improper sleep cycle. The reasons are not limited to this and might be attached to your diet, lifestyle, smoking habits, work hours, and other external factors. To find a solution to the problem, you need to identify the reason behind it.

While lifestyle changes and avoiding certain things can fix your sleep cycle, you need to monitor yourself carefully. If you are having chronic sleep cycle-related issues, then you should talk with a medical practitioner and take the best sleep aids as prescribed. 

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