Dry-Erase Boards for Sports Coaching

Reasons Why You Should Use a Dry-Erase Boards for Sports Coaching

Dry-Erase Boards for Sports Coaching

Being a coach comes with a lot of responsibility. For sport coaches, even more pressure is put on their shoulders. Sometimes they are even blamed for when a team doesn’t win or is performing badly.

If you are in a position, or are stepping into the position, of being a coach then you can never be too prepared. Coaching doesn’t only come with the knowledge of the sport and the skill to manage and lead a team. It’s also about how you convey your ideas to spark inspiration and motivation in team mates. 

Coaches from all over the world are using different types of tools and techniques to assist them in teaching new plays and technique. One of the most efficient and powerful tools in locker rooms is a high quality dry-erase board.

Your dry-erase board doesn’t have to be an empty canvas. You can add a few extra sections onto it to create a super interactive and teachable surface. Check out this example of the perfect coach’s board used by a professional coach.

If you aren’t sold on the idea of investing in one, here are a few reasons why you should:

1. Visually Demonstrate the Plan to Victory

Most sport players and athletes are visual or physical learners. Talking hours on end without actually supporting the information with images and diagrams won’t allow for success.

You can use a dry-erase board to demonstrate visually how the play will take place. In many cases, these boards are magnetic. This means that you can even use a colorful magnet that imitates the opposing team and different players.

2. Quick Halftime Coaching

The locker room can be a crowded and noisy place, especially during halftime. It’s very efficient for a coach to refer to their dry-erase board during this time. At halftime coaches can indicate areas of improvement through drawing diagrams, introduce quick new plays, and highlight other developments.

Adapting to specific team’s ways of playing is what makes a good team and an even greater coach. Coaches have the upper hand of being a spectator from the sidelines. Preparing what you are going to change on a clipboard throughout the game and then copying it during halftime onto the board is a great solution to turning the game around.

The way you coach your team will ultimately determine their mindset towards the sports as well as their attitude towards their teammates. You can follow some of these coaching tips to improve your own skills: https://www.dlgsc.wa.gov.au/department/publications/publication/top-20-tips-for-successful-coaching.

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3. Interactive

A dry-erase board isn’t just useful for coaches, it’s a perfect instrument to open up for the entire team to either jot down some ideas of improvement. Allowing the team captain to address player’s strengths and weaknesses while using a visual tool, is a great technique to get the team to connect, communicate, and grow stronger.

While some players are on court practicing and running drills, other players can be using the customized board to come up with new plays or even review player matchups.

Additionally, players and coaches can add season team goals onto a section of the white board. When goals are seen every day, the motivation to reach them is much higher.

4. Useful During Off Time

Professional teams who have to put in a lot of time to work on tactics and skills can benefit greatly from efficient team talks. Some companies can create customizable basketball Dry-Erase Boards for teams who can sit together to share ideas.

These customizable boards can be designed with your team’s logo and a choice of half or full courts. This gives adequate space for a coach to run through drills, new plays, and other scenarios that the team might be faced with.

It’s a perfect tool to use while the court or field is unavailable and the team have some down time to reflect on their game plan.

Bring your sport to life by investing in a large dry-erase board. Take visualization to another level by adding your home court’s colors, gym floor design, and team logo onto the board.

One thing is for sure, coaches who use dry-erase boards as a visualization and explanation tool is much more successful than those who don’t.

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