An Artist Easel Set To Get Your Brush Going

Royal 104 Piece All Media Artist Easel Set from Royal Langnickel

If you’ve got an artist in you, waiting to express itself in vivid color and form, an artist easel set can help bring that imagination of yours to life.

Royal & Langnickel 48-Piece All Media Easel Artist Set

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It’s as true as they say – something inside won’t let you forget your first love – in art, as in anything else?

Do you have the same desire to learn and get started or do you know someone who does? Imagine getting started and finding your way through the universe of color, form and composition, seeing the pictures in your mind take shape in front of you.

I’ll go into more detail, but the reason I find this artist easel set so exciting is that it has enough to make you feel the potential in your hands, but it’s also so infinitely expandable that you can grow with it right up to the expert level. Even artists with some experience will appreciate the convenience and portability.

A First Art Set

The Art Easel and Tools You Need to Get Started

For starters, enthusiastic amateurs and students, it’s hard to imagine a more complete and exciting basic art set with an easel and a rich assortment of brushes, paints and other tools. Let’s give you the rundown of what’s here and what you need to know.
Based on a tabletop easel, this is a comprehensive art set. As you may have gathered from the title, there are 104 pieces that make up a set. I’ll go into detail next, but the important point to start with it is that this well-made wooden 15.8 x 6.2 x 11.4 inch box with dovetailed joints and drawers with flip latches puts a universe of creative potential in your hand.

A rich assortment of acrylic, pastel and watercolor paints, brushes and pencils wait for eager hands and bright imaginations.

So, here’s what you get:

  • 12 oil paint tubes
  • 12 watercolor paint tubes
  • 12 acrylic paint tubes
  • 12 oil pastels
  • 12 watercolor pencils

Add to this three brushes and palettes and two canvas boards to get started. And it’s not just painting, this easy to carry around art set with easel is equally suited for sketching and drawing. Short of having your art studio (Maybe, that’s next.), it sets you up with just about everything you need with the added benefit of portability. It were sturdy, attractive and designed for carrying around as needed.
I can’t stress enough the comprehensive foundation this Royal and Langnickel art set gives the emerging creative artist.

This easel and art set can as easily be an art set for children as well as for a beginning adult or student, which makes it a perfect art gift for anyone you know who might be itching to get started without knowing where to begin.Royal Langnickel - The All Media Easel Artist Set

Buy From AmazonWhoever is lucky enough to own this Royal Langnickel art set will have all she or he needs to explore and figure what they need to keep going. A blossoming artist may love working with all the media or may find the bright tones of oils irresistible. For some, the delicate shades of watercolors will be a passion. Whatever it is, he or she will have what’s needed to get started.

After that, artists can take it where their hearts’ desire.

5 Tips for Promoting Creativity in a Child

As a parent — and grandparent — nothing makes you prouder than seeing your child reach his or her full potential. Now that may not mean your child is a budding Picasso, artist, but promoting creativity also helps a child develop and grow in other ways. Creativity is about solving problems in new ways and seeing that anything is possible. Here are my five tips for helping your child find the creative sweet spot.

  1. Don’t worry about messes! Put down some plastic to catch drippy paint or contain the arts and crafts to one room that can take the abuse. Give your kids art aprons or old shirts and let them have fun, but whatever you do, never say “no, that’ll make a mess.”
  2. Supply lots of different types of art supplies. Easels for kids are just one must-have, but also make sure there’s lots of paint, crayons, colored pencils, molding clays and of course, paper!
  3. Introduce your children to lots of different types of art, including visiting art museums, buying art books (including comic books) and even visiting sidewalk street fairs. The more your children are exposed to art; the more their creativity will be feed.
  4. Give your children lots of kudos for their artwork. Never criticize or tell them they can do better. Make special places in your home to display their artwork… just as if it were a museum piece of art.
  5. Get involved with your children as they’re creating their art. Paint with them. Color with them. Cut paper with them. It gives you one-on-one time with them that is priceless.
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