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The Size, the Power and the Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) of an Air Compressor

Basic Background Information:

Air compressors are pretty easy to choose out because there are not many aspects to consider when it comes to looking at what they all have to offer and what they all can do. Just remember that from the start you need to think about the size of the air compressor that you are going to need based on all that it is going to be used for. To better determine the size of the air compressor that you will need you need to figure out what all of the tools are that you will be using with it. The three main things that you need to look at are the size, the power and the CFM. With that being said it is very important to keep in mind that the size is referring to the air tank that is on the compressor and the power is referring to the amount of horsepower that the motor has while the CFM is referring to the pressure of the air that you get when using the air compressor.

Air Compressor

Size does Matter with Air Compressor Tanks:

Air compressors in a wide range of sizes, configurations as well as orientations and each one is different in at least one way or more except for the fact that they all provide air to the tools that you need to use for whatever it is that you are needing to do. The easiest thing to start with is to look at the tank size in the form of gallons; the more air that you have in the tank than the more you can do before you run out. Whenever the tank runs out you can’t do anything else until the tank fills back up again and even though this makes sense there are still some disadvantages to this method. A bigger tank also means more money than a smaller one and less portability the bigger the tank is. The sizes of air compressor tanks come in the range of one gallon to eighty gallons.

Power – How much should you go with?

The power is the next thing that you need to focus on; the motor of the air compressor has the amount of power that it provides when in use expressed in the form of horsepower. The more horsepower that it has than the more power it will have but this is not the only way you can determine the true power of the air compressor. Keep in mind that if the air compressor is plugged into an outlet than it will really only have less than two horsepower because basic AC cords are only meant for fifteen amps of current which is the same as about one thousand and eight hundred watts. An air compressor that is decent should have at least four CFM at one hundred PSI per each horsepower that the motor has.

Cubic Feet per Minute or CFM:

The CFM is where you can really determine the amount of power that an air compressor has and this is based on the volume of air that it is able to deliver at a certain amount of pressure. The CFM and the PSI work together hand in hand with the pressure that gets delivered. With that being said this number varies based on the atmospheric pressure, the air temperature as well as the relative humidity. Because of these factors that can play a role in the power and the pressure most companies also list a SCFM which is known as a standard cubic feet per minute; this measurement is the normal CFM  being measured at the sea level with the humidity being at 35% and the temperature being at 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

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