Things To Remember Before Considering DIY Car Scratch Removal

Car scratch marks, dents and bends are literally the worst things that can happen to your newly purchased vehicle. Unfortunately, these things are inevitable so no matter what you so, your car will have one or two of these problems over time. The most common problem encountered by many car owners is the scratch marks. But, don’t panic! There are ways you can remove car scratches without having to spend a huge amount of money.

DIY Car Scratch Removal
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Most car owners who see scratch marks on their car do not go right away to an automotive shop to get the scratches removed or to get their entire car repainted as these can be quite expensive and time consuming. Instead, they consider DIY car scratch removal using a variety of scratch removing products in the market today.

However, you have to remember that no matter how possible it is to remove a scratch on your car, it is not as easy as pie. More often, when people see a product that reads “car scratch remover,” they immediately assumed that all the scratches in their cars will be removed and they will look brand new again. This assumption is not entirely true because the efficiency of a car scratch remover will depend on the type and extent of the scratch on your vehicle. Also, many DIY car scratch removers do not completely rid the vehicle of scratches, but just hid it momentarily.

The good news is, some imperfections or scratches on the light end of the meter like hazing, oxidation, and swirl marks can be removed, but there is the concern of making the marks worse than they already are. As such, before you jump right into removing the scratch yourself, be aware of a few important things so that you will know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

What Makes Up A Scratch?

As you look at your vehicle’s paint job, what do you notice on the body? Swirl marks can be seen as light or circular scratches. This can be a direct result of drying or washing your car with a cloth that was too dry for use. Other issues might include a polish that actually took off paint or using a drive-through car wash. These are both notorious for scratches. It is a sad fact that many car washing facilities are poorly maintained and the crews are not well and properly trained to do their job right. Good thing is that those light and circular scratches on your vehicle can be removed and smoothen out by some cleaners, waxes, and the best DIY scratch remover available.

The deeper scratches are the ones that are usually noticeable to the human eye and are hard to remove completely. If the scratch has not gashed the paint’s layer of clear-coat, then you may be in luck because the scratch will come off. These scratches are usually less noticeable after the use of polishes. However, scratches that go through the primer will lead to the car needing a repaint job. Using touch-up paint on your own could be an answer, but a professional with years of experience should do the job, not you. Money might be a factor here for you so you will need to decide how much you can spend and what quality of painting can you just afford for your vehicle.

What Products Should I Buy?

For swirl marks and light to medium scratches, TurtleWax Scratch and Swirl Removal, Quixx Repair System High Performance Scratch Remover, and Nu Finish Scratch Doctor are 3 of the best products on the market for removing scratches from your vehicle and you can find them in the site MyGarageStory with review and some advance. Consumer Reports did a test of all these 3 car scratch removers in 2014 and found that each of them was great at removing swirl marks and small to medium scratches. They were all easy-to-use liquids so they can be spread on smoothly, giving most customers great satisfaction.

However, when the abovementioned products were used on large, deep scratches like the kind of marks you can feel with your fingers, only one stood out as the best. That product was Quixx Repair System High Performance Scratch Remover. This product is inexpensive and its claims of complete removal are completely accurate. You can try using this product if you have a deep scratch mark, before you consider alternative options. Who knows? It might just work for you.

DIY Car Scratch Removal Tips

Before you begin to use any car scratch remover of your choice, be sure to test it on an inconspicuous part of your vehicle just like the inside of the door. This way you will be able to get your technique down before you move up to the real thing.


After a scratch remover is used, make sure to add a car wax to help protect the work you have just done. Some of the best waxes on the market include Turtle Hat Carnauba Car Wax, Eagle One Nanowax, and Black Magic Wet Shine Liquid Wax. These waxes can help take away any swirl marks or oxidation from your vehicle and can help protect the work that was done by the car scratch remover.

Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure

As you consider prevention for scratches, think about a few things to help your car stay nice and pretty. Consider washing your car once a week. Dirt on the paint of your car can lead to possible scratches. But, remember to steer clear from car washes that are automatic, since a lot of them cause the scratches. You can be the one who washes your car at home, or go to a self-serve carwash, where you are the sprayer and washer.

If you will wash your car by hand, do not use any cloths that are abrasive. These would be cloths that have synthetic fibers. Cloths like these can cause swirl marks or severe scratches on your vehicle. Instead, use sponges or sheepskin mitts.

Before you start cleaning your vehicle, spray off any dirt that has attached itself. Be sure to rinse you vehicle with clean water, early and often, using mitts and sponges. If any of your cleaning materials drop on the ground, do not use them again. They will surely be contaminated with dirt and such could lead to scratch marks if you continue to use them. Instead, use a new material or wash the contaminated material before using it, just to be safe and sure.

After you have completed the washing of your car, dry the paint with different towels, such as terrycloth or chamois. These are the best towels to use and are a great resource to you for car washing. Lastly, after your vehicle has dried, use wax. Rub it on by using cotton clothes or microfiber towels. Some of the best cloths to use are cloth diapers.

Finally, be aware that anything that slides across your car’s paint can cause scratches. Grocery bags are notorious for causing scratches on your vehicle. If you are conscious of your vehicle’s paint job and protect it the best you can, you will keep your car fresh and clean for the world to see.

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