Top 5 Best Safety Razor Reviews of 2018

Best Safety Razor for Wet Shaving

When it comes to shaving, every man has his preference. The great thing about it is there’s a ton of different options around. One you should try in your lifetime is using the best safety razor for a nice wet shave. It’s one of those experiences you at least have to do once. Chances are you’ll like it.

Shaving with safety razors isn’t the fastest by any means, especially compared to using a good electric shaver or a manual cartridge razor. But you do get a nice, smooth shave and the appreciation of the art. They are simpler to use compared to straight razors though.

What is a Safety Razor

Before going further, we take a look at this device. It isn’t as well known as other shaving tools but is just as efficient, so we spend some time on it here.

Safety razors have a similar build to the modern cartridge razor except that you do the inserting and replacing of the blades yourself, instead of the specialized cartridge. The added plus of it is its elegance as safety razors come in a wide variety of really classy looks.

Best Safety Razor Reviews

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

Merkur Classic 3-Piece Razor Double Edge Saftey Razor The Merkur Company’s Long Handled Safety Razor is meant to be safe, but that doesn’t mean you should be cavalier in shaving with it, as this German razor will give you an extremely close shave. And any carelessness in using it will give you a nick or two.

That being said, this razor is regarded as safe because it does the job with small- and big-handed people alike. People with big hands can handle the Merkur with ease, as its longer handle is easy to grab and control, allowing the close shave the Merkur offers to be a highly effective, safe shave.

This razor is also attractive with its chrome finish and extremely durable, as it can last for several years, survive drops and dings, and shave a wide variety of surfaces from face to legs to head.

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Edwin Jagger DE Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

The Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl is arguably the best safety razor for wet shaving. If you enjoy shaving in the shower, this attractively shiny chrome razor is something you should take note of.

It has several characteristics which make it stand out for wet shaving, with the long handle being one of the more noteworthy ones. The long handle makes using this razor easy for all hand sizes, which allows you to take advantage of another one its main features — it’s balanced.

This razor can give a close shave no matter the surface and is extremely durable, as it can last for years. The DE head of the DE89bl means that it fits all standard DE (double edge) blades. To get you started quickly, this razor package comes with five Derby safety blades in its Edwin Jagger card presentation box.Buy From Amazon

Parker 99R with Butterfly Open

Parker 99R - Long Handle Heavyweight Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor & 5 Shark Super Chrome Blades

The Parker 99R safety razor’s main defining characteristic is its weight. This heavyweight razor weighs 3.4 ounces, or just over one-fifth of a pound.

This weight allows its handler to keep the razor under his or her control at all times, no matter what type of shaving you’re doing. This features also helps provide an extremely close shave with a double-edged safety razor.

Along with its weight, the Parker 99R is known for its long, textured handle and its easy blade replacement. The four-inch handle has a chrome plated brass frame, making it durable while its textured surface makes it easy to handle and control.

It’s “Butterfly Open” twist-open design makes for easy blade replacement, as you just twist it open and pop in the blade. This beats out having to unscrew it and pull out each tab when replacing the blade. With its sturdy body, that’s a process you’ll be repeating for a while since well taken care of you can pass this on to your grandkids.Buy From Amazon

Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor

Merkur Classic 2-Piece Double Edge Saftey Razor

Beginners to safety razor shaving are who the Merkur Heavy Duty 34C is designed for. The 34C has a standard shorter handle which resembles the handle for a disposable razor, making it an easy transition for someone who has been a regular disposable-razor user.

The double edge blades in the 34C also help with this transition, as they also resemble many disposable razors, allowing users to shave similarly to what they are comfortable with.

But this razor will provide a closer shave and a safer shave than your everyday razor, as its stainless steel handle and weight makes it easy to navigate over the surface of your face. Blade removal and insertion is also a simple, painless procedure, and the durable nature of the razor will allow you to keep it for years.

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Parker 96R

Parker 96R - Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor & 5 SHARK blades

Last but by far not the least, a safety razor which is excellent for a good wet shave is the Parker 96R. Fitting with the aquatic theme of wet shaving, this double-edged razor comes with SHARK blades, which combined with the weight of the razor allow you to get a close wet shave.

The razor also angles the blades to make the shave as close and fine as possible. This razor is well-constructed with a genuine brass frame, making it extremely durable and long-lasting. The textured handle is also meant for safety and control, as the grooves in the handle allow you to easily maintain your grip and move the blade skillfully across whatever surface you are shaving.

The SHARK blades are easy to replace with the 96R’s Twist-To-Open butterfly doors, allowing you to pop in a new blade quickly.

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