Best Vegetarian Gift Baskets 2020

Vegetarian Gift Baskets for the Non-Carnivore

Do you know someone who is a vegetarian? Are they hard to buy for? Well, why not get them a vegetarian gift basket? They make great gifts for any occasion and your friend or loved one will love it. So Browse below today and choose the one that is right for your friend.

Being vegetarian never means you should miss out on anything. In fact, there are plenty of wonderful foods a vegetarian can enjoy, and choosing a gift basket is easy because of the wide range of choice. You can choose a sweet or savory gift basket or something with a selection of both sweet and savory options.

Does your vegetarian friend or a family member have a sweet tooth? Might you like to look at some candy gift baskets? Does he or she like savory snacks? It is not difficult to find meat-free vegetarian gift baskets either. Such a gift will be gladly received and very much appreciated.

The Easy Handy Gift

Picking out a vegetarian gift basket is a very good idea, not only because the items inside will be suitable, but also because it shows you have put some thought into the gift. Giving a thoughtful gift does not have to make making it or assembling yourself, but it can also mean choosing something carefully – not just picking out a gift basket at random, but remembering the recipient is a vegetarian and picking something suitable for their diet. There are various types to choose from, so you will want to peruse your various options and decide what kind of gift basket to get, what size and what is in there.

Maybe you want to get a basket of candies or sweet foods, in which case it is best to get something approved for vegetarians. You might think all candy is vegetarian but ask a true vegetarian if they eat gelatin and they will say no because it is made from beef skin and pig hide! A non-vegetarian might not necessarily know that, but a vegetarian who shuns all meat products certainly will. Another option is the snack gift basket, and this will feature a range of yummy snacks which the recipient can choose from, perhaps opening some now and saving some for another occasion. You will be surprised how many different types of vegetarian-friendly gifts there are.

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The Best Vegetarian Gift Baskets

Start Shopping for Vegetarian Gift Baskets Right Here

This appetizing gourmet gift basket offers a colorful selection of Californian dried fruit. Perfect for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, this handcrafted gift is sure to wow the lucky recipient.

This tasty, chewy fruit selection includes dates, apricots, apples, peaches, pears, and prunes. If you want to make a change from the usual flower bouquets you send, pick this attractive dried fruit gift basket instead.

It looks great, and the fruit is tasty and nutritious. This one has plenty of high ratings and positive reviews so you can buy with confidence.

Broadway Basketeers Premium Dried Fruit Assortment Gift Tray

Tasty Vegetarian Gift Baskets

Such a gift makes a nice present for someone who is a vegetarian or who you would like to be a vegetarian. Perhaps you want to show your non-vegetarian friend that eating a meatless diet does not have to be boring. This is also a great gift idea for someone who has recently become vegetarian and is looking for inspiration and ideas about what to eat, to keep their new diet interesting.

Whether you want to get a huge basket with all kinds of meat-free goodies or something smaller and more in line with a smaller budget, there are plenty of these gift baskets for you to choose from.

A gourmet gift basket might be a lot smaller than one with more mainstream food, or it might be the same size but more expensive, just because gourmet foods are more special. Some people prefer quantity over quality but most will prize quality more, so if you want to make sure you get something which will impress the recipient, compare a few different baskets and see what each one offers, then think about the person you are planning to give it to, and you can decide which they would prefer. A vegetarian gift basket might have wine or beer in, as well as the food and snacks.

You could make your gift basket for a vegetarian, of course, by shopping for a range of items and then assembling them in a box or basket, finished off with plastic wrap and a big ribbon. This is not only time-consuming, however.

It is also hard to choose the right items to go in the basket, and unless you are especially gifted at presentation, your finished gift is not going to look as professional as a purchased one. The end cost is probably going to be able the same too since the more you get in a premade gift basket, the more discount you get on each item. This is why buying instead of making a gift basket is the best idea.

Top Vegetarian Gift Baskets

Here is Another Option for Vegetarian Gift BasketsVegan Food Gift Basket by Well Baskets

Shopping for a vegan and looking for the best vegan gift baskets? This one is designed with vegans in mind, and the products are tasty and healthy. You get a handmade basket packed with mushroom soup, cookies, kale chips, roasted pumpkin seeds, crackers, almonds, and much more.

This is a veritable feast for a vegan or vegetarian, and even a confirmed carnivore will be tempted by some of these mouthwatering treats. Shopping for food gifts for a vegan is not always easy, especially if you are not sure exactly what vegans eat, but this basket is perfect for someone who does not eat any animal products.

Popular Vegetarian Gift Baskets

There Are Also These Vegetarian Gift Baskets For Sale!Vegetarian Lifestyle Gift Basket (2.8 pound)

Shopping for food for a vegetarian is not always easy, but you can make it easy if you pick a gift basket with vegetarians in mind. This flavorful gift includes all kinds of yummy treats including Gouda cheese with pesto, black truffle almonds, cranberry Chevre cheese with cinnamon, olive tapenade, mini toasts, gourmet fruit butter, and more.

Each of these gourmet products has been carefully sourced and thoughtfully combined to make this fantastic festive gift which is ideal for the holidays or a special occasion.

The products are arranged in an oval-shaped wooden gift basket and finished off with a classy chocolate brown ribbon. This is a fantastic gift for a vegetarian who loves top quality food.

igourmet Vegetarian Lifestyle Gift Crate

Great Gifts Baskets California Gold: Gluten Free, Vegetarian

Sweet and Savory Snacks, Teas in Natural Redwood Caddy

This gluten-free gift basket is ideal for people who cannot eat gluten. Everyone deserves to be able to eat nice food, allergies or not, so this gift will show the gluten-free recipient you are thinking about them.

In fact, the food in here is so good it does not have to be for only gluten-free eaters. You will find plenty of tasty treats in here including chai tea, nuts, organic chocolate sesame bar, and more.

Everything is vegetarian as well as being free from gluten, and there are also dairy-free and kosher options, so there is something for everybody. The basket and contents are all made in the USA, and the baskets are wrapped in clear plastic and finished off with a handmade bow. You can also add a personalized greeting on here for free.

Chocolate Bars of the World Gift Box (1.5 pounds)

Whether you are shopping for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or another special occasion, this gift basket is sure to wow the recipient. Perfect for a gourmet foodie, spouse, parent or just someone who has a sweet tooth, this vegetarian-friendly gift will impress them.

You get 5 different chocolate bars from around the world, from countries including Italy, France, and Ecuador. Some of the bars are sweet while others have a bitter or tart finish. Some are fruity and textured while others are smooth.

This is a lovely gift for a vegetarian because you will not have to carefully examine all the contents to see if everything is vegetarian-friendly. This gift appeals to vegetarians and carnivores alike.

Chocolate Bars of the World Gift Box

Great Gifts for Vegetarians

A vegetarian gift basket is an obvious choice if you want to give a 100% vegetarian gift, but what other possibilities are there? A lot of vegetarians will not wear clothing made from animals, so you might like to choose a faux leather belt or wallet, or perhaps a faux leather or faux suede purse if you are shopping for a woman.

Perhaps you have spotted a vegetarian snack or ingredient which you want to buy, and then you have the option of slipping it into the existing gift basket or making your gift box or basket. A vegetarian cookbook is another cool buy for our non-carnivore friends.

Of course, a gift for a vegetarian does not have to be food-related at all, and they would be just as happy as any of us meat-eaters if they were to receive a DVD, book or item of clothing, so if you are buying a number of gifts, then perhaps have the gift basket as one of them and get other items to go along with it, preferably some non-perishable things so the person will be able to keep and treasure some gifts while they eat or drink the rest. Lots of people are vegetarian these days and have different reasons for not eating meat. Someone might eat fish and seafood, but not poultry or any other kind of meat. They would technically be called a pescetarian.

A vegetarian who does not eat meat because they do not like the taste or texture of it might still wear leather garments, but if you are unsure whether your vegetarian friend is that vegetarian or not, it is safer not to purchase anything made of leather, suede or any other material which was once part of an animal. Not all vegetarians are laid-back hippies either. In fact, there is no real stereotype and vegetarianism is nothing unusual these days. Nearly all restaurants offer vegetarian options, and some offer vegan options too. Vegan means no animal products are eaten, so no eggs, milk from animals, etc.

Cooking for a Vegetarian

So now you have your vegetarian-friendly gifts sorted out, what are you going to cook for your vegetarian friend? Some people cooking their first vegetarian meal assume they can just make a regular meat meal and leave out the meat, but that often does not work. Another mistake is to think you always have to replace the meat with something similar-textured, like tofu or mushrooms. Vegetarian recipes have a charm of their own though, and they can be just as satisfying as a meat one. If you are giving someone a vegetarian gift basket, perhaps they will invite you for a meal and make you something using one of the ingredients in the basket, then you can try it out for yourself.

Vincotto – Original 17.5 Fl. Oz. – Original (17.5 fluid ounce)

Any vegetarian gift basket is going to be enhanced if you add this deliciously aged vinegar to it. This is a sister to balsamic vinegar, offering a spicy, fruity finish without the woodiness.

You will be able to taste spices, grape, and prunes, and the vinegar offers a smooth, sweet taste. Imported from Italy, Vincotto is ideal for drizzling over aged cheeses, salads, and roasted game meats, and it also works in specific desserts.

This is an all-natural product without any added colors or preservatives. Made by reducing the grape must from 2 certain types of grapes, it is then aged in oak for 4 years for the superior flavor to develop. One reviewer likes to use this in any recipe calling for balsamic vinegar, to get a similar, but more refined, flavor in the dish. Add this unusual, excellent product to your vegetarian gift basket and any gourmet or foodie will appreciate the gesture.

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