Wearable Wireless Bluetooth Sport Headphone Review on Mpow Bluetooth Headphones

Review on Mpow Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Sport Earbuds

Bluetooth headphones have excellent sound quality and amazing battery life and as well as that they also have a stunning design. They’re very aesthetically pleasing to look at their high quality made really well they look wonderful and cool. Today we are going to discuss wearable wireless Bluetooth sports headphone. These are with the magnets on the earbuds for making them easier to carry around when you click the magnets together it’ll automatically pause your music and then when you unclick them. It will play automatically when you just put them together but anyway the sound quality is very nice on these they get nice. In other words, its battery and sound quality are perfect and impressive. They get nice and loud and have no distortion whatsoever even at maximum volume while the battery life on these is very very very good I get close to nine hours of music playtime out of these I use them all night at work during my during my nine-hour shift. It makes my whole shift, and I listened to music all night without any disturbance or problem

Mpow V4.1 Bluetooth Headphones, IPX4 Waterproof Wireless Sport Earbuds

Mpow V4.1 Bluetooth Headphones is a very classy and Snugly Fit & Stay in Ears. If you have been tired of the headphone keep slipping off from ears then you may consider the Mpow Elk Bluetooth headset which is built to stay in ear securely. The package comes with different size silicone ear inserts in order to fit different size ear canal. Excellent choice for the gym, running, and workouts.

This product is much cute I definitely get about nine hours out of them, and that’s pretty impressive for a headset of about this size you know there’s not a whole lot of room for large batteries. I’m not sure
how they get so much power packed into this headset because it definitely lasts longer than many of the other Bluetooth headsets of this size. I’ve used this headset comes with a bag with some extra ear buds in it you got small
medium and large earbuds. You can find the right fit for your ears it also has ear stabilizers which go into your ear and help the earbud to stay in place. I personally don’t use them, and they remain in place just fine for me just using the earbuds themselves. Another thing about this headset is that it stays in place really well even during like like fast running or jogging or strenuous workouts they remain in place. It provides faster transmission speed, lower latency, and better audio output as well as premium sound quality.

Philips SHS3200BK/37 Flexible Earhook Headphones

Philips Flexible Earhook Headphones are very reliable and smooth and easy to use. It can provide Bass pipe emphasizes low tones for a clear, realistic sound Enjoy best-in-class performance and optimum sound quality. They don’t fall out even without the ear stabilizers it also came with a charging cable now the charging cable that it came with is only for charging you cannot transmit data with it. You can’t use it to hook your phone up to the computer I chose not to use the charging cable because I used my own any micro USB charging cable will work perfectly fine, and that’s what I did so this. I just keep just in case I ever need it, but I probably will never use it.

It has user’s manual to make easy to read shows you how to do how to connect the headset to your phone how to do different things with it how to use the controls. That is built into the cord it does have inline controls built-in got your power button turns your headset on and off right here in the middle Yuval this button also doubles as an as a play. It has the pause button for playing Breaking the music forward, and back buttons skip your music forward-backward also turns the volume up and down. It depending upon whether you press and hold or just press once and let go. As I said with these, they stay in your ears really well the ear to ear pieces are very comfortable to wear I can wear them all night long end and they cause no irritation at all to my ears. They don’t make my ears hurt, so I have no issues at all with these wearing them all night long. I like this headset very much, and I definitely recommend it if you’re in the market for a good Bluetooth headset.

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