CBD Products For Kids

What Should You Know About CBD Products For Kids?

CBD products are more readily available and prevalent on the market than ever before. People believe the effects of the compound are beneficial for symptoms related to specific conditions like pain, anxiety, and other ailments. 

CBD Products For Kids

Anecdotal reports show such success to the level pet parents have chosen to aid their companion animals’ health-related symptoms with the substance claiming excellent results. But are the various products okay for children?

What You Should Know About CBD Products For Kids?

The only FDA-approved CBD treatment has been an epileptic medication for a pediatric seizure disorder which helped to explode the initial popularity of the compound onto the market. 

Claims suggest that the product is safe for children when used in conjunction with a doctor’s supervision. It boasts the potential of aiding with symptoms of attention issues, anxiety, pain management, and other specific issues. To learn about risks of CBD with kids go to https://www.healthline.com/health/childrens-health/cbd-for-children#risks .  But there are things parents need to consider before giving it to their kids.

  • Legalities: CBD can be derived from either the hemp or marijuana plant. Federally, CBD derived from hemp was made legal, but there are states such as Nebraska and Idaho that have made it illegal with South Dakota being in the gray area with its legality. 

Products derived from marijuana need to be from the state medical marijuana program. None are available legally outside of dispensaries. The suggestion is to go through a medical provider rather than deciding to treat with the products on your own.

  • THC not in CBD: THC is the element of the marijuana plant that causes the intoxicating effect. CBD is another component comprising the same plant. For the variety of products available in shops and online like with Cheefbotanicals, there can be no THC. 

But those sold in dispensaries might contain small levels for the medicinal effects it boasts. Children must have a doctor’s permission for these.

  • Quality items can be costly: A reputable manufacturer provides a certificate of analysis to prove there has been lab testing showing the adequate amount of CBD in their products and indicating the safety of the ingredients. For this reason, the quality products can prove to be expensive.

There is no insurance available for the substance and be wary of items that are cheap. You should ensure that suppliers provide a certificate of analysis, and their substances have passed testing.

  • Administration for children: A pleasant way for children to take the compound is having it mixed into food, particularly those with fat content. The substance is fat soluble meaning you can use less if mixed with fat. 

Placing it under the tongue via tincture droplets or edibles like gummies are also child-friendly methods. There should be no need for a child to employ vaping or smoking techniques unless a doctor would find a reason for this.

  • Side effect monitoring: Children can endure substantial side effects when engaging in prescription medications with those of CBD being mild in comparison. These do need to be monitored by a doctor, however. Parents need to pay attention for signs of diarrhea, decrease in appetite, lethargy, difficulty with liver function (rare).

The doctor will assist in finding the minimal effective dose. The products haven’t been out long enough to learn the longer-term effects. Epidiolex, the first approved drug, has shown significant safety. Click to learn ways the supplement can benefit children.

When dosing a child, it’s critical to begin with the smallest possible CBD dosage and ensure that the bump-up is gradual until the desired effect has been reached. This is only under the direct supervision of the child’s physician. The goal is for the least amount ingested but to still accomplish the desired benefits.

CBD Products For Kids

Final Word

CBD has proven to be effective in the treatment of serious conditions for children with the first FDA-approved CBD medication, Epidiolex. To date, the safety is still evident with little to no known adverse effects. 

In following a doctor’s specific directives and ensuring medical supervision throughout the course of treatment, claims indicate children should do well with the compound on a minimal dose as determined by the healthcare provider.  It is not recommended, and warned against, that parents take it upon themselves to provide children with the substance without consulting a medical practitioner.

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