How to wrap your hands for boxing?

For most boxers, they have to protect different parts of the body during the training process. Besides the head, the hand is one part which is more likely to get injuries. To illustrate, there are lots of small bones inside your hand; then it is better to maintain the strict protection to avoid any unexpected problems.

To solve the problem, wrapping your hand is one of the most effective methods that individuals can apply before starting their boxing time. For those who have not heard about this, this article will help you to understand the reason why and show the proper way for wrapping your hands.

However, it is better than you remember this general method in order not to be confused with other ways. This one is considered to be a great beginning for giving the hand protection.

How to wrap your hands for boxing?

Why should people wrap their hands?

In fact, hands are the most powerful weapons of one boxer. From the hand, a perfect combination of small bones and separated joins; however, can still easily be fractured from continuous punches during the training process.

For most individuals, they often assume that wrapping the hands will help protect the knuckles and reduce the power from your opponents. However, this is wrong. Hand wraps are designed for connecting all the parts and support the knuckles, fingers, wrist and even your entire hands.

On the other hand, everybody all has their loose knuckles and removable joints. During the practicing time, those parts tend to move straight forward in their direction which leads to the hand injuries. Having those hand-wraps mean individuals will find it easier to control the power as well as the direction of their hand.

How to wrap your hand in boxing?

With those steps below, individuals can understand the most effective method for wrapping the hands when boxing. This can be applied for boxers at various levels including people who practice boxing for fun or for fulfilling the cardio purposes.

1. Pick up the suitable type of hand wrap

In fact, there are various materials and things that individuals can utilize for making the hand wrap during their boxing process. And there are many things you need to keep in mind:

  • Tape and Gauze: If you want to give your hand the light-weight feature without paying too much attention, then these two things are the ideal choices. These materials are often used by professional boxers.
  • Reusable cloth: this is a great material for wrapping your hand when boxing. In the market, there are lots of brands which produce high-quality wraps for individuals. However, individuals must choose based on the characteristics and the useful features of the product.

2. Unroll the hand wrap

Individuals should unroll their hand wrap loop following the marking on this wrap. In fact, most people just try to wrap their hand immediately when they get the hand wrap loops. Forget to look for the beginning mark is more likely to get you wrap from the improper direction.

3. Begin wrapping the hand

From the back of your hand, locate the loop stable from your thumb to the upside down direction. When doing this process, the hook from your finger plays as the anchor for your wrap.

After that, tighten the wrap around your wrist. When covering the wrist and make it follow the straight direction, individuals can react against those punches by using their arm rather than the wrist. End the wrapping session at your thumb and place the excess cloths into your hand.

4. Wrap your knuckles

After wrapping the wrist, now it is time individuals pay attention to those knuckles. As the picture shown below, wrapping the knuckle twice and make sure that your fingers can experience the comfortable sense when wearing. Remember that if the distance between fingers is so small, these fingers will cause the crunches when moving.

5. Wrap your thumb up

Follow the method above, wrap your thumb to support it during the training process. To illustrate, when making a combination of your wrist and those knuckles, apply the diagonal direction.

For most individuals who have not known, try not to wrap your thumb so tight, or you will stop the circulation of blood into this part. However, for those who have suffered from injuries with the thumb in the past, it is recommended that you wrap your thumb for two times.

6. Anchor the thumb

After boxers have wrapped their thumbs, you should anchor this part to the wrist so that the thumb will not extend out during the training process. To finish this step, try to wrap around your wrist for one time.

7. Tighten the knuckles

Now, applying the diagonal direction and wrap your knuckles until you have 20 inches of materials left. With this excess wraps, individuals can utilize for adding more cushion to their knuckles and wrist until your materials have gone out.

8. Secure the Velcro wrap for your hand

Finally, you have your hand wrapped carefully based on those steps.

Things you should keep in mind for the wrapping process

Although these steps above have suggested all the proper method, keeping in mind some tips below will make. You find it easier to process.

  • Length: The length individuals pick for their hand wraps should be measured from 108 to 210 inches. Using longer wraps is also a great solution because you will have more protection for the hand and arm. However, people with small hands are more likely to use short wraps.
  • Width: Besides the length, width of hand wraps often measured for roughly 2 inches. However, it depends on the brand you intend to pick up. For instance, Everlast will provide thinner wraps while the Twins offer you the thicker one. Just pick up the one that you feel comfortable when wrapping over the hand.
  • Color: This is the personal choices of individuals. However, it would be great to pick up gold or cardinal
  • Wash your wrap: This is the most important element that you should keep in mind during this process. Washing those wraps carefully not only reduce the mold and bacteria when using for the next time but maintain the quality of your hand wraps as well.

Overall, hand wrapping for boxing process is very essential since it helps to protect the hand and other parts of your arm. Individuals can feel more confident when making various punches without getting into unexpected problems. However, you should also remember some tips above to operate the process efficiently.

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