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Yoga Practice Tips And Tricks For Bigger Bodies

If your body weight is pulling you back from starting the exercise than you must go through these tips and tricks which are compiled here after an expert research. These techniques will help you gain your confidence back. It is truly said that one’s fear is in his/ her own mind. The same is true for Yoga. Do not go for what you see in the Television sets or view the photographs in a magazine depicting slim and thin people practicing the yoga. You cannot just give up because some people think or tell you or even if they make you believe that a larger body is not ideal for Yoga! Isn’t it?

Fear is in one’s mindFear is in one’s mind

It is very truly said that all your fears are nothing but the product of your brain and, which is the source of all the negativities. Yoga is an activity which is meant to give you the inner peace and solve the issues with your body in the best way. You must be very clear about this one truth that this exercise has no such limitations dealing with your body size. Your body may be of any size, this on exercise will always help you gain the positivity and will deliver the same results for all body types. It is high time that you shed all your fears and go for it!

Your body can be your best friend

Your body always tends to work in accordance to how much you mold it for the purpose. You might be having a heavy body, but that cannot stop you from befriending your body. Understanding your body is a pre-requisite before doing yoga. Accept your body the way it is, and the fact that no matter what the size is, you still can be an expert in it. Be the mentor for your body and let it not mentor your thought. Harsh but true!

Follow the tricks to practice yoga effortlessly

Follow the tricks to practice yoga effortlessly

The reason why yoga was invented is to give you the inner peace and confidence. So you cannot do injustice by torturing your body just because you see people with thin body shape doing it in a much more effortless way. Here are the two tricks which will help you in your venture to find the ways to reach that comfort level.

If the muscles of your breasts and thighs are creating obstacles, one simple way is just to make sure you try and keep them out of the way. Even if you have to use your hands, do not feel ashamed or uncomfortable doing so. This is because you must do what it takes to get the best results.
There are some postures which require your hands and wrists to manage the entire body weight. In such cases, make sure you gently put pressure on your index finger and the thumb. You can even bend down your elbows a little bit to avoid the puckering of your hands if you face any such situations.
Using blocks and support is a complete yes! It will help you to do the exercise in a better way if you find that the weight makes it difficult to go for unbearable physical stress. This is advisable because yoga is an exercise which helps to keep you healthy and if anything seems harmful, let us find a way out. So, drop your fears and go ahead!

Get a good teacherGet a good teacher

To help you gain the confidence, you need to get a good and experienced yoga teacher for yourself. The teacher will be your constant inspiration and will help you do the exercise in the best and a safe way. There are some exercises which require great precaution and may prove dangerous if not performed under instructions.

Start it with a friend or a group of friends

Who can understand you better than a friend? Nobody right? So go ahead and plan your exercises together. This will make the session much more fun and a wonderful experience. Doing it with friends will also save you from the complex issues regarding your weight if this is what which drags you down every time you wish to start it. So say cheers to your new confidence and do your best!

You can do itYou can do it

There is no one on this Earth who could stop you from practicing yoga, let it be your weight. But do accept the fact that not everybody is equally competent to perform every pose. Treat this limitation of your body as its beauty. Some postures will work for your body, while some will not. Appreciate the fact and accept it.

You just need to have the motivation to perform yoga. Rest all follow – believe us!

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