11 Country Christmas Decorating Ideas

There’s just something particularly magical about the modest beauty of December in the countryside. As Christmas season fast approaches, nothing makes the holidays more exciting than dazzling Christmas decorations to brighten up your home.11 Country Christmas Decorating Ideas

Are you looking for country Christmas decorating ideas that’ll bring the Christmas spirit into every corner of your heart and home? Then decorate rooms with modern traditions using the season’s deep winter color palette of holly red, pine green, and charcoal. Mic button-back furniture with the latest folky cushions, match bohemian floral with classic country tartans, hang garlands, wreaths, and natural decorations with wild abundance. Here’s a look at some tips that’ll give you a wonderfully merry home this Christmas.

Style a Ski Lodge

You can give your home a cosy ski lodge look with a traditional feel. Add plenty of plaids, highland flings with deep reds, and woodland motifs. A touch of tartan, a roaring fire, and a red velvet upholstery and you’ll be able to recreate the feeling of a Balmorals Christmas. Settle in with a plate of mince pies and a glass of scotch. Layer armchairs and sofas with seasonal cushions that depicting cute woodland creatures like owls and stags. Remember to include a soft throw that you can curl up with on a snowy day. You can save money on wood panelling by getting a wallpaper that mimics the look.

Colour Palette

Country Christmas is more than just Christmas trees on sale; it’s the embodiment of the earthy tones in a farmhouse setting.  Set this relaxed mood for your home this holiday by incorporating soft colour palettes of sage green, oatmeal, antique whites, and barn red into your décor. The base of your rustic scheme should be the neutral tones found in nature. Draw inspiration from the wintry landscape and infuse your home with the subtle colours surrounding you.

Sleigh beds

Create a sleigh-inspired bed and unwrap all your presents in your very own sleigh. Mix winter weaves into your favourite tartans, stripes, and plaids in a seasonal palette of cool sky greys, berry reds, and deep indigo blues. You can make more eye-catching by adding woolly knits, soft-brushed cotton bed linen, and patchwork throws.

Miniature trees

One characteristic of a country Christmas style is how it embodies the beauty found in nature. Use miniature pine trees to cover up the empty spaces in your home’s interior. Spruce saplings in potted galvanized metal, burlap-covered buckets, and wood make or very charming woodsy accents. They echo the cheery comfort of a Christmas tree.

Wooden Crates

In continuing with the country Christmas theme, use decorative pinecones, plants to fill distressed wooden crates and place them in your living space. Create a dining table décor with a white-washed crate or alternatively, transform it into a Christmas tree stand.


Burlap textiles add an easy charm to your holiday décor whether dressed up or down. Decorate your tree with delightful burlap bows. You could also use them as a serene table runner. Because burlap is an excellent neutral element, it mixes and matches well with your rustic theme.

Tree skirt

If you plan to use a tree skirt to cover your tree stand, then consider simple textiles like linen, cotton, or burlap. Tree skirts that include embroidered, quilted, or ruffled details add texture to your tree’s aesthetic.


Draw attention to your tree in a strategic fashion with the help of some garlands. Use garlands made from berries, twines, twigs, and vines to recreate the beauty of the wintry terrain. A simple plaid or burlap fabric garland is also a great way of adding visual interest to your tree.


Enhance the country charm of your tree by adding festive ornaments in neutral hues. Simple ornaments made gingham fabrics, painted metal, pinecones, wicker, reclaimed wood, berries, and burlap are a perfect way to add interest and texture to your tree décor.


Continue with the country theme by hanging stockings that reflect the rustic theme. Hang a finely made seed sack, grain sack, or gingham stocking, all of which are waiting to be filled with sweets and delicious dry goods.

Rustic wreaths

Add a natural touch to your design with simple Christmas wreath made from vines, berries, ropes, paper, wicker, wood, pom-poms, pinecones, a wagon wheel, and wood. Alternatively, you could make your own Christmas wreath with flea market bargains like tinsel, shiny bright ornaments, or Christmas carol sheet music. Look for wreaths accented with rustic fabrics such as burlap bows to keep the look throughout your mantelpiece consistent.

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