4 Tips to Organize for an International Move

People can move abroad for a number of reasons, from a new job to personal reasons. Whatever the case may be, you need to organise your departure as efficiently as possible. It is important to take the time to hire a competent moving company. There are also other tasks that must be completed to ensure an optimal departure. Check out these four tips for organising your move.

Employ the services of a professional moving company

Moving to a foreign country requires professional expertise. An international moving company can use its skills to help you with your move. By opting for the services of a professional like Multitra, a number of tasks will be taken care of on your behalf. You can also save time for other activities. Take time to research the moving company and how it operates. Moreover, while you can sign a number of different types of contracts, the most beneficial seems to be a turnkey contract. By signing this contract, the company will handle not only the move, but the journey itself.

This contract is very affordable and also allows you to control what the company does. The company will appoint a technician to handle the entire operation, after first visiting your home  for a technical inspection. They will be your single point of contact. The technical inspection will allow them to identify what items need to be moved. The moving company will sort your various items and furniture and then determine their volume. During the inspection, they will also determine what fragile items need to be transported in special packaging, such as wooden boxes. You are advised not to take kit furniture with you.

This is difficult to assemble and the risk of it being damaged in transit is very high. As a result, it is recommended that you focus on moving items that have significant monetary or sentimental value. When it comes to household appliances, you are also advised against bringing them if the standards in effect in your destination country are not compatible with the standards in effect in the country in which you currently live.

Start preparing your move early

It is very important to start preparing to move before the big day. When you prepare early enough, you have plenty of time to refine your preparation. Finding a professional moving company like Multitra to meet your requirements is no easy task. This is why you need to start looking early. Moreover, when you have children, it is crucial to find a good school for them in your new area. They also need to get used to the idea of a change of scenery. You must take time to tell your loved ones and friends that you will be leaving soon.

You also need to find out about the area you will be living in and the procedures to follow to settle in properly. When you plan your international move in advance, you are sure to avoid logistical, administrative and interpersonal issues.

Choose the optimal mode of transport for your property

Certain factors must be taken into account when choosing the right mode of transport for moving your items. These mainly concern the volume of the goods that need to be moved, their weight and your destination. You must determine whether you want to move your items via air, land or sea, depending on where you are moving. Air is recommended if your items are not bulky. However, this is very expensive and is not environmentally friendly. Ocean transport is ideal for moving bulky items or cars.

In addition to knowing how to prepare your items for transit, professional moving companies know the customs procedures of each country. As a result, they can easily give you information about taxes and procedures to follow to bring your items into your new home country without any hassle.

Protect your property from the risks of travelling

A statement of value is a document that contains an overall estimate of your items, as well as the individual value of each item. Filling out this statement is key, since it can be used to request compensation in the event that one of your items is damaged in transit. However, where the value of your property exceeds the guarantee covered by the contract, you should take out additional damage insurance.

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