How to Take Care of Your Wild Silk Dress ?

Wild silk is one of the oldest and finest sources of fabric. There are a few reasons why this clothing product has existed since the early Chinese dynasties. For one, they are lustrous and classy. Also, they are easy to maintain. This article looks at how to care for your wild silk dress. It answers some of the questions you might have about the cleaning process. 

Taking Care of Your Wild Silk Fabric 

These are some of the best ideas for cleaning raw silk fabric. 

Buy from the right brand 

Don’t be surprised that the first point here has nothing to do with cleaning. It has to do with picking and buying original fabric dresses. Honestly, high-quality products have a lot of characteristics, and one of them is that they last longer and maintain their form after you have cleaned or washed them a few times. 

Moreover, picking a product from the right brands comes with additional benefits. Usually, you will find a label or instructions on how to clean the piece of dress. 

Test the colorfastness of the dress 

Before you wash the whole fabric, avoid any risk of ruining the fabric. Find out if it is colorfast. You do that by picking a small area of the dress, like the edge, and cleaning it with a piece of clothing and water. Put a piece of white cloth, soak it in soapy water, then use this cloth to wash a small area of your wild silk fabric. 

If a white piece of cloth changes to the color of a wild silk dress, it means the wild silk will lose its color quality after washing. Therefore, manually washing it in a small bowl is the best choice. It’s not the easiest way to clean, but it’s safer for a fabric that loses color. Putting such fabric in a machine can cause the fabric to lose its color quality faster. Machines are powerful tools and can be too tough when cleaning the fabric. 

Choose the best detergents 

As much as you should care about how you wash the fabric, you should put the same thoughtfulness on the kind of detergents you use. You don’t want to pick detergent that will be harsh or ruin the fabric’s color. If you’re unsure what to use, read the label on the fabric. You will likely find more information. Platforms like provide detailed labels so you will know exactly what you are buying.

Wash gently 

Being gentle with the fabric is essential. This means washing your hands if you can.  Treat the fabric like a piece that can damage or lose its color quality if not taken with care. Do not wait until stains have stayed too long. Wash it off, most likely the same day, for stubborn stains. Waiting longer can make some stains challenging to remove or ruin the color of the dress. Rinse the fabric and take it out to dry in the open. Avoid washing the machine for too long and use a gentle setting.

Take Proper Care of Wild Silk Fabric 

When you buy fabric of excellent quality, taking care of it will be easier. You can read the label on the silk to begin. Then, avoid anything that can ruin the fabric’s color, such as stains, washing too roughly, and poor detergent.

Shahid Maqsood


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